Ecobirth: Episode 9

Emma was blindfolded, sitting eagerly on a barstool that she couldn’t see. Her hands were tied together behind her back, pushing her breasts up and out. Her tail whipped from side to side with potential excitement; no matter the outcome of this particular experiment, she was trying something new, something she wouldn’t have given even two shits about in the outside world, but it was experiences like this that made Alenkas worth having.

She was in the basement of her own little experiment, essentially a brothel that people could come and pay for sex. Why they’d pay for sex in Alenkas she was never truly sure, but as the amount of Influxxers decreased, most of them had to get sex from somewhere. Men, women, it didn’t matter to them.

As it stood she had exactly four employees under her belt. Two Alenkans and two Influxxers. One male and three female. That the lone male wasn’t Kevin was actually a shock to the majority of people who knew the duo.

It took a lot of finagling, according to Sam, in order to pay their Influxxer compatriots. Even with Simon helping, it took the albino cat nearly five days of constant research in order to even formulate a plan, let alone be able to promise anything. As it stood, she was still working on ensuring that payments got processed.

Earlier that morning, a bear had walked in, all kind and gentle like. She wasn’t the one working the front desk, that was Kathryn, a fennec fox vixen who liked to pretend she was better than she actually was. Unfortunately for many of them, she was Alenkan, but hadn’t participated in either of the Great Hunts -much to Simon’s chagrin- and in fact was, simply put, kind of a bitch.

Emma didn’t know exactly what was said, but she did know it ended up with her being essentially a test subject for an experienced Dom to try and see what BDSM is like inside Alenkas. Whether Kathryn volunteered her or if she was specifically asked, she didn’t know.

Either way, she was going to enjoy herself. The door opened with a creak, explouding with sound into the silent room. “Good, I see that you’re in the proper position. Have you done this before?” she heard the male voice ask.

“No, I haven’t.”

“Alright then, I’ll take it slow. First thing is a basic discussion, getting to know, your likes, dislikes, kinks, everything.”

“Pretty sure I’ll try anything once. Only thing is I can’t knock you out, nor can I really die, so…” Emma stated factly.

“Well, that may be, but that doesn’t mean there may be things that you don’t like doing. I’ve found that a lot of people say they’ll do anything, and then quickly come to realize that isn’t actually the case. First up, we must have a safe word, at all times. It can be anything, from a lover’s name to a random word. I’ll let you come up with it.”

Emma thought it about in her head. There were almost too many choices, but one of the most famous safe words was something that was easy to say and hard to miscontrue. “How about apple? I’ve been craving one of them,” Emma shrugged.

“Apple will work. Alright then, so from now on, whenever the word ‘apple’ is said by either of us, I will stop immediately. Does that work?”

“Yeah, that’ll work,” Emma said. She thought about making a sarcastic comment, but decided against it. Supposedly the man was experienced in the outside world, and wanted to know what it’d be like in Alenkas as well.

“Very well. Is there anything that you will not do, under any circumstances? This could be from the painful to the minorly inane. Legitimately anything could be used as a boundary.”

“Nope. I’ve done all kinds of things, already, so a bit of pain won’t even register. I mean hell, I’ve had a horse cock up my cunt so deep that if we weren’t in Alenkas I probably would’ve died. Then I went and had another up my ass. Pretty sure I should’ve died from that one too.”

There was a moment of silence. “That’s…I see. Alright then, I’ll start slow, and progressively get further as time goes on. If at any point you don’t like where it’s heading, say ‘apple’ and we’ll stop.”

“I’ve been fucked by two horses at once, I’m not going to want to stop.”

The bear let out a deep chuckle, resonating across the empty chamber. He must’ve brought something in with him, because immediately she felt a light smack against her breasts, leaving a painful mark that she merely sighed at.

He walked around her, carefully measuring his footsteps so she wouldn’t know which way the rope or cane -or piece of rebar, for all she knew- would land on her body. But each strike left a feeling a hollowness and pain in its place, whether it be her ass, back, legs, or breasts. 

For minutes it continued, until Emma was sure her body was no more than a gigantic red welt -or would have been if this was the outside world- as she took each stroke and strike deliberately. He cupped her head gently, while smacking her pussy with the makeshift whip. She moaned into his hands.

“You are quite strong, Emma. Shall we take this up a notch, or shall we keep it here?” he asked.

She knew what she wanted to say, immediately. But at the same time the feeling that he would keep it at that level, actually reinforced her decision. Yes, she was getting paid for this, but nothing he’d done so far had truly hurt.

Although whether that was the point or not, she wasn’t sure. “Yeah, go for it,” she said.

She groaned immediately as her hands were lifted up, tall enough to force her to stand on the stool’s edge, most of her weight being put on her hands and wrists. He walked her over to some other device he’d set up, although when he had the time or anything else to do it, she had no idea. 

It was a kind of a wooden thing, almost a large triangle. There was a kind of cushion on the top, although where he found it in Alenkas Emma had no idea. Or maybe Kevin made it? This wasn’t George’s voice, and the horse was outspoken about what he thought about the Influxxers, so it was unlikely.

The bear picked her up easily, before setting her down on the triangle thing. There was almost like a saddle thing in the middle, although it left her crotch and ass sitting on the hard edged wood, as the cushion had been cut there.

At first it wasn’t so bad, but then he let her drop, forcing her legs to work either overtime keeping her up, using her arms to keep her up, because if she was let down, it’d split her pussy. ‘Holy crap, it’s a fucking wooden horse. I only read about these thins back in high school, never thought I’d actually be on one!’ Emma thought.

Her clit was mashed between the wood and her body, most of her weight being held up by her arms and legs. The Dom walked around her, checking the knots on the rope tying her hands together, before briefly checking to make sure she was pseudo comfortable. He had untied them briefly, tying them back up with her arms in front of her during the move.

Her pussy was on fire from the constant pressure, sending waves of pain up her spine. And yet, she was still so wet it was practically soaking the wood. Her breasts caught on fire again as he smacked them lightly, using the same rope as before.

She moaned, as her body confused pain and pleasure. She’d have that same feeling many times before, almost every time she fucked Kevin or one of the other Alenkans that had overly-large dicks. Her clit was caught again as the Dom whipped it, accurately hitting it despite it being almost hidden between the wood and her body.

Emma’s confused senses betrayed her, and her pussy tightened up on nothing. She let out a loud moan as her pussy flooded with juice, trying to lubricate something that wasn’t there. The Dom let her have her orgasm, letting her ride it out as caused more pain to herself by shuffling her hips forward.

She gave a soft moan as she hunched forward, her legs and arms dead to the world. “Fuck, a girl could get used to this…” she murmured. She heard the Dom chuckle lightly, and her world turned back to one full of confused pain and painful pleasures.