Tails of Alenkas: Episode 6

“Fuck, fuck, fuck,” Emma chanted as she rode the horse, Kevin, beneath her. He was laying on his back, his hands on her hips, bringing her tightly onto his cock with every bounce. Her head was held high as she continued to fall onto the gigantic cock, pushing it into her tight pussy. Her eyes were closed as she shivered in pleasure.

She wasn’t alone. Kevin, too, was moaning with gratefulness as the wolfess bounced atop him. She wasn’t pushing it all up into herself, like she had yesterday, but she was getting still quite a bit. She had told him that the amount of effort for that womb-fuck the previous day was enormous, and although she came…and came hard…it wasn’t something that she wanted to do every day.

Of course, she said that, and then the second round involved another womb-fuck. Her pussy had been extremely busy since the previous day. This was their fourth round, and Kevin relaxed as he watched his overly large cock sink into the wolfess. She was taking still quite a bit of it, almost eleven or twelve inches easy, and he hadn’t even fucked her cervix yet this round. He grinned. That feeling of her entire body around him, almost nothing could beat that.

He felt that similar hole of flesh on his flared tip. She’d be struggling to take it all in, and it took all of his effort yesterday to open her cervix to womb-fuck her. But sure enough, he felt it next to him. He gripped her hips tightly. “Ready?” he asked.

She bounced a few more times, each time moaning as her breasts flew up and down in front of him. He loved the view, her good size breasts bouncing as his cock got shoved inside her. Oh yes, he loved the view. Slowly she stopped, and he could feel her legs ache with passion and lust. She grinded her hips down, slowly opening up the inner hole. He could feel her freeze almost every time, although in pain or pleasure he couldn’t tell. She froze, and he could tell that one good thrust now would sink him the rest of the way.

His instincts told him to go for it. He grabbed her hips, and she didn’t fight him off as he thought she might’ve. Instead she pushed herself down, and he pulled her down, and slowly he felt the inside hole get jammed again. She moaned in both pain and pleasure -‘maybe she was a masochist?’ Kevin thought- and tried again.

Only a few minutes later he felt her hips sink onto his, and knew without a doubt that he was once again fucking her as deep as he could possibly go. He felt her tighten on his shaft, and with every movement she gave a soft moan. The unfortunate thing was that she was so damned tight, she couldn’t even move.

He gripped her hips and tail, and slowly started to push her up. Her legs, once flailing around, got their ground again and helped him, and he felt the inside tip of his cock hit her cervix again. He gently pulled her down, only to be fought by her legs. She was breathing extremely heavily.

“Fuck, you have no idea how good this feels…and how much it hurts like hell,” she said. She gave a weak smile, before pushing herself off more, and then lunging herself down. She gave a heavy moan as she sank onto his cock again.

“I think I can tell. You want to stop?” Kevin asked. He could feel every muscle in her body working tighten on him. She was so wet that she was practically dripping onto his hips.

“Fuck no. Fuck me!” Emma said, pushing herself up a bit more and dropping back down. He smiled as she repeated her actions, before starting to work up a rhythm. With every drop she gave a hearty moan of pain and pleasure, and it wasn’t long before he felt her tighten magnificently. She stilled a moment, before continuing her rhythm.

“You want me to take over?” Kevin asked patiently. The wolfess on top of him was capable of a great deal, but he knew she could take it. Hell, she had taken it, as much as he could give. She stilled, before looking deep into his eyes and nodding.

Kevin smirked, and promptly laid her down on the bed, his cock still deep inside her. She moaned at every movement, and he could feel her tighten more around him. He rose, and got into an easy missionary. “Are you ready?” he asked lightly. He did a quick thrust to gauge roughly how deep he was. He only came up with ‘deep’.

“Hurry up and fuck me!” Emma cried. Kevin shrugged before slowly starting to stoke the fire raging in her pussy. He could almost see the actual tears in her eyes. She had told him it was painful to be penetrated as deep as he was, extremely painful, but to her she didn’t care.

‘Yep, definitely a masochist,’ Kevin thought as he thrust sharply into her pussy again, getting another loud moan for his pleasure. He grinned and gripped her hips sharply, before pulling back and shoving himself back in. With every thrust she tensed marvelously, tightening her pussy as much as she could around his cock.

Every once a while Kevin would change his pattern, going slow and getting her to demand him to fuck her, or going extremely fast and getting her to cum around him. Kevin was definitely enjoying the heat and wetness that came from the wolfess under him, and wondered if she was considered a ‘size queen’ in real life. Or maybe not. They hadn’t exactly talked much, mostly just had mindless sex.

Minutes passed, and Kevin only felt himself slowly get closer to the edge. He was practically messing with her now, going slow for five minutes and then going fast for another ten, and each time plunging as deeply as he could.

“Hurry…” Emma whispered, looking rapturous, “hurry and fuck me. Hurry and cum!” she said, pushing her hips closer to his. Kevin grinned. If she wanted to be fucked…then she’d be fucked.

He pulled out, leaving just the flared tip inside her pussy. She would be a gaping mess when he was through, but that’s what she wanted. He pushed in, fucking her pussy, and kept pushing in and opening her cervix again, hitting the front part of her womb. He pulled back, and did the same thing but much faster. He got an appreciative moan for that one, and he thought he felt her cum again.

“Good luck,” he whispered into her ears. Her ears perked, and he felt her tense on his cock. Not that it helped much as he suddenly, viciously, pulled out and pushed back in. Her cervix didn’t have time to close before he pushed it open again. He felt her tighten, and stay that way, but it didn’t matter to him. He was closer now, almost ready to cum.

It took another ten minutes, even at the extremely fast pace he chose. “Cumming!” he said into her ear, thrusting as deep as he could go and trying to get that last inch in. Her face said she was in heaven, or hell, and her tongue had lolled out of her maw.

Cum exploded from his cock, filling her up instantly. Kevin sighed in heavenly relief as he filled up the wolfess under him, and then just kept going. Every movement of his prick set her off, although Emma wasn’t responding too well at the moment. But he could hear the soft moan utter from her lips.

After a minute or two of simply filling her, Kevin pulled out. Her legs stayed spread, and he could see deep inside her easy. She was open enough that he could probably put a hand inside her if he wanted to, probably with room to spare. Slowly, her pussy started to close, and with each breath she took another drabble of cum seeped out.

It took a few minutes for her to wake up enough for consciousness. When she did, she didn’t bother moving, she just moaned in pleasurable agony. Kevin stared at her from the doorway, a warm, wet cloth in his hands. He smiled, and dived down to slowly pat her down and clean her up. With each twist, she moaned lightly.

“I can’t move,” she said simply. She was staring up at the ceiling.

Kevin chuckled. “I don’t doubt it. Come on, you want some food? We should probably get some to stock the fridge before going another round. There’s got to be a restaurant around her or something,” he said. Her head nodded, but her body stayed, splayed and naked.

“You want me to carry you down?” Kevin asked.

“Can you? I don’t think my muscles work right now,” she said.

Kevin laughed, and gripped her arms before pulling her up. Another huge wave of cum splashed out of her pussy onto the horse, but he didn’t care. There was no one around anyways, or if they were around they were too busy banging each other, based on the sounds he was hearing. Emma’s hearing was sharper, and could tell exactly what it sounded like.

“Day 2. You ready to face the world?” Kevin asked as he held up the wolfess onto his shoulder. He felt her breathe deeply into his neck.

“Not really. But we should.”

Kevin smirked. Yeah, that about summed up their lives right now.