Tails of Alenkas: Episode 13

Lyla had her happy smile on the rest of the day. With every movement, she could feel the horsecum from earlier slide around in her pussy, with occasional drippings. It wasn’t that it was a horse that did it, she noticed about herself, it was just the cum in general. The feeling that she made someone feel good enough to cum inside her…that’s what she liked. The feeling of their semen sloshing around in her pussy and insides…with her definitely not exhibitionism streak, it was a tantalizing combination that she wanted more of.

She had to force it down a bit when she walked into the restaurant. She, just like everyone else in Alenkas, now had an actual bank account. She was a tester, so free apartments, but everything else she had a small stipend for. It was, as far as she knew, closer to a per diem than anything; a small daily allowance that could be used for food or drink.

Although really, she had yet to even find a bar in Alenkas, so she had no idea if they even had drinks. At least, the drinks that would make living in Alenkas so much easier. Maybe the system hadn’t been able to reproduce that yet? She shook her head, of course it had. She had been on the UI team when they were testing it; she had to get sloshed like fifty times during work. It was great.

The hangovers, which they also had to test, weren’t.

There was no one else in the restaurant, and Lyla almost had to feel bad for the fake people when they cleaned her seat. With every movement, she could feel a small gush come from her pussy. She was still leaking cum, despite it having been literal hours since she and Kevin had fucked. She was also surprised, because she hadn’t had a lust strike since.

She had jotted down the time of the last one, and had quickly visited Alex’s apartment to grab her notebook. The wolf wasn’t there, probably trying to find a bar or some place that served alcohol. He wasn’t a big drinker, he had told her, but he liked it as a way to kick off some steam and vent a little. She didn’t blame him, she’d do much the same if she could.

She opened to the page she was currently writing in, the fifth or the sixth, she wasn’t too sure. She wrote the time, and what happened, and slowly tried to measure up the times. It seemed random to her, but there were always a few caveats.

One: It usually happened around someone else. Sometimes, like the fourth day when she just stayed in her apartment all day cleaning off all the cum stains, it striked her only three times, and each one she had to take care of it herself.

Two: There was always at least three hours between them. Plenty of time for knots to die down, in the case of Alex, or in her case for her pussy to stop leaking cum. Although it’d been two hours since her last time and she was still leaking profusely.

“I just…I don’t think it’s a timing thing…” she said to herself. There’s either something she was missing, or it went in waves. She’d have to talk with everyone, and she if they made similar journals to herself.

The door bell rung, and Lyla looked up to see two more canines, a grey dog similar to Alex although smaller and much more blue, and an arctic fox. Both male, she noticed, although she could only really tell by their shirts, a simple white on each. Pretty much every female that Lyla had seen was wearing some kind of skirt with a tank top or going topless. They stepped closer, and the dog seemed to have noticed Lyla’s interest in them.

He walked over to her, even as the fox had seen her but turned around. “Hi, I’m Aiden. That’s Lucas over there. Did you know that you were…uh…” he said, trying to find a tactful word. Lyla smiled.

“Naked? Nude, dressed in the birthday suit? Yes,” she said, arching her back a bit to press her breasts out. Aiden smiled and sat across from her, before calling Lucas over. The arctic fox grumbled, and stared for a long moment at her free hanging breasts.

“Lucas, just because she’s nude doesn’t mean you have to stare,” Aiden said, pulling his friend onto the seat. “You mind if we join you? No one else is here, and we figured this place would be bustling right now,” he asked.

Lyla shook her head. “I already ate,” she said, motioning to some empty plates that only held the remains of fish, “but feel free. I’m Lyla,” she said.

“Nice to meet you Lyla. Hey, Lucas, order for me, would you?” The dog said. Lucas rolled his eyes, but slowly got up and went to the counter. “Lyla…you wouldn’t happen to be the lead programmer Lyla, would you?” he asked.

