Criminal Intent: Episode 7

Cal groaned as he felt Simon’s cock slowly head towards his ass. He had wanted this for so long, waited so long, but it was finally worth it. He was filled quickly, and moaned wantonly as the squirrel took him.

It’d been a long time since he had penetrative anal. Although that couldn’t be right, he’d had it when Lucas and Aiden were here, starting a small train. It’d been a long time since he’d a one on one encounter involving anal. Yeah, that one sounded a bit more right to him. He tried constantly to hit on Simon, to let him know he was receptive to the squirrel.

It took Sam finally broaching the subject -Haley had logged off earlier, only at constant insisting by the three of them- before Simon finally went along with it. But Cal was finally getting fucked by the squirrel for the first time in…well, the first time. He didn’t even care that Sam was watching, the pervert cat.

He gave her a wide, pleasured grin, and Sam returned it easily. She was naked, her legs spread wide and showing off her pink and wet pussy. She had promised to him though, that she wasn’t to get fucked today, that Simon was his and his alone. “I have no idea if I’m doing this right…” Cal heard Simon mutter behind him.

“Oh you’re doing it perfectly…” Cal answered, thrusting his ass into the squirrel’s cock. It was filling him nicely, and brushing up against that one spot that most guys loved, Cal included. Before Alenkas he never did get laid much, but now…now was worth it.

“I’m glad?” Simon asked wonderingly behind him. He was going slow, Cal could tell, but as this was probably his first time taking someone in the ass -he doubted Sam would’ve done that for him yet, or Kara- Cal was going to give him a pass.

“He can take it, Simon. Come on, pound him like you fuck me,” Sam grinned. Cal shot her a grateful glance, and she took it with a proud nod. The orange tabby had to stifle his moan as suddenly Simon sped up. His feet were spread wider, and he groaned as Simon truly went to town on him.

Cal was bent over the table of maps, Cal and Sam having planned this for a while. It didn’t take long for Cal to ask Sam for her permission -she claimed he didn’t need it, that Simon was no one’s except his own, and Cal hadn’t realized she hadn’t staked her actual claim on him the way he thought she had- then they both went to work getting Simon’s guard down enough to actually let him enjoy himself.

It was a plan that had been in the works for a while. Sam had wanted to wait -she actually wanted to wait until Simon had taken her virginity, not that he had been aware at the time- so Cal had suggested that he wait too. Then that changed the day that the IDM had been found. He’d been too angry then to get things sooner, so this was the earliest time they could both get back on track.

And finally he was bearing the fruits of their labor, and damned it was worth the wait. Simon’s cock hit everything inside him so perfectly, stretched his hole so wide…it created agonizing waves of nothing but pleasure for the orange tabby, who moaned with every thrust, every time he could get breath, almost any time.

“God damn, Cal…” Simon said, gritting his teeth as he continued thrusting. They were more wild now, and Cal could tell he was getting close. He grinned to Sam, who hopped down from her place on the chair, getting on her knees right next to Cal and Simon. Simon must’ve had his eyes closed, as he didn’t really notice anything was off. The squirrel whimpered, and Cal felt a signature kick that meant he was going to cum.

He groaned as Sam took Simon’s cock out of his ass, pulling it into her mouth. Simon groaned loudly, cumming his full load deep into her throat. Cal sighed, breathing heavily as his cock was fully erect, not needing much to cum either. One of his hands went around it, and he slowly started stroking it.

Sam moaned happily around Simon’s cock, drinking directly from the squirrel’s cock. She saw Cal stroking his cock slowly, and as Simon moaned, his cock emptying into her throat, she ran her tongue around the tip, gathering as much cum as she could, before crawling over to Cal’s cock. She took his hand off of it and swallowed his cock too.

Cal was gay, but that didn’t mean that he didn’t appreciate a hot and warm mouth on his cock. He moaned loudly as he, too, came down Sam’s throat. She moaned happily, getting both of her favorite males’ cum in one go. Simon was breathing heavily as he collapsed into a chair.

“Damn, Cal, that was…is it usually that hot? It seemed warmer than most…oth…” Simon started, before cutting himself off. He didn’t want to say ‘most pussies’, because he’d only had two, but…still. Cal chuckled, knowing what Simon meant to say.

“It depends. Fuck, Sam…why did you get mine too?” he asked as he looked down. His cock was empty and spent, and the albino cat simply looked up with those red eyes of hers. She took her mouth of his cock, taking care to lick the final drops of cum out.

“Because I didn’t want it to go to waste? Besides, I never tasted yours before, and I wanted to,” Sam answered, standing up. Cal rolled his eyes as he saw Sam grin at him. She had a little cum dripping down her mouth. She must’ve noticed because her tongue shot out to grab it.

“Hey, guys I found…did we interrupt something?” Emily asked as she ran into the Tree. She saw all three of them standing naked around the map, Simon obviously just having finished fucking either of them. Or both. She didn’t know. Lucas and Aiden followed a second later, the two of them simply taking the view of the three of them in stride.

“No, not anymore. Been a few minutes sooner and you might have. What’s up?” Sam asked as she sat in a random chair, facing the three of them.

