Current Specials:


What are Specials?

Specials are one-shots or small episodes that don’t add much to the current arc of Alenkas, or they add a lot more to the backstory of Alenkas, such as taking a snapshot of what happened at NuVO after the Alenkans got trapped in the virtual world.

How often are they released?

They’re released once per month, so about twelve per year.

How do I get access to the Specials?

You support me on Patreon! For even a dollar, you get access to all specials released by that point in time. Or buy the collections, which generally have all the specials released for that season, plus any additional ones I’ve written that haven’t been released yet.

What if I don’t like you enough to want to pay you, but I still want the Specials?

Well…I’m saddened. Not much I could do there, I’m afraid. Or just wait long enough. Once a year I’ll go through and release all the previous years Specials to everyone.