Criminal Intent: Episode 11

Sam continued to watch the others leave with a hesitant look on her face. She wanted to go with them, to join them on their hunt, but she knew that someone was needed here, just in case someone came back and needed another place to check. She thought about what kind of thing they were up to, and she had a feeling she knew what.

She did truthfully want to stay back for her said reasons. She thought that it was better if someone would stay back, just in case someone showed up. Considering how much went wrong the one time they all went out at the same time to look for Haley, it really wasn’t a surprise to her.

She sighed and sat down, grabbing a random book as she went. Just because she thought someone should be here doesn’t mean she had to be bored while doing so. She opened it up to a seemingly random page and started reading.

She’d only been reading for a few minutes when she heard a telltale sign -a soft little beep- of someone logging in. She knew that everyone would still be out for a while, or wasn’t supposed to be coming back for a while yet. Maybe Emily found something?

“Hi everyone! Oh, hi Sam! Where’s everyone?” she heard Haley’s voice say softly. Sam sighed; Of course. It wasn’t that she didn’t like Haley -the little girl was surprisingly difficult to dislike- but rather the fact she was in Alenkas to begin with…again.

“They’re out and about. Kind of what you should be doing, yeah?” Sam teased as Haley vaulted over the second story railing. Haley was a black cat, much like Sam was a white one, and landed softly on her feet with nary a sound.

“Nah, school got out early today. And since Mom was in the basement working on some drug or another, I thought I’d come up here and login some!” Haley responded with a wide grin. Sam shot her a look that she shrugged off without a thought.

“How’re you holding up?” Sam asked, motioning to a chair next to her. She put a quick bookmark that was lying around and shoved the book off to the side. “In terms of everything, I mean,” she continued.

“Well…as well as I can be. We had sex ed today-” Haley started.

She was interrupted immediately by Sam, “I’m sorry.” The albino cat chuckled softly, before motioning for Haley to continue. The black cat glared confusedly at her, but obliged after a short moment.

“-So I asked them about that kind of thing, and they just stared at me. Everyone in class did too,” she said softly. Sam looked at her kindly, before carefully placing one of her arms around the other cat, holding Haley closer to her. The black cat snuggled in softly. “But I don’t get it…any of it. They didn’t bother to explain much of anything, really.”

“Yeah that’s normal for sex ed. I remember when I went through it back in high school…and middle…and elementary…yeah I was one of the lucky ones to get it three times. Three different versions too. You know that you can trust us with any questions you have, right?” Sam asked.

Haley nodded, “I know. But I’m trying to wrap my head around what I saw, with Will and Emily…how much they both enjoyed it, versus what the teachers were trying to tell me. It was a guest speaker, so they had to have more knowledge right? I mean, my teachers aren’t stupid, just…slow. For me.”

Sam gave up chuckling softly and let out a loud roaring laugh for a moment. “I know that feeling too. What kind of stuff did the guest speaker talk about?” she asked.

“Astience, mostly.”

“You mean abstinence?”

“Yeah, that word. How sex is bad, and should be avoided at all costs until you get married, things like that. Yet…Alenkas is different, isn’t it?” Haley asked.

Sam sighed. “It’s different for everybody. Some people see this place as an escape, ala Emily, Kara, and you. Others see this place as a jail, most of us do truthfully. Sex is one way out that for a short moment, we can think like ourselves again. So for us, it helps keep us sane, at least a little bit. I think Jen found a way that works for her, but she hasn’t told me what it is yet.”

“They also told me about rape,” Haley continued, staring off into the distance. Sam watched her carefully for a moment, before pulling her close. “That’s what they’re doing, to the missing persons, aren’t they?”

Sam juggled it in her mind. She could lie to the girl, maybe protect her innocence at the cost of losing far more, both trust and innocence later on, or she could tell the truth. Knowing that there were the kind of people that would do that…Haley would be in middle school right about now. Do they really tell people about the dark side of humanity that early on? Although, Sam knew that not everyone did that…

“That’s what we think,” she answered softly, making her choice. She’d have to live with it now.

“They told us that we should try to get away…and that we should always call the police. Why don’t we call the police?” Haley asked.

