Ecobirth: Episode 7

Emma breathed a heavy sigh. She had to work herself up to this point, and while she had everything memorized -or more accurately written down, thanks to Cal and his loaning of empty books from the Tree- she was still nervous.

This wasn’t her first time getting in front of a crowd and speaking -hell, she’d been publicly fucked so much she was practically a celebrity at points. And if the Influxxers have anything to say about it she’s a true celebrity out in the outside world, as much as any pornstar could be- it was probably one of the most nervous.

She was at the head of a table, a rectangle that was just barely large enough to fit most of the Alenkans there. She wished she had some pockets, but she’d long since worn any clothes; she’d gotten so used to nudity that she doubted she’d ever put some on again unless she was forced to. Just felt more comfortable that way.

There was Simon, to her side, and Sam across from him. They were both looking serious, knowing exactly what this was about, although most of the others did too. They all knew how serious this particular meeting was, and as more filed in she slowly sighed in relief.

There in the back were some of the larger Alenkans. George, the bear with a cross shaped scar on his chest, as well as Kevin and Ivan, two horses that she’d known far too well to be appropriate. Or perfectly appropriate, considering it was Alenkas after all.

“Right, I think everyone’s here that’s coming,” she started. She looked towards Lucas and Aiden, the two canines filling out people’s names on the same book as her notes. It was fortunate for them that the Tree was filled with dozens upon hundreds of empty books, as they had no way to sell or make paper yet. Mia had a dildo -and it was with Mia’s help that she created a strapon that she used on Kevin so long ago- but that was about it, and even that was made out of wood.

The two canines nodded, and with that Emma took one last deep breath before she started. “Right, I’m not going to bore you all with all the crap that corporate usually had us do,” she started off, immediately getting a few laughs. They’d all been from NuVO, these thirty -although only fifteen showed up- so they knew all the kinds of things that a company would make them do.

“We ran into a crisis a week ago. And within a week, within one week, we’ve completely turned it around. We were bleeding from our wallets with every day, trying to get enough food to be comfortable, although I’m not sure we actually need it all things considered,” she continued, “but I crunched the numbers earlier this morning. With George and Mia’s…gladiator arena, or fighting ring, or some kind of wrestling thing, I’m not actually sure, and the brothel, we’ve brought in more than enough for twenty five of us. With Lucas and Aiden service, that brings us to the thirty of the original Alenkans.”

She stared at each and every single Alenkan, “And while we’re not out of the doghouse yet, we’re that much closer. Surana and Jen have both been growing fruits and vegetables that are more than enough to feed the new four.”

“Got any hard numbers?” someone asked from the back. She thought it was Kevin, but she wasn’t sure. She knew he knew all the hard numbers, so why would he ask? Because he wanted everyone else to be proud of it? It was certainly something to be proud of. “You know, how much you’re calculating for each person, the kid, etc,” they continued. She blinked; it wasn’t Kevin but rather Ivan, another horse of a similar species right next to him. That’d make sense then.

“Well, I’m going on approximately how much we all eat in a regular day, on average, and multiplying that by the amount of Alenkans there are. For the income, I’m taking all the income from everything that’s been making some, and dividing that by the amount of Alenkans.”

“I’m not asking for the process, I’m asking if you have numbers.”

“I don’t have them memorized, but we have the budget book. Take a look, pass it around,” she said, motioning to Lucas to open it to the right pages -nearly thirty or forty in general- before passing it around. As it made its way around the room, most of the Alenkans simply nodded. They were the original creators of Alenkas; of course they wouldn’t be afraid or worried in their own creation.

If worse came to worse, most of them were sure that Simon, the head programmer for the kernel, would be able to do something. Whether or not he actually would, Emma didn’t know, but she was sure he’d step in if something truly horrifying were to happen.

“I’m guessing you want the rest of us to start something up?” Simon asked from the front. “Because I’m sure with as many of us as we have we can come up with something kid-friendly. Haley can’t be the only kid in here,” he finished.

There were murmurs going around, mostly of agreement, on a ‘Just In Case’ scenario. “Well you already have a library going on, how much work do you guys want to put on yourselves? What do you all generally do in the day anyways,” someone asked.

Simon blinked, “Uh, mostly just look at the IDM code, make sure there aren’t any bugs that can affect us, etc. I sometimes help Abby and Haley get the basics down, basically training them in computer science.”

“And Haley actually gets it?”

