Tails of Alenkas: Episode 8

“Mia, are you sure you found the store over here?” George asked, his voice thick with concern. He and one of the friends he had found on the first day of their time in Alenkas, a rabbit named Mia, had started to explore, but had seemingly turned…rather rabid.

George himself had chosen a black bear. He wasn’t really too sure why, except that black bears were aggressive when territorial…and yet they preferred to be alone. He had always secretly admired them for being able to turn away from the hundreds of things that should be afraid of them, not because they were afraid, but rather because the bears simply didn’t. Want. To. Fight.

And that exemplified George’s own mind rather well. He had, of course, put in one of the scars that he himself had put into the process; a large chest scar that looked like a giant X. There was no honest reason for it besides he thought it looked cool on him.

When he had first come into the simulation, he had been alone for a while, and was perfectly ok with that. He had been almost too busy marveling at all the work that everyone had pushed into the simulation, from the senses team, to the weather team -they may not get a lot of credit, but damned if they didn’t do good work- to even his own art team. He wasn’t a lead, of course, almost no leads got in the first segment of the test as far as he knew, but he certainly enjoyed seeing the work that he and everyone else he knew put into a playable form.

And that was when he had run into Mia. She was a white rabbit, and honestly had seemed rather small compared to him. She had been naked, as had he, if only because he hadn’t found any clothes yet. Neither had she. She told him that she had been lost, and wasn’t too sure where to go. George, being who he was, gave her a grin and lifted her up onto his shoulders. There was a time for being alone, but there can always be a time for being together.

Then something had changed, about halfway to the apartments that Mia had seen on his shoulders. She had started rubbing herself against him, in a rather strange and, truthfully, erotic way. George had pushed it out of his mind, until whatever started to affect her started to affect him. His lust had spiked, and had wanted him to take the very willing rabbit.

Instead he went and dove into the river. The shock of the cold water had killed most of his arousal, although it quickly spiked back up. Same with Mia’s, but it had given them enough time to think things straight, and they had separated for a while to masturbate. When they had come back, a good maybe half hour to an hour later, they had regained most of their mental faculties.

They had since gotten an apartment next to each other, sharing a common wall, and had spent most of the previous day together looking around. Mia constantly regaled him with various tales of the things she had helped with on the senses team, as she had been on almost every single one. She was definitely an interesting person to be around, George knew.

Then she had knocked on his door first thing this morning, wanting to check out some of the plaza shops. George had, at first, wanted to say no if only because he was still tired from waking up. Then he got his first cup of coffee in him, and that was how he was where he was now.

Of course, it didn’t help that he could hear Mia’s very loud moans the previous night. Sharing a common wall that was thinner than he had thought…did not prove to be the best thing for his sleep. Even after he had jacked off twice.

“Yes, I’m sure! Come on, put me on your shoulders!” the white rabbit said, hopping onto his chest. George smiled and picked her up easily. She had chosen a large green dress today, which filled out almost perfectly up top. The bear tried to avoid looking down into her cleavage whenever she gave him the opportunity.

One of the best things about being a bear was the ability to walk as he saw fit. If he wanted all fours, he could, even anthropomorphized as he was. He had to blame the character team for that, as bears could be either bipedal or quadruped just fine. Or maybe it was the bear he chose, he wasn’t sure.

Being bipedal as he was most of the time, he was easily one of the bigger people that he had met. He had seen several foxes and wolves, a couple of horses, even a few birds. He was easily six and a half feet tall, perhaps seven feet if he really tried to stand up straight. With Mia, at least eight or nine feet. They could almost see over the tops of a couple of the smaller buildings.

“I see it! At least I see the plaza, I think. Just turn left up at the corner here,” Mia called out from above him.

“Left up at the corner, got it. You going to come down?” George asked. Mia thought about it a moment before shaking her head, her ears flopping around her head.

“Nope! Besides, your shirt’s comfortable. Although boring. Why white? And why not black pants instead the brown?” she asked. George rolled his eyes. How he dressed was up to him. If he wanted to wear brown pants with a white shirt, similar to his own usual work clothes, that was up to him.

“Because this is what I usually wear,” George responded. Mia made a sound of disapproval, but didn’t say anything. They didn’t get too far before George felt Mia start to move above him. It was extremely similar to what she had done on the first day, and he could almost hear her labored breathing.

“George…I think it’s back…” Mia said. The bear nodded, shaking her up slightly. He was starting to feel it too, like a crawling worm of lust that started at his dick before spreading to his head.

“I think you’re right. Same as last time?” he asked.

Mia jumped off into one of the alleys, a small area between buildings that contained nothing more than a wooden crate, and was covered in what looked like cum stains. The rabbit didn’t seem to care though, as she jumped onto the crate with a simple hop. In the same motion she took off her dress, showing that she hadn’t worn anything underneath. Her small but perky boobs popped out and bounced enticingly.

