Tails of Alenkas: Episode 7

“See, Aiden, there’s plenty of others nude here,” Lucas said, pointing to a…gifted…horse that just walked in to the restaurant they were sitting in. The horse had a grey wolf, similar in shading to Aiden, only Aiden was far more likable and handsome in Lucas’ mind, shrugged over his shoulder. Both were nude, and Lucas closed his eyes when he saw the wolf’s bare breasts.

“And yet every time, you keep turning away. I wonder if they just haven’t found clothes yet,” Aiden said, the husky chewing down on some bacon. “You know, I wonder how the horse is gonna eat. I mean, aren’t they herbivores?” he said, just loud enough for the horse to overhear.

“I can hear you, you know that right?” the horse said, as he gently pushed the wolf into one of the booths. She let out a strangled and painful moan as she sat down. Both Lucas and Aiden jumped up, looking in concern at the wolfess.

“What’d you do to her?” Lucas asked. The horse shrugged, before the wolfess let out a painful sounding moan as she smiled at the two other canines.

“Nothing I didn’t want him to. But…damn. Something smells good. I’m Emma, and that’s Kevin. You two are?” the wolfess, Emma, said quietly. Lucas stilled his jaw, before sitting down. Anyone that made that painful a sound was obviously not ok. Aiden, he could tell, was thinking a similar thing, before the husky sat down into the chair opposite him.

“I’m Aiden, and that’s Lucas. We were with the sound team,” Aiden said. He turned to whisper to Lucas, “I think I know what happened, but I’ll tell you later.” Lucas gave him an odd glance, but went back to listening to the pissed off horse, apparently Kevin, and the wolfess.

“Really? The sound team? I didn’t know any of them got picked. I was with Payroll, Kevin was…who were you with?” Emma asked. “I suppose we were so busy we never asked each other…” she muttered softly.

Not soft enough for the two canines to not hear, but they decided to not say anything. “I was with one of the Sense teams for both sight and sound. No wonder your names were so familiar. We probably worked with each other a bit,” Kevin said.

Aiden nodded, “Probably. Lucas, you remember a sound programmer by that name?” Aiden asked. Lucas shook his head. He had worked with a lot of people, and most of the time only via email or commit notes. There were a lot of people on the individual teams.

“So what’s good?” Kevin asked, turning to the small menu.

“Don’t know what’s good for horses, but the eggs are well done, and the pancakes are pretty good,” Lucas piped up. Kevin glared at him for a moment, forcing the arctic fox down into the seats.

The restaurant was fairly small, and right down the way from the apartments. It had a small bar area, complete with 1950’s-esque stools, and several rows of booths. Kevin and Emma had chosen, or rather Kevin had chosen, the booth quite a ways from the two male canines. Each booth had a small section back for their tails to go through, letting them sit painlessly.

The pairs sat in quiet, eating monotonously once the food was brought out. Both Lucas and Aiden smirked that the horse had chosen the pancakes and eggs, but chose not to say anything. “You ready?” Aiden asked. The plates in front of him were empty, mirroring Lucas’.

Taste was a rather strange sense in the world. Everything had texture, but it always seemed just slightly off from what it would normally be, and it took the two sound designers awhile to realize it was the smell of everything that was throwing it off. Somehow the programmers had managed to not only get taste mostly right, but get it right even as changed as they were.

Lucas had found that out last night, when he had first sucked Aiden’s cock. They hadn’t had actual sex yet, mostly as Lucas was waiting for lubrication. They had tried it once without. Both of them had sworn to never do it again since. The pair started to walk out, only for Aiden to call back out to the horse and wolfess, “Oh, use some aloe vera down there, it might help with the pain!”

He turned back and closed the door before the wolf and horse could say anything. Lucas laughed loudly, “Damn, you really think they’re doing that? I mean, did you see that guy? He was huge! He’d tear her in half!”

“They probably tried. Hell, only reason we haven’t is because of the lack of lubrication. By the way, should we pick some up on our way back?” Aiden asked. Lucas rolled his eyes and pulled him to a grocery store. It too, had a sign out front saying that ‘travelers get free food,’. “Huh, they must still know that not everyone finished the business they needed to yesterday,” Aiden said.

They got their usual groceries, and added a few other things they thought might’ve needed. They weren’t too health conscious, and considering there was nothing labeled ‘organic’, as all of it would’ve been labeled it, they got what they needed and made it out in less than two hours.

As soon as Lucas made it through the door, his shirts and pants were off in an instant. “Aiden, I have seriously waited too long,” he said. Aiden chuckled, before slowly putting the bags on the countertop. He reached in and felt for the bottle of lube. “Don’t mock me, dammit!” Lucas said heatedly, the smile on his face showing that he wasn’t minding the lull at all.