She nodded, and raised an eyebrow. Aiden nodded, “Right. We were with the sound team, that’s why you don’t know us. I think something’s wrong with the system,” Aiden started.

“And you can’t help but feel horny all the time?” Lyla finished.

“Yep. By the way, Aiden, food’s on the way. Hope you don’t mind dog chow,” Lucas said, slowly pushing his friend into the bench as he sat back down. Aiden growled, a worrying sound that made Lyla’s neck hair rise, although it didn’t seem to phase Lucas much. He simply shot him a satisfied grin and turned back to Lyla. “Even in the real world, yes we were horny a lot but this seems…usually we don’t go more than twice a day.”

“Everyone I’ve met has said the same thing. Do you have any other information, like what time, various other things? I have a few theories, but so far all I’ve got is that it affects everyone,” Lyla said, leaning forward. Her breasts rested comfortably on the warm table.

“No, no times. We’ll go and keep track of that from now on. We’ll tell everyone we meet to do it too, and hopefully it’s just a bug that they fix. Seriously, I don’t know how much more Lucas’ ass can take!” Aiden joked, giving it a light slap. The fox growled this time.

“Oh. Are you two…uh…” Lyla said, sitting back up. She didn’t mean to cause trouble for the pair, she was just doing what was comfortable. Although when that started to be showing off her body she didn’t know…damn this Alenkas thing is going crazy.

“No, we’re not gay. We’re both bi, but we are romantically inclined,” Lucas answered. He managed to keep his eyes on her head this time, rather than her boobs. Progress!

“That said, if you feel the need to try both of us at once, just let us know. I doubt we’ll say no,” Aiden joked. The bell at the counter rung, and Lucas quickly excused himself to go and grab their plates. He came back a moment later, and Lyla suddenly realized that she was still hungry.

“Huh, they messed up. Instead of dog chow they gave you hamburger. I suppose I should take it back then,” Lucas said, handing the plate to Aiden. The dog gave him a quick annoyed look, but went to eating just as fast.

The two ate quickly, Lyla noticed, and she couldn’t help but stare at their food. It was making her mouth water just watching it, a light fish with dark seasoning of something for the arctic fox, and ground up hamburger that was leaking up juices like her pussy was leaking cum. She blinked. That was an odd metaphor.

“You hungry still? You want some?” Lucas asked, passing his plate over to her. He took a look at her empty plate, but didn’t say anything as Lyla gratefully grabbed her knife and cut a few chunks out. She passed it back with a quiet thanks as she ate.

All three of them froze as they started to hear the pitter patter of rain outside. “Damn, that weather changes quick. Listen to that, Aiden! Oh I bet Rey would be pleased if he heard that!” Lucas said. Aiden chuckled.

“Rey?” Lyla asked.

Aiden answered quickly, “Another guy from the sound team. He was the one responsible for most of the weather-based sounds, things like rain, thunder, wind…damn was he proud of that wind sound. Over ten hours of looped wind cut into smaller chunks.”

“Ten hours…yeesh…” Lyla said quietly. She thought about it for a moment, but the rain outside seemed to make up her mind for her. It was slowly getting harder. She got up quickly, and Lucas darted his eyes to avoid looking at her pussy. “Well, thanks for the meal guys, but I need to get going, and I think the rain would make it difficult,” she said.

“No problem. If you want you can stay at our place for a while, it’s closer than the other apartment complex. Which one do you live in?” Aiden asked. Lyla told him, and he nodded. “Yeah, our place is closer. Come on. Hey Lucas, did we remember to get an umbrella?” he asked.

“Probably not. It should be fine in the morning, if you don’t mind staying that long. Oh, here!” Lucas said, abruptly taking off his shirt and passing it over to the naked vixen. “It won’t be much, but at least that should take off some of the cold.”

