Criminal Intent: Episode 5

“I’m kind of surprised you of all people went along with this whole plan of theirs. Don’t you have work today?” Ethan asked the small -comparatively- german shepherd walking next to him. Kara gave him a look, and he quickly shuffled inward, trying not to show that he was too embarrassed.

Kara had to admit, seeing a horse, especially one as large as Ethan was, trying to fold inwards on himself was hilarious. He was already so big that he towered over everyone, so embarrassment doesn’t exactly show itself well. Or rather, it shows it almost too well. She had to wonder if Ethan knew that, and if not if she should do something about it. ‘Nah…I’ll let him figure that out for himself,’ she thought.

It was almost too funny for her to see without busting a gut. But hold it in she did, until he realized a few seconds later what she was doing. He gave her a soft glare, and she finally let loose, laughing uproariously as he sulked.

“Yeah, I do have work, but today’s a work from home day. Don’t you?” she asked. “My job’s easy enough I can do a full eight hours of work in a few hours at most. As long as I’m off by noon I should have more than enough time to finish everything I need to.”

“Oh. No, today’s an off day for me,” Ethan answered jovially. Kara had to restrain her groan; she had a ‘happy camper’ as a partner. She wondered if any of the other Alenkans wanted to trade, although she didn’t think so. Most of them were already set fairly well in stone, except maybe Emma, but that’s because Kara noticed that Emma had been shooting lustful looks in William’s direction for a good while.

“Ah. What is it that you do, actually?” she asked. Anything to both keep him talking and from asking more questions. Positivity was a trait that she admired, true, but there was a point where it bounced over into annoying. Maybe it was her cynicness coming into appearance?

She remembered the small message from her husband earlier that day. He had absolutely loved the threesome she’d had the other day with both Simon and Sam, and so he asked her to do two things; to try again, getting a threesome or even more into bed with her, and to try and find another guy to take her. Not to see how he compares, but rather because he wanted to see if she could.

She had made a few things clear in regards to the demands; if she was uncomfortable with any of them, she wouldn’t do them hands down, and she wouldn’t fuck douchebags. He more than accepted those demands -rather well, actually, saying that those were unspoken, but it was good to get them hammered out- and say that she didn’t have to do anything he wanted, but rather gave her carte blanche to do whatever it is that she wanted. Just, anytime she fucked someone, he wanted to know so he could either watch or record it so he could watch it later.

“Me? I’m a banker,” Ethan said, ignoring her inner tirade. Kara raised an eyebrow, glad that Kevin -one of the Alenkan horses- had given some pants over to the clydesdale, has otherwise she’d be right on eye level with his cock.

“A banker, huh? I’ll admit, I thought you’d be something different. Hell, you chose a horse for god’s sake. What made you choose that?” she asked. She really should stop asking questions, but she was bored and they hadn’t seen any sign of anybody else, let alone the gangs they were looking for.

“What made me choose to be a banker, or be a horse? Banker was because it’s a job. I’ve always been good at counting and such, so it was easy to get my foot in the door. For the horse, well…I’ve heard certain things about Alenkas,” he said, blushing heavily as he looked down at the starting-to-becoming-obvious tent in his pants.

“The porn videos.”

“Yeah. And I’ve always heard horses have huge dicks, so I watched a few of the ones involving Kevin and Emma, and well…it just kind of spiraled from there.”

“Seems a strange reason to choose your animal,” Kara answered blisquely.

“I didn’t know anything about Alenkas except what it said in the videos. And even then, there was more fucking there than there was talking. Hell, I’ve gotten laid a lot more than in the real world too!” Ethan grinned.

Kara shot him a look. “So what made you want to go into Alenkas? It couldn’t have just been for sex. Hell, most of us interested in the system knew about it long before the sexual aspects came into appearance,” she said.

“Oh, one of my friends told me about Alenkas, and that I could be anything. He’s somewhere in the system too, I think, but I haven’t been able to text him yet. He works with me on shift tomorrow, so we’ll find out tomorrow,” Ethan answered.

Kara nodded, and the two walked in silence for a few minutes. Finally Ethan turned to her. “So what’s with all the questions? And why do most of them revolve around sex? Is there something you want to ask?” he grinned.

She glared at him, having to move her entire head up to look into his eyes. “I think you have that wrong, I’m asking you why they don’t. Not hard to think of,” she said.

“No, but you can make it hard,” Ethan grinned with simple embarrassment, as Kara looked down. It was one of the many times that she regretted not buying any clothes, and so like many of the other Influxxers -Ethan was one of lucky ones- was completely nude. The ‘tent’ of Ethan’s cock had gone up quite impressively, and was right about to poke her in her chin.

Kara smacked it down, continuing her glare of the horse above her. “Sorry,” Ethan said apologetically. “I blame Kevin. He’s been a bad influence on me, I think.”

“You think? He’s been more than just a bad influence, at that rate. That was a terrible line,” Kara sighed. She had to shake her head at Ethan’s shit-eating grin. “You could’ve said something better. Like, I don’t…’It’s hard to think with this in my way,’? Or even ‘I can’t think at the moment, all my blood’s gone below,'” she said.

Ethan gave her a look. “Those are even worse!” he said, no longer hiding his ogling. Kara already knew he was, and gave him a pass for at least trying to hide it. “Sorry, it’s just…Alenkas is strange.”

