Characters and Casts

There are many, many characters in the Tails of Alenkas series. I’ve given each one a category where they all appear as main characters (so cameos and such don’t count!), but in case of any confusion as to who the characters are, I’ve made this page, where I’ll list each and every character in the Tails of Alenkas series, as well as what they look like, any notable traits, etc.

Season 1 Characters (New Beginnings and Onwards)


Red Fox


One of the lead programmers on the Alenkas Project, leading the Senses team in regards to touch and pressure; two of the most complicated senses Alenkas was using. She has taken to Alenkas like a fish to water, and worries constantly about how things actually should be. She has a sharp mind, which sometimes backfires as she leaps to conclusions too soon. Skipped over the description customization on accident. She enjoys playing Chess.


Gray Wolf


A programmer on the Character team for the Alenkas Project. Rather muscly, he still has a good brain on his shoulders, although he pales in comparison to the likes of Simon and Lyla. He knows this, so rather than try to think with them he tries to find ways to think of things that they may have missed, allowing himself to be used as a sounding board. He enjoys walking around, and specifically the parks that are everywhere in Alenkas.


Red Squirrel


The head programmer for the Alenkas Project, he was responsible for the underlying engine that supports and holds up Alenkas as a whole. He understands the code better than anyone, and knows what should and should not happen, although whether or not that’s what actually happens is not always under his control. Focuses on tasks often to the point of ignoring many other things, and often has to be dragged back into the present. Enjoys playing Chess, or sometimes just sitting underneath a tree or in a library reading a good book.


House Cat (White)


An intern for the Alenkas Project, Sam moved from team to team to find one that would actually help her prepare for the real world. Rather intelligent, she can keep up with Simon on his best days, and is rather smitten with him. She enjoys reading, even if sometimes the story makes little sense.


Gray Wolf


One of the payroll employees from NuVO who got selected into the test, and not actually a part of the Alenkas Project at all. She enjoys parkouring, and generally just goes with whatever life has planned, although she does take steps to protect herself…or at least she did before Alenkas.


Belgian Horse


A programmer on multiple teams, tossed around due to his attitude. He was a major factor in getting the User Interface to co-operate with the rest of Alenkas, as well as one of the many programmers on the Sight and Hearing Senses teams. Likes working out, although he’s unsure if Alenkas can handle the muscle-building the same way the real world could.


Arctic Fox


A sound designer for the Alenkas Project. Gets along with everyone exceptionally well, and promotes making friends and unity over being a general asshole to everyone. He’s married to Aiden, and enjoys spending time with him the most.




A sound designer for the Alenkas Project. Whereas Lucas gets along with everyone, Aiden doesn’t, but he can read people well, to the point that the duo had made it a point that where Lucas speaks to people, while Aiden fishes for information out of them. He enjoys hearing the various sounds of Alenkas, whether or not he made them, and is grateful he has the opportunity to see how the system will function as a whole. Married to Lucas.


House Cat (Orange)


A programmer for the User Interface team, Calvin, who usually prefers going ‘Cal’ instead. He went online a lot and role-played a character, an orange tabby named Cal, and decided to make his character essentially the same. He much preferred the sharp witted Cal over his “get-stomped-all-over” version, but is slowly learning that being not being a punching bag doesn’t mean being an asshole.


Black Bear


An art designer for the Alenkas Project, he was surprised when he was allowed to go into the test for Alenkas. A genuinely nice person, he’s one of the few that knows exactly how big he is and how best to use his strength and weight.


Rabbit (White)


A programmer that worked in almost all of the sense teams, including touch, sight, hearing, and even taste. She didn’t shuffled around because she couldn’t do it, but rather because she was committed enough and smart enough to be an asset. She studied nursing before, and is one of the first to understand how Alenkas’ lust variable works within the system. She enjoys helping people, almost everyone she meets.


Arctic Wolf


A programmer on the Touch team as well as the Weather team. She amazed herself by the way the teams pulled together to fit Alenkas together, although she’s not a fan of the way the ‘lust strikes’ or ‘Heats’ work. She enjoys going shopping, and just walking around enjoying daily life.

Season 2 Characters (Influx and Onwards)


Mountain Lion


A college kid who followed the development of Alenkas faithfully. He was the first one to log in to Alenkas after the servers were opened, and as such feels a special closeness with many of them. He studies computer science with a hope of going into the games industry. He lives alone in an apartment, which gives him plenty of time to ‘study’ what happened in Alenkas during the first ten months.


Calico Cat


Another college student, Abigail is someone who spurned her family’s norms by refusing to even try to get a boyfriend. Not wanting to deal with her family’s shit, she turned to Alenkas to find something new in the world. She studies Biology, with a hopes of becoming a marine biologist. She was taken during the events of Criminal Intent, and by killing her body in the real world became trapped like the other Alenkans. She currently resides with Simon, Sam, Cal, and Haley.


Grey Fox


A high school student in her senior year, Emily was troubled by the day-to-day situations of a regular high school student. When her last boyfriend dumped her, despite giving her virginity to him, she went into Alenkas, where she forcefully throws herself upon anyone willing to fuck her. When her new friend Abigail was taken, she started a hunt, and would stop at nothing to ensure that Abby and everyone else would be found. No matter the cost.


Black Cat


A twelve-year old girl who found herself lost in Alenkas in a moment of panic and fright. She has unofficially been welcomed by the Alenkans not just as a change of pace, but because the girl can also be a genius when she wants to be, and a kid when she doesn’t, although they do berate her often for even choosing to come into Alenkas, knowing that it was an adult-oriented world. During the events of Criminal Intent, there was a fire in her house, and she was given a ‘choice’. Die by the fire, or choose to be an Alenkan. She chose to be an Alenkan. She currently resides with Simon, Sam, Cal, and Abigail.


German Sheperd


A police officer from an unknown city. She’s married and with two kids, and yet her husband welcomes her to go into Alenkas. She has some yet-unknown ties to Simon. As of Influx 26, it’s known that she has worked with Simon in the past, and is one of the original Alenkas programmers.


Arctic Fox Vixen


An Influxxer who was taken during the events of Criminal Intent. Not much is known about her. She currently resides with Lucas and Aiden.


Mustang Harse


An Influxxer who was taken during the events of Criminal Intent. Not much is known. She currently resides with Kevin and Emma.