Ecobirth: Episode 5

Emily looked up from the small piece of paper, hoping that she’d gotten the right address. Her phone buzzed with a text from her mom, “Be sure to be home by 9!” it read. She rolled her eyes, knowing that if she knew what Emily was doing it would not be a ‘be home by nine’. It would be a complete chew-out.

Of course…she’d changed a lot recently. Going to more self-defense classes, learning how to defend herself, taking karate and a few other martial art classes. And there was her time in Alenkas, too, that she spent sparring with a few of the other Influxxers. She was starting to get pretty good, or at least so Kara says.

There was a non-descript brown car right outside the apartment complex, exactly as William, the man, boy, or however old he was, had described. Next to it was a far more modern blue sedan, what Kara had said was her off-duty vehicle. The apartment itself looked fairly standard; light blue siding with a few windows, even fewer of them having something small like plants in them.

A cat stared at her from the first floor window, on the inside of the blinds. She didn’t give it much of a look, but she could still hear the ‘meow’ as it wandered off. ‘William said his was apartment F’, she thought, looking for the numbers. She found F pretty easily, on the second floor.

She knocked quietly, getting a ‘come in’ from what she knew to be William’s voice. How Alenkas managed to get the voices down near perfectly from the real world to the virtual one, she had no idea. She’d have to ask Simon, or any of the other Alenkans at some point.

She opened up the door, peering in before she stepped in. Immediately the door shut behind her, and someone -male, taller than her, slightly older and bulkier- wrapped their hand around her mouth. Instantly her self-defense lessons kicked in, and before she could think that it was just a joke, William found himself on the floor, groaning as his back protested to him. “Ow…” he moaned.

“Oh shit, sorry,” Emily said, getting a worried grin as she tried to help him up. He was taller than her, but not by much, with a type of sand-blonde hair that went down to his shoulders. It gave him on almost angelic appearance, especially as he had a fairly slim body with still a considerable amount of muscle. He looked like a 25 year old boy, honestly.

“Told you it wouldn’t work. Something tells me you deserved all that you got,” Kara said walking from around the corner. She had on her police uniform, standing taller than both William and Emily. Short brown hair, not quite held in a ponytail but something similar, donned on her head. “Emily, right? I’m Kara Tyson,” she introduced herself.

“I think we’ve met,” Emily said with a grin, finally taking one of William’s hands and hoisting him up. She was a lot stronger than she looked, and he was surprised when he got up a moment later.

“Well, just thought I ought to. First time meeting in the real world,” Kara shrugged. “Come on in, Will says he cleaned the place up just for us,” she motioned to the couch, which was a lot cleaner than Emily thought a bachelor pad should probably be.

She could see his Alenkas headset on a nightstand next to the couch, a simple brown one that had a few stains on it -internally her mind was intrigued, but externally she looked a bit weirded out seeing the obvious reasons for it- and a large tv facing it. She could see a variety of game consoles hooked up to it, making a maze of wires that made her wonder how he vacuumed -assuming he did- that didn’t disconnect everything.

There was a small kitchen, bathroom, and something that she hoped was a bedroom and not a storage room or office. Kara caught her look and shook her head. Dammit, she was hoping that he wasn’t sleeping where he usually played, but it appeared that was exactly the case.

“Yeah, didn’t do too good of a job, but it’ll do. So what’s all this about? Sorry I haven’t been on lately, school’s been investigating all outgoing connections. I’ve had to put down that despite being a CompSci major, I do still play games in my spare time at least three times now,” Will explained. “Sit down anywhere!” he said, going to sit on the floor.

Kara and Emily shared a look before heading to the non-stained portions of the couch. “No worries. I just found out something from Emma that made me kind of worried; they’re starting to lose the ability to get their basics,” Emily answered.

“That sucks,” Kara interrupted bluntly. “What are they doing about it? I know those guys, and they don’t let adversity come cleanly. They’re fighting every step of the way, if I know them.”

