Tails of Alenkas: Episode 4

Lucas wandered aimlessly through the city of Alenkas. His fox ears were perked every which way in an attempt to hear the thousands of sounds, and he tried to pick out which ones he had made. He found a few, but not as many as he had wanted. Lights, honks…the sound of his paws hitting the concrete. That was all him.

Along with about one hundred and thirty two other sounds that he was to be credited with. Most of them weren’t even at this time of year -All the snow sounds in the world were his- but it was still neat to see the final creation.

“You coming, Aiden?” Lucas asked, looking behind him briefly. The husky that represented his best friend was right behind him, continuing to look around wildly. Lucas smiled at him, his friend behaved so much like a dog sometimes it was no wonder that he chose it.

Lucas, of course, chose a fox. An arctic fox, so even in Alenkas Aiden was taller than him. Not that one could tell it straight from looking. Lucas’ fur was a lot larger than normal, making him almost appear as tall as his best friend. “Yeah, yeah, I’m coming. Oh, hear the train!?” Aiden said cheerfully.

The fox’s ears perked and found it. Off in the distance, a near easily three or four miles away was a train, one of the only ones in Alenkas. Aiden had made that sound, and it was no wonder that he was so happy to hear it. He had spent weeks getting it just perfect. Nice to hear it get used almost perfectly.

“Should we follow it?” Lucas asked. “Or get some actual damn clothes first?” he asked abruptly afterwards. Aiden chuckled and rolled his eyes. The two had been best friends for decades, and were closer than friends in some ways. They had long since seen each other naked, and didn’t care if the other saw them.

“Fine, fine, we can get some clothes,” Aiden said, smiling. “I think there’s a few shops over there,” he said, pointing to a small plaza off in the distance. Lucas looked; there weren’t many shops open, but one of them had to have some clothes. The sun was still high in the air, and it warmed them both considerably.

“I think you’re right. Race?” Lucas asked, looking mischievously. Aiden gave him a suspicious glare, but nodded anyway. The fox grinned, and with a short nod, and a quick “Go!” the two were off.

The wind ran amazingly through their ears, getting the sound just perfect. The feel of the concrete beneath them, and the coldness of the air around them made them honestly just feel alive. Lucas grinned, and Aiden returned it. Even now, they were still equals.

They always had been. Always will be.

Lucas just barely managed to hit the glass before Aiden did. “Ha, I win!” He breathed out heavily. Aiden rolled his eyes good-naturedly. “I totally did, and you know it!”

“Yeah, yeah, keep celebrating. This was just a test and you knew it. You can’t claim that with me,” Aiden said. Lucas kept grinning and nodded. It was no use to keep it to himself, not when Aiden had guessed it probably within the first few moments.

The storefront was simple, with rows and rows of shirts and jeans on the sides. Only a few hangers were in the center, and a small bored panda was manning the counter. Although Lucas could tell that he was asleep pretty quickly. And Lucas knew, that if he picked up on it quickly than Aiden did even faster.

The two picked up several shirts and pants, and continued to make disparaging remarks towards each other that had no bad vibe. Just innocent teasing. Finally Lucas went up to the panda, “Uh, hi. Is there where we buy stuff?”

“Do you even have any money?” Aiden asked from next to him.

Lucas shook his head, “Of course not, I just got here. So did you, so no offering!” he said. The panda looked at them, and with a blank look merely nodded to a sign behind him. It read, ‘All newcomers get things free for two days.’ “Oh. Oh…thanks! I’m Lucas!”

The clerk gave him a continued blank stare, before finally he yawned and went back to sleep. “Uh…” Lucas started, only to get directed out the door by Aiden, “Thanks Panda man!”

“They can’t answer back. No one did voices for them, remember? They can only point things out at the moment,” Aiden said. Lucas blinked. He had forgotten, honestly. Aiden rolled his eyes and shrugged, “Come on, we should find a room or something.”

“You mean like that one?” Lucas pointed out immediately as they walked out the door. An apartment building, not far from where they were, had a large sign saying ‘Newcomers get free apartments!’. Aiden blinked, before nodding. “Exactly like that one actually.”

Armed with their bags, the two continued to their eventual new home. They stopped for a moment as they saw another fox and a wolf walk down the street, giving each other the hurried glance. Both still naked, Lucas turned away from the vixen, her breasts heaving as she walked quickly. “Hi, how’re you-” Aiden started only to have to cut himself off. Both of them had already left them in the dust. “Huh. Wonder’s what wrong with them?” he asked. Lucas shrugged.