“Better than most would think,” Sam interrupted. “I think we’re fine, most of what we do is related to system-related things. I think as long as we keep the Tree open, we don’t need to do much more. You guys can carry us, right?” she asked. She got a few laughs and more agreements. Simon rolled his eyes with a grin and sat back down.

“And I heard Emily started up on online petition for a charity, with the proceeds to go to us. Where is she, anyways?” Emma asked lightly. She knew there was one she was forgetting; the Influxxer who had helped them get the Taken Four -as Emma called them in her mind- away from the gangs. A grey fox. Who was nowhere in sight.

“She’s been having some trouble back in the outside world. She’ll be here with more details soon-ish,” Lyla said. The red fox was also nude, right next to Simon. Emma wondered if that position was deliberate, as it’d put the team leads next to each other. Most people shrugged and nodded. “That said, I think Alex and I can come up with something. Don’t know what, but we’ll try. We may need more people on growing stuff.”

“There’s plenty of room in the southern warehouses. I think most of us that can’t or won’t work in one of the other places should go there,” Ivan brought up. It was a reasonable idea, and by the end of the meeting -another thirty minutes or so- he had another three Alenkans to go towards the south side, and start to help Jen and Surana.

As soon as Emma declared it over, seeing as how the budget book had been passed around to everyone that wanted to see it -Sam had passed it to Simon, who’d immediately slid it over to Lyla, not looking into it himself. Knowing him as she did, Emma thought he probably already had all the numbers- most of them had filed out quickly. Simon waved a quick goodbye as he headed back to the Tree.

Emma sighed loudly, before falling into a chair. She looked up to see that two others had stayed; Lyla and Sam. “Yeah, what’s up?” she asked quietly. Sam brought up a chair, and after a moment Lyla did too.

“Well, we just wanted to say thanks, for everything you’ve done,” Lyla started. Sam turned to her, “And well, we thought we knew the best way to do that-” “Was with a kiss,” Lyla finished, grabbing Emma’s head and meeting her lips head on.

Emma blinked, enjoying the sensation of the red fox’s lips on her own. She melted into it, before the fox receded, only to be replaced by Sam’s gentle ones. She felt their soft hands measure up her breasts, solely rubbing and teasing them, sending small shockwaves of feelings down her spine. Her pussy was almost always wet these days, but seeing as how these two -Lyla considered by many to be purely hetero, and Sam was completely monogamous- did this of their own volition…somehow that was hotter, than if two others she didn’t know were doing this to her.

Sam stayed standing, slowly kissing all over Emma’s top half while Lyla got down on her knees, slowly widening the wolf’s legs to access her core. Her attention was more than divided as Lyla started licking her, her long tongue dragging almost painfully well down her outer lips, sending pleasure down her spine and legs.

Emma moaned into Sam’s mouth, her breasts slowly being massaged to perfection in the cats hands, her bottom half starting to thrust into Lyla’s face as she felt the tongue tease her, occasionally spreading her pussy lips wide open and darting her tongue in.

She felt her hands get grabbed by Lyla’s, pushed behind the chair. She wasn’t sure how they knew what all went on in her brothel, even as new as it was, but they somehow did, her hands being held behind the chair, pushing her boobs into Sam’s hands.

The sensations running through her body were taking over her entire mind, her pussy on metaphysical fire, her boobs not much behind it. She could feel the chills slowly encapsulate her body, making her unable to think of anything else other than the hands on her breasts, the lips on her own, and the tongue on her pussy. She was starting to struggle now, but mostly mindlessly as she felt that cliff of her orgasm, of the peak she was heading so closely towards, almost sneak up on her.

She shuddered, moaning into Sam’s mouth as loud as she could, almost being ripped from her throat, as she felt that peak fully take her from her normal mind. Her pussy got wetter, almost soaking Lyla’s tongue with the amount of juices that came out, and even Sam stopped for a moment to let her recover.

She felt Lyla let go of her hands, and she was grateful that they let her breathe, slowly recovering from the massive climax that had overcome over completely.

It took nearly a minute before she could breathe normally and talk. “That was incredible…” she moaned, her body still recovering from the aftershocks of her orgasm. She almost shuddered as she saw the looks on their faces. “It’s not over, is it?” she grinned happily.

Both Sam and Lyla shared a look, before grinning, immediately diving back in to her body. Emma fully embraced the sensations, ready to merely enjoy the fruits of her labor.