“Well, I found Lucas and Aiden. I wasn’t able to find William and Kara, but I have a feeling they probably logged out by now,” Emily answered. The three inhabitants of the Tree nodded, it had been pretty late already when they told Haley to log out and get some real sleep. “So what was that thing you wanted to ask me and them?” she asked.

Lucas and Aiden looked at her oddly, before shrugging. “Yeah, you two can stay. So Cal was out with Haley when she had a good idea; these guys are gangsters, which means that they need money from somewhere. If it is what we think it is, they need a way to get the word out,” Simon said.

“Deal,” Emily interrupted. Simon and Cal were taken aback, Sam laughing in the background. “You want me to try and find the way they get their word, see if I can’t get a location through the internet that way,” she said. Simon nodded.

“Yeah, it might be dangerous though. We don’t know what kind of protections they might have, if some random rumors might do it, or if it’s solely gang-related. We don’t know, I’m afraid,” Cal acknowledged.

“If it gives me the chance to get Abigail back, to free them and all who were taken,” Emily said with conviction. Lucas and Aiden both hit her lightly on the shoulders, and she gave them a friendly grin.

“Good on you girl. We’d do it ourselves but NuVO’s being an asshat and aren’t letting us access the internet. All we can do is keep searching from within,” Sam explained. The two canines next to Emily nodded.

“So…what were you three doing? Before we walked in, I mean,” Emily asked.

Aiden facepalmed, and Lucas was quick to give her a unique look that she couldn’t quite identify what that meant. The other trio blushed, Sam moreso than the others. “We were uh…ingratiating ourselves with each other?” she tried.

“We were fucking. Mindlessly. Quite furiously. While getting sucked off,” Cal deadpanned suddenly. Emily’s eyes widened, before she looked suddenly uncomfortable. She gave a quick stare at Cal, who shrugged. “Hey, you asked.”

“She did, yeah, but still,” Aiden said. Cal tossed him a quick shrug, returned by Aiden and Lucas. She gave a quick look around, seemingly unsure about something.

“Um…I have a feeling I’m missing something,” she said. “I’m just…I’m just going to log out now…” she muttered, feeling small as her body turned to white, quickly disappearing into the aether.

“So, now that her uncomfortableness is out of the way, you guys want to continue?” Sam asked, a large smile on her face. Simon and Cal looked at her in shock, with amused chuckles from the other two canines. “Come on, I haven’t gotten my fill yet,” she said, pointing to her clean tongue.

She was surprised when Aiden rushed her, his pants off in a flash as he pointed to his cock next to her. Lucas was only a second later, pointing to his. They were both still dripping wet with cum and what Sam could tell was pussy juice. They must’ve both fucked Emily before they got here. Probably many times, based on the amount of juice covering them.

Cal quickly took their attention away as he moaned, Simon’s cock hitting that perfect spot again. The small break to talk with Emily had been the perfect amount of time, it seemed, as the squirrel was once again ready to go. He thrust hard into Cal’s ass, who was bent over the table again.

Aiden sat down on a chair and let Sam do her work, sucking and going down on him. Lucas stayed behind, carefully putting his cock next to Sam’s pussy, waiting to see if she’d deny him. If she did, he wouldn’t blame her -hell, how could he? How long did it take for him to allow Aiden to fuck anyone else without him there?- but damn her pussy looked so pink and puffy to him.

She tentatively moved her hips, getting the tip of his cock wet -not that it needed it- before she shoved herself down, moaning on Aiden’s cock as Lucas stuffed her. Cal moaned loudly as Simon watched, fucking the orange tabby underneath him. “God damn that is hot…” he muttered, getting an excited look from Sam.

For minutes on end the five fucked and sucked like that, Lucas fucking Sam’s pussy, her mouth busy on Aiden’s cock, with Simon and Cal watching and fucking each other. Cal quickly noticed that Simon must’ve been imagining fucking Sam’s pussy, because he had the same rhythm as Lucas did.

Aiden moaned first, shoving Sam’s head down on his cock, thrusting up as he came loudly down her throat. What must’ve been an absolute ton washed down her mouth, the cat barely able to keep up with the load. Simon moaned loudly into Cal’s ear a second later. “Sam, here,” Cal said.

She grinned, and quickly crawled over to Simon’s cock, popping it into her mouth exactly as she did earlier. Once more a wave of squirrel cum shot down her throat, Lucas still at her pussy pounding her. Cal sighed with relief, his cock still fully erect, and it’d take him a while to cum, or so he’d think.

He watched then, masturbating slowly as Sam leaped off Lucas’ almost knotted cock, thrusting it down her throat a moment later, letting the cum of the three guys sit in her throat, mouth and stomach. She turned to Cal, who was speeding up his own masturbation.

He moaned loudly as he shot his own big load down her mouth for the second time that night. He was surprised that he could do that, as usually the thought of cumming down a woman’s throat wasn’t the most enticing thought, but she was definitely ready for it.

She swallowed with a big show, before collapsing onto the side of the table. “I…wow. I didn’t think I could do that,” she said mutedly. The others nodded.

Cal turned to Simon. “I think our kitten in still hungry. Want to go three for three?” he asked. The squirrel chuckled softly.