Ecobirth: Episode 4

“Ever wonder what all is out there?” Lucas asked in a wistful tone. He, Aiden, and even Riven -although how they managed to convince her to walk with them, they had no idea. Lucas chalked it up to Aiden being Aiden, and Aiden chalked it up to Lucas being far more convincing than he thought he was- were walking down the street of Alenkas, people on all sides having intercourse or some other sexual fancy.

“Wait, what?” Riven asked. She was an arctic fox, the same as Lucas, and one of the four new Alenkans. The scars of which haven’t healed in her mind, even if they don’t show up on her body. She honestly doubted they ever would.

“He means outside the city. What’s out there,” Aiden interpreted, pointing to the mountains to the north and the forests of the east and west. “We know there’s a beach to the east, with some kind of cove I think. We can show you, if you want,” he finished.

Riven blinked. “Oh, uh…sure,” she said, blushing lightly. Lucas and Aiden shrugged, before making their way down south, towards the river. Riven marveled internally how they always managed to do that; act completely in sync, with the same map of the city in their heads. There was almost nothing they couldn’t find, given enough time, and they almost always knew the fastest ways into and out of the city.

They walked for a few moments before Lucas gave an odd look down an alleyway. “Do people seriously do that out in the outside world?” he asked. Aiden gave a quick look, only to end with the same expression. Confused, Riven looked as well.

It was a grey wolf, one that they didn’t know so probably an Influxxer, with what looked like a sheep or some other creature similar to it. Female, definitely, by the way the wolf was pounding her pussy hard, before pulling out to pound her ass, knot and all. “That can’t be comfortable,” Aiden muttered.

Riven looked away. “It’s…it’s not,” she muttered quietly. Lucas nodded before trying to push them away. He hadn’t forgotten Riven’s aversion to anything sex -which he completely empathized with even if he couldn’t sympathize- but he had forgotten that most people in Alenkas were there for one reason; sex.

Aiden had a disgusted look on his face. “And he keeps cycling through? Isn’t there a really good reason why that shouldn’t happen? And she’s enjoying it too!?”

Lucas laughed. “Yeah, remember? It gets fecal matter inside the vagina which…well, it’s bad from what I know. Makes me glad for Alenkas, so people will get out those kinds of fantasies here instead of the outside world.”

“Yeah, but what if those fantasies in here give ideas to those out there? What’s the reason for that, and how would we avoid it or tell people that things are different in here?” Aiden asked. “How would we even spread the message in the first place, hand out flyers to everyone?”

“I think we just have to hope for common sense. NuVO obviously hasn’t cancelled Alenkas yet, so something is going on out there that doesn’t interfere too much within here. What I’m more worried about is what if people try that out there, and end up tearing something?”

“I think we would have heard if there was a sudden increase in how much people got hurt after sexual accidents. Simon would’ve told us, or NuVO would have told us, or something similar. That is one of the stats they’d track, I’d hope.”

Riven looked at the two like they were a kind of tennis match. She wasn’t surprised though; the two hardly ever had agreeing opinions except when it came to the big things. The smaller details though, they would debate endlessly. It was a wonder that they got along good enough to be together at all, let alone married.

That was a shock that she both had and hadn’t been prepared for. She wasn’t against that kind of thing, believing in freedom for everyone to live their lives the way they wanted to, as long as they didn’t hurt anyone, but it was still kind of a shock that she now knew people that actually lived in that ideal.

Although, hearing them debate it in real time did give her an idea. “You know, that’s what you guys could do,” she interrupted quietly. Both Lucas and Aiden gave her a sideglance, before giving her a confused look.

“And how does one exactly go about tracking the Influxxers in the real world? I mean, we can’t go breaking into their houses,” Lucas asked. Aiden chuckled mutely, realizing that Riven had been off in her own world for a while.

“No, I mean…you know how Emma’s been going around trying to get people to start up some form of making money, etc? That’s what you guys could do, be messengers,” she said with an air of false confidence. Lucas gave her an honest look before sharing it with Aiden.

