Tails of Alenkas: Episode 3

Emma wasn’t too sure where exactly in Alenkas she was. She had chosen a grey wolf in character creation, if that’s what that was, and was now walking around an empty city. Honestly, if she had to say, it was by far the best video game she had ever played. And it was hers to do whatever she wanted with, for nearly three years! No repercussions at all!

The skies were a sparkling azuran blue, small puffy clouds dotting the landscape of the sky. There was hardly any wind, and it was fairly warm already, although if that was from her fur or not she had no idea. She didn’t even need clothes to stay warm, and suddenly she grinned and jumped at her idea. She’d just stay nude all the time! Who would care, people inside the simulation with her? She’s been here for over an hour and hasn’t seen a soul!

The concrete felt soft on her…feet? Paws? Feet, would be a good term. They were a lot like a wolf’s paws, including the pads on the bottom. The concrete wasn’t harsh on them though, almost as if it was designed for them to be barefoot on. She probably should get some shoes sometime, at least as foot protection…but she could do without, she thought with a grin.

Honestly, the team did an amazing job in this. “You all did an amazing job, this is incredible!” Emma yelled out. Her voice echoed across the empty city, but just the feeling of hearing her echo made her grin even larger. Everyone had put in such a gigantic portion of their time, some of them almost a decade of their life for this project. She was seeing the result.

Idly, she stopped for a moment, before lining herself up. She ran up the side of a building, only a few feet, before she turned and grabbed onto an empty flagpole. When it broke, she grinned and fell hard onto the ground. The world was her playground…now in both realities. “Yeah!” She screamed, running down a rail, and jumping over it to the sidewalk below.

She did a quick flip over the sidewalk curb, starting her momentum over again as she ran up another building, jumping off to grab a lightpost and swinging around it. She was an accomplished free-runner in the real world, and now she was testing out the limits of the system, exactly as she was intended to do, in her favorite fashion.

She lost track of time, something that was known for when free-running, when a loud voice yelled suddenly from her right, “Shut up already!” She rolled to a stop, her body in a small protective ball. She would’ve preferred safety gear, but she didn’t have any, and in fact didn’t even know if she could be hurt here. She looked up at the voice to find a very angry, and very hung, horse anthro.

“Thank you!” he shouted again, before turning to leave. His hooves clipped-clopped on the sidewalk loudly, despite Emma being ninety percent sure he didn’t have horseshoes on.

“Free world, buddy! I can be as loud as I want!” she yelled back. The horse turned, and she was greeted with the angry visage of him in her face. He had moved right in front of her, separated only by a foot. ‘Huh, nice muscles,’ she thought to herself.

“Then be as loud as you want away from me!” he shouted. She noticed his eyes rove her body with wanton lust, hanging especially on her breasts and pussy. Honestly, she should smack him for that, but really, if she didn’t want people to look why would she be staying nude?

“I think another part of you is wanting me to stay, so fuck you asshole!” Emma shouted. She turned to try and walk away, before she felt a small bump on her ass. “What the fuck asshole!” she turned around.

The horse’s hands were nowhere near her backside, and were in fact near his own crotch trying to keep his rather large erection down. ‘Damn. That’s what hit me?’ she thought. “Look, it wasn’t me! At least on purpose,” he tried to explain.

“Right. Sure, I believe you. Now get away from me, douche,” Emma said. The horse smirked, and pointed down to her own body.

“Yeah, I think a part of you is wanting me to stay too,” he said. The wolf girl looked down, and she could see her nipples protruding far more than before. She could also see, -and hear and feel- the wetness running down her legs. She was already really turned on.

Emma tossed an idea around in her head for a bit. New world, no rules…she didn’t have to worry about anything. Sure, he was an asshole, but it was probably an asshole that she had paid. That meant she could leverage it over him. Why not kill two birds with one stone? “Solve both problems at once?” she asked. She motioned her head to a nearby abandoned alleyway.

“Girl, you can’t take all of me.”

What an ass.

Of course, the male had a point. His cock was huge. Nearly a full foot or thirteen inches in length, and a good three or four inches in girth. Normally, there was no way she’d even have thought about it. But here? New world, new start.

“Ha, I bet you too chicken to even try. You should’ve been a chicken rather than a horse,” Emma said tauntingly. She walked into the alleyway and onto a nearby wooden box. What it was doing there, she had no idea, but she would use it. She got onto her hands and knees, and shook her tail invitingly. “So come on and prove you’re not a chicken!”

At first Emma thought that she had failed, and the horse had walked away. At least, until she felt his cold hands on her hips, slowly running his cockhead near her pussy. God, she was soaking wet. ‘I wonder if that’s normal. Certainly it’s not at home, it takes me hours to get as revved up as I am now,’ Emma thought. She felt his tip right at her lips, and she moved her hips to get it set in.

“You sure? I’m not going gentle,” the horse said. Emma sighed, and started to thrust her hips back. She almost felt him shrug, and suddenly she was filled. More than she had thought. More than she could’ve ever taken. More than she should have ever taken.

