Tails of Alenkas: Episode 2

Simon sighed as he wandered the empty streets of Alenkas. He was one of the first groups in, and what that naturally meant is that no one was here when he was. He’d get the first opportunity to look around, to see the world that he had helped create – which was amazing, don’t get him wrong!- but now he had taken his look, and he was still lonely.

He knew better than most the time dilation. Hell, he had been the one that had worked it out completely, and tested it completely. His mind was almost a year older than his body was, by his calculation, based on the sheer amount of testing that he had done.

He wasn’t too sure what had led him to be a squirrel. He had been playing a lot of card games recently, and a popular one had just come out with an expansion based on Rube Goldberg style machines and squirrels. Maybe that had been it. He wasn’t any good at the game, but he figured his friends were into it, maybe he could be too.

And then he had signed up for this, without a word to them. Gone for three months, he had sent in a quick text. He hadn’t wanted them to get too worried. They had texted back, questioning him on what was going on. He meekly responded that it was a much longer text, and not to worry. When he got out he’d let them know. Hopefully too much didn’t change in his absence.

The signs were beautiful, and even with his bad eyes -why, oh why, did the sight team make it dependent upon the same eyes that he had in the real world!? Wasn’t the entire point of Alenkas to make a new beginning? Getting rid of physical hindrances like that would only help!- he could see and read them clearly. Other characters, computer generated ones, sat on the sidewalks and stared at him in confusion as he walked past them.

One of the first things he had done is pick up some clothes. He didn’t like his body, and would prefer for no one to see it. His long bushy tail excepted, of course. The tail was nearly as long as he was, with a soft brown fur but a solid black line down the middle. Yes, he loved his tail. Only part of him he really liked, truly.

He had been on the main engine design team. He understood the underlying workings of Alenkas better than anyone, and by his estimation he had almost another half hour to himself. ‘Twelve times speed. They’re still crazy…’ he thought to himself.

He had tried to talk with some of the computer generated people, but they had only responded with blank looks and even blander responses. He’d have to wait for actual people to come first.

‘Wish I had left the debug commands in. Then I could have something more to do…’ he thought sullenly. He wasn’t bored, just…lonely. And he could do a lot with the debug console. He knew there was still one left in here, but it was supposed to be used only for emergencies.

“Um…excuse me…?” a voice called out from behind him. He jumped up, letting out a loud shriek as his heart rate soared. He panicked, turning around rapidly, before turning back around again. He saw barely a glimpse of a white cat, nude as the day she was born. Although, she was just born today, so maybe he could forgive that. But that didn’t mean he wanted to see it!

“Yes?” he called back out. He wished his tail could curl around his eyes. Seeing someone nude should only be for lovers, not random strangers on the street!

“I’m sorry. I just…where did you get those clothes?” she asked him pitifully. ‘Oh, that’d make sense,’ Simon thought to himself. He quickly took off his shirt, figuring out that she wouldn’t be much larger than he was, and handed it behind him. Hesitantly she seemed to take it.

“I’ll show you. Sorry it’s just…” he said, turning around after a moment to make sure she was as decent as she could be. His white shirt went over well, covering up her small-ish breasts and top half of her legs. It would have to do.

She was a cat, a relatively short one, with curves in all the right places. Pure white, with a long lock of white hair coming down from her head. ‘Oh, she actually used that part of generation? Good to know,’ he thought. Her red eyes shone out brightly. “Don’t worry about it. I didn’t like being paraded around…I’m Sam!” she introduced herself.

“Simon. Lead engineer for the Nu Engine. Come on, there’s a shop not far from here,” Simon said, trying to look far more confident than he actually was with his shirt off. He wasn’t too scrawny, he thought, although he did feel the way Sam’s eyes quickly drank him in. Couldn’t be too bad, if she isn’t running for the hills.

“Wow, the lead engineer!? I didn’t know you got in too. I thought it was just us low levels,” Sam joked. Simon obligingly laughed, a hollow laugh that even he could tell was fake. She could too, by the way she frowned.

“No, there were a lot of randoms. All vetted, but a few of the leads got in too. Lyla, the head programmer for the senses team got in too. A few others too, I only know of her though,” Simon responded. He wished he had his glasses now. He had been forced to take them off before going into the VR pods, as no one was allowed any accessory.

The two walked in uncomfortable silence, Simon kicking himself for not having a sense of humor. His watch went off a few minutes later, and he quickly set it up for the next two hours. The third group would be in Alenkas by then. Another five, for a total of fifteen people. Halfway through.

“What was your watch set for?” Sam asked hesitatingly. She did however continue to follow him as he walked through the maze of buildings and side streets. Alenkas didn’t have any cars, but it did have buses, and occasionally one would go through the middle of the street silently.

“Oh, two hours. That’s when the next group of five comes in.”

“But they said they’d do it all through an hour.”

“Time dilation. Time goes faster here, or rather our perception of it goes faster, than it does in the real world. Twelve times faster for this test run,” Simon said. Sam nodded, falling back into silence. “Store’s over there. Did you get your account set up?” Simon asked.

Sam shook her head. “No, I haven’t been here very long. You’re the first person I’ve seen so far…” she said quietly. Simon nodded, he had been expecting that. Alenkas was big, and it was always intended to be. Honestly, he thought they should’ve put more people in than just thirty -the system could handle up to seventeen hundred on debug alone, let alone should they delve into the production servers- but the project planners were the ones behind that decision.

The storefront was as basic as could be. A long chain of stores, selling everything from knick-knacks to clothes to food, with a small sign saying “Prof. Moo’s Fine Clothing.”

She blinked. Simon nodded solemnly.

“Professor Moo?” she asked incredulously.

