Ecobirth: Episode 6

“I’m still not sure how exactly you know or even thought that this would work,” Mia said, looking down into the gathered crowd. There were at least dozens of Influxxers gathered there, in all states of dress and attire, circling the almost gladiatorial arena down below.

“It’s in the nature of humans to fight. Why not allow them to use another’s instincts when they do so?” George asked. He was right next to Mia, on the highest level of the makeshift arena, built in the remains of the gangbanger’s safehouse as one final ‘fuck you’ to them. The living room that had been utterly destroyed by the Alenkans rampage had been remodeled, with walls and boxes being set up as essential ‘seating’.

There had been a second floor, but according to Alex, he and Aiden had gone through it after George had found the other four, and practically nothing on it. This made sense if it was a safehouse; ease to pack up and leave was essential. As there was an underground passage out to the sewers -which really made George wonder how accurate Alenkas actually was; there was no reason to include a sewer!- it made sense that it was definitely easy to pack up and leave quickly.

“I’m still not sure on this, honestly. Alenkas is supposed to be a rebirth of human nature, not…allowing this kind of shit to exist,” Mia said, looking down at the rails that George had installed just that day. It was surprising how many Influxxers were just looking for either they’re next lay or just something to do, regardless of what it was.

“Sometimes we must all do things we do not like to ensure we live in a world that we can like,” George said sagely. He gestured down to the arena floor, where a badger and a dog were going at it, punching with all of their strength and trying to get one over their opponent. He ignored the cries of people yelling at them to use their claws, or to fuck them in the ass to submission.

“Still. I disagree.”

“I am aware, Mia. I do not like it either, but if anything, it is better that these people get it out of their systems here than in the outside world.”

“I’ll give you that. How much, do you think?”

“How much what?”

“How much of an effect are we having, you think? On the outside world, I think. Are we helping people, or are we hurting them? By letting them get their aggressions out, are we making them more aggressive? Less aggressive? By watching, are these people getting their testosterone poisoning out of their system, or are we enabling them?”

George took his eyes off the fight, fighting every instinct in him to go down there and knock both of those guys to the side and yell at everyone that its closing. He didn’t enjoy fighting, at all, but even he had to admit that he was damned good at it. Came with being a bear, he imagined, almost pacifistic nature included.

In preparation for Alenkas, he was one of the few that actually studied up on his desired animal. The list had only been given out a week before the test had started, so he didn’t have much time, but what he did find startled him to find something he hadn’t known; bears didn’t like to fight. They would, of course, and they were good at it, but they much preferred to be left alone. Leave them alone, and they’ll mostly leave you alone. If you come across one, just act bigger and more courageous than you actually are, and most bears will choose to simply walk away.

And never chase a bear that’s walking away. That was an important one, although George that it was kind of common sense to be honest. Why would people choose to run towards a four or six hundred pound mass of muscle with claws? It’s a good thing bears were rare, or otherwise George thought most humans wouldn’t have lived long.

“I don’t know,” he said quietly, after a long moment. “I can only hope that what we’re doing helps people. If we can get people to think, even in here, then maybe we can get them to think out there too. But knowing the kind of people that use Alenkas nowadays…” he trailed off.

“Yeah. I’m surprised an orgy hasn’t started down there,” Mia said, peering down. Sure enough, the winner -the badger- was fucking the dog in the ass, but it seemed that both of them had agreed to those terms earlier. She knew that otherwise George would have intervened. Or she would have.

“Hey! Rabbit! I want to fight you!” someone yelled from below. Mia’s ears perked up. Was someone, seriously, challenging her? She wasn’t Emily, sure, but she knew what she was doing better than most. “Yes, you!” they yelled again.

“Me, right?” Mia asked loudly.

“Of course you!” the person continued. Mia gave a glance at George, before finally grinning widely. In a show of surprising confidence, she hopped over the fencing, landing lightly on her feet in front of the person shallow enough to challenge her. A rhino, it seemed.

Oh this was going to be fun!

“Normal terms, first to forfeit gets fucked!” the rhino said, leading her to the ring, as if she didn’t already know where it was. George gave her a smirk, and slowly nodded. He believed in her. She knew she could do it. The problem was how fast should she absolutely tear this fucker up?

“Fine. But the winner can also choose not to, if they so choose. But they’re the winner, so they can do what they want,” Mia shrugged. The badger and dog were left to their own devices, some of the crowd pushing them out of the floor of the arena.

It was circular, as would befit something similar to this, buried into the floor. George had collapsed the floor to the basement, meaning that now she was on unfortunately very familiar territory. With an unfortunately very familiar enemy. The rhino stomped, “I’ll be nice and let you get in the first hit,” he said. He ignored the catcalls from above.

Mia shrugged. “Alright, if that’s the way you want to play, fine by me,” she said. Then she kicked him, hard, in the nuts. “You’re not going to be using these for a while,” she continued, taking his head as he bowed over in pain, and kneeing the sensitive nose and mouth.

She knew to avoid the horn. She also knew that most of them were walking tanks. “You are an idiot, you know that? Challenging someone you had no idea who they were, to a fight that you were only mostly sure you could win, because they looked weak?” she asked, leaping off to the side, and quickly leaping back, kicking him right in the eye. She leapt onto his back, sliding down it easy as she turned last second to kick him in the nuts again.

“You are the worst kind of person,” Mia continued, “and the kind of person that does not deserve Alenkas,” she said, kicking his ass in before moving to trip him, “and the kind of person,” she grabbed his chin and forced it straight into the dirt, “that needs to rethink a lot!” she finished, kicking him in the chin, knocking him out. She spat on him, “And that’s what you get,” she said, watching as he logged out automatically.

She walked towards the entrance to the arena, smirking as most of the Influxxers got out of her way quickly. “I think I let that go on too long,” she said as she finally went back up to the stairs, next to George in her old spot. She heard the rumors start up; of a rabbit that was so bad-ass, she could kick the ass out of anyone that even looked at her funny.

“I think so. But on the other hand, good job Mia. Hopefully that will teach some of them.”

“To not judge a book by its cover?”

“To not get on your bad side.”