“Holy fuck!” Emma cried out. Her pussy was spread massively, the monstrous lance had taken her by surprise. She felt, not heard, the horse chuckle. It was almost a physical pain, she felt, but there was an undercurrent of something different. She had been right before; she wasn’t sure if she could be hurt in this world. Something like this should have hurt.

It took a few moments for the pain to catch up. “And that’s only a quarter. Still think I’m a chicken, wolf?” the horse said behind her. She tensed, and suddenly was determined to take the entire thing. She was already spread massively. Why not more?

“I can’t even tell it’s in yet,” Emma said. The horse’s hands gripped her hips tightly, and started to plunge in and out. The pain of the initial penetration disappeared quickly, and left nothing but glorious fullness and pleasure.

And it was definitely fullness. Already she had taken far more cock than she had ever thought she could. And the horse wasn’t gentle. He didn’t go slow to make sure she could take it, he just started rutting, jamming as much of his prick inside her as possible. With each thrust, he got more and more of it in.

“Hurry and fuck me already!” Emma said, her knees and arms pushing back as much as she could. She wanted to take as much of this horsecock as she could. It was a monstrous lance, bigger than anything she had ever seen, yet somehow it was fitting inside her. Granted, it was probably killing her insides, but hey, VR world. Things don’t have to make sense.

“Fine, but you’re going to tear yourself apart,” The horseman said, gripping her hips, and now her tail too, even tighter and starting to fuck her even harder. More and more of his giant cock was disappearing into the wolfess, and with every inch she cried out more and more, both in pain and in pleasure.

Emma was in heaven. And in hell. The giant cock hurt like a bitch, stretching her out far more than she could have ever thought. Yet she wasn’t tearing, which was a good thing. She could feel it though, knocking close to the end of her pussy. She couldn’t tell how much of it she had, but had to be at least nearly all there.

“Come on, you can take more than that! Only halfway there! Fine, then hold on, I’m going to stuff it all inside you!”

Emma tensed, and she felt her pussy fill up entirely with cock. More than ten inches inside her depthwise. She gritted her teeth, and pounded her ass back. She’d take the remaining three or four by the end of this.

She felt him stop, and she breathed a sigh of relief, before he started knocking next to something that she didn’t want him to knock on. It hurt like hell, but the cock’s flared tip was already outlining itself on her belly. Could she?

Emma relaxed, hoping that the programmer’s couldn’t have thought to put in pain receptors even there. She felt the tip knock on her cervix, and slowly open it up. ‘What do you know, I was right,’ she thought. They hadn’t. They probably hadn’t thought people were going to do insane crap like this.

“Lodge it in, and then ram the rest. I want it all…” Emma breathed out. The horse chuckled, as he battered at her cervix before finally getting it partially open. “I’m ready, give it all to me!” she said.

The horse tensed, and suddenly he let out a loud moan, louder than any sound he had made previously. All of his cock, all nearly fourteen inches of it, were lodged in this wolf’s pussy. She had taken it literally up into her womb.

Emma for her part had almost fainted at the pressure and pleasure. Her legs could barely hold herself up anymore, and she kept feeling herself squeeze down on the horsecock. “Fuck…me…”she said aloud. The horseman obliged her, pulling out until just the flared tip was still enveloped in her cervix and womb, before thrusting back in. She let out a loud scream.

She continued to scream every time the horse plunged in, regardless of depth. He was fucking her faster and faster, and Emma couldn’t feel anything except for the lance inside her pussy and womb, fucking her deeply. Suddenly the horse stopped, and pulled out to just the flared tip inside her pussy. “This may sting,” he said callously. Emma knew it wouldn’t.

Emma came, her entire pussy, cervix, and womb working together to clench tightly on the giant horsecock that had plunged its way to her womb in one stroke. And the horse kept doing it, moving as far as he could as fast as he could, and with each one Emma gritted her teeth or screamed in pleasure.

“Fuck you’re such a tight fuck! Where?” the horse asked. Emma didn’t even bother thinking or responding, continuing to plunge herself onto that heavenly tower. Minutes passed, the horse continuing to fuck his entire cock into Emma’s no-longer-tight vaginal area.

Grunted and groans filled the alleyway, until finally the horseman buried his cock even deeper, it’s end just barely touched the edge of Emma’s womb. “Cumming!” he shouted. Emma’s eyes widened as she felt his cock stiffen even harder, and felt every splash as it shot into her womb, filling her almost instantly.

He came for almost a minute, emptying over a gallon of cum into Emma’s pussy. Most of it had splashed out onto the horse, and whatever was inside her had filled her to the very brim. He took a step back, and watched as massive rivulets of cum flowed down her legs and inner thighs.

“Fuck,” Emma said quietly. The horse nodded. “I’m Emma. You are?” she asked.

The horseman chuckled. “I’m Kevin. Want to shack up?” he asked, surprisingly kindly.

“If it means I get more of that cock, yeah. Sign me up!” Emma said. Kevin chuckled as he helped her off the wooden box, having to hold her up as suddenly massive amounts of cum flushed out of her pussy.