Aftermath: Episode 2

Trigger Warning! For all those with sensitivities, be warned. This episode was hard to write, and even harder to read through. If this story is making you uncomfortable, PLEASE, do NOT read this episode.

Riven was grateful. More grateful than most, that these two had allowed her into their home. Lucas and Aiden, a couple of guys who lived together in one of the apartments out of sight from the main roads. It took her awhile to get used to how fast they ran, navigating Alenkas like it was nothing, but she kept up with them just the same.

She felt their hands go over her skin and fur, pushing and pulling every fiber. The incessant ramming of the thick cock inside her. Her breasts were pulled, picked, plucked. She ceased being human to these animals.

She took a deep breath, and curled into a small ball before she found their door. It was just in front of her, and yet each step seemed like a thousand miles. She didn’t want to move, didn’t want to think, didn’t want to see, didn’t want to be here, didn’t want-

“Hey, you alright?” Lucas, the arctic fox male, said as he bent down. He offered his hand freely, and a small lopsided grin that she would come to recognize as a worried look. She blinked, glad she wasn’t crying yet -not that she didn’t want to, but it’s just that they wouldn’t come- before she grabbed his hand and he pulled her up. “Come on. It’s Riven, isn’t it?” he asked, pulling her gently to the door.

“Ye…yeah. I’m Riven,” she said, more to herself than anything. Lucas didn’t look put out or at her oddly, just accepted each thing as it happened. She wondered how much he knew, and how much he’d try. It wasn’t that she wanted him to -god she wanted him to. Fuck the living shit out of her!- but she wondered what she’d do.

“Nice to meet you. I’m Lucas. The husky inside is Aiden,” Lucas explained, letting her take the first steps into their apartment. Aiden was inside, putting together a few glasses of water. Immediately Riven noticed that he hadn’t put out two…but three.

It was a small apartment. Main living room was right where the door was, with a kitchen saddled on the side almost like a studio would have. There was a single bedroom behind a door, and an area that she could see went to the bathroom. ‘Could people even go to the bathroom here? Do they need to?’ she asked herself.

There were two couches set up over a small glass coffee table, the kind that Riven would expect to see at an antique shop…or a thrift store. She hovered over the open door as Lucas went inside and immediately claimed one of the massive couches for himself, splaying himself over it lazily. “You ok Riven? Could you close the door? I know Alenkas is Alenkas, but…still,” Aiden asked from the over the counter.

Riven blinked, before blushing fiercely and closing the door with a quiet slam. Just for good measure, she looked for a lock of some kind, only to growl in frustration at the fact there was no lock that she could see. Aiden let out a good natured chuckle. “Lucas, could you get up and help Riven out? I think she’s looking for the lock.”

“There isn’t one. Frustrated us too, so we just put a chair in front of it,” Lucas said, his words muffled by the couch cushions. He hadn’t bothered to pick himself up to say more than he could. Aiden rolled his eyes, before reaching over the couch to pick the fox up by the scruff of his neck. He only mildly growled, and Lucas shot a wide grin at him before repeating.

Riven sighed, and hoped that she wasn’t blushing too much. If she was, neither Aiden nor Lucas said anything as she pushed a chair in front of the door, keeping it from opening too wide. With a hesitant look, she sat down on one of the chairs.

A small scratching sound alerted her to Aiden pushing a small glass of water towards her. “In case you’re thirsty. We usually are after a run,” Aiden said. He took a small mouthful from his own glass before relaxing into a couch…specifically on top of Lucas. The fox didn’t groan, and in fact seemed to roll into the husky’s body.

“Thank you for taking me in on such short notice,” Riven stammered after a second. Lucas shot up and started to actually sit up, and both he and Aiden shot her identical smiles.

“It’s no problem. Alenkas is Alenkas. We’ve all had to do things we weren’t always comfortable with-” Lucas started, only to get shoulder shoved by Aiden. “What he means is that we’re used to doing the unexpected. It’s no problem,” Aiden finished. Lucas did a bit of a worried and embarrassed chuckle before falling silent.

“So…what is that you two do here? And how’d you get…here?” Riven asked.

“Well…” Aiden started, looking over at Lucas. “We were sound designers for the Alenkas Project. We spent years researching things, and finally were selected to be a part of the alpha test. Alpha test went wrong, and bam here we are,” Lucas finished. “Nowadays we’re just runners. We used to jog for fun out in the outside world, and we know Alenkas better than most. Allows us to get messages out to everyone quickly.”

“What about you, Riven? What did you do for fun before Alenkas?” Aiden asked quietly. He wanted to ease her into things. He knew that she had been through some very traumatic events recently, and he didn’t want to say or do anything that would upset her.

“Mostly played games for fun. Other than that, I wasn’t really doing anything. I was hoping to get some idea from Alenkas but…”

“Alenkas does that. Well, if you wanted a fresh start there’s no better place for it. That’s what this place was intended for originally, did you know? It was made to be a rehabilitation center for criminals, that’s why the majority of the systems are the same as in the outside world. But by having a fresh new start, it’d give people the chance to redo things,” Lucas explained.

