Ecobirth: Episode 2

“Do you think she can do it, though?” Cal asked calmly. His eyes showed exactly how tired he was, and that he wasn’t getting much sleep these days due to a combination of multiple factors. Simon, however, was perfectly awake and steady.

Cal had just gotten done with his ‘meeting’ with Emma -and the resulting cleanup- and he had gone upstairs to discuss Emma’s proposal with what she had already done. It had only taken him a moment to shoo Haley out, stating that it was ‘adult business’ and would be rather boring. Abby had rolled her eyes, but had gone to assist the black kitten in staying entertained.

“I think she can do it easy. Not everyone by herself, but with a few others and herself? I have no doubt she could. I’ve talked with Kara about the stats on those porn pages that they put up on us. Emma’s had one of the highest hit counts,” Sam stated in quietly.

Simon nodded. “Yeah, I heard about that. I think she can do it, but whether or not it’ll get off the ground…it’ll be inconvenient. You know…having to force people to use the banks to change their money to the coin, and from there to get it to us. I think that’s a negative factor she hadn’t thought about.”

Cal blinked for a moment before he turned to Sam. He questioned her oddly, “do you know who the others with the highest are? Just for…purposes.”

Both Simon and Sam rolled their eyes. They could believe that Cal could be interested, if only because he’d be the one into those kinds of stats. “It goes Emma, to Lyla, to me, and then it goes to Lucas and Aiden,” Sam answered after a moment. Cal blinked. Before he could say anything, she continued, “I was surprised to see me on there, but I guess people like solo female or seeing her getting masturbated. I don’t know.”

“How big of a factor do you think that inconvenience is? Enough to stop it, pause it…what have you?” Sam asked suddenly, turning back to the squirrel. Simon shrugged.

“Honestly, I’ve no idea. She’s the accountant, I was always better with more complex numbers. I wouldn’t know anything about risk factor or any of that. Cal?”

“Should be about a forty or a sixty percent drop,” he answered smoothly. “I’m not surprised you were high up there, but I am surprised Lucas and Aiden even broke the top ten. Gay porn isn’t exactly the most money-making. Don’t ask me how I know that,” Cal continued before either Sam or Simon could ask exactly how he knows that.

“I’m more surprised that you can do that kind of risk factoring in your head. I know Trev always had to take a day or two depending on complexity. Then again, he had a lot more variables…” Simon said, staring out into the distance. Both Sam and Cal stayed silent, knowing that he was thinking about the original Alenkas crew. Trev, or Trevor Hill, was one of the three directly responsible for the entire Alenkas incident. His friend, and another of the original Alenkas five, was Kason Lordle. The last one, who was dragged in against his will -according to what Simon said- was Revan Kurt.

Simon still spoke up about Revan with high regard, and only referred to Trevor as ‘Trev’ if he was talking about pre-NuVO. He almost never said anything about Lordle.

“It was more the fact that it’s just a guess. Inconvenience is something that won’t matter for some people, but others it definitely will. People generally want things now, or the easiest way to do it. If you have to login to a site, you have to take those extra steps, which turns most people away. They want free, and they want it now, and they don’t want to have any extra steps. Just a guess,” Cal said. Simon nodded.

“Alright. I’ll…guess I’ll try NuVO again. See if we can’t get some account readers or something. Something that can give us access to them and them alone. Like a debit card, only…not a card,” Simon said.

“How about a palmprint thing? The system can be changed for that, right, on the fly? That way they only have a scanner and then boom, they have access.”

“Or…you know, just to do it the easy way, have them read into the account info the person directly,” Sam pointed out. Both Simon and Cal stared at her for a moment, before they shrugged. “Just saying,” she continued with a half-smirk.

“Yeah, yeah…stay with your much smarter and much easier to actually implement ideas…” Cal grumbled good-naturedly. “I’ll leave it up to you two then. I’m gonna find Haley and Abby, hope they haven’t gotten into more trouble,” he said a moment later.

Sam took only a moment to get to her own seat at the Internal Debugging Module, or IDM for short. They had spent nearly six months searching for it, while plagued with heats that would rise up at the most inopportune moments. They had found it, and turned it off, but it seems that for many of the Alenkans they continue to be far more sexual than they were before they entered the system. Although, now that Sam thought about it, that applied for all of them, Influxxers included.

Before she could think about it more, she heard Simon swear. “They took a look at my ticket, as apparently all of the ones from in here are marked as instant high priority. They told us ‘lol nope.'” Simon said. He turned one of his three screens around.

Sam took only a moment to look at the response. It actually did say ‘lol nope’. She blinked. That was kind of unprofessional. Well…it wasn’t the first time she’d encountered such things in NuVO. It was renowned to be better than other software places when it comes to things like pay grades, and general equality, but it was worse in many others -it’s internship program, which she went through, was notorious for failing female candidates just because- and that was just the beginning of the issue.

“I’m…dammit. I’m going to take a walk,” Simon said, pushing himself away and giving a stretch. Sam reached around to give his ass a nice squeeze, getting a quick look of shock and horniness from the squirrel, before she chuckled.