“Messengers? Like what, be a mailman?” Lucas asked. He shared another glance with Aiden. “That could work, but we don’t have enough traffic here for that to be our only source.”

“Not if we use the post’s prices. But what if we did it in a time-based manner, charging more if we get it done quicker?” Aiden asked. He looked at the sky for a long moment. “That could work a lot better, considering we know the city so well.”

Lucas suddenly got excited, “what if we act as guides too? Like if people ask us to go somewhere that they Influxxers can go, we can lead them straight to it, and give out basically tours of Alenkas!”

Riven was still shocked at not only how fast they changed their tunes, but how in sync they were when they did it. No matter how many times she saw it -and she saw it many times in her days with the two- it still surprised her frequently. “We’d need someone to stay and act basically as mission control, or a secretary, or what have you,” Lucas said. Without warning, they both turned towards Riven.

She blinked. “What happened? What’d I miss?”

Aiden chuckled. Lucas grinned, “Perfect, knew you’d be a perfect fit for it. Come on, we should tell Emma that we have a plan now too.” As one both he and Aiden turned a seemingly random corner, practically sprinting down the alleyways. Riven tried to keep up, vaulting over the wooden crate that was in almost every one of Alenkas’ alleys.

They ducked around another couple copulating -two guys, this time- in the corner, running past with barely a word said between them. “I almost wanted to tell him to go slow, that way it’s better for the other guy,” Lucas admitted a street later. “He was going at it pretty hard.”

“Don’t you like it hard?” Aiden teased.

“Yes, but I’ve had practice!” Lucas teased back as all three continued their run. Riven was slowly getting better at it, but she stayed quiet for most of it, intent on simply trying to catch up with the two other canines. They wouldn’t admit it, Riven knew, but they were holding back for her sake. She’s seen them before when they actually go at it; they make Emma look like an amateur when it came to free-running.

Which is strange, because apparently Emma taught them.

Up fences and over walls, they jumped and climbed to the rooftops, never once losing their momentum. Riven on the other hand had to take the slow way, which was trying to keep up on the ground, dodging her way around another few people.

A rhino with his dick out, slowly masturbating as he was watching another three people get it on -Riven had half a mind to step on it as she passed, but refrained herself-, and a fox copulating with a horse, both of them moaning loudly as the fox pressed himself into her. She had to duck underneath the horse -good thing that she was leaning against a building- just to keep pace with the two crazies up on the roof.

She had to stop at one point to try and find an alleyway where she could see them leaping from rooftop to rooftop. In the alleyway were two cats, female, going at it in a sixty-nine. Their moans were muffled, but yet to Riven they were almost screaming their pleasure. She growled lowly as she finally saw her two wayward friends, nearly three streets ahead of her.

More people to dodge, she realized early on that was why they chose the rooftops. They had been heading to the beach, but Emma’s apartment must’ve been nearly across the entire way of Alenkas. At least to Riven, it felt that way.

It took her nearly ten minutes longer than it did for the other two before she found them, casually chatting away with a hedgehog. Riven blinked; the hedgehog wasn’t anything unique, except that he was much taller than she knew his species to be. “Screw…you guys,” she said, not able to catch her breath well as she attempted to suck in air.

“You’ll get used to it. We’ll teach you the routes,” Lucas exclaimed kindly. “Emma’s apartment isn’t far from here, but as a warning, it’s going to be…bad. We used to go around and clean it every once in a while, because we knew neither Kevin nor Emma ever would.”

“That seems like they were just taking advantage of you,” the hedgehog stated. Aiden rolled his eyes and shrugged.

“No, no, I agree with him,” Riven interrupted. Lucas gave out a chuckle.

“We’ll see if you continue to agree with that once you see it. At least, if they haven’t cleaned up in a while,” the arctic fox said quietly. The apartment building was one of the simple ones, barely two stories tall, and seemingly dwarfed by the houses or shopping centers next to it and across the street. “So this, Riven, is the rich person’s district. The northwestern branch of Alenkas, has for some reason, giant houses, practically castles really, and malls that require more money than most Influxxers make legitimately in two weeks. It’s kind of insane that Alenkas even has it to be honest.”