Lyla stopped listening, instead staring at the sound designer’s body. It wasn’t chiseled, but it was fluffy and she could see the muscles rippling underneath his body. She blinked out of it, quickly taking a swipe of her pussy. Both Aiden and Lucas turned their heads as she did so, in a way that she had to chuckle.

Yep, lust strike. Her breathing hitched as her pussy wet itself, and she stared at the two guys. She reached for her journal and quickly took down the time. “Alternatively, I don’t care about the rain anymore,” Lyla said, looking down at their obvious erections. “And I don’t think you two do either.”

She grabbed the offered shirt anyways, and threw it on, just barely big enough to fit her and making her arousal even more plainly obvious. Lucas and Aiden checked with each other, and even with Lyla’s enhanced hearing she couldn’t hear them talk it out with each other. She had to be patient, she told herself. She reached down and sat on a stool, playing with herself lightly.

‘Damn, these two are in control of themselves…’ she thought as they continued talking for over five minutes. It wasn’t obvious what they were discussing. She thought it was about her, then Lucas said something about needing food.

“Right,” Aiden said, standing up quickly. Lucas got out of his way and stood up with him, although he continued to try and avert his eyes from Lyla’s pussy play. “Come on, let’s go,” Aiden said. He and Lucas walked outside, and as one they turned to invite Lyla with them.

“Oh hey, it’s a warm rain,” Lucas said as soon as they got outside. Lyla immediately felt the shirt slowly get wet, and knew that it was starting to hug her body even more. Her pussy called for attention, and she had to struggle to say anything.

“Don’t care, fucking now,” she said, dragging both to a nearby alley. The rain felt good on her skin, like a secondary shower that she’d probably need. It was a plain alley, and not one with a wooden box like she’d been hoping. Oh well, it wouldn’t matter. Her hands skillfully undid their pants and let them drop.

“Uh…” Lucas started before Lyla knelt before him, quickly taking him into her mouth. One of her hands went to play with Aiden’s cock, and her other hand started to play with her pussy some more. She could barely think at this point, and wanted nothing more than to be fucked two ways from sunday.

The rain surprisingly did not get in her way as much as she thought it would have as she switched from Lucas’ cock to Aiden’s. They were decent size, not a horsecock -thank god- but definitely a good size. As she had her mouth on Aiden’s, she felt Lucas kneel next to her, and without missing a beat started to lick Aiden’s cock too.

“Fuck…” the husky said, enjoying the two different but alike tongues on his shaft. Lyla focused on the base, wrapping her tongue around it and playing with his balls as she felt Lucas focus on the tip. Her mind was finding it hard to focus, and if she didn’t get something in her pussy soon she’d go crazy.

She stood up abruptly, making Lucas look at her weird, as she quickly grabbed Aiden’s cock and shove it inside her. The husky chuckled and moaned lightly as he felt her pussy open wide to accept him. “I see. I don’t think she’s in the mood to play around,” Lucas said. Aiden nodded as Lyla started to move herself up and down.

“Hold up,” Aiden said, holding Lyla still. She moaned at the loss of stimulation; her pussy was burning right now and needed something, needed Aiden’s cock, to help put it out. Even the rain didn’t help much, just another stimulation as it caused Lucas’ shirt to turn transparent and hug her breasts tightly.

Then he grabbed her legs, and lifted her up. Lucas grabbed her backside, and suddenly Lyla didn’t have anything to do except wrap her legs around Aiden and simply ride. His cock felt amazing her pussy, and she wanted more.

She froze as she felt Lucas’ cock press against her ass. Her mind was in control only by her lust, and she couldn’t tell them that she had never done anything back there. “Don’t worry, Lucas is a pro. This won’t hurt,” Aiden said, staying still and holding Lyla’s legs open. Her body was pressed against his, and it was all he could do to not kiss her.

True to Aiden’s word, Lucas worked himself in slowly, taking frequent breaks and allowing Lyla to open up as naturally as possible. Water didn’t make for good lubrication, they both knew, but in this case it’d work fine as long as they didn’t go too fast. Lyla rested her head against Aiden’s shoulder, and let out a soft moan every time Lucas pushed gently.