Emily nodded, letting out a nervous chuckle, “Well, Emma has the idea for a whorehouse, I think George is starting a Fight club, don’t either of you dare say it, and that’s all I’ve heard so far.”

Kara nodded, “Considering those two, it doesn’t surprise me. Mia’s probably helping George with his thing, and I have no doubt Emma has more planned than just ‘a whorehouse’. I doubt she’d do a strip club though, not until they have alcohol implemented. No ideas what Simon or the Tree is doing?”

“None from me,” Emily responded. “So I’m thinking though; would it be possible to get like a fundraiser or something, or to make a charity in their name? I mean, they can’t do anything like that so others like us have to do it for them.”

“A charity huh? Yeah I’d up for that. I can probably come up with something,” William said.

Kara looked thoughtful, “A charity or a fundraiser…what about one of those online things? I forget what they’re called, but we can reach out to far more people that way, and those people will probably have more of an idea of what Alenkas is and what happened.”

Emily blinked, “Yeah, that sounds about right. I honestly wasn’t sure if we should stay local or go online-“

“Definitely not local; most of the people around here have no idea who or what Alenkas is. I doubt they’ve heard anything about the NuVO case. You’d want people that are already connected, that already have an idea about what Alenkas was or is. Hell, I had to drive two hours to get here, and all three of us are pretty close geographically. That’s unusual,” Kara said.

“Wait, you drove two hours in your uniform?”

“It can be comfortable, once you get used to it. So…let’s get to work,” Kara said. The other two nodded, and together the three of them came up with dozens of ideas. William somehow pulled a whiteboard out of nowhere, writing down many of their ideas.

It took at least an hour, to Emily’s mind, and yet it went by blurringly fast. Ideas were come up with and discarded almost rapid-fire, each of them for logical boundaries -mostly from Kara- or from technical ones -those ones were by William- until eventually they settled on one they all agreed with. A simple online fund that people could donate to, that all of it -with receipts- would go to the Alenkas Thirty.

Kara’s phone buzzed, and she held up one finger as she answered it. William and Emily both stayed quiet as the officer talked. They couldn’t hear the other side of the conversation, but Emily got the gist at least; that Kara would come back and abruptly have to leave a few seconds later. Sure enough, when she came back, she didn’t even bother sitting down. “I gotta go. Husband’s calling for me to pick up some chili tonight. Good thing I have a late shift tomorrow…” she said.

“Talk to you later!” “See you later then, Kara,” William and Emily declared. Kara gave a half-wave as she left out the door to start a two-hour drive back to wherever it was she lived. Emily sat back against the couch. The cushions were surprisingly comfy, and she could see how once it pulled out it actually became easy to sleep on.

“I think we have a solid plan. What do you think?” Will asked. He looked over the whiteboard, circling the ideas that he felt had merit, with small lines coming off the one that they had all decided on.

“I think we’re good. Now all we have to do is find a way to implement it,” Emily said. “I’m surprised by how comfortable your couch is. Although what’s with the stains?” she finally asked.

“Yeah I got it at a garage sale a year ago or so. Works well for a bed but sometimes I do fall off. Those are uh…you know what, fuck it, I’ll just say it, they’re cum stains. From when I was in Alenkas. Or…”

“Or just watching porn.”

“I don’t really watch porn anymore…” he said, averting his eyes completely. Emily stared at him with a knowing smirk on her face.

“No, but you don’t need to, either. Especially with Alenkas, you can pretty much get any amount of sex you want.”

“It’s different, you know?” Will said as he turned around to face her. “It’s similar, sure, but it’s still different. The feelings aren’t what you’d expect, you can feel a lot more there, but there’s something just hovering in the back of your mind where you think ‘it doesn’t matter if you pound this girl to hell and back, she can’t actually get hurt here. It’s not real’ so you tend to think of yourself more than your partner.” He blushed furiously and turned away. “Oh uh…sorry. I didn’t mean to talk down to you.”

“You didn’t. And no, I wouldn’t know.”

Will sat down next to her, obviously not caring about the stains. “Really? I’m surprised. I bet any girl like you could have dozens of guys lining up for you…unless you were waiting in real life.”

