Aftermath: Episode 7

William sighed as he logged in for the first time in far too long. It’d been nearly three weeks since he last had some free time, considering that his internet provider had been questioning him for why he was spending so much time in an adult game.

Normally, he knew, it wouldn’t be an issue. Porn proves at least that much, but considering how much he had been playing, apparently they had a policy to monitor that kind of thing and potentially bring it up to the authorities to do a ‘wellness check’ if it went on for too long. And then, of course because it couldn’t get better without getting worse, his school found out, somehow.

Which meant night after night of nothing but homework, sleep, and crashing onto his couch in a ravaged wreck, with barely enough energy to do anything more than look at the time and go to sleep. Was it worth it? He hoped so, but because of that he’d barely heard anything more of what happened in Alenkas.

He’d been there when Emily gained the information on where the gangbangers had been hiding everyone, and he helped get her back to the Tree in order to diffuse that information. Then a small ping in his ear, and he came up with some story about trying to email Kara about things. That had been the first questionnaire from his provider.

He actually did email Kara with everything, but whether or not she got it he didn’t know. He never received a response, but he’d done what he could. The only thing left that he could or couldn’t do was simply…wait. And so he did. He waited until the heat left him, and he felt that he could take the time to try and find out what had happened.

He felt the familiar skin of his avatar, a mountain lion, complete with sandy brown fur, cover his body, changing his perception of things. His hearing became sharper, his smelling became extra powerful, and his sense of touch…well, that went without saying as well.

His body formed in the middle of Alenkas, not too far from the Tree. He had been in a hurry when he had logged out, and wasn’t surprised by the way it was still sunny and warm in the virtual city. He took a moment to reorient himself with the way things were; the North Tower was to the north, the Tree was only a block away at most -he could see the familiar signs that had been rolled over the top window, simply showing an image of a tree- and everyone else was…nowhere to be found.

He took a deep breath, excited to still be here again. “Well…let’s see where everyone is?” he said aloud, before heading to the Tree. The streets were empty, and although he could hear voices he couldn’t identify any of them.

It was only once he got to the front entrance of the Tree that he was taken aback. Unlike all the other days he had been here, the doors had been wide open. Today…they were shut. Completely. He politely knocked on the doors, only to receive no answer.

“Huh. That’s…not good,” he said quietly.

“What’s not good?” Emma’s voice asked from behind him. He spun around, startled by the arrival of a silent voice. The grey wolf Emma, one of the original testers, had somehow snuck up on him. She looked at the door in front of him, taking a moment to look up to make sure it was the right place. “Oh yeah, Tree’s closed at the moment. Something about getting Haley and Abby situated with some stuff. I think they’re out and about really, but I have no idea where.”

William blinked. “Wait, Haley? She’s still here? I would’ve thought that-“

Emma looked at him a moment, before her eyes widened in recognition. The mountain lion felt like his feelings probably should’ve been hurt by that, but the grey wolf was so earnest about it that he realized he didn’t really care all that much in the end. “Oh right, you’re William, aren’t you!” He nodded slowly.

She grinned. “Perfect then. It’s been a while, how much do you know?” she asked, crossing her arms in front of her naked chest. It had the side effect of lifting up her already large assets, making them seem even bigger. The worst part was, William knew, that Emma knew what she was doing, and did it on purpose. The only thing missing was the tail flipping from side to side.

“Uh…this is my first day back in like three or four weeks. I have no idea what happened.”

“Oh. Well, prepare for a long story then,” Emma said, sitting on the stairs leading up to the door. William sat down next to her, and he noticed that she had placed her legs in such a way that it showed her dripping pussy off to the world around. Emma had truly taken to Alenkas like a fish to water.

“First things first, after everyone got told stuff, we separated for an hour before reconvening over at whatever place we were supposed to be at. A lot of us girls stayed back, waiting to catch the newcomers unaware, meanwhile George, Alex, and believe it or not Emily took to the front. We got there after an hour, and most of the guards had been fucked silly by Emily, who had been trying to distract them for a while.

“So they went in, hurt a lot of them with hardly getting hurt ourselves -seriously, have you seen George when he’s angry? I swear, that bear is a goddamn hulk- when they found the four that had been taken. Newcomers arrived for the back party to take care of, Lyla got a few good hits in, and so did I in the end. I actually clawed one right in the balls! It was nice.

“Apparently the four had been there for so long, that their bodies had died in the real world, and due to a safety measure that for some reason had been disabled, thank you Trevor Hill, they died out there and got put in here full-time. Just like us, in the end,” Emma finished.

William blinked. “I…see. Damn, sorry I missed it. How about Haley though, she wasn’t captured or anything, was she? The black kitten that couldn’t have been older than twelve or so?”

“No, she’s one of us too. So what happened for her, apparently is that her drugged parents or someone caught her house on fire. She had a minor panic attack, but between Cal, the fire department dispatcher, and her own ingenuity she managed to make it long enough to have to make a decision. Come to Alenkas full time, or potentially die. The choice she made there was kind of obvious. Even a half-life is preferable to no life.”

William sighed. “Damn. That sounds like…no real good options there. So what happened to those five? Where are they staying?”