“Fuck, she’s tight back here. I think though…” Lucas said, holding on to her hips as he pried himself in. “Relax Lyla…this won’t hurt at all,” he said. Lyla tried to relax, but she wanted the cock in her pussy too much, although her ass was on fire like it wanted some too.

Lucas got the tip in, and Lyla moaned loudly as her ass was stretched. Her pussy got even wetter, if that was possible, and she had to avoid using her fingers to bruise up Aiden’s back through his shirt.

“There you go…just relax…” Lucas said, making very short thrusts, mostly pushing in rather than out. With every one, Lyla moaned and cried out. Slowly Lucas worked his way in, and Lyla felt herself get stuffed full more than anything she had ever felt before. Her pussy was full with Aiden’s cock, and he was holding her legs up and spread while Lucas’ cock was buried deep in her ass.

She had never tried anal before. But damn if she wasn’t going to do it again.

They went slowly at first, alternating between thrusts as Lyla rolled back onto Lucas’ chest. Every time either one thrust in, she was in heaven, and moaned loudly to the point of almost running out of breath. “Fuck…” she said quietly. “Please…” she whispered.

They both sped up, continuing their alternating rhythm. Lyla’s ass was on fire, but it felt amazing and she wanted to stuff every bit of him inside her. To say nothing of her pussy, which was absolutely dripping with her wetness, and every time they dove in she clenched down involuntarily. The rain continued, although none of the three cared.

Finally, after minutes of driving Lyla insane, they stopped…and then continued. Instead of alternating, they went at the same time, and Lyla’s mind went ‘poof’. She screamed her release out as she came, her legs stretching out involuntarily. And still they kept going, and Lyla knew nothing except pleasure from her pussy and her ass.

She didn’t know what overcame her, although her orgasm must’ve kept going, seeing as she kept screaming out her pleasure to the gods above as she was well and truly fucked, with a dick in her pussy and a dick in her ass. She couldn’t help herself now, she wanted more. The two sped up at her insistence, and the moans got silenced as she could no longer voice them.

“Cumming!” Aiden said from in front, shaking Lyla out of her pleasure induced coma. She wrapped her legs around him, and felt him push his knot inside her. Again she moaned, surprised she still had a voice to moan with as she felt him cum inside. Lucas, behind her, kept pumping and causing Lyla to clench down hard on both of their cocks.

“I’m cumming too!” Lucas said, working towards his own release. He shoved himself in but made sure to keep his knot outside, not wanting to tear her ass apart. Lyla herself vetoed that as she pushed down and cried in wanton lust, getting the tip of Lucas’ knot just barely inside her.

“No, knot me too! I want to be knotted both ways!” she cried out. Aiden shrugged, and motioned for Lucas to finish inside her too. He sighed, and said something about it probably causing her some pain, but she wasn’t listening. Lucas worked his way back in, and then shoved hard, forcing her ass to accept his knot.

“Fuck!” Lyla yelled, the burning feeling in her ass combined with the feeling of having both of them cumming inside her caused her to orgasm again. She relaxed into Lucas’ chest after a moment, feeling both of their cocks still inside her. “That was…holy fuck…” she said after a moment.

It took a lot of strange movement, but with both of still knotted inside Lyla they couldn’t do it any other way. The rain continued to pour around them, and by the time they got to Lucas and Aiden’s apartment their knots were starting to die down.

Lyla laid on the couch, her legs splayed and moaned in wanton lust as she felt her pussy and her ass leak out cum. When they had first come out of her massive amounts of fluid came out, drenching the carpet and couch. Lucas and Aiden merely watched for a moment, before going to clean up. They’d have to clean up Lyla too, as she had fallen asleep faster than they thought was possible after taking both knots.

They would need to talk about this…tomorrow.