A silence came around the three of them, before Riven finally spoke what was on her mind, “What about you two? I mean…how did you two come to live together?”

Lucas gave her a blank stare before laughing lightly. “Oh, we’re married!” he said chuckling, before his face quickly went to a more neutral look, “that…doesn’t bother you, does it?” he asked politely.

Riven’s ideas suddenly crashed down upon her. If they were married, what was to say they really wanted her there? Lucas did say that he was uncomfortable opening up his home to someone he barely knew. Had she, once again, tossed herself to the wolves without thinking things through?

“Shit. Aiden, you want to talk to Simon? If she’s not ok with us, then…” Lucas started, before Riven started laughing. Laughing and crying at the same time.

“No, no I’m alright! No, it’s ok with me. I know others wouldn’t be as open-minded but I’m ok, honest. I just…wondered how that kind of thing would go, yeah?” she said, her lie as fake as her cheerfulness.

Both Lucas and Aiden caught it, but didn’t know the underlying reason for it. Lucas had to admit, that was something that Aiden was better at than he was. He looked to his partner for assistance, only to find that the husky was as confused as he was. “You…want to see how we make love?” Aiden asked, his eyebrow raised.

Riven could feel her cheeks heat up, could feel the blood rising to them even though she thought for sure that blushing was impossible in Alenkas. She slowly nodded her head. It wasn’t what she actually wanted -what she wanted was double penetration doggy style, forever and ever!- but if that’s what she could get, she’d take it.

“Um…ok. I’m ok with this. Lucas?”

“Not anything we haven’t done before.”

The arctic fox tod got up and shimmied out of his pants, revealing a thick heavy package that Riven could almost drool over in her mind. Her mind shot it down instantly. When had she become so cock-hungry? She was voracious in the outside world, sure, but what had changed?

The tod got up right next to the glass table, his long thick tail raising up to show Aiden a lubed up ass. The husky got up a second later, and got out of his pants, another thick cock coming into view.

Cocks, cocks, more and more. Each one pounding, each one hurting, more and more-

“-see us make love or just fucking? Because we’re up for both, let’s face it,” Lucas asked. When she blinked in confusion, he sighed. “Did you want to see us just fuck, or actually make love, because they are two different things.”

“Oh…either…” Riven said, her face heating up again.

Aiden slowly pulled Lucas’s tail out of his face, aligning his cock to the fox’s ass. He pushed in quietly, both of them not making a sound. “Hold on, I want to turn around,” Lucas said. Aiden nodded and pulled out, waiting for his friend to turn face up on the coffee table. “Ok, now.”

Aiden pulled up, chuckling softly as he pushed into the fox’s ass. Both were quiet, only small moans coming from either of them, until Aiden had thrust in as deep as he could go. They breathed for a moment heavily, simply enjoying the warmth of each other, before Lucas thrust back suddenly, his cock fully engorged for the world to see. 

The husky chuckled as he started to thrust in, quietly and gently at first before starting to increase his pace. Lucas threw his head back and moaned, his ass getting reamed by his love.

screams, screams, screams, screams to stop, screams to cease, desires ignored, pain, constant pain, why won’t they stop why why why-

Riven was brought back to the moment when Lucas moaned, almost screamed, as his body noticeably tensed up. Aiden brought a chuckle, and said aloud for Riven’s benefit, “Believe it or not, this guy has almost no stamina when it comes to sex. He’ll cum and cum constantly,” Aiden said.

Lucas growled, a sound that was made a lot better by the way it trailed off into a moan, his hips thrusting back unconsciously. 

Why were her hips going backwards? “Come on, the bitch likes it! Make it hurt!” she heard, only barely recognizable. She felt a smack against her ass, before the cock was driven brutally inside her. It was far too big, tearing her in half, and yet her body wanted more? She couldn’t moan, and she had no way of seeing who was behind her as they decided to blindfold her, ensuring that she couldn’t see the panic on everyone else’s faces.

Oh god there was that feeling again. Her ass was pried open, and buried into. They gave no concern or worry for her, just their own pleasure. Was this her torment? Would this be the end of her life? She wanted it to stop, and she wanted it to continue, for every second of pain was a second she was still alive, still in this world, still hurting for the hurts she’d inflicted on others.

Ever so constant, she knew that this would be her final moments. She’d felt them tore her open, open up her body and soul, and they flooded it with their cum and spit, and comments and degradation. Each second lasted forever, and yet not long enough.

She barely felt the tears go down her eyes, lost in memories unbidden. Both Lucas and Aiden had stopped, the fox breathing hard as he recovered. They separated, and watched with concern as Riven continued to sit there, and stare where they had been, tears crawling down her face.

“Riven…?” Lucas asked, shaking her gently. She shook her head quickly, realizing where she was, before she tore out the door, ripping the chair out of the way as she ran. “We should go after her,” Lucas said once he recovered enough to know what he’d seen.

“Yeah. And try to talk to Mia or Sam too. Maybe they can help,” Aiden answered as the two ran off into the city to follow the vixen.