Criminal Intent: Episode 18

Lucas and Aiden grinned to each other, both of them fully relaxed against the hot rocks of the river’s edge. “Happy Anniversary!” Lucas exclaimed jovially as he flopped onto his back. Aiden shot him a happy glance back, choosing to simply relax instead of saying anything.

“What? What’s that look for?” Lucas asked with a sly smile. They had spent already most of the day together, relaxing on the sun’s rays -despite the fact it wasn’t real, it certainly felt like it, enough for them- and he stared at the husky’s sly smile.

“Our anniversary was two days ago,” Aiden chuckled quietly. Lucas shot him a teasing glare. “Yeah, but this was the first day off I could get. So, therefore, it’s here now,” the fox muttered. Aiden grinned, flopping onto his back again.

“I suppose that works. Happy anniversary then,” Aiden agreed. Lucas shot him a glance before mimicking Aiden’s pose, both of them relaxing against the warm rocks on their back.

They relaxed in an eager silence, neither of them willing to break it, and simply enjoying the sound of the water as it rushed against its bed, the small shriek of the wind as it danced through the leaves of the trees that surrounded them, and the sounds of Alenkas proper slightly beyond the treeline.

“We should make this a yearly thing, Ay,” Lucas popped up suddenly. His voice didn’t break the trance the two were in, but rather added to it, a cacophony that was still somehow symphonious. Aiden was never quite sure how Lucas managed it sometimes, but he did, and that was one of the many reasons that he had fallen in love with him.

They’d had their ups and downs. Their challenges. They knew that, and were much stronger every time one of those challenges came up. Alenkas was just another event in a long string of them, but they both knew that that’d surpass every one that came their way. “We should. That’d be fun, I think. Rain or shine,” Aiden added. Lucas grinned and nodded, and slowly the silence came roaring back.

They don’t know how long they rested there, enjoying their first day of relaxation in…well honestly they didn’t know, but probably a good while. Since before Alenkas, Lucas knew. Maybe Aiden had relaxed more on the weekends when he was out shopping.

But in the back of their minds, they knew that there was a chance that something would have happened, something that would send their day back spiraling in a direction of stress and activity. They were ready for it.

It was probably for the best as they heard the sounds of someone running. Aiden lazily looked up towards the sound, barely taking a moment to prop himself up. He blinked as he thought he saw Simon, a squirrel who had rarely run during the first Great Hunt, and even more rarely since then -but Lucas apparently had it on good information that he regularly went out for a walk with a tiny black cat named Haley- run up and breathe heavily.

“You ok there Simon?” Aiden asked. Lucas gave a questioning sound, as if he had just woken up, as he paused to look at the tired squirrel. He did a double-take as he took the image in.

“Yeah, I’m fine, just give me a sec,” Simon said, his breath coming out in heavy bursts. “Didn’t think I was that out of shape…” he said quietly. The two canines shared a simple glance, before they shrugged at each other. It was strange that Alenkas had things like it, a way to record how much a muscle can move before it gets tired. They were all supposed to be virtual…they shouldn’t have gotten tired right? Maybe there was more to Alenkas than they thought.

“We found them. We have a limited time. Get everyone to the Tree, ASAP,” Simon said suddenly. In the blink of an eye, both Lucas and Aiden were up, and packing everything they had brought. In less than a minute, the two were already off, dodging through the tree line for the fastest way to the city proper.

Aiden always enjoyed the sound of the air rushing passed his ears. He knew that Lucas did too, enjoying the wind on his face as they ran. It was one of the reasons they had kept themselves fit, trying to get faster and faster, knowing Alenkas better than most. It had gotten to the point where they were the fastest of the runners, able to get information from one side of Alenkas to the other in half a day.

If they split up. A full day if they stayed together. And as much as they wanted to stick together, as meaningful as they knew the day to be, there was only one reason Simon would give them a message like that. He didn’t even need to be specific. They knew the info that they needed; get everyone to the Tree.