“It is. I don’t think you can keep looking with that kind of thing…and you know…my husband always does like to watch me get pounded…he’s found it’s kind of entrancing. I’ve already caught him watching the one of me getting fucked by Simon and Sam three times, and that was taken just a few days ago,” Kara muttered. Ethan’s eyes lit up, a large grin dotting his face. “Just…be careful with that thing, yeah?” she asked.

She walked over to the side of a building, and placed her hands up on it, spreading her legs gently. She moved her tail off to the side, and gave a look at Ethan that was more ‘what are you waiting for?’ than anything. The horse grinned, and bounded over in just a step or two.

He aligned himself carefully to her pussy, noticing that it was fairly wet already, and she moaned in appreciation as his cock just barely rubbed up against her clit. He smiled, and gently thrust up, getting a hitch in breath from her as he missed. “Sorry…” he said quietly, carefully realigning himself, before thrusting upward.

Kara moaned loudly as his cock filled her. The size difference was making it challenging, but he was kneeling behind her, making it much easier. As she stood, her hands pressed against the building, shop, or whatever house it was, as he gently gripped her hips, slowly thrusting his cock in and out.

She groaned with pleasure as she felt his giant cock move inside her. He was big enough that it should be causing her pain, but it wasn’t -Alenkas maybe?- but dear god it was hitting every single spot inside her. The ones that would set her alight, the ones that would just lightly send pleasure through her spine…every single spot was being hit.

Ethan for his part was having a grand time. He was careful with every movement not to thrust too deeply, as he didn’t think most girls could take every bit of it the way, say, Emma could. Kara’s pussy was extremely tight for him, and even as wet as she was -getting wetter every moment- he was having a tough time to find movement.

Kara panted deeply as Ethan kept up his slow rhythm. He was filling her to the brim, and it was all she could do to not yell out for him to fuck her harder. Her arms and legs were tense as she subjected herself to the giant cock inside her, her head hanging as she let out a few moans with every thrust.

Ethan kept it slow, simply enjoying the warm, wet, and tight heat around him. It would take a long time before he came like that, but cum he probably could. Kara was definitely tight enough, and more than responsive enough. She shook her entire body every time he thrust in as deep as he was willing to go, and he could tell she was restraining herself. “Let go…” he whispered into her ears.

The german shepherd sighed for a moment, before she launched her head back with a loud moan. “Just fuck me already!” she shouted to the skies above. Ethan blinked in surprise, before grinning and suddenly using much more force to move.

Kara’s pussy got even wetter, and movement became much easier even despite her tightness, and Ethan pushed his rhythm up much faster. He was still keeping track of how deep he was going, but every fiber of his body and cock wanted him to pound her to oblivion, to show her just how much he could pleasure her.

“Oh, fuck, oh god, keep that up,” Kara moaned as she started to push her body back. She could hear the ‘schlick’ sounds coming from between her legs, but didn’t care too much, enraptured with the pleasure as she was. Ethan groaned, but kept up his faster pace. Kara shut her eyes hard, trying to ease up on at least some of it, trying not to cum as quickly as she was going to.

It wasn’t because of the giant cock in her pussy. But rather because said cock was hitting just the perfect spots, all of them, all at once…she gave up, and moaned to the sky as her entire body tensed, her mind exploding with her orgasm.

Ethan felt her tighten up on him, to the point it was near impossible to move, but move he did, trying to get more of her orgasm out of her. He gripped her hands, keeping them on the building as he thrust harder, working more and more of his cock inside her. Gradually he stood up, letting her hang by her hands and pussy. She moaned crazily, her mind lost to the lust.

“I’m gonna cum soon, where do you want it?” Ethan asked into her ears. She had relaxed a little bit, letting more of his cock inside -he only had five inches outside of her, which meant that another ten or eleven was inside- moaning loudly. She clenched down on him hard again, and he felt her legs wrap themselves around his ass, dragging him closer to her.

If that wasn’t an answer, he didn’t know what was. “Right. Then get ready, because here it…” Ethan said, his body on automatic now as he thrust as hard as he could into her. Her body and pussy clenched around him wonderfully, and he could feel his orgasm right on the edge of his mind. He moved his hands back to her hips, and thrust brutally into her a few dozen more times quickly.

She moaned and tensed around him again, especially as she felt him moan and groan above her. She felt his cock kick with every pulse, shooting a massive load into her welcoming pussy. She felt it start to back up, having nowhere else it could go inside her except out, and her rhythmic clenching of her pussy sent out loads of cum, spilling onto both of their legs.

He groaned as he held her up, three inches of his cock still outside, as he pumped more and more of his cum into her. Some of it was spilling out, but it was miniscule in comparison to the load he dropped into her.

Finally, several minutes later, he let her down softly. She moaned with every movement, and then even moreso as he pulled his slowly softening cock out. “Holy crap…” she said quietly, cum dripping with every breath. It slowly receded, letting both of them know that most of it was currently stuffed still inside her.

“Can you think better now…?” she asked softly. One of her hands went to her stomach, where it felt like she was pregnant once more. She wasn’t, of course, it was impossible to get pregnant in Alenkas, but damn if she didn’t feel like she was. Ethan of course nodded happily, and Kara sighed.

“Yep, John’s definitely going to enjoy that…” she muttered, forcing her breath to even out.