Criminal Intent: Episode 6

“I’m guessing there’s been no luck yet?” Emily asked Sam as she logged in. Emily was a grey fox, and the person that had found out about the gang that had been kidnapping various women across Alenkas, versus just a single person doing it. It was the end of her day -she was still in high school, although she was in senior year – so she had several hours to try and search for her missing friend, and all those others that were kidnapped.

For many of the Influxxers, they had decided to essentially ‘host’ them at the Tree, Simon’s library that doubled as the place where he, Sam, and Cal slept. Haley also joined them on the days that she could, which seemed to be happening more and more frequently.

The white cat turned around from the map she’d been looking at. She took in the sight of the grey fox, and sighed with relief. Emily couldn’t help but notice the haggard look on Sam’s face, as if she was stressed out beyond belief and for once sex wasn’t helping. “You alright?” Emily asked.

Sam sighed, but nodded. “Yeah, I’m fine. We’re fine. No luck though. Just…it’s been a complete shitshow so far. Simon’s upstairs dealing with NuVO, which means nothing will happen for at least two weeks, and there’s been nothing. I’ve been starting to worry about the teams we sent out,” she muttered.

“Hey, it’ll be alright,” Emily said, quietly putting her hands on Sam’s shoulders. She rubbed them softly, the same way she saw her mom and dad do occasionally to each other. The cat relaxed instantly, practically melting into the impromptu massage. “You have an extra person at least. Just send me where you sent them, I’ll find them.”

“Well, there are a couple of things…Haley came up with a plan earlier today that Cal mentioned to me. If you can find William and bring him back, that’d be great. It requires the both of you, maybe Kara too if you can find her. Basically Influxxers,” Sam asked. She gave a sly smirk all of a sudden, “or you can try to find Lucas and Aiden. They’d probably know where to find everyone.”

Emily blushed, glaring slightly at the albino cat. Ever since she’d gone feral earlier, her thoughts almost always drifted towards the two that brought her out of it; the arctic fox Lucas, and the husky Aiden. Even just the thought of them brought uncontrollable thoughts to her head, and started to make her pussy flush.

Sam was the only one that she’d told about her going feral. The cat had taken it seriously, and let her know that she wouldn’t spill the grey fox’s secrets. Although she had taken to occasionally pushing the fox towards the two other canines. She knew that nothing would come of it -Lucas and Aiden were already married to each other- but that didn’t mean she couldn’t subtly push things to happen.

“One of these days, Sam, I’m going to make you regret that. Sure, just tell me which districts they’re in and I’ll find ’em,” she said forcefully. Sam nodded, and quietly moved out of the way to point towards one of the districts in Alenkas. It was a fair distance away, but not actually as far as Emily thought they’d have to go. The grey fox nodded, and quickly ran out the door.

The outside of Alenkas was slightly overcast that day, Emily noticed. She logged out of Alenkas in the Tree the previous day, so logged back in there. It was cool, and not quite as hot as it could’ve been, something that she was thankful for. There weren’t too many people around, and the ones that were around were mostly Influxxers, giving her a look of longing as they stared at her nude body.

She ignored them, just as she did for all the others. She had her mind focused on finding the others, and she quickly hopped to it, forcing her body to try and keep up with the two runners that she tried to emulate. Her mother was definitely surprised when she wanted to go to school early to run the track!

Blocks flew by quickly, although she knew that she was still slow compared to both Lucas and Aiden. The thoughts of them made her feet fly quicker, but made her breath hitch. Her mind was still affected by her going feral, something that she hadn’t known was possible. Sam had thought it was because her period was at the same time, the hormones crossing over into Alenkas territory where it had actually started a Heat -a real one, not the ones that the Alenkans had called Heats- combined with new distressing information all at once.

Emily wasn’t sure. All she knew is that her mind was still attracted to the two that had saved her from it. She wasn’t sure how long she had run, but it had been enough that by the time she slowed down, probably ten to twenty minutes later, she found herself in a district of Alenkas that she had never seen.

It was somewhere in the south western half. The slums would’ve been to the north, based on the direction of the clock tower -barely able to be seen over the rooftops- if she had to admit what this was closest to, she’d have to say ‘downtown’.

Most of the buildings were fairly tall, multiple stories tall, often three or sometimes four. Some of the larger complexes were as much as five or six tall, which meant it overshadowed most of the street. It was only through the alleys that Emily could see some of the other areas of Alenkas.

She sighed as she walked around in another circle. If this was downtown, as she kind of expected that it was, it was far more confusing than any downtown she’d ever seen. This was the general area that Sam had mentioned she needed to search though.

“Emily? What’re you doing out here? I thought you had school,” she heard Lucas’ voice say from behind her. Emily growled lowly as she felt her body instinctively tense up, just the arctic fox’s voice more than enough to set her off.

“I did, I finished everything at four,” Emily responded, turning around. Both Lucas and Aiden were there, giving her odd glances. She gave them a confused look, and they both subtly turned away, shrugging to each other about something. “What’s that look for?” she asked, slightly glaring at the two.

“Oh, you just sounded feral there for a second again. We thought maybe something was wrong,” Aiden answered. Emily blinked, before her body told her what it wanted to do again. She cursed it silently. Is this the kind of thing that the Alenkans had had to put up with for over ten months? Because if they did, holy crap they must have wills of steel.

