Criminal Intent: Episode 2

“Oh gods, take me…” Lyla said softly, her ass on the counter with her legs spread lewdly. She gave the sexiest and most lust-filled look she could at Alex, the grey wolf that was her boyfr- her lover- as he filled the red fox vixen’s pussy easily with his large cock.

She moaned against his shoulders, her legs wrapping around his ass pushing him closer to her. Her arms wrapped around his chest, and she pushed her breasts into his chest, and he moaned softly into her ear as he thrust slowly into her wet pussy.

“Yes…” she whispered, her hot breath sending him into a frenzy, yet every thrust was carefully contained and controlled. Lyla had forgotten exactly how she got to where they were, they were scheduled to check out a few districts for the hunt today, but yet they hadn’t even left their house yet.

Simon and Sam wouldn’t care. They’d know that unless something came up, Lyla and Alex would do their part; they always had after all, even during the Heats. But for some reason, Lyla had woken up extremely horny, and while she wanted nothing more than to be taken, to be fucked into oblivion, Alex thought differently.

He went slowly, pushing his cock into her, stirring her up more. “Fuck me, please…” she begged, her arms and legs wrapped around him, forcing him closer into her body. He smirked, she could feel it on her shoulder, as he gripped her legs and spread them away from him.

He’d done this before a few times, and this was usually when he’d fuck her to heaven and back. But this time he continued going slowly, his cock slowly widening her up. She groaned as she tried to move her body to get him to fuck her faster, but he kept up that slow, controlled pace.

“Please…” she whimpered, her eyes staring deep into his own. He had that blasted smirk on his face, and she leaned in to gently kiss him. “Please…” she repeated, trying to urge him onward.

Alex grinned, letting her legs drop as he grabbed her arms. “Just…let me try this,” he whispered into her ears. She grinned, and stopped trying to fight him. She still whimpered with every thrust, wanting him to go faster, wanting him in the worst or best way imaginable. He grabbed her wrists, and put her legs on his shoulders, hoisting them up.

Soon both of his hands were around her wrists and ankles, her legs spread amazingly with him right in the middle. She moaned with each thrust now, seeing what was going on. She trusted him with her life, or what was left of it at least, as she let him take her. He started to go faster now, as she lie there helplessly moaning at each thrust.

“Oh gods, yes…” Lyla moaned as she rested her muscles, letting Alex do most of the work. She tensed up on him whenever she could, but she was happy that finally her pussy was getting gloriously pounded.

She had long since lost track of time while having sex, and so whimpered a sad groan as Alex whispered into her ear, “Gonna cum…” She continued thrusting her body back as best she could, with both of her arms and legs being held up in the air.

“Ass!” she called out, and moaned loudly as Alex in one motion slipped out of her wet pussy and aimed for her ass, shoving in hard, knowing that it wasn’t going to hurt her. He groaned, rushing in all the way to his knot, pushing it in all the way to the base.

She groaned with unbridled pleasure, throwing her head back as she felt his cock kick inside her, spilling his hot load into her hole of choice. It was a seemingly random one, and it’s one that she’d make again without any hesitation.

The two breathed deeply for several moments, slowly getting their breath back after their exertion. “We’re going to have to do that again sometime…god that was hot…” Lyla said as Alex relaxed his grip on her ankles and wrists. “I didn’t think you were into that kind of thing,” she grinned.

He shrugged, “It was something I’ve been wanting to try,” he said softly. Lyla nodded, and moaned lightly as he rested his chest against hers, laying against her and the counter as he caught his breath. “Did Simon ever tell you which area we were supposed to search?” he asked, trying to get them back on track.

“He did not. I want to say 18, but unfortunately I didn’t check. You and I are partners for at least a while, I made sure of that,” Lyla answered. Alex grinned and gave her a quick kiss on the lips as thanks. “I don’t want to ask but…how late are we?” Lyla asked hesitantly.

Alex looked up at the clock on the wall, something that they had made damn sure was one of their first IDM commands. Simon had said it was easy enough, and sure enough clocks were all over the place now. Although Lyla and Alex still sometimes had those moments where they looked out to the clock tower, expecting it to be the only way to tell time other than guessing by the sun.

Although they had gotten good at that too. “We’re about…ten minutes until. We’re probably going to be twenty minutes late,” Alex answered. Lyla groaned, throwing her head back. “Relax, if Abigail and Mia are at the same place, I have no doubt that Mia’s fine. It’s Mia, after all.”

“Oh, it’s not the kidnappees I’m worried about. It’s the whole ‘organized crime in Alenkas’ bullshit we have going on. I know Mia can take care of herself, and she can probably take care of everyone there without a worry. Although I feel terrible for saying that.”

“Don’t worry about it. Sometimes that’s how things are. I’m not sure what we can do about the whole crime thing though. There’s only thirty of us, we can’t patrol the entirety of Alenkas on our own unless we work ourselves to the bone.”

“Even then, we really can’t. I’m not sure what Simon is thinking by putting all of us on another Hunt. I still think we should contact the police, or someone similar. Like maybe the government?”

“I don’t think they have any jurisdiction in this area. Alenkas exists only at NuVO, so unless the FBI or something were going to send dozens of people in to patrol around, I don’t think they can.”

“What about InterPOL?”

“Do they even still exist?” Alex asked. Lyla shot him a dirty look, and he quickly hung his head next to her arm. He pulled his cock out a little bit, sending mixed signals straight through to Lyla’s brain. She breathed heavily as he continued pulling out, his knot expanding her asshole amazingly. He stopped as it reached the biggest part, just letting Lyla relax around the massive knot that was expanding her ass.

Slowly he pulled out the rest of the way, the rest of his cock coming free far easier now that his knot was out. Lyla relaxed into the counter, letting Alex’s cum flow freely from her backside, small droplets running rivulets down her legs. Alex pushed himself up shakily, grabbing Lyla’s hands and helping her off the counter.

“Fuck…” she grinned as she stood up. Her ass and pussy burned, as it always did whenever she first got up after sex. She shook out her arms and legs, loosening them up for the anticipation of the constant exercise that they were going to do later in the day.

“Well, that only took ten minutes. Meeting’s starting now, so we if get going we’d only be about five or ten minutes late,” Alex said, looking at the clock.

“Hmm…” Lyla hummed happily, before pushing herself to get to the door. She shook her ass appropriately, sending her fox tail flowing from side to side easily. “Or you can come with me and search our appropriate area…who knows what’d happen…” she grinned.

“You’re insatiable…” Alex smirked as they walked out the door. Lyla smiled brightly.

“I’m not insatiable…just insatiable with you,” Lyla whispered into his ear. She sent a lustful look his way, before making her way down the street of Alenkas, just as nude as the day she was born into this world, small trails of cum dripping out of her ass.