Criminal Intent: Episode 19

Simon managed to trudge himself into the Tree’s door, breathing heavily. After grabbing both Lucas and Aiden at the river edge, he forced himself to run all the way back to the Tree, nearly a mile or two on its own. He wasn’t the fittest of people, he knew, but he figured that he wouldn’t feel like complete crap just by running so much!

Sam sat on the table, a small paper flag showing where Emily had told them where the prisoners were being kept. The grey fox was talking more, pointing to another location somewhat close to the Tree. The albino cat was nodding, and made a secondary paper flag, this time red instead of white.

Cal, the orange cat who’d been missing for a while, also nodded thoughtfully. “Oh hey, Simon’s back,” he said quietly. Sam looked up and gave him a quick nod, while Emily breathed a sigh of relief. “Did you find them? Sam explained it to me.”

“Yeah…I found them,” Simon managed to get out. He collapsed onto a chair, still trying to catch his breath, “I didn’t think I was that out of shape…” he muttered. Sam chuckled lightly, while Emily looked at the three and their light-hearted banter in surprise and shock.

“It’s not that you’re out of shape, but rather sex isn’t the best thing to try and get into shape. Seriously, trying to get in shape via sex is like trying to get into shape solely by exercising. It can help, but I seriously doubt it’d help as much as people think it does,” Cal grinned.

“Can we focus please?” Emily muttered quietly. Sam gave her a look of pity, mixed with a small smirk.

“It’s not that we can’t, but rather it’d be no use at the moment. We’ve done what we can, and the only thing left is now to wait for Lucas and Aiden, and for everyone to start to gather. Should take an hour or two at the maximum. Should be pretty late for you, right?” Sam asked to the grey fox.

Emily shook her head, “No, I can stay up later. It’s Saturday for me out in the real world, no school today or tomorrow. William’s schedule also has weekends free. But so do the gangbangers.”

“Potentially they do. It could just be another day for them. I doubt many of them have other obligations that require their presence,” Cal cut in suddenly. Sam looked thoughtful and nodded her assent.

“Either way, the way I figure it we probably don’t have much time,” Emily tried to bring focus back to the group. Sam and Cal already were paying attention, and Simon was just now starting to regain his usual composure.

“True, but we need some more information first, I think,” Simon said, finally able to talk. “We don’t know much more than the location. On the other hand, once some people get here we can send some of them to scout out the place-“

“Scout out where?” Alex asked as the grey wolf entered into the Tree. Lyla, the red fox, was right behind him. They weren’t breathing heavily, but Emily could still tell that they had practically ran straight from wherever they were.

“Oh good, you two are here. We think we found them, thanks to Emily here. It’s at 1222 Alpha street, in the slums. Six or sixteen lookouts, just keep an eye open. If you can, try to disguise yourselves,” Simon explained quickly. Alex smirked, and he turned to Lyla.

“You ready for another run? That’s halfway across the city,” he asked quietly. Lyla gave him a simple glare before lightly hitting his arm. “Hey…” he muttered as the fox took off silently into the daylight outside. “Guess that means a yes…” Alex finished, grinning as he followed.

“Wait, they understood the instructions in that? I barely could follow…” Emily muttered. Sam’s ears perked up and she shot her a small smile.

“They’re used to it. They know what Simon meant; to simply keep a lookout, and report back everything they see. They’ve done it enough to know that much.”

“What if they get caught?” Emily asked.

“Who’s going to get caught doing what now?” Emma asked as she walked into the Tree. The horse that Emily barely recognized, Kevin she thought his name was, right behind her. They were surprisingly quiet, Emma’s footsteps barely making a sound and even Kevin’s hooves were practically silent.

“Lyla and Alex were sent out to scout out the place. 1222 Alpha street, if you want to know. Once everyone gets here, we’ll plan our hit,” Simon said. Kevin smirked, and smacked his hands together.

“Oh, is that what they ran off about? We just saw them about five seconds ago. I was wondering what that was all about,” Emma wondered aloud. Simon and Sam shot them a small grin that said everything they needed to. The wolfess shot up onto one of the tables, sitting there quietly while crossing her legs. “How many more do we need to worry about?” she asked.

“Probably a few,” George exclaimed loudly as he, too, found the Tree. Jen was right behind him, complete with the black trenchcoat that she seemed to be favoring these days. The cross marked scar on his chest was shown proudly, and Emily had no doubts that if he wanted to, George could go in there and probably kick everyone’s ass.

“Yeah. William went to get Kara, and after that it’s just the rest of us. Lucas and Aiden are probably going to be our last ones,” Simon nodded. The others nodded their assent, knowing they’d have to wait. George was barely able to restrain himself, and Simon knew exacty what he meant.

If something had happened to Sam, or Cal…he’d be on a warpath too. Hell, he probably wouldn’t be nearly as restrained as George was now. The squirrel leapt off his chair and quietly patted George’s arm, muttering something so quietly that all the others, even with their enhanced hearing, couldn’t hear what he said. The bear simply nodded, and Simon left him alone.

“What’d you say?” Sam asked quietly as the squirrel went back to his previous place.

“That I can imagine what he’s going through. And it’s nearing the end now. Only a day or two, at most. Then he can go in and do whatever he needed to. The only thing I can say is I feel sorry for all those suckers that aligned themselves with those assholes.”

“I don’t feel sorry for them at all,” Sam said, quietly unsheathing one of her claws and dragging it on the table, leaving a large gouge in the corner. Simon shot her a smirk. “Rather I can’t wait either. Come on Lucas and Aiden…get here already!” she muttered. The others nodded their own impatience.