“I was, yeah. Then my ex and I…well, we weren’t very good. It’s why I went into Alenkas, the first time. You were my actual good first, you know? Even in Alenkas, even focusing on yourself as you supposed you were, you were a hell of a lot better lay than he was,” Emily said.

Will looked taken aback. “I was? I mean…sorry to hear that. I remember my first time, man I’m glad she took control. Wouldn’t have even known half of what I do if it wasn’t for her. I just used some of that on you, that’s all.”

Emily gave him a look. “Well, you certainly left an impression. A good one, before you start worrying.”

He laughed, a sound that echoed happily through the small apartment. “You know, how about you demonstrate some of that on me now?” Emily asked coyly. He blinked back in shock, even as she undid her jacket slowly. She was still perfectly covered, a high-cut shirt and jeans, but somehow the eroticism of just taking off her jacket was starting to get to her. Is this why girls liked to seduce guys that weren’t expecting it?

“Wait, are you serious?” Will asked. “I don’t have any condoms or anything,” he said quietly.

Emily shrugged. She knew it was a bad idea, actually a terrible idea, probably one of the worst ideas she had. She knew next to nothing about Will in real life, knew nothing about what he was like. But Alenkas was so life-like she felt she knew him for ages. “It’s not like you have anything, right?” she asked, stripping off her jeans. She could see the large tent in his pants now.

“That’s a really terrible idea.”

“I know, but I know you, and this way we can both compare to Alenkas from the perspectives of someone who knows the other side too. Besides, you were my first in Alenkas. It only fits that you be my real first out here too,” she said, bundling up her shirt into the corner. Now she was clad only in her underwear and bra, and her socks and shoes. It felt strange to be so undressed with her shoes still on, but for some reason she wanted to try it.

“If you’re certain. And I mean absolutely serious and certain. There is no reset button. Do you have any protection whatsoever?” Will asked. Emily nodded.

“Course I do. I’m safe, trust me. You won’t be getting a kid into this womb,” she said, smirking salaciously. Will blinked and shot her a bemused look. “Yeah, ok, that was kinda stupid. It’s so much easier in Alenkas…”

“You’re nervous,” Will said. He stripped off his shirt and pants in only a few seconds, keeping his underwear on as he wrapped his arms around her. “It’ll be fine. You can tell me to stop at anytime. Tell me whatever you want me to do. Slower, softer, harder, faster…you name it. Hell, we don’t even have to if you’re unsure.”

“No, I want to, I definitely want to,” Emily said, grabbing one of his hands and pushing it down into her panties. His hand touched her pussy, freshly shaven, and slowly dragged his finger around, feeling the wetness and moisture down there. “See? I want you, need you,” she said, grabbing his other hand and shoving it onto her boobs over her bra.

“Well first, we need to take care of this,” Will said, reaching behind her and deftly undoing her bra with one hand. If she wasn’t so turned on, she might wonder how experienced exactly he was. That was a kind of a trick that even most girls couldn’t do. She doubted most guys could do it either. She sighed in relief as she felt his cool hand massage her left breast, feeling it and groping away on it.

His hand in her panties wasn’t inactive, and was teasing her pussy lips with ease, occasionally moving up to tease her clit directly. The sensations flowing through her were definitely something new, that she hadn’t experienced ever, except in a virtual world like Alenkas. Except this was…this was real. She moaned into his ear, feeling his hardness somehow get even harder.

She reached down with one hand to feel it, teasing it lightly over its crown. She wiggled it into the slot that most guys used to go pee -at least that’s what she assumed it was for- before grabbing it directly. The first thing she noticed is that it was hard as a rock, and that it was a lot bigger than her ex’s. And it was hot, almost scalding her skin it felt like. He chuckled into her ear, a sound that made her start to stroke him. She didn’t want chuckles, she wanted moans, dammit!