“No! I want you, George! I need you, right now!” Mia said, moving one of her hands down between her legs, and started to very obviously rub her snatch. George raised an eyebrow as his heart, brain, and cock wanted to fuck this very obviously willing and horny bunny.

But there was still something. Something in the back of his mind, saying that he shouldn’t do it. For one, he was nearly thrice Mia’s size. Even in a VR world, there had to be some rules for that kind of thing. Or maybe there weren’t. But he wasn’t willing to risk it. Instead, he got another idea, one that would hopefully curb their lust.

He walked over to the rabbit, and ignoring the fact that she was so much smaller than he was, he grabbed the hand that was between her legs. She whined as he forcibly moved her hand away. His inner male grinned, while the outside kept rather flat, even as he moved his other hand to take its place.

Her outer lips were soaking wet, and everytime he rubbed he could feel her clit, and her hips movements as she tried to get more rubbing in. He took one of his fingers and felt around for the hole, and slowly pushed in. “Ah!” she cried, her mouth forming a cute little ‘O’.

She was extremely tight and hot on his fingers, and he hadn’t even pushed in very far. He slowly pushed in slightly deeper, and earned another appreciative moan out of her. He pulled back a moment, eliciting a strange ‘schlick’ sound, before he pushed back in.

He went slowly, and with every push of his fingers she gave a hearty moan or growl. She seemed to get wetter even as time went on, and he moved his other hand to her small boobs, bouncing up and down enticingly as she moved her hips to get more of his fingers inside her. He didn’t let more than two knuckles in of only one finger; it was already to the point he thought he’d hurt her if he tried for more.

And she certainly seemed to appreciate his slow pace though. Her face was a mask of ecstasy and pleasure as he masturbated her. His thumb flicked her clit a bit, and he had to hold on as suddenly her hips jumped again. He had to almost hold her down as he did both. Her legs were wide open, but he could tell it was taking all of her effort to do so.

“Cumming!” she said suddenly, her pussy tightening extravagantly on his hand as she moaned her pleasure aloud. George stilled his hand, leaving it in but not giving any extra stimulation. Her entire face was aglow, and he definitely appreciated the sight. She even made a soft whine that copied the same sound he had heard last night.

It took a few moments for her breathing to start to level, and her eyes to open again, revealing the cerulean shade. “That was…and now for you,” she said, grinning as she suddenly lunged for his open fly. She grabbed it easily, her breathing still fairly deep, and George let his hands fall to his side.

Mia took a moment to truly take a look at the cock of the bear above her. It was an interesting pink shade, long and thick in her hands. Whether that was because he was a bear, or just gifted, it certainly seemed large to her. It was almost as thick as her entire hand! Slowly she grabbed it at the base, and let her hand glide to the top gently.

George breathed deeply, letting his eyes close as he felt her hand on his cock. She let her hands glide up and down, and never grabbed it tightly, yet it was still a lot better than any of his own sessions.

A few minutes in she changed the rhythm, wrapping her entire hand around it, or at least as much as she could get, and slowly jerked him off. He stared down at her to see her looking up at him, a sultry grin on her face as she moved her hand back and forth. Pleasure was shooting up and down his spine, and he moaned softly as he watched her.

Mia breathed deeply, letting her hot air wrap around George’s dick. He figured she wasn’t going to put her mouth on it, as much as he wanted her to, and he didn’t feel the need to push for it. Especially as her hand was at the perfect rhythm, going exactly the right pace to get him off.

“Mia…I’m going to cum soon,” George whispered. Mia’s ears perked up, but her face remained at the same place, right in front of George’s cock as she jacked him off. Suddenly her pace shifted again, going much faster now, and George closed his eyes again to focus solely on the feelings coming from his cock.

George knew he wasn’t going to last very long at this rate, and he looked back down to watch her hand stroking him quickly, the precum lubing him up nicely. Mia looked up, her blue eyes matching his green ones, and suddenly George felt himself get backed up.

“Cumming!” he said. Mia kept going, pushing her face next to the tip as ropes of bear cum shot out, covering her face in small ribbons of his jizz. She slowed down, but kept jacking him off, and she pushed her face against the tip to get the small amounts that didn’t shoot out.

George looked down, and it was all he could do to stop his dick from re-hardening. The white rabbit was covered with small white lines, which George knew was most of his cum. Mia smiled at him, before taking her hand away and licking some of the remaining cum off. Without saying a word, she grabbed his hand and slowly sucked off his fingers, the ones he had had inside her.

“Worth it?” she asked lightly.

“Very. But…you should try to clean up,” George said softly, looking on with a caring eye.

Mia shook her head. “No. I want your cum to stay on for as long as possible. Even if it stains, it won’t matter to me,” she said quietly. She stood up, and simply folded her dress under her arms. “You coming?” she asked as she walked out of the alleyway completely nude.

George shook his head, before following his new friend. Alenkas was certainly far stranger than real life…