She gave him two minutes to see if he had forgotten anything. Simon was notorious amongst the…there actually were five there now weren’t there? It used to be a trio, but five would be…what, a quint? A quintuple? That doesn’t roll off the tongue nearly as easy as trio did, but Sam would figure it out. But first…she had to do a big of crazy hacking.

Although it was a lot less crazy hacking and more staring at the code for a while trying to wrap her head around it. There were hundreds if not thousands of files, which was pretty normal for a project the size of Alenkas. She went to a folder simply marked ‘objects’, and scrolled through some of those classes.

It was a highly kept secret that the IDM could do almost anything in Alenkas. Simon had often kept it on the down-low, as he didn’t want people to realize what all it could do. But Sam knew, and she knew how to operate it better than anyone except Simon.

It could make objects, make new classes and incorporate them into the kernel as well…it was a computer within a computer. Simon had once put it that ‘the IDM is a god in its virtual world’, and Sam knew just how accurate that was.

Of course, Simon was restricted by what he could do as a lead. NuVO carefully went through every single change he had committed, and that remained true even in Alenkas. He simply wasn’t allowed to interfere easily, or at all, with the ‘main server’. Sam however…held no such compulsion. She made a quick data change in everybody’s shell, pointing to which bank accounts they held, and then made a simple reader that would allow people to access that data from their shell.

In other words, they became their own debit cards. She put in a failsafe PIN that would activate the first time they’d try to use the system, if only so it’d be about as safe as outside-world two-factor authorization.

Two hours later, she was still at work, carefully coding each line into existence. She had made two objects of the same class, whose functionality only changed based on which object they were. A walk-through reader, used for things like she suspected would be in Emma’s whorehouse, and a hand scanner, for things like groceries and other shops.

She drew up a quick design for them, but before she could try to actually imprint them into the world, Simon came back. “Haley and Abby are wondering if we’re done in here…” he trailed off, looking onto Sam’s screens. “Not too bad…” he said, staring at the designs. “I’m going to go ahead and guess that these aren’t just designs.”

“No, they aren’t.”

Simon grinned, pulling Sam up into a tight hug. “Oh that’s impressive thinking!” he cheered, before setting her back on the chair. He smirked at her in the type of look that told her he was planning something. “I think you deserve a reward for that.”

She blinked. “What kind of thing were you thinking…?” she stammered out as he lowered himself to her shorts. He smirked at her, and just mouthed ‘wait’. He messed around with her shorts, getting her to shimmy out of them as he pulled them off.

The chair fortunately wasn’t all that cold, but the feeling of the material on her bare ass sent shivers down her spine, especially as Simon carefully grabbed her bare feet, spreading her wide and showing off her pussy to him. Then she felt his tongue slowly lap at her, causing moans to come rushing out of her mouth.

She felt each lick as it teased her, coming around her hips, slowly going towards her pussy, then carefully avoiding it as Simon went to the other side. Every so often he’d go back straight onto her pussy lips, sending shivers down her body, and every time he went straight to her clit she threw her head back and moaned.

For minutes on end he would tease her, before he would focus solely on her pussy lips and the inside of her. Then he’d go back to teasing, following by more tongue on her clit. He kept her guessing, and all she could do is sit back and enjoy the ride that he was taking her body on.

“Fuck, Simon…” she moaned. She was slowly being driven out of his mind by the way he was going down on her. He’d been at it for a while, and she could practically feel her stomach muscles starting to cramp. She’d been trying to hold back on cumming for a while, but she was so close now…

“Yes?” he asked, his smirk impossible to not hear.

“Please…make me cum…I want to cum…” she chanted. Simon didn’t say anything, merely going back down on her. He focused on her clit, and all around her lips. Sam moaned loudly, her arms going around her mouth to try and keep her voice down.

She felt that inner spring, the one that represented how close she was to finally going off that edge, to going off that cliff, slowly wind up. She was already highly wound up, and Simon focusing on that button of hers…he knew exactly what to do to make sure she came. Which made sense…he’d been doing for nearly a year now.

“Fuck, Simon, gonna cum!” she yelled as she felt a pleasurable tingle run down her spine, focusing centrally on her pussy and clit, before it spread to her whole body. From the tips of her toes to her tail, her hands and once it hit her head she felt herself explode from pleasure.

Her head was lost in the swaths. When she finally came round, she had no idea how long later, she saw Simon still at her pussy, her legs still spread wide into the air. She breathed heavily, each one slowly coming down from her high. “You uh…going to let me down anytime soon?” she asked, still breathless.

Simon gave her an easy-going grin. “Now why would I do that?” he answered, before going back down on her. She braced herself for the feel of his tongue on her body, and was not left disappointed as he went to town again.

There was a time, long ago, when she would have pushed him away so they could get some work done. There was a time, even longer ago, when she never would have even let him do that to her. And even if she had cum, she would’ve pushed him away shortly afterwards, due to being oversensitized.

One of the benefits of Alenkas, she knew. Things in this world were not the same as they were in the outside world. But as she came again, her screams and moans of pleasure being lost in the crook of her arm, she found she didn’t really care.

And as she came, again and again, the thoughts were pushed further and further out of her mind.