He pushed her gently onto the couch, falling onto the comfortable cushions. “Just fuck me!” Emily said, pushing her pussy towards the hand still on her crotch. She reached down to take them off, not caring that it was going to be a lot harder with her shoes still on.

“In time. Just be patient,” Will said, stopping her hands with his other one. “Move your legs above my head,” he said, and she felt extremely exposed a moment later as he undid her panties, dragging them up her legs, having her panties act as a gateway between her and the rest of the room. With him right in the middle.

Immediately he started tonguing her lips, kissing her deep and hard with want and need. Her body felt aflame, felt on fire with desire, every movement of his dragging her deeper of the sexual torment. “Please, please!” she pleaded. His brown eyes weren’t hard, and looked on with bemusement as she demanded him.

“In time,” he repeated, falling to his knees as he started lapping at her pussy. Each swath of his tongue sent shivers up her spine, down her legs, caused her to shake. Even just the teasing parts, where he went on the inside of her leg, sent her desire through the window. And when he was teasing her clit she was only partially worried that his neighbors would hear. The rest of her didn’t care.

He rose up, kissing her again. His underwear had mysteriously disappeared, somewhere on the mess on the floor, as he started to press into her body. “Are you sure? It’s not too late to back out now,” he asked solemnly.

She responded by using her feet to crush his ass against her body, driving him in quickly. He moaned into her ear, and she repeated her earlier bout of moaning. “God you feel so fucking good even out here!” she murmured, barely able to control her voice. Will moaned against her, driving in his cock the rest of the way before stalling for a moment.

He fucked her good, she knew. His cock was stirring up feelings that her ex never could. She was so wet, she almost thought she was back in Alenkas for a moment. But as Will kissed her again, she knew that she wasn’t. And to her, it felt more real, having a purely human cock in her purely human pussy, for the second time in her life. And it felt so much better.

“I’m gonna pull out. Where do you want me to cum?” Will said a few minutes later. His cock was buried deep…and immediately Emily realized the potential outcome. She was protected -she was on the pill- but at the same time, she wasn’t sure if she was ready for him to cum inside her. On the other hand, she didn’t have any spare clothes, and she wasn’t sure she’d be a fan of drinking cum straight from the tap, so to speak.

“Fuck it, inside!” she answered. Her legs closed in on him, driving him deeper and harder. “Are you sure?” he asked again. “I said fuck it, cum inside me! Do you want me to beg you?” she answered. His pounding was driving against her harder and harder, and she moaned with each thrust.

“Alright, then if that’s where you want it…” he said, thrusting inside as deep as he could. He stilled for a moment, a loud moan escaping his body as she knew he was cumming inside her. She felt an explosion of warmth, flooding up the inside of her body.

She breathed heavily as he stopped, simply enjoying the way his dick spread the inside of her pussy. “That felt great,” she murmured, closing her eyes and relaxing into him. They stayed that way for a few minutes, letting them regain their breath.

“If you want to take a shower, you’re more than welcome to,” Will said later. She hadn’t gotten dressed yet, but somehow Will had on his underwear again. Somehow he could take them off and put them on fast enough that she couldn’t tell when he would actually do it.

“Nah, it’s fine. My parents won’t be home until eight thirty with my brother,” she shrugged him off. Will looked at her fore a moment, before he shrugged. “Well…that was fun. That’s something I definitely wouldn’t mind doing again…no wonder Alenkas has so much sex. Felt just like it, only…better in a way.”

“I know what you mean. You didn’t cum though, did you?” he asked.

Emily shook her head. “Nah. It felt amazing though, don’t get me wrong,” she said, slowly pulling her panties up. She hissed as she heard the squelching of the cum getting trapped inside her body. She’d have to do laundry before her parents got back.

She said her goodbye a few minutes later, and was starting up her car a few minutes later as she thought of something. ‘Wait…I decided to go off the pill two weeks ago, as I had vowed off sex almost entirely in the real world. Oh…oh shit. Fuck!’ she thought, thinking of the thousands of sperm currently inside her. ‘Fuck, fuck, fuck, fuck!’ she chanted in her mind.