Influx: Episode 25

“You know the missing persons case that’s going on? I think there’s more to it than just two people missing,” Emily started. She still had Lucas and Aiden locked inside her, the knots ensuring that they don’t untie for a while. She had just regained her breath from cumming nearly four times after going feral, the first time that Lucas and Aiden had seen it, although they had heard of it at least thanks to Jen going feral and being reported by Kevin to everyone.

“What do you mean? It’s just Mia and Abigail, right? Are there others confirmed?” Lucas asked from behind her. She felt his cock jump inside her ass. She nodded slowly, forming the words in her head before she actually said them.

“No, but I think there’s multiple people involved. When I first logged in a few minutes ago, or an hour or so, I’m not sure, I heard some voices off to the side. They mentioned how they ‘love the money’ and that they have ‘some damn fine pussy’. Something about seeing others around and wishing they could just kill them off,” Emily finished.

Lucas and Aiden matched eyes, as both of them got the importance behind such a difference. A single kidnapper meant there was still a chance. Multiple, or even a small company of people, meant that this wasn’t just a random crime, but actual organized crime.

And if actual organized crime found its way into Alenkas, it’d be a long time before they could get in and stamp it out. “We have to go and tell Simon immediately,” Aiden said. Lucas nodded his agreement. They tried to pull out, but their knots were still stuck inside her ass and pussy, and she grunted in pain as they attempted to do so.

“Even when you guys do pull out, I’m going with. I’m a part of this, even if you don’t want me to be,” Emily said. She forced herself to relax, and pushed out Lucas’ cock as if she was having a bowel movement. The extra force plus Lucas’ own efforts eventually rewarded them with a satisfying pop, and Emily moaned in soft pain as cum dribbled from her distended asshole. “And that’s one,” she said with a soft smirk.

She grunted as Aiden tried to pull out again, this time aided by Lucas who grabbed the sides of her pussy lips lightly, pulling them apart as wide as he could. She breathed heavily, trying to relax and untighten her pussy as much as possible. Cum from her ass dripped down her legs, and finally Aiden managed to pull out lightly, his entire cock covered in cum and juices. Most of his front was too, now that he was thinking on it.

She crashed onto the ground with a satisfied smile. She waited only a few moments for the pain to die down -she was an anal virgin, although it seemed that she handled it like a pro based on Lucas not saying anything, he didn’t seem the type to leave a person in pain- before she got up. The other two canines waited dutifully for her to get up and slowly walk over to them, wincing with every step.

“You alright?” Lucas asked. Emily nodded, then winced as he slowly massaged her butt. “Yep, you’re new alright. Alright, get on,” he said, kneeling down in front of the naked grey fox. Emily blinked, cum running down her legs from her pussy and ass. Lucas nodded, “I can tell that you’re not used to anal, and I’m sorry about putting you through that without any lube. We tend to do that to foxes, don’t we Aiden? Come on, we can move faster if you’re on my back,” Lucas explained.

“We do have that tendency. Just take him up on that offer, because if he doesn’t I will,” Aiden said. Emily blinked, before shaking her head.

“No, thanks. I’m good, I can walk.”

“Bullshit,” Lucas said, grabbing her arms and wrapping them around his neck. He hoisted her up with a small grunt, and she squeezed tight on his neck as she was lifted into the air. He felt their cum run from her body onto his, but he didn’t particularly care. He could wash later. “Alright, let’s go,” he finished.

“I didn’t need a ride…but thanks,” Emily said, enjoying the run for what it was. Lucas and Aiden were moving remarkably fast, and she had to use everything she had to hold on tight. She felt Lucas’ back moving gracefully and powerfully underneath her breasts and chest, but she had to push down the feeling.

‘Note to self: PMS/periods plus Alenkas equals horny all the time. Got it,’ she thought to herself. She’d have to keep track of her cycle from now on, if only to avoid Alenkas at those times.

She kept her eyes open though, trying to take in as much knowledge from the two as she could. They identified themselves as the runners of Alenkas, the two who knew the city better than almost anyone else. After they apologized for basically fucking her when she wasn’t in her right head. She corrected them quickly though, saying she was in as much of her right head as anyone else was when their periods were going on.

