Ecobirth: Episode 8

“Please tell me we don’t have any more. I’m tired…” Lucas complained as he walked into his apartment. They had altered the front room, giving Riven a bit of a desk with a small filing cabinet in the back -taken from one of the other houses nearby- as essentially being worked out of.

Aiden was right behind him, looking both slightly annoyed and frustrated by the amount of people that were going after their services. Half of them were asking for sexual favors -led over to Emma’s brothel instead of being chewed out as much as Riven wanted to- and were discarded pretty quickly.

“Wish I could, Luke. Two more, one for each of you,” Riven replied, reaching down to grasp a few notes. The Tree was basically supplying them with all of the basics, although how Cal knew which ones were blank and which ones weren’t she had no idea, but the orange cat had long since gone through and seemingly knew every single corner of the library.

“Joy. Wonderful. Wonderjoy,” Lucas deadpanned, crashing into the couch. “I swear, please tell me we at least got paid for all of these,” he said, reaching down for a jug of water. While both he and Aiden had water on them at all times, they both preferred to leave water in their apartment, as essentially a ‘quick-fix’. Riven hadn’t asked what they meant, assuming they meant hydration wise.

“Of course. I don’t accept payment afterwards, only upon the original request. Like the post office out in the real world,” she said. Lucas relaxed massively as Aiden massaged his shoulders and back.

“That’s…that’s good,” Lucas said, melting into a puddle of fine goo at his husband’s hands. “I don’t want to get up now,” he muttered after a moment. Aiden chuckled lightly, continuing his ministrations upon the arctic fox male.

“Of course you wouldn’t. That’s normal for this, remember?” Aiden grinned, putting more pressure onto Lucas’ back. The fox arched it, and it sounded with a satisfying crack. Aiden took his hands away, and just watched as Lucas somehow molded his body to fit the couch, cracks included.

“How does he do that?” Riven asked after a moment, just watching Lucas as he melted. Aiden shrugged. “Don’t know. He’s been able to do that even in the outside world. It’s a thing to watch from the back too, I assure you,” he said.

“I don’t even care what you guys are talking about,” Lucas muttered, sinking into the cushions, resting his head on the armrest. “I’m going to go take a quick nap,” he said, closing his eyes deeply.

“Why is he so tired? I gave you two the same amount of requests,” Riven asked, whispering. She didn’t know if Lucas was already asleep or not, but damn he looked close to it. His breathing was steady, and his tail was far more still that she’d ever seen it before.

“The same amount in terms of numbers, yeah, but different in distance. You had him running all over the city, whereas most of mine were right in the Square. Granted though, I think his were more important,” Aiden whispered back. The husky just watched Aiden sleep for a long few minutes in silence.

“I didn’t think we were trusted to have important ones yet.”

Aiden shot her a knowing glance. “Every message is important to someone. Even if it’s just a quick ‘I love you’ or a note that dinner’s ready. Each one is different, each one important to someone. It’s the way of the protagonist.”

“The way of the what?”

“The protagonist. You’ve never heard the phrase, ‘everyone is the protagonist of their own story?’ No one else knows what you’ve been through, except you and yourself. But that’s no reason to exclude empathy, or to try not to see it from their angle.”

Riven stared at him in surprise. Not that he was claiming what he was claiming; she had long since figured out that Aiden’s strength lie in his ability to see things from a different angle. Lucas, on the other hand, was far more adept at wording things and being friendly. It was no surprise that they were practically made for each other.

But rather that Aiden was capable of putting what he thought into those words. He was an adept speaker, but at the same time he was one of those people that just never really said anything. He left most of the talking up to Lucas.

He must’ve seen her glance, as he then said, “Lucas taught me that one. It’s a good one. I’m a lot more appreciative of it nowadays then I was when he first said it to me.”

Riven stared at the still sleeping fox. She had no idea if there was muscle growth in Alenkas or not. She wouldn’t have been surprised if there wasn’t, by the way the fox’s muscles peered out. They weren’t large, but rather slim and used to working. He seemed to be quite fit, although how that’d work out, she didn’t know.

Then he turned in his sleep, letting out a small moan as he did, opening his legs up wide to show the two viewers his rather large erection. It stood straight up, almost calling to the arctic vixen that was Riven.

It’d been a long time since she’d had any fantasies of sex, oral, anal, or vaginal at all. She still shuddered at the thought of the constant bombardment of sexual smells emanating from Alenkas proper. And yet…Lucas’ was…probably one of the only ones she’d seen since she was broken out.

She still hadn’t thanked them in a way that her conscience would say ‘good enough’, and she probably never would. “Do you mind, if I…” she asked Aiden. The husky blinked, before taking on a knowing and surprised look.

“If you want to, I’m not gonna stop you. He’s probably just enjoying whatever world he’s dreaming of. Who knows, maybe you can make it better,” Aiden shrugged. He sat down on a nearby cushioned chair, sinking a few inches, spreading his legs to show his own dick, slowly coming to full mast.

