Tails of Alenkas: Episode 5

Lyla stretched out on the heavenly couch, a satisfied smile on her face. Almost all of her muscles were sore, including ones she didn’t know she had. Her eyes opened, and it took her a moment to take in all that she was seeing.

It was an apartment, that much was obvious. It had a table, chairs, a kitchen. A couch, which she was currently sprawled out on, her now bare foxy legs and feet, small drips of white coming out between her legs. Her eyes widened as her memories came back. Alenkas, the virtual reality simulation, getting reamed by the best first cock she had ever had.

“Alex?” she called out tentatively. She kept her mind open, knowing that she’d freak if she didn’t. Something had affected her, she knew that, but the endorphin rush and final sleep was all human. ‘Honestly, I thought that was something that only affected guys,’ she thought. She forced herself to relax as she sat up. She felt a small gush of liquid rushing out of her aching pussy.

She needed to organize her thoughts. She had a place, probably similar to this one, right next door. She could see the keys on the counter, so she wasn’t locked in or locked out. She shook her head for a moment, trying to remember the last few moments before she fell asleep.

‘Right. Alex carried me in here. He must’ve set me on the couch and waited for his knot to go away. Breathe, Lyla. You’re safe, you’re fine. Whatever it was that affected you isn’t doing it now,’ she consoled herself. Her thoughts kept shooting back to her time in the stairs, Alex’s hot rod being shoved inside her.

‘Still can’t believe we did it on the stairs first,’ she smirked to herself. There was very little color, mostly a drab blend of browns and whites in the apartment. There was no TV, and only minor appliances in the kitchen. A refrigerator, an oven with a stove on top, and not much else. Cabinets ran alongside the top.

She winced lightly as she forced herself to stand up. ‘It still feels odd to walk digitigrade,’ she thought, although the carpet felt wonderful, even bare as it was. She felt another rush of cum from her pussy. She definitely needed a shower sometime soon.

Idly she checked out the kitchen first, opening and closing up cabinets with a practiced ease. There was nothing in the fridge, nor did she expect there to be. No utensils in the drawers either, although there was a fairly nice cutting board sitting in one of lower cabinets.

She was still naked, so maybe clothes ought to be fairly high on the list of things to get. She might’ve seen a few others with clothes before she and Alex had gone into the apartment building…and promptly lost themselves to lust.

“Now there’s a sight I want to see everyday,” a low, deep baritone voice toned from behind her, in the hallway. Lyla rolled her eyes, that was definitely Alex’s voice. She turned, and saw the still naked grey wolf coming out from what she assumed was the bedroom. His sheath had almost gone back to fully covering his dick, but there was still the tip poking out.

“Ha ha. We need to talk, Mr. Testosterone,” she said quietly. Alex’s smile dropped from his face, and he nodded slowly. He dropped to the couch, and felt beneath him for a small wet spot. He looked at her in fascination, and she rolled her eyes again. “Yes, that was where it all leaked out.” Alex grinned at her.

“That’s kind of hot you know, to know my cum’s still in there and only slowly leaking,” Alex teased. Before Lyla could say anything, his smile vanished and he went back to being a bit more serious. “So what happened? I tried to think of something, anything, but I have no idea what happened.”

Memories replayed within Lyla’s head. Specifically, the exact moment that her lust spiked, and she needed to have a cock inside her. Just the memories were making it hard for her to think, and she felt her pussy moisten a bit. ‘Crap, just thinking about it turns me on again,’ she thought. She kept her composure though, glad that the countertop at least hid her lower body, “I’m not sure. I could tell something happened, like we got drugged or something.”

“I don’t think we got drugged,” Alex said immediately.

Lyla blinked, “Why do you say that?”

“Too immediate,” Alex said quietly. His eyes dropped and went to the right, “It always takes a moment or two, and it never affects two people at the same time. Not like what happened.” The tip of his cock was starting to poke out some more.

‘Well, damn. I wonder what happened to him to give him that knowledge…he’s too nice to have drugged someone else,’ Lyla thought. “Alright, not drugged then. But this is a VR simulation…so what’s saying that they didn’t change something else?” she asked.

Alex’s eyes widened, “What, you mean like go into the system and artificially change the variables for our lust? Is that even possible?” he asked. Lyla could see that his breathing hollowed, and his eyes stayed on her breasts for longer than they had previously.

Lyla felt her own breathing hitch, and she felt her nipples start to pebble and raise up on their own. Her pussy began to flare up again, letting her know of its emptiness. “It’s possible, I think,” she managed to stutter out. She glanced a quick look at the clock. It hadn’t been set yet.