“Why does it have it then?”

“No idea. You’d have to ask Simon, he’s the one that designed the place originally. Or at least, he knows who designed it,” Lucas answered. They didn’t even bother knocking as Lucas just pushed open the door to the main hallway.

The hallway split in two, and yet Riven found that both Lucas and Aiden seemed to know exactly where to go. She suspected they must’ve been here many times, but didn’t they also say that Kevin and Emma moved a couple of times each month? Or had moved at least once?

They went up to the second floor, and stopped on a so-far underwhelming door. “Whatever you do, don’t scream. It only turns them on,” Lucas warned as he tried the door. It was unlocked, and he slowly pushed it in.

The first thing Riven noticed was the abysmal smell. As if week old cum had been left to dry wherever it sat, or someone had left out cheese to finish molding with a hint of cinnamon that had gone bad years ago. A bit of a milk scent, too, she recognized. Then she saw the inside.

It wasn’t actually as bad as the smell would’ve predicted. Sure, there was the grey wolf of Emma bouncing on Kevin’s cock, the entire massive shaft going into Emma’s pussy, going much further than Riven thought was possible…or healthy. Then she noticed the small details.

There actually were small crusts of cum left over, in places that it was obvious it was from where Emma had just let things slide out of her. She could tell the couch was full of it, and immediately she had to turn away and run outside. Aiden joined her a moment later.

“Yeah, it’s pretty bad. There’s a reason we go in there together now. Kevin tries to clean up, but after realizing Emma just didn’t care, or didn’t notice, he just stopped giving a shit,” Aiden muttered. “You alright? You not about to lose breakfast, are you?”

“No, I should be fine,” Riven said, in a tone that suggested she was not going to be fine. “How can people live like that?”

“Easily. They just don’t care. Emma’s practically given up on life in general, and just wants to fuck now. Kevin…who the hell knows. The guy was an asshole, still kind of is,” Aiden explained.

“We aren’t going to turn into that, are we?” Riven asked ligtly, as if not noticing what she was saying. Aiden could believe it, but the words meant something to her, more than meant to him. He wasn’t quite sure what though.

“Nah, we’re better. We actually clean up after ourselves. Though Luke does occasionally like to let it free-flow, but when he does he cleans up the trails. Emma doesn’t. Neither does Lyla, to be honest and fair, but at least Lyla handles it better,” Aiden mentioned.

There was a shared silence for a moment as they heard Lucas go over their potential plan. Emma seemed to agree, although it was hard to tell considering her moans from still bouncing on Kevin’s dick. The horse didn’t say anything, merely watching the interaction as he enjoyed the ministrations of the wolf on top of him.

“This world is bizarre. I can feel myself slipping every day…is that what I’m going to turn into?” Riven muttered, a sense of hopelessness coming over her.

“No, you’re not,” Aiden said with such conviction that it made Riven turn to look at him. “We’re all affected by Alenkas first several months. You weren’t there, but the kind of shit you went through? Imagine that lasting for months on end, except you were willing, even if in your mind you were screaming at it to stop.”

Riven’s eyes widened. “I’m not done,” Aiden continued quietly, “What you went through is horrible, and horrifying. But don’t think that you’re lost just because you don’t have a direction. We didn’t, but yet we make one for ourselves, each and every day. And that’s what you’re going to have to do. Give yourself a reason, whatever it is, and live it out. That’s the only way to stay sane in this fucked up world we found ourselves in.

“Just go out there, and grab a reason. Any at all, even if it’s something like ‘I just want to fish for days on end’, something to find a reason to maintain your sense of self. We all had to, and some of us came out of it better than others. I had Lucas, yes, but you have us now. Find yourself a reason, Riven. You can’t break on us, just as we won’t break on you.”

Riven smiled slightly as the words percolated through her head, and she nodded as she fell to the ground. Aiden grabbed her hand, and offered to pull her up. “I think…I don’t know. I don’t know what to think.”

“Take your time. And we’ll always be here to pull you up,” Aiden countered softly.