“Well…I don’t know,” she muttered, looking away from the two. She didn’t want them of all people to see all the things wrong with her. And to her, there was plenty wrong. She looked up suddenly when she felt a hand on her shoulder, and looked straight into Lucas’ grinning face.

“Come on, you can tell us anything. You know we’re good at keeping secrets. If it helps you out, just tell us anything. We won’t even talk, we’ll just listen,” he said. Aiden gave him a slight smile, before the husky turned to Emily and nodded his agreement.

“I…” her body wanted her to continue, wanted to tell them everything. She knew that something was wrong, but she didn’t quite know what. Talking about it could help, but it was difficult, and her worries and uneasiness wormed its way into her brain. She saw their smiling and patient faces, both of them just worried for her. “I think I’m going into a Heat,” she said suddenly. She had to push herself to say it, but now that it was out there, there was nothing she wouldn’t give to take it back.

“A Heat? That’s…damn. I’m sorry. Would you like us to help relieve it for you?” Lucas asked. Emily blinked at him in shock, before her body made the decision for her. She grabbed his arms and pulled him deep into a hug.

The next minute took far too long in Emily’s eyes. They scrambled out of their clothes and tossed them carelessly to the side, before they both went to town on her. Lucas went on his knees, spreading her thighs wide as he started to lap at her pussy lips. Aiden went behind her, holding her arms and body up with his, letting her fall back onto his chest as he nipped and sucked at her neck.

Emily was awash with emotions by this point. It felt good -felt amazing, actually- but there was something that wasn’t here, something that she wanted so badly but she didn’t know what. It wasn’t pleasure though, she was getting plenty of that. Something was missing, and she just couldn’t quite tell what.

Lucas lifted up her legs, placing them on his shoulders as he continued to lick and suck at her pussy. She felt him lick her clit, holding it in his mouth, letting her moan out to her hearts content. His tongue felt amazing inside, outside, around, she couldn’t even identify half the places he’d lick her but it all felt amazing to her.

Aiden’s tongue and mouth on her neck, with his hands on her breasts slowly groping and squeezing them, manipulating her like putty. She melted into their touch, not knowing what was happening to her. “I think she’s ovulating. That might do it,” Aiden whispered to his partner. His words passed straight through Emily’s ears.

“We’ll have to ask Simon if such a thing happened before. Or Lyla, she might know. You alright Em?” Lucas asked, focusing on her pussy lips, teasing every moan out that he possibly could.

She threw her head back. “More than alright. Please…take me!” she managed to get out. “Both of you, I need both of you,” she continued, her chest heaving with every breath. It took everything inside her to not yell it, to simply want it but never admit to it, getting teased until she lost her mind.

The next thing she knew, she was filled. Lucas in front of her, her legs around his shoulders, keeping her scrunched up as the fox took her pussy hard. She was soaking wet, and she knew it. If this was a Heat or not, she didn’t know, but damn if it didn’t feel good. Aiden’s cock took her ass, slowly pushing it wide.

It had hurt to sit down all day, despite the fact she hadn’t actually fucked anyone in her ass except in Alenkas. She felt their cocks merge with her, filling her up to the brink, and beyond anything that she could feel. Every bit of her body was touching some part of theirs, and they went as slow as they could. “Fuck…just…please…” she begged, throwing her head back against Aiden’s chest as they did as she wanted.

The both of them went at the same pace, and if they were talking about it Emily couldn’t hear a word. Both of them felt so amazing in her core and ass, filling her up. She didn’t know what she wanted, but this was fairly damn close as all thoughts got chased out of her mind. “Faster, please!” she wanted, and she got her wish.

They took her, everything that she had to give they took. And everything they had to give, she took from them. For minutes the trio went as one, Emily simply enjoying the fact that she was in between the two guys. All thoughts of it being wrong, or being in Heat, or whatnot got chased out of her mind. All she wanted was to be fucked harder and faster.

And they were certainly living up to that. Lucas started panting into her ear, and Emily felt herself start to tense, getting closer to that edge, that peak that her body wanted. “We’re about to cum, where do you want it?” he asked.

She gave him a simple smiling glare, and Lucas smiled back worriedly. He gave a short glance to Aiden, and the two started to go faster, as fast as they possibly could, giving her body as all she could take and wanted. Her body was awash with pleasure, knowing nothing else but them and their cocks at the time, and finally she tensed up completely, squeezing down hard on both of them. She threw her head back, moaning to the world as her entire body turned to mush.

If she squirted or not, she didn’t know, couldn’t tell anymore before finally both of them stuffed her to the brim, theirs knots locking them inside nicely as they grunted into her ears. She moaned as they locked themselves inside, knowing that they were cumming inside her. Their white, massive loads, locked away inside…Emily panted with glee.

“I was trying to find William and maybe Kara,” Emily said several minutes later, after the trio had finally stopped panting. Their knots hadn’t gone down, and she could still feel their heats as they continued shooting their loads deep.

Lucas blinked. “William and Kara? They’re uh…over to the north side I think. Once we die down we’ll go take a look. Did that help at least?” he asked. It took Emily a moment to realize he was talking about her Heat. She nodded, squeezing her pussy and ass down on the both of them.

“Yeah it did,” she answered. She thrust herself back down on them, getting a startled groan from the both of them. “But I think I can go for a round two…” she grinned. Lucas shot a knowing glance at Aiden behind her, and slowly they started moving again.

Emily didn’t know what she wanted, but this was damned close to it.