“Interesting prospect, isn’t it?” Lucas grinned as he jumped over a small branch in the way. Aiden didn’t stop either, the both of them charging full speed ahead. The city proper was only a minute more at full sprint, and from there they’d go their separate ways.

“Yep. It’s about time too, I don’t know what George was going to do if we didn’t have anything more for the next few days. You go left, hit up Lyla and Alex, and I’ll head right, get Kevin and Emma,” Aiden responded. Lucas nodded, and the second the two hit the sidewalks, they sprinted to the left and right.

The faster the information could get disseminated, the better. This wasn’t something to play close to the chest, this was something to get to as many people as fast as possible. Aiden continued to shoot through the various alleys and buildings of Alenkas, hurrying towards the apartment complex that he knew Emma, a grey wolf who was rather proclivitous with her activities, and Kevin, a horse who originally was kind of a jackass but seemed to have calmed down since their introduction to Alenkas, lived.

He didn’t even so much as knock as he breezed through the doors and up the stairs. Memories tagged at him as he did so; the first time he and Lucas had gone over to their place together…and ended up having to clean it up. ‘Ok, that was a bit bizarre’, he knew.

He regretted not knocking a moment later as he barged into the two’s apartment. Like usual, the two were on the couch, fornicating with one another in such a way that if he didn’t know better, he’d say Emma was rather…insane for trying to put the entirety of Kevin’s dick up her snatch.

“Oh hey Aiden. You want to take her ass?” Kevin asked nonchalantly as he continued bouncing Emma up and down on his cock. The wolfess moaned as the entirety of it, far too big for any person not named Emma to take, got rammed into her pussy. Aiden could see the small bulge that showed where exactly inside Emma’s womb the cock was being shoved into.

“No time,” Aiden said, barely stopping to catch his breath. “Head to the tree ASAP, whenever you’re done. We found them. Time sensitive. Get everyone you can find besides Influxxers,” Aiden said quietly. Emma groaned painfully as Kevin helped her off.

“Dammit, you couldn’t have waited like five seconds? I was really close too,” Emma whined nonchalantly, despite the savage beating her pussy had to have taken. Kevin shrugged, and tossed some random clothes towards the wolf. Aiden took that moment as the best to turn and run, continuing towards the next few people on his list.

Lucas was also doing fairly well. Aiden had the easier but less fun job of having to deal with Kevin and Emma, and that was something that Lucas would have to come up with something to thank him for. The arctic fox really didn’t like bothering those two, especially when they were together, in their apartment, doing unspeakable things to each other.

Literally unspeakable. The two canines had once seen it and were almost impossibly asked to try and put it into words. They tried, for nearly three hours the next day, to put into words what they saw. The best they could come up with was “his cock went into her pussy, against all odds, straight up into places it shouldn’t. And then she broke reality by bending backwards and we’re pretty sure we blinked at that point.”

Lyla and Alex’s house -how those two had a house when not many others did merely says that they saw the writing on the wall faster than anyone else, and as NuVO hadn’t done something as strange as enact actual police work, as this Great Hunt proved, they probably just squatted in it long enough for everyone to call it theirs- was a bit out of the way of everyone else’s. The grey wolf Alex probably wouldn’t be there, as he was supposed to be on the Great Hunt right now, but at the least Lyla probably would be home.

At least he hoped so.

Theirs was a simple house, with a small patio and a red door, showing up nicely against the white color of the wood. Lucas didn’t need to catch his breath, but he did anyways as he knocked politely on the door.

Lyla, a red fox who had been one of the team leads back in NuVO, answered the door. Like usual, as she had been one of the first to experiment with it, was completely nude, and just gave a questioning glance towards the arctic fox. “Lucas? What’s going on?” she asked.

“They found them. Tree, ASAP,” Lucas said, summing up everything. Lyla to her credit didn’t blink an eye, merely nodded and shot off towards the commercial district, where the Tree was located.

“Don’t worry about Alex, I’ll get him!” Lyla yelled as she took off. Lucas nodded, and leapt off the patio, landing neatly on his feet as he was already on his way to the next person on his list.