They shared amused looks, and it was Lucas’ quote, “Good thing we don’t have to worry about that then, eh Aiden?” that told her there was more to the two than just appeared. Were they more than friends, she thought. Lovers, perhaps? Or perhaps married?

It took only fifteen minutes to get to Simon’s library, with William and Haley right outside of it. Will took a good look, “Well hey it’s you two. And you found Emily, too!” he said grinning.

“Are you feeling alright Emily? I know you weren’t feeling too well when you left,” Haley asked quietly.

“Yeah. No sign of anything in our district, but Emily thinks she may have found something that could prove pertinent. Needless to say, we kind of gave her a ride as a way of saying sorry,” Lucas said, gently letting the grey fox of his back.

“I’m fine Emily. Just some womanly problems, that’s all,” she said with a soft smile. She must’ve missed the cramps that usually came with it due to being in Alenkas all the time. Maybe she should revise her previous decision and come to Alenkas more often when it was that time of the month…

“Why would you need to say sorry?” Will asked.

“Because getting it up the butt can hurt,” Emily answered before Lucas or Aiden could say anything. The two whistled innocently, and Haley looked gobsmacked.

“Wait, they did what!?” she yelled in surprise. “But…that doesn’t…does that actually happen!? No way that can be heathy, isn’t that where poop comes out? Isn’t that really dirty!?”

The sheer audacity of a twelve year old telling them what is and isn’t dirty in Alenkas of all places set them off in good humor, Haley wondering wildly what they were all laughing about. “Seriously, is that a normal thing?” she asked.

“Uh…it depends on the person. But it takes a lot of trust to go that far, so it’s one of those things that’s not regularly done. How old are you?” Lucas asked. Will shook his head wildly as Haley answered.

“Old enough!”

“Bullshit, you’re twelve,” Emily answered quietly.

“Ah. Well, you’ll figure it out when you’re older, I’m sure. It’s not one of those things that could, or should, be hurried. Take your time, you have plenty of life ahead of you,” Aiden said. Lucas nodded his agreement. “Let’s go inside, tell them what we’ve found,” he finished.

The inside of the Tree was a library, so it usually was pretty quiet. It was still mostly quiet, but they heard the sound of screaming, and at first that made all of them hurry up to the top before they identified it. There was screaming, but it wasn’t pained screaming, but rather pleasured.

“Ah. Well, we know what’s going on right now,” Lucas said. He dutifully lead them to the top of the second floor’s staircase, leading to a small hallway with an iron-barred door. He knocked softly, hearing a quick ‘come in’ in Cal’s voice.

The five of them entered soundlessly, although it really wouldn’t have mattered because they were interrupted by another feminine yowl. Haley gave the closed door a look of pain and anxiety, but they filed into the main computer room.

Cal turned around, the orange tabby sitting at the main chair of the Internal Debugging Module. “Oh, hey guys, yeah don’t mind the sound. Sam and Kara decided to double-team Simon,” Cal explained.

“So that’s what’s going on. When did they start?” Lucas asked, flinching as another yowl overtook them. He flushed out his ears when they were done, making sure he could still hear. Cal laughed.

“About an hour ago. Not sure what led up to all that. Anyways, what can I do for you?” he asked.

“They’re not getting it up the butt, are they?” Haley asked quietly. Cal’s ears flicked forward. He sighed a bit, before coming closer and giving a death hug to the lost black cat.

“You’ve been gone for a day and a half. What have you guys been teaching her?” Cal asked accusingly. “But no, they probably aren’t. But even if they were, that’d be their choice, and that’s the number one thing to remember. It’s important to have choice, and it’s important to remember to allow everyone to use it,” Cal said, focusing back on Haley. The cat nodded quietly.

“Emily thinks that there’s more than one person involved in the kidnapping. We think, based on her statements, that organized crime has, to some degree, infiltrated into Alenkas,” Lucas said quietly, with conviction. Silence reigned, and surprisingly wasn’t drowned out.

Cal immediately toughened his face. “Tell me everything.”