Alex’s cock was almost fully erect, a rather impressive size for the wolf. Lyla felt her eyes glued towards the piece of meat, and she felt her mouth start to water. She blinked herself down, and tried to reign in on her lust. She closed her eyes to try and focus.

Her eyes widened as she felt Alex go up from behind her, pushing her tail out of the way with his cock, and both of his hands groped her breasts. Light pleasure filled her body, and she moaned softly. “Just…let it happen,” Alex whispered into her ear, his hot breath shooting most of the liquid in her body down to her core.

She used her ass to push back, taking him by surprise as she spread her legs. She reached with one hand on the countertop for support, while with the other she massaged her pussy for a moment. Alex’s hands stayed on her breasts, and each hand slowly rubbed them up and down. “Fuck…” Lyla whispered. Whether that was what she wanted to do, or her actual mind talking aloud, she didn’t know.

She felt for the cock of the guy behind her, and gripped it softly. She felt Alex hitch a bit, gripping onto her nipples tighter. She moaned at the touch, and feeling the wolf cock nudge into her open pussy lips. She felt him thrust in lightly, and gave a soft enticing smile.

For a few minutes they simply stood there, Alex slowly thrusting in and out of Lyla’s wet and dripping pussy. She moaned with appreciation, and even more when she felt him lightly bite at her shoulders, and at the crux of her neck. He was working in most of his cock, she knew, but she wanted all of him. And she wanted all of him now. “Fuck me,” she whispered softly.

She turned her neck and met Alex’s mouth, as she felt him thrust the rest of the way in. She arched her back into his arms and stomach, and spread her legs wider. They stayed that way for a moment, before Lyla started pushing her hips onto his, getting to start moving.

Alex grinned, and started his rhythm. It was quick, and lustful, and Lyla loved every second of the hot prick stirring up her insides. His hands stayed on her breasts, massaging and cupping them, letting Lyla know that they weren’t being ignored. She moaned artfully into the sky as she braced herself with both hands now.

“Fuck, you’re still tight,” Alex said, continuing his rhythm. Most of, if not his entire cock, was now thrusting into her hot pussy, and sent shivers of pleasure through her spine. With everything he said, another shiver shot through her. Her entire body was a machine of lust and heaven, and Alex’s cock was the cog that turned it.

Minutes passed, and Alex only changed his rhythm a few times, speeding up and slowing down to keep going. Lyla said nothing, but moaned with every thrust, occasionally a soft wail left her throat.

“Please…fuck me…I’m so close…” she said. The cock in her pussy was stirring up everything, and although she had never cum from vaginal intercourse before somehow she felt more sensitive this time than she had earlier. Earlier felt like heaven, but this…this was more.

She felt Alex’s hands move from her boobs to her hips, and she sighed with heavenly relief as she felt him thrust into her harder and faster. Her mind was on fire, and the only thing that could put it out was the cock of the guy behind her. “God dammit, fuck me!” she yelled to the air. She was so close, only a bit more!

The changing rhythm drove her orgasm away as Alex did what she told him. It didn’t go away for long, and was just as quickly coming back to it’s original form. “Gonna cum soon!” Alex warned her, his hot breath on her neck sending shivers down her spine.

“Cum inside! I love the feeling of your cum!” she yelled, no longer watching her voice as she felt his knot start to knock on her pussy lips. She was so wet that it started to enter her almost immediately, and she moaned loudly as she felt it expand within her.

She felt her pussy get even wetter, and knew that Alex was cumming inside her. She breathed deeply, still on the very edge but not quite there yet. “Dammit, I was so close…I didn’t think I could have a vaginal orgasm…” Lyla muttered softly.

She yelped as she felt Alex’s hands on her clit, and felt pleasure erupt from it as he massaged her. “Oh fuck!” she said quietly as her orgasm hit, forcing her to clench tightly on the cock still inside her, shooting its potent seed.

Lyla lost track of time in her orgasm, and rested her head and arms on the countertop. She felt full, knowing that Alex was still shooting his seed inside her, and would for a while. “Thanks, Alex…” she said softly, breathing deeply.

He chuckled softly, “Anytime. You were more sensitive this time around weren’t you?” he asked.

She nodded slowly. Her breath still hadn’t caught up to her. “I think…we need to figure out what caused that,” she said as her strength came back to her. She tried to pull away from the wolf behind her, but was stuck firmly because of his knot.

“I think we have plenty of time,” he chuckled softly. Lyla smiled, enjoying the feel of being in the wolf’s arms, his prick still in her pussy, and the feeling of his cum shooting up inside her. She chuckled with him, before breaking out into laughter.