Tails of Alenkas: Episode 9

Sam held her hand over her eyes, her curtains not doing the one job they have at filtering out the sunlight. She was in her apartment, a simple one bedroom that looked like the same one that they had given everyone else in the Alenkas test. The sun was setting, the atmosphere glowing an ominous orange and red that had the sky on fire.

And yet her windows were right in the peculiar spot to allow her the best view of the sunset. She wondered if the others had a similar view, both on her side and on the other. Honestly, if she had to be right, the sunset was fantastic. She hadn’t seen a sunrise yet, but her new friend Simon’s door was across the hall.

Her mind wandered as she stared solemnly out towards the apparent ball of fire. She knew it wasn’t real, hell, nothing in this world was real. It was all just a product of nearly a thousand lives, after years and years, formed together to create a cohesive whole in her head. An impressive one, yes, but she wasn’t sure if the stated goal for Alenkas was the same for everyone.

Even on her own team, the Character team, people had different goals. To some, Alenkas was merely another job. For Sam, that’s all that it was. But when she got selected, to go into and test the system…she could see it. A brand new start. One where she wouldn’t be supplanted by lies or rumors meant to bring her down.

Although she did wish she could do something about her albinism. In the real world, she had her hair long, and dyed it a dull and drab brown. She had to be careful of where she could go, but here in Alenkas? She could go anywhere, do anything. Even for someone like her, Alenkas represented a completely new start.

Or at least a new start as far as she could go. Some things would always stay the same. At least here only two or three other members of the Character team had made it onto the beta test. Or would this be the alpha test? She’d have to ask Simon at some point, he’d know.

She thought back to the conversation the two had had the previous day. After their…’encounter’…in the dressing room. Sam remembered feeling terrified that Simon had done something, or maybe had heard the rumors surrounding her. Then he reciprocated, something that no other had done before for her. Even with her out of her mind with lust, she appreciated that. He had gone out of his way to ensure that he had no idea what caused it, but maybe there was a bug in the system.

The words ‘bug in the system’ should have terrified her, but she knew what she was signing up for when she signed up for the Alpha…or Beta…test. When she voiced that fear, Simon had also shrugged. ‘It’s a program. If any program worked as intended the first time most of us would be out of a job,’ he said simply. ‘That’s what we’re here for, to find these things. You know they’re expecting us to give reports once a week right?’ he had asked.

She hadn’t, actually. He had smiled softly, and moved his glasses up his squirrel nose. She didn’t want to be the one to tell him this, but she had seen him once in the real world. Hunched over a computer screen in the dark, moving his glasses up when he needed to…honestly, she thought he had been adorable. As a squirrel, she thought the same, although she was hoping the cat part of her wasn’t thinking he was lunch.

She knew more about the individual characters, and how they reflected the owner. Each character generation had been tailor-made for that person, with the animals that most closely reflected their traits. The farther back in the initialization hallway, the less traits they shared. Cat, for Sam, had been nearly halfway down. Her first choice had been a mouse.

She snapped out of her reflection as she felt her breathing hitch, and her pussy start to moisten. She groaned out loud. She kept note of the time, almost sundown. She had tried to make it go away the previous day by taking a cold shower, but that hadn’t helped. She had waited, and the lust simply built until the next thing she remembered she was on the floor with her hand deep inside her, the floor covered with her pussy juice.

Sam sighed, before standing up and stripping. There was a niggling thought in the back of her head that she knew wasn’t hers, ‘why would you even to strip? Just stay naked!’. Over the last two days she had seen more than her fair share of nude flesh, and it wasn’t something that she wanted. At least yet.

Her nipples had hardened, her perky breasts heaving as she sat back down in the chair. She spread her legs, before saying screw it and grabbing another two chairs. Arranged in a triangle formation, she sat back down and rested her bare legs on the chairs, revealing her wet pussy to all those that would’ve wandered in.

So no one, basically. Simon was out looking for the emergency report module, as they weren’t scheduled to get a report paper for the next week or so, and there was no one else she knew in the apartment complex. Although her ears started to hear the moans and cries of sex going on.

There was a particular couple she liked listening in on. They were the floor below her, and although she thought they had separate apartments it didn’t seem like it with how much they were over at the other’s. She reached down and started to run her hands over her breasts as she waited for the inevitable cries to start.

And start they did. Sam pulled and twisted her nipples lightly as she heard a female’s voice call to ‘fuck her harder’. She could almost imagine a tall, broadly muscled male holding down the girl as she called to him to fuck her harder. The albino cat’s breathing hitched, and she moved one hand from her boobs to the junction between her legs.

Pleasure shot through her, and she had to stifle a moan. She was soaking wet, which was something that was seemingly normal around here for her. ‘Oh fuck, don’t tease me!’ the voice came from below her. Sam went to her clit, and started to massage it ferverously.

She listened to the duo beneath her, and imagined someone like her in the girl’s place. A soft ‘schlick’ sound accompanied her hand as it dove into and around her core, and she roughly groped her own breasts. She reached across one to rough the other one up, almost by instinct as her hand stayed inside her.

For far longer than she thought she could have, she stayed splayed and naked, her hands wandering her body. Every time she thought she was close, she hesitated just a second, enough to the urge to cum to go back down. This was the first time she had ever masturbated, asides from the time yesterday when she had practically blacked out.

‘Fuck yes, cum inside!’ she heard from down below. Sam’s eyes widened as she imagined the hot seed from some male being shot inside her, and her pussy tightened on her hand. Her breathing hitched, and it was all she could do to keep her hand down there massaging her clit as she rode her orgasm.

It took her several moments for her breathing to even out, and she carefully moved her hand away from her core. Her hand was soaking wet, and she could see small strings of her juice peeled in her fingers. She thought about it for a moment, her mind still clouded over as she licked her fingers. ‘Sweet, yet bitter. Is that what Simon tasted yesterday?’ she thought as her pussy clenched on nothing again.

The chair where she was sitting had been drenched, and Sam sighed as she went to grab a paper towel. Honestly, as much as she enjoyed that she wished that she could do it when she wanted to, rather than when the system wanted her to. “I hope they fix that glitch soon…” she whispered, looking out to the darkening sky.

She had a feeling she’d be waiting for a long time.