“Haley and Abigail, although she goes by Abby now, are here at the Tree. Riven is an arctic fox vixen, and Surana is another horse. Riven’s with Lucas and Aiden over at their apartment, and from what I hear they’re getting along but not as good as could’ve been. Surana stayed with me and Kevin for a while before I gave up trying to get her to open up, so instead we asked Jen, on the outside of Alenkas far away from everyone and dealing with issues of her own, to take her in. She said yes.”

William nodded. “Wow. Sounds like an eventful few weeks.”

“They were. How about yourself, big guy?” she said, punching him in the arm lightly. He gave a soft, low growl and only got a grin in return.

“Nothing that exciting. Just being investigated by an internet provider, and then my school went crazy with work,” he answered, shrugging. Emma nodded thoughtfully.

“Sounds to me like you’ve had a stressful few weeks then, just as we have,” she said, looking into his eyes. She reached over and gripped his pants, groping his dick easily. William started breathing heavy, his eyes widening as she pushed his pants out of way, gripping his spiked cat cock.

“It’s always been bizarre to me why an Influxxer has clothes, but I think that’s only because you’re about the only one. All the others are naked, and seem to like it that way,” she said, leaning back as his cock hardened into the air. She lifted up her feet and with a sly smile that sent more blood down below, carefully started stroking him with them.

William moaned lightly. Her feet were light and soft, exactly what they looked like. And she had them bow legged as well, allowing her to fully show him how wet she was as she featherly touched herself, moving around her pussy lips for easy show. With each moment, he got harder as she continued to stroke him gently with her feet, and it wasn’t long before he was fully hard, proudly standing into the open air.

Emma kept grinning at him as she continued, even though he was fully hard now. Just light, almost feather-like touches with her feet, letting the dull barbs around it flow around her own tender paws. She kept one hand behind her, holding her up, as she used her other hand to start to finger herself, jamming her middle and index finger inside her as deep as they could go.

“What do you want me to do, William? Want me to continue like this, and let you cum over my feet, or do you want to fuck my wet pussy?” she said, leaning in gently, just enough to let her breasts cover her arm. Her pussy was soaking wet, and with each sound drove William to craziness that much faster.

His reaction took her by surprise. He grabbed her arm, pulling her up quickly before turning her over and letting her kneel on the ground, her tail raised high and her pussy at dick level. “I see,” she giggled, wiggling her ass and tail around. It took William only a few moments to line up before he shoved his cock inside her.

“Oh!” she moaned loudly, holding herself still so William could get himself situated. He moaned quietly into her ears as her warmth encapsulated him. He stilled for a moment, letting her get used to him, and him getting used to her.

It wasn’t long before she fluttered her pussy around him. She turned her head around, giving him a sly erotic smirk. “Come on then!” she challenged lightly. He grinned, starting to pump his hips. The barbs dragged along her pussy, sending flashes of pain and pleasure to the grey wolf, each movement causing small moans.

At first he started out slow, knowing full well how much it would hurt if he sped up. Each motion was fascinating, each flutter of her pussy around him sent him that much closer to the edge. He wasn’t going to last long; it’d been nearly two weeks since he last was able to masturbate. Three weeks or more since he’d last gotten laid.

Then she rocked back into him, his cock delving into her depths suddenly. “I didn’t want you to take it slow; I want you to fuck me!” she yelled, rocking back into him harder. He gripped her hips, letting her ride him from below for a while, simply enjoying the way her pussy washed over him with each thrust from the wolf beneath him.

She slowed down after a few minutes, and he took that as his cue to take over for himself. He was surprised he lasted this long, and the feeling and urge to cum was rising faster than ever. Her pussy was sopping wet, almost dripping with her juices, so he took that as he could, and gave her all he had.

She moaned and screamed in pleasure as he fucked her pussy, using her as nothing more than a cock-sleeve, exactly the way she liked it. His urge to cum was almost at the top after only a few moments; he had known he wasn’t going to last long. “I’m going to cum soon!” he said, the only words he’d said since she first put her feet on him.

“Yes! Cum for me, on me, inside me, I don’t care!” she called back, her tail swishing from side to side as she enjoyed the ride. He didn’t even know if she was cumming or not, and to be honest at the moment he didn’t really care. He pounded her good for a few more moments before driving himself as deep as he could, burying himself in balls-deep as his cum shot out, filling her pussy instantly.

He stilled, breathing deep. “That was fun. We should do that again,” Emma said quickly. Her pussy fluttered over him, tightening and squeezing down on him as she coaxed his cock to continue cumming inside her.

“I…you didn’t cum, did you?”

“Nope, but I don’t care. Felt amazing, and that’s all that matters. Now come on, fuck me again.”

“Uh, I do have a refractory period.”

He could almost feel the heat of Emma’s glare on him. “You do, don’t you,” she said. She looked thoughtful for a moment, before her pussy muscles massaged his cock, squeezing and loosening with the utmost control and care. “Not anymore you don’t!” she sing-songed. His eyes widened as he felt his cock, which had been softening, harden up inside her.

He grinned, and took to round two.