They got handed their keys almost immediately after getting inside the office. 210 and 211, Aiden just handed the keys back. Lucas grinned as they used the elevator to get to the second floor. “So…going my way?” Aiden said into Lucas’ ear.

Lucas gave him a look. “Someone’s horny…at least wait until we get into the place before we go and spoil it,” he said. Aiden grinned and ran his hands down his friend’s back. Lucas rolled his eyes and walked into the supposedly furnished apartment.

It wasn’t large, a one bedroom easily. Two rooms, a small kitchen attached, and a bathroom. Four walls, hardly any windows. “Looks like home to me,” Lucas said. There was a tiny bed already, barely bigger than a cot, a small table and what looked like what may have once been a couch.

“It does. Say, does something seem wrong to you?” Aiden said. He pointed to his jeans, sporting a large and obvious bump. He pointed to Lucas’, who had the same thing. Lucas looked down, seemingly in surprise. He looked back at his friend, shrugged, and stripped before heading over to the couch.

Aiden did much the same, and the two sat next to each other, naked as the day they were born. Lucas always took the opportunity to stare at his partner. He was thin, even as a dog, with small muscles brimming from his arms and legs. A shorter than usual tail extended from his backside, and what looked like a large scar on his left arm. Lucas knew it wasn’t. It was simply a scar design that Aiden had decided he liked in the character creation.

“What are you looking at?” Aiden asked in an auspicious tone. Lucas grinned, and reached over with one of his hands to grope his boyfriend’s balls, letting them hang for a moment before gripping the still hard shaft.

“You know exactly what I’m looking at,” Lucas said, slowly running his hand up and down his friend’s cock. It was hard, yet soft in his hands, a good size. It had a tapered tip, like most dog’s, and a small fleshy bulbish area near the base that Lucas knew would grow to be the knot. Aiden groaned with a small smile as he watched his friend jack him off.

Lucas would constantly change speeds, sometimes going faster and driving Aiden crazy, or other times slowing down to a bare crawl. Sometimes he’d go down and wrap his tongue around it, blowing him slightly before going back to a handjob, and other’s he’s just lick the tip. He knew every way to drive Aiden crazy, and would abuse them to no end.

“You just like to drive me crazy, don’t you Lucas?” Aiden asked, his head thrown back into the couch. Lucas didn’t say anything, but his grin told Aiden everything he needed to know. “You know I’m going to pay you back. I’d say I want to fuck you… but…” he said.

“I know. And I’d rather not remember the first day with a torn ass, either. But for now, simply…relax…” Lucas said, his voice almost melodic as he continued stroking his friend between his legs. Pre-cum had long since started to gather near the tip, and Lucas often took the small beads and started to coat his friend’s cock with it, making it easier and easier for the arctic fox to continue his work.

He laid down on his elbows, his face and hands next to his friend’s body. One hand on the shaft, easy to change to his mouth, and he started to cup his friend’s balls. Pulling lightly, just enough for him to get some sensitivity, but nowhere enough for it to hurt. “Please, Lucas…” Aiden groaned out.

Lucas tossed the idea around in his head. Usually when Aiden got like this, it meant that Lucas was going to be in for a wild ride. Unfortunately, they had no lube, something that they’d have to fix soon, but it did mean that he could finish him off. Rather than saying anything, Lucas dipped his head down and licked the tip again.

He felt his friend’s balls start to contract, and smiled inwardly as he dove down on his friend. Anything he couldn’t fit in his mouth he kept in his hand, including the knot, while stroking. “Oh god, I’m cumming!” Aiden said, as he thrusted his hips forward uncontrollably. Lucas took it easily, keeping his throat just out of the tip’s reach, letting him taste every ounce of his friend’s cum.

Slightly bitter and salty, but definitely still Aiden. There was more here than Lucas was used to, but he took every moment he could to keep stroking, and to swallow when he could. After a moment he could tell his friend was out.

Aiden leaned backward. He breathed heavily, “Thanks, Lucas…but you know, I’m going to get you back for teasing me for so long,” he said. Lucas grinned.

“Well, you’ll have to wait. I want some lube first,” the fox said, smiling at his friend’s face. ‘Definitely a good way to start their new life in Alenkas. At least for a while,’ Lucas thought.