“Yep. Don’t know who put that in, but I’m going to have words with them afterwards.”

“I’m going to help you.”

The two went inside. It was about as normal a clothing store as could be found, even in the real world. Rows upon rows of clothes could be found, separated by sizes and animal types. Simon wasn’t much smaller than Sam was. The clerk, a leopardess, had grinned at him when he had walked in nude a few hours ago. Again, she was grinning at him appreciatively. He really didn’t like the way she licked her chops, but again she stayed silent.

“How complicated can those pre-generated people be?” Sam asked, whispering down to his ears. She grabbed a few shirts and some shorts, and started looking around for a dressing room.

“As complicated as us, I’d presume. The engine can handle it, I think it just depends on how much work the programmers wanted to put in,” Simon responded. “Dressing rooms are over there,” he said, pointing to a small hallway in the back. He picked up a large blue one, an almost complete copy of his old one.

The two walked side by side, both of them still uncomfortable with the entire place. The dressing rooms were much the same as the real world; a small hallway with doors. He gave a half-hearted wave as Sam dipped in one, giving a small wave as she did so. He blinked, suddenly a strange feeling coming over him.

Ignoring it as best he could, he dove into his own room, locking it quickly. Sam was in the one next to him, and he could briefly hear her starting to try on various things. His shirt was easy, and he shrugged it on with ease, and before he could exit the room, he looked down for a moment.

He saw flashes of her bare foot, probably trying on one of the shorts. His ears were sharp, and he could almost hear the slight moaning in her breath. He blinked, and that sudden feeling he had made a sharp return, punctuated by a large engorging of his penis.

Suddenly he couldn’t think of anything else, except going over to the room next door. He shook it out of himself, knowing that those kinds of thoughts weren’t needed and weren’t appreciated. He tried to control his breathing, before he felt a small tug on his pants leg. He saw Sam, beneath him, her red eyes wide with lust as she pushed him onto the stool.

“I’m going to suck your cock,” she said with a tone of finality. It was unlike anything he had heard from her before, and suddenly Simon knew what he wanted. He wanted her mouth on his cock.

He grabbed the sides of her head, and she let out a small moan of appreciation as he guided her to the tip of his prick. He wasn’t too large, barely above average, but she looked at it with such a look of wanton lust that he felt like the king of the world. “Suck it,” he commanded. She obligingly opened her mouth and took a long lick from the base to the tip.

He shivered with lust as he felt the dry cat tongue tickle its way up, and breathed a sigh of relief as he felt her mouth take his tip in. Heat grabbed him by the reigns as Sam pushed his prick further into her mouth.

He felt her tongue run up the edges, and he felt her powerful sucking. At first she went slow, seemingly struggling to get the large -compared to her, at least- thing in, and as time went it got easier, until she had gotten the entire thing as far as she could get it, before she hit her gag reflex. It was nine tenths in her mouth anyways, and Simon gripped the stool powerfully.

His lust commanded him to take action, to push the final bit in, but his still sapient mind commanded him not to far more strongly. He sighed in time as she moaned, and he could track one of her hands down to between her legs.

He wasn’t too sure how long he had lasted, but it was definitely longer than he had thought. “I’m going to cum,” he whispered into the air. Sam seemingly didn’t hear him, keeping her mouth as far on his cock as she could, even struggling to push it deeper. He felt her tongue at his tip, and her other hand start to stroke his balls. He wasn’t going to last much longer at all.

“Cumming!” he said, feeling his testes gather up powerfully, before shooting one of the biggest loads of his life down the willing throat of the cat beneath him. She drank it lovingly, swallowing when she needed to and allowing him to cum even more.

Time passed, Simon wasn’t too sure how much, before he relaxed. He could hear the soft slurping sounds of Sam, continuing to suck on his now-soft cock, and the sounds of her hands on her pussy. He was relaxed, and didn’t want to do anything, but knew he should attempt to return the favor. “Thanks Sam…now your turn,” he said softly. He pulled her up, even as she moaned her disagreement with his plan.

He turned her around and sat her down on the stool just as he had been. She spread her legs widely, and Simon could see her pussy lips were wet and willing. She had been fingering herself for a while. Her lust was still out of control. But his…his wasn’t.

He leaned down and tentatively licked. He expected a furry taste, and not the wild strawberry one that he got. She moaned appreciatively, and moved both of her hands to maul her breasts. Her head was thrown back as Simon took another lick.

He had only done this twice before, both on an ex-girlfriend who had later told him that he had no talent for it. ‘Doesn’t mean I shouldn’t try’, he thought. He found her clit easily, and focused his tongue on that small nub. Sam moaned loudly, and he figured he was probably doing a good thing, so kept doing it.

Minutes went by, and although Sam was moaning and her hips were moving, she didn’t seem to peak. Simon wasn’t worried, and he continued his exploration of the feline’s pussy. His tongue weaved in and out of her vagina, before moving back to her clit. He took one of his hands and pushed two fingers into the feline’s tight, wet, and amazingly hot core, while continuing to focus on her clit.

Only a minute or two more passed before he felt her tighten up, her inner walls squeezing him painlessly, and she gave a hearty moan. She breathed heavily for a second before he wondered if he should continue, before she said, “please, stop. Too sensitive right now.”

He took his hand and mouth away, and sat on his haunches wondering how badly he’d done it. His lusty mind was gone, and in return his normal mind was back, quickly figuring out what had happened. Or at least pieces of it.

“That was…thank you. I needed that. I don’t think I’ve-” she stopped, continuing to breath heavily as she smiled in Simon’s direction. “I don’t think I’ve ever cum from that before,” she said.

He looked at her sadly. “I get the feeling you’re going to be having an orgasm a lot more than that. We’re in trouble,” he said solemnly.