‘Season 2’ Outline Bonus

So. Season 2 has officially ended. With the release of ‘Criminal Intent Episode 26’, the second set of 52 episodes has finished. What does that mean? It means for another outline bonus, and some cool little stats about how I write. This is basically the one time I get to actually write on a whim, rather than as part of a plot. And hoo boy, with season 3 comes changes. A lot of them. So first, I’m gonna drop the outline for season 2, then talk about what happened, and why.

After Alenkas opened to the public, there was an influx of new people. NuVO revealed how it was always intended to make money (money irl = Alenkas money, which can also be gotten by working within Alenkas. The exception to this is the Alenkan Thirty, who keep the stuff they got during their 9month tenure there, as well as receive a small monthly stipend. Most of them, as such, quickly realize they’d need to find other places to live, and thus become homeless.)

As most of them start to get used to the new world, one of them starts to wonder what they can get away with. He kidnaps a new player, and one of the Alenkas Thirty. Mia is not reported missing until much later. The originals aren’t too worried, as new people can always log out. When Mia is reported missing, all of them go into overdrive.

A new Great Hunt happens, meanwhile violence in Alenkas is starting to rise. Mugging, rapes, various other non-fatal but still horrible crimes are on the rise, and very quickly it’s started to realize that a police force is necessary. By the end, Mia and Abigail are found, relatively unharmed (Emma realizes that they were both raped repeatedly (Mia moreso), and brings them around.)

Total Alenkas Time: 3 months. Total Real Time: 3 months.

Main characters: Mia, Abigail, Simon, Sam, Kara, William, Emily
Sex Episodes: *
-Episode 1: William. Alenkas Thirty are aware of them being dead. Emma makes crude jokes. -Episode 2: Abigail
-Episode 3: Emily/William -Episode 4: Simon/Sam
-Episode 5: Haley Hangs out with Cal a bit during a cold night. Is a bit more aware of the oncoming violence.
-Episode 6: Ethan/Kevin/Emma -Episode 7: Kara
-Episode 8: Abigail – William
-Episode 9: Mia/George – Lyla Mia gets taken after this one. THIS IS NOT KNOWN. -Episode 10: Lyla/William – Lyla/Alex – Abigail
-Episode 11: Lucas/Aiden – Alex Episode 12: Emily/William
Episode 13: Abigail She gets taken.
Episode 14: Emily – William – Lucas-Aiden Emily tries to get the Alenkas Thirty to help.
Episode 15: Kara/Lyla Episode 16: Kara/Sam-Cal
Episode 17: Ethan/Kevin/Emma/Lyla Episode 18: Haley Episode 19: Kara – Emily More of Emily’s past gets known, Kara stays silent on hers. Episode 20: Simon – Lyla/Emma
Episode 21: William – Sam Sam masturbates Episode 22: Alex – Kevin/Emma
Episode 23: Chris – William
Episode 24: Haley Becomes one of the Alenkas Thirty
Episode 25: William – Simon-Sam-Cal-Haley
Episode 26*: Kara/Simon/Sam

Criminal Intent:

Episode 27: Chris/Emma The Hunt begins
Episode 28: William/Lyla
Episode 29: Simon/Sam
Episode 30: Cal – Haley
Episode 31: Kara/Ethan
Episode 32: Beth/Alex
Episode 33: Emily/Lucas/Aiden
Episode 34: George – Emma/Lyla Missing Mia
Episode 35: George – Sam Missing Mia
Episode 36: Cal/Simon – Kara/Sam Police force recognized as necessary.
Episode 37: Kevin – Ethan
Episode 38: Lucas/Aiden Police force given actuality
Episode 39: William/Jen
Episode 40: George/Jen – William
Episode 41: Chris/Emily
Episode 42: Ethan/Emma
Episode 43: Simon/Sam – Alex
Episode 44: Lucas/Aiden – Kevin Mia and Abigail Found
Episode 45: Kara – Beth
Episode 46: Haley – Simon/Sam/Cal
Episode 47: Simon-Lyla-William Plan with Police force
Episode 48: William/Lyla Plan goes into motion
Episode 49: Emily/GB Gangbang (This always happens on 49, doesn’t it?)
Episode 50: Ethan/Emma/Kevin
Episode 51: George/Mia Mia and Abigail Rescued
Episode 52: Orgy Celebration

Notice something? Like the fact there’s at least two or three characters in this outline that simply DO NOT EXIST. Who the fuck was Chris, or Beth? Well, as I said, season 2 had a lot of changes during the writing period. The biggest being that I felt I had too many characters already. And I felt that all of them needed to have some focusing on. Which mean I had all of the season 1 characters, I had to develop Haley and Abigail’s characters, and the addition of William and Emily. I couldn’t do it, I felt, in the way I wanted to, so I dropped a few characters. Beth, at least, shows up in Season 3, but as a completely different character that simply happens to have the same name.

I created a revised outline during the halfway point between Influx and Criminal Intent. It’s basically the same one, but with the closer to the plot element to it. The majority of Criminal Intent was thought of though during the period of writing Great Hunt.

So what changes for Season 3? Well, instead of doing the two-parter system with one giant arc, I switched to a far less amount of episodes per arc…but more arcs per season. The final part of Volume 2, released…somepoint soonish, will contain the first arc of Season 3, Aftermath.

The arcs for season 3? Aftermath, Economy Rebirth, Mystery Mansion, Hacker, and Inventor’s Genius. 5 arcs, 52 episodes. A hell of a lot LESS sex. Wait, what?

You read that right. Season 3 is when my depression hit me really, really fucking hard. Still has, actually. For about nine months, I wasn’t able to write down a single episode. I started writing Aftermath right after posting Great Hunt a year ago, and I didn’t finish Season 3 until…about four months ago. Math may be off, but its still a long fucking time.

But, because of that, Season 3 has less sex, but a hell of a lot more plot. It hits the characters hard, fast, and for once they actually get to do something besides hunt around Alenkas while fucking each other. And it segues well, I think, into Season 4, which is currently under the first writing draft.

I hope you all continue to enjoy the series, through its ups and its downs. Through its plots, through its sexual portions, and just continue to read it as one would any other web serial. Thank you all for reading, and I hope that Season 3, starting with Aftermath next week, fulfills everything you think it is.

Thanks again, everyone.