Influx: Episode 22

“I’m surprised the character team didn’t think of this already,” Kevin said, his head resting on his hands. Emma gave him a soft glare, and roughly kicked him in the shin. That was something that was rude to say at all, let alone to the guy they were walking with.

Alex shrugged. “We kinda did, but never tried to push it. It was overruled at the top, and if someone put it secretly, as we always did, they never told the rest of us about it. Sometimes that happens though. I don’t think you have much room to talk though, all things considered. After all, you were part of the UI team…” he teased gently.

The three of them had decided to go out searching together, especially because the last time that Alex had gone off alone had pretty much sent the rest of Alenkas into a tizzy trying to find him, Mia, and Abigail at the same time. In repentance for being one of the ones that had exacerbated the situation and making it so much worse, Alex had barely rested in the time since he had come back from Dave’s tower.

Most of them, when he learned what he was doing, had given him a soft worried look and excused it away. After all, if he did manage, somehow, to get Dave out of his tower, the stellar’s jay would definitely be one of the best assets they would have when it came to searching for missing people.

It was just unfortunate that Dave was a notorious recluse, and was the only bird that they knew of. They had hoped that one of the Influxxer’s would be a bird and would be willing to help out, but it seemed that most people had chosen mammals instead.

Actually, that was the only thing they had seen. It made Alex wonder if that was something planned by NuVO or if it all truly turned out that way. Most of them, the original Alenkans, had also been mammals. At least for him, he had seen the various other opportunities that he could have taken, but the only one that really spoke out to him was the grey wolf.

“Hey, that’s just the User Interface. Everything that happened before hitting the city proper, that was us. Nothing else,” Kevin retorted hotly. Emma wondered if she’d have to try and break up the inevitable fight -which Kevin got into surprisingly often- but instead waited to try and see if the fight would find itself dwindled out on its own. She doubted it, but other miracles had occurred…

“Technically it’s the Accounts team fault, and we both know how well those guys worked with people.”

Kevin nodded. “Yeah, they hated everyone equally. ‘Bylaws of NuVO say this code must be optimized to at least this level’. ‘Please redo and submit again,” Kevin mocked, his voice taking a higher pitch as he impersonated whoever it was.

“‘No, we can’t do it that way, we have to do it this way because that’s the way it’s supposed to be done!'” Alex mocked along with him. Emma looked at him surprised, wondering just how the hell that miracle had occurred, and wondering when Alex was vindictive. He wasn’t normally like that, she thought. He continued, “Too bad they won’t simply give us the damned ID. Then Simon and Sam would have this done in an instant.”

“Why can’t we just use Mia’s?” Emma asked.

“Something about NuVO not actually having our ID’s on the servers. In other words, we’re not just unusual, we’re incomplete and NuVO refuses to try and fix it. Honestly, I’m kind of glad of that because I don’t want them messing with my head,” Alex said.

Kevin gave him an odd look, “How are we incomplete? We have all of our memories, and everything that makes us us. I’m sure that given a few years they could probably make new bodies from the genetics that made us, us.”

Alex shot him a questioning glance, “We’re more than memories and genetics, you know? And the server doesn’t actually encode our genetics, so they’d have to reverse-engineer our original algorithm for determining all the fur colors and such. Did you know animals actually have more chromosomes than humans do?”

“So where’d the other ones come from? The ones that humans didn’t have an exact replica for? And how much biology did you have to learn to make that algorithm?” Emma asked. She wasn’t afraid to admit that she was lost entirely, but the conversation was fascinating. It made her almost regret that her pussy was soaking wet, because she wanted it to continue instead of fuck, for the first time in…a long time.

“Randomized those. Everything else we tried to transfer over as best we could. Blonde hair doesn’t mean blonde fur though, it means some strange amalgamation of black and brown most of the time. And I do have a bachelor’s in biology, you know? I’m more than just a programmer,” Alex said, shrugging. “Not that it does me much good in here.”

“You never know, it could. Come on, think they’re in one of the alleys?” Emma asked. Kevin sighed and shook his head. He wasn’t going to say no to sex, and he’d been around Emma to know exactly what she was asking for. Alex did the same thing, having known Emma for almost as long as the horse had.

“Don’t give me that. You guys want this as much as I do. Besides, feel free to say no,” Emma shrugged. “You’d have to be crazy to.”

Alex looked partially swayed, “Not…really. But you know what, screw it, why not?” he shrugged. The female wolf grinned widely before hopping on the inevitable wooden crate. She turned around instantly and splayed her legs lewdly, showing off her sopping wet pussy and ready ass. “You know, I’ve always wondered why there are so many wooden crates just laying around,” Alex said.

Kevin stepped up next to the female wolf, his pants already discarded and his cock already hard. “Not sure,” he said, moving his cock up and down, slowly lubing it up nicely. “There’s one in almost every alley though, so I think it was a copy paste thing from the Locations team. You want to hop down, Emma?” he asked.

Emma gave a simple glare, before shrugged and jumping off. Truth be told she wasn’t exactly anticipating much else, but it’d be nice to at least try to sit on Alex’s cock before they realized it wasn’t going to be all that easy. She grabbed Kevin’s arms, and used them to maneuver her pussy to sit on his cock as one would do a wooden horse.

She groaned in wanton need before Alex pushed up her ass, letting Kevin’s cock bounce up into the entrance of her pussy. The male wolf didn’t wait long, lining up his own dick with the wolfess’ ass, slowly pushing it in.

Emma moaned lustfully as she felt her ass get stretched. That was one of the other good things about Alenkas that couldn’t be found anywhere else; no matter how big of a cock she took, she was always tight enough to get them off immediately. “Fuck…you have no idea how good that feels,” Emma said, Alex thrusting in deep enough to get up to his knot.

“I bet I don’t. That’s ok though-” Alex started, smirking as Kevin brutally thrust in his giant cock into Emma’s pussy all at once. She screamed, not in pain but in pleasure, as his flared tip hit the perfect spots all at once. “Because I doubt I’ll ever feel what you’re feeling,” Alex finished.

“Fuck…” Emma moaned, the two cocks hitting together through her body. She felt every inch of them, punishing her ass and her pussy, her entire lower body was on delicious fire. She was lifted off the ground, her feet slowly hanging in midair as Kevin got a nasty smirk on his face. She was about to question him, before he pulled out and pushed back in at the same time Alex did.

Emma lost her words then, lost in the pleasure that the two cocks were granting her. There wasn’t much discussion, both of the males lost in the ecstasy that was Emma’s body, holding her hips steady as they thrust in sharply with each second that past.

“Oh god, oh god, oh god…” she chanted as Alex suddenly stopped for a moment, letting Kevin thrust in balls deep. As the horse waited a second to give her the most pleasure for his energy, he pulled out a second later, followed by Alex’s thrust. She moaned in lost control as they changed their rhythm, fucking her pussy and ass beautifully.

She saw a few Influxxers look through the alleyway, before smirking at seeing who was getting fucked so loudly. They didn’t bother or try to say anything, instead they merely started masturbating on the spot. Most of them were guys, filled with hard cocks ready to cum.

Emma was at the mercy of the two males