Because he knew that if she hadn’t have asked, he would’ve done it himself. Lucas had worked himself to the bone earlier that day, Aiden knew, and deserved as much rest as he could get. He was still sleeping peacefully, his erect cock standing straight at attention. He was probably having some kind of wet dream, Aiden knew.

Riven knelt down next to him, shuffling on her knees to the sleeping fox. Her mind was yelling at her to both do this and not do this, and she could barely overcome an innate desire she wasn’t sure was hers to just leap on top of him and fuck him nine ways to sunday. She tentatively reached out, watching Aiden from the corner of her eye as he slowly stroked himself. Was he getting off on her?

Somehow the idea that she had an audience made her switch mindfulness gears. Now she was no longer doing this just because she wanted to, but because she wanted to, Lucas needed it, and Aiden wanted it.

She gripped him carefully, enjoying the hard heat in her hands as she gave a few practice strokes. She’d never actually stroked a guy off before -the most she’d done is give him a few just to warm him up, before going down on him, followed by actual intercourse- and enjoyed the way that Lucas seemed a lot less reserved about it now.

She reached out with her tongue, and matching her eyes with Aiden’s -who didn’t look away- gave Lucas’ shaft a long, wet, lick. Desire flooded her body, desire she wasn’t sure was fully hers, before she finished taking Lucas’ tip into her mouth.

He had an odd scent, which as a fox, was noticeably stronger than when she had been human. It was a slight musky scent, mixed in with a few others that Riven wasn’t sure she could name. It wasn’t a bad smell though, not to her, and she took his length in her mouth with more fervor than before.

She watched Aiden start to jack off quicker, watching as someone that he was sure would never touch a guy that way again, start to give a blowjob to his sleeping husband. ‘The way Alenkas works,’ he thought to himself, wondering exactly how he had gotten into this kind of a situation.

Lucas was moaning in his sleep, unconsciously feeling his cock being sucked on the vixen. She took a deep breath with him still resting on her tongue, slowly wrapping the lascivious muscle around his length, before starting to push him deeper into her mouth. She had been throatfucked by the gangbangers, but it was one thing to have it forced on her -which she still hated, and if she’d have thought of it like Mia did she probably would’ve bitten them off, but by then all fight had been drained out of her- and completely another to be doing it willingly.

Riven lost herself in Aiden’s eyes as she continued sucking off Lucas, losing track of time in the coordinated moans from the sleeping fox and the slight buckings of Aiden’s hips. She watched, entranced, as he moaned he was about to cum.

Suddenly she felt Lucas’ hands on her head, softly, giving her plenty of opportunity to pull back. She motioned to Aiden to her backside, her tail fluttering with desire and need as Lucas let out a loud moan, letting her know that he was about to cum.

She pulled back just slightly, just enough to let most of it land on her tongue, and she closed her mouth on his tip, sucking hard. Lucas’ hips bucked almost uncontrollably into her mouth as she felt his cock explode with cum, jets of it being shot out into the back of her mouth.

She tried to breathe through her mouth while he came, letting it fill up her mouth with a taste she could honestly say was purely Lucas. It wasn’t a good one, and it was honestly saltier than she would’ve liked, but it was…different. Very different to anything she’d ever had before.

Then she felt Aiden at her backside, and all thoughts went out the window. She froze, her mind flashing back to her captivity, her body shuddering as she felt the cock at her pussy. Her tail stilled, and immediately Aiden stopped, pulling back slightly.

She shuddered crazily, her mind trapped in an endless cycle of abuse, before she felt Lucas’ hands stroke down her backside. She felt a small tap on her shoulder, a slight shove into the couch cushions, but her mind was unable to really do anything about it.

Then she felt Aiden’s lips at her own, and her mind was free.

She had somehow managed to climb onto the couch, although whether that was Lucas’ and Aiden’s doing, she didn’t know. The husky was still rock hard, probably ready to blow his load soon, and the other arctic fox was right next to him, looking at her with concern.

“I…I’m sorry, I just…I don’t…I-” she stuttered, before both of the canines shrugged. Lucas reached down to finish off his husband, taking him in the mouth not long afterwards. She watched as Aiden moaned loudly, his balls tensing up.

She could almost see the cum as it went through his cock. She could see each individual pulse as it delivered more of the cream into Lucas’ mouth, who was staring not up at Aiden but into her eyes. They lit up with concern.

Riven looked away in shame. “I’m sorry. I just…I don’t know what came over me. I’m-“

“Don’t finish that sentence,” Aiden replied. “Seriously, don’t finish it. You have nothing to be sorry for. You thought you were ready, but you weren’t, and that’s fine. Baby steps, Riven. Baby steps.”

“What he said,” Lucas exclaimed. “Gotta learn to walk before you run. And you gotta learn to crawl before you can walk,” he finished. Riven nodded, wondering what exactly had been going on. That couldn’t have all been her, was it?