Aiden artfully stripped, leaving his shirt and pants scattered onto the ground. He shook the bottle up, and gazed at his naked friend. The arctic fox had his hands on the couch, and his ass up in the air, his tail waving enticingly. His cock was out of its sheath and ready for action. So was Aiden’s, and he too, was eager for it. They usually had had sex at least once a day for the last several years, their libido’s too high for anything else. Anything close to a delay like this usually meant they weren’t coming out of their room for a long time.

Lucas stiffened as he felt the familiar cold. Suddenly a thought shot through him, “Aiden…why do they have lube?” he asked. His eyes widened as he felt his friend’s cock at his backdoor.

“Probably for people like us. Don’t worry about it, Lucas, you know how many years went into the system. It’s no surprise they’d think of almost everything,” Aiden said, rubbing the tip of his cock all around his friend’s ass. “Think you have enough?” he asked.

“Hell no, give me more. You know the rule,” Lucas said, chuckling softly as he felt his friend paw at him, slowly reaching inside with the lube to make sure he was good and ready.

“Ha, yeah. If you think you have enough-” Aiden started, putting the bottle down and getting his cock into position. The tip slipped in easily.

“Then use more!” Lucas finished, his face in plain pain. It didn’t hurt, but it was definitely an odd feeling, and one that always took awhile for him to get used to. Aiden waited patiently, slowly making small thrusts to open up his friend’s tight ass.

A minute or two passed by, before Lucas felt he could give the go ahead. Aiden pushed in even more, getting deeper in until he felt Lucas tense. That was usually the signal, and he pulled out and slowly pushed back in. He went deeper the second time, just as he usually did. “Damn, Lucas…I think you’re tighter than usual,” Aiden muttered.

“Different body, it makes sense. Oh fuck, right there,” Lucas said as he felt Aiden move inside him. He felt the pressure of the cock behind him, slowly working its way into his ass. He felt it touch that one spot, that one spot he loved beyond all others.

Aiden chuckled, and slowly pulled out and pushed back in. He much preferred missionary but there was something about the primalness of this that hit him perfectly. Lucas was moaning with every thrust, and Aiden knew it wouldn’t take long for his friend to go crazy.

Sure enough, only a few minutes of the slowness before Lucas growled, a subtle threat undertoning everything, “Aiden, I love you, but please, fuck me! We can do it slowly later!” Aiden chuckled. Right on time. He pushed further into his friend, his balls just barely touching his lover’s fur.

Exactly as Lucas demanded, Aiden went just a bit faster. Just a bit deeper, and continued to hit that one spot that he knew Lucas loved. His friend was extremely tight on him, and it didn’t help that every thrust made Lucas clench down on him. At first he thought it was something that Lucas did, then he realized it was an instinctual thing. As Lucas said earlier though, “different bodies, different rules.”

“So much the same, yet so much different,” Aiden said quietly. He pulled lightly on Lucas’s tail, and watched as his lover moaned loudly under him. Feeling his friend shove his ass against his frontside, Aiden finally relented, and started to thrust quickly.

Lucas whimpered, the feeling of his ass being opened and thrust into overwhelming his mind. He moaned and whimpered, and was subject to everything Aiden could think of as Lucas felt his ass continue to get invaded by his lover’s cock.

Suddenly he felt Aiden reach down, and grope his cock, even while continuing to fuck him. “Relax, Lucas…and explode for me…” he whispered into his friend’s ear. The arctic fox whimpered loudly at the feeling of having his ass stuffed and his best friend grip him from the back.

Minutes passed, and with every thrust Lucas felt more of his mind eroding from the pleasure. Gods he had missed getting fucked. “Fuck me…I’m going to cum!” Lucas said. Aiden grinned, and tightened the hold he had on his friend’s hips, and went faster. He could feel Lucas groan as he came, but he hadn’t ejaculated.

The pleasurable torture continued, with every few moments interrupted as Lucas clenched uncontrollably on Aiden’s cock as he came again. Lucas’ breathing hitched, and with every time he let out a soft moan. “I’m going to cum,” Aiden whispered behind him.

Lucas continued to act like he hadn’t heard him, and kept shoving himself back, cumming with almost every thrust, or every other one. Finally when he felt his friend’s knot get shoved inside, his mind passed that peak, and ropes of cum shot out from his cock, giving the couch a strange design.

Aiden groaned as his friend clenched again, tighter and tighter on him, even with his knot locking him inside. He was cumming inside, large shots of cum flowing from one to the other. He gave a small groan, and noticed that Lucas was doing much the same. He could probably feel every shot as it went inside.

“That was worth the wait,” Lucas said, breathing heavily. Small drops of cum dripped out of his slowly softening cock. Aiden nodded, and spun the two around so he could sit on the couch, and Lucas could sit on him.

Lucas let out a loud sigh, echoed by Aiden, as the two curled up into each other, still on the couch. Aiden’s cock was still locked inside, but neither of them cared. They had each other, and they could take the world.