“There’s no police force in Alenkas. Even if there was, the only ones that they could reasonably punish would be the Alenkans, and no law from out there really affects us in here. It’s one of the reasons Simon’s trying to get NuVO on our side, because maybe we could effectively have a chance at that.”

Haley ‘hmm’ed as she leaned in closer to Sam’s body. “What if someone out there gets the police’s attention? Could they do anything then?” Haley asked. Sam shook her head.

“No, no police force would have the jurisdiction or even the ability. The only ones that could…would be the…FBI…” Sam answered, suddenly getting an idea running through her head. She’d have to use most of the Influxxers they knew for it; it wasn’t going to simple as she’d have to coordinate without knowing anything.

“What’s the FBI?”

“The Federal Bureau of Intelligence. It’s like a police force for the entire country of the United States. NuVO’s placed there, so they have to abide by the FBI’s rules. Haley, once again we owe you a lot more than you think,” Sam said, smirking as she looked at the confused black cat.

She continued, “See, even if the gang isn’t placed there in the US, NuVO, the ones that host the Alenkas server, have to allow the FBI entry if they so choose. And NuVO should already be on their watch list, considering the whole testing accident that happened not too long ago. If we get several messages out, all corrobating the same thing, we could at least get them to take a look. We get them to take a look, and maybe we’ll…I don’t know, maybe we can get their help!”

Haley blinked for a second. “Will that work? I don’t really see how,” she mentioned.

Sam nodded slowly, and breathed deeply for a moment. “I think that should work, but I’ll bring it up with Simon and Cal once they get back. Either way…it’s something to think on. What other questions did you think of?”

Haley blinked at her, surprised at the sudden turn of the conversation. “Uh…” she muttered, trying to get back on track. After a long moment she continued, “yeah…so they said that if you have sex you get pregnant, but none of you have…”

“That’s an Alenkas thing. Alright then…I guess I get to be a sex ed teacher then. Fun,” Sam said sarcastically. She took a moment to re-center herself, trying to not get too excited about the FBI idea, “right, so it starts like this…you obviously know the basic mechanics…”

Sam continued, “to start, there’s two main forms of…well, basic intercourse, I would use. Protected and unprotected. Protected means that there’s some form of birth control involved, usually a condom or some other covering on the penis, that prevents the semen from going into the vagina, or potentially the womb. Unprotected means you have none of that. Unprotected is, generally speaking, what you want to avoid unless you’re specifically trying for a kid or don’t really care and with someone you love.”

“So instead of abstinence we should be doing protected? Don’t you all do unprotected? It didn’t look like that when I saw-“

“Generally speaking, I’d suggest abstinence but really, you’re going to be a teenager. Hormones and all that. In which case, yeah protected. Always have some form of protection going on, especially if you’re with someone you don’t know well -don’t give me that look it happens- or you know has an STD,” Sam finished.

“I’m confused…where does going up the butt factor into this?”

Sam sighed. She had the feeling that Haley wasn’t going to let that go. “That falls under a different section of intercourse. Again, same thing applies. Oral, as well, falls under the same thing,” Sam explained.

“But wouldn’t that hurt? And people put those things in their mouths!? Yeesh, I thought the people that my mom sold to were disgusting…”

Sam shot her a look of confusion after a moment, grateful that she had a reason to change the subject. “What do you mean, your mom sold to? You mentioned her earlier making some drug or something,” she asked accusingly. Haley’s eyes widened in the picture of innocence.

“Um…oops. It’s nothing, I swear-!” she started.

“Right, because a slip of the tongue leads to that. Your mom makes drugs, Haley? That’s dangerous, you know that right?” Sam said quietly. Haley stopped, and sighed.

“I know, but there’s nothing I can do. No one believes a little girl. And when she isn’t, she’s passed out on the couch. Dad comes in, they fuck for a minute or two, then he leaves to go bar-hopping again, probably finding another person to bang,” Haley said quietly. Sam could hear the venom dripping off her words, practically oozing everywhere out of the black cat girl’s mouth.

Sam hugged her closer. “We’re here for you. If you want us…we’ll help you. Help you with anything you need,” she muttered into Haley’s ears. She heard the black cat sniffle lightly, before surrendering to her emotions. She had to strain her ears to hear the light whisper come from Haley’s lips, ‘Thank you’. Sam hugged her tighter.