Criminal Intent: Episode 13

Emily wasn’t sure what the method was that William had come up with to let them talk outside Alenkas. Considering that neither of them were comfortable showing their actual faces to each other, they had resolved to find some way to text online.

‘Hey, you there?’ opened up a conversation. It was an old messenger platform that she still had installed on her computer, way back when she was still talking with Ryan, and wanted a way that her parents couldn’t view or overhear. The messaging service promised that it ‘didn’t save messages’, and was barely more than a text viewer that happened so only certain people can see it.

It made the perfect service for her posts, which read more like a short erotica novel sometimes.

Emily sighed and minimized the website she had been on. It was another of the massive amount of ‘free porn sites’ she had visited the last few days, trying to find one that would allow her to ‘see singles today!’ At least non-legitimately, there were plenty of fake ones that acted the same, but few would ever follow up on it.

‘Yeah, I’m here. Find anything?’ she asked. Her fingers flew across the keyboard at a fairly rapid pace, the letters and words naturally finding each other. She wasn’t the fastest typist she had seen, but she was close to it for someone that didn’t work with computers all that often. She preferred just playing games on them.

‘Not yet. All I’ve found are porn sites whenever I use a search engine,’ came William’s reply. Emily nodded, knowing that was exactly the same as her luck. She at least was fairly quiet about it, not using any search engines that could connect back to her. She hoped that William was doing much the same.

‘Same here. I’m thinking about using one of those anonymous image boards as a posting ground,’ she responded. She hated going to those sites, knowing exactly the type of things that are generally posted there -they were generally called the asshole of the internet for a reason- but she had to admit, it oftentimes got actual results.

‘Sounds like a good idea. I’ll cover the darknet then. There’s gotta be something somewhere, if only we can find it.’

Emily shuddered. At least he volunteered for the darknet. It was a piece of the internet that wasn’t catalogued by general search engines, usually for one reason or another, so the only people that could go there were the ones that already knew about it, or were linked to it by another source. A perfect opportunity for those gangbangers.

She kept the porn site open, just in case she needed it, and went to her -least-favorite imageboard. It was one of those that very few people opted to use usernames, generally favoring the ‘anonymous’. Anyone could almost post anything they wanted to there, although usually the worst of the worst was weeded out.

It was one of those sites that the porn videos of the original Alenkans popped up quite frequently. She swallowed her hesitation, and quickly wrote a post, favoring just a general outline. ‘Searching for real sex in fake world. Heard news of some group that sponsored that kind of thing. Anyone know anything?’ She attached a GIF she had found of Emma’s gangbang near the end of the Alenkas trial.

Naturally the responses came thick and fast. ‘I’d fuck you in Alenkas too!’ ‘Come on, we want pics!’ ‘Naw, Anon’s a GIRL, wants to be fucked like one too!’ She hung her head. “Of course that was a stupid idea…” she muttered out loud.

And of course, her inbox soon swam in dozens of dick pictures, each one more disturbing than the last. She honestly hoped that William was having better luck than she was.

Idly she wondered if the usual anonymous crap she dealt with would quiet down if she did supply pics. It would probably just make it worse…but it might also make people speak up. Especially if she told the truth, than maybe she could the other groups on her side. She’d have to offer them something, but that’s what the pictures were for.

She checked her door to make sure it was locked; it would be no good if her brother or mother came in while she was doing this. She took off her top, letting her boobs hang free. They weren’t giant, nor were they that small, and she knew that there were probably some guys out there that would bang out a few to them. She reached for her phone, making sure she got it in just the right way that it didn’t show her face.

Her face reddened as she realized they might ask for more. ‘Well,’ she thought, ‘if it gets any information, why the hell not. Besides, other girls do this kind of thing all the time, and Lyla and the other Alenkan girls walk around naked all the time. I shouldn’t be too afraid to show my pussy.’

It was extremely weak reasoning, and she knew that. But she pushed down her shorts and underwear, leaving herself naked to the world. She climbed onto her bed, making sure that nothing would show that could act as any identifier. She spread her legs, glad that she had recently shaved -apparently that was a popular thing for women to do these days, and it certainly drove Ryan wild when he heard about it- and carefully snapped another photo.

‘OP here. Looking for information on rapists in Alenkas. Here’s a pic to prove I’m serious,’ she posted again, attaching the picture of her breasts. It was a decent photo, but not something she’d wanted out on the internet forever. But this being the internet, there was no chance of that.

The thread blew up again, this time with legitimate responses. There were the usual scum, but they seemed appeased by the picture, and only the worst of the worst wanted more. But it was some of the replies that got her attention, ‘Oh. Why didn’t you say that to begin with?’ ‘OP probably was one of the ones that got raped’ ‘Heard that was a thing. Why don’t you contact NuVO?’ ‘nuvo ain’t gonna listen. They don’t care’ ‘You’re looking for a needle in a stack of needles. Girl, you cray.’

Well, they weren’t completely horrible answers this time. She filtered out the usual pics from people that don’t realize that she wasn’t actually available, searching out for each of the answers that was possible. Maybe someone, somewhere, would have some information for her.

Yet more and more she looked, and with each lead that seemed like it would go somewhere, it went nowhere. Hours and hours, she looked through each possible lead, as each person posted it. They all had separate ideas of how it worked, why it worked, where it worked, etc. It seemed as they all had heard of it, but none of them had any real ideas.

‘Pic of ur cunt and ill give you some real info’ one poster put. The cheer went up, wanting to see her pussy. Emily hesitated slightly, but already had been prepared for it. One of her hands wandered down there, and wasn’t surprised to find herself fairly wet. The idea of people she didn’t know getting off because of her turned her surprisingly on.

‘Fine. But only if you can give me real info,’ she posted. She waited five minutes, waiting for the usual ‘such a cock-tease’ before an alert in her DM’s. Maybe, just maybe, she would do it. She’d live up to her word, obviously, but she wanted to make sure that maybe she had found a real lead.

‘Right. They move every week, practically impossible to find from the inside. Once you give me that pic, I’ll give you more’.

Well, it was something. Better than nothing, at the least. Ideally she’d have more beforehand, but at least it was something that despite having figured out, was good to have already. She attached the picture of her legs spread wide, and sent it off in the DM. Then she posted it to the main thread, knowing that that was probably what the guy meant.

Another five minutes, another few minutes of people jacking off to her -including some that sent pics that actually had their cum-covered cock in it, which actually sent small shivers down her spine- and finally the DM came in again. ‘Wow. What a real beauty, you know that? Meet me in Alenkas, 42nd and 3rd in ten minutes. A small pub called ‘The Watering Hole’. Most of the info I have is not intended to be messaged.’

‘Fine,’ she immediately responded back. ‘But I’m taking a friend with me.’

‘Only if you don’t mind a threesome’

Well. That made the guys’ mindset easy to read. Emily threw on her Alenkas headset, and quickly logged in. If she had to fuck some random guy to get the info they needed…well, she’d fuck some random guy. She messaged William right before she went in, ‘Meet me in the Watering Hole, 42nd and 3rd ASAP. May have something’

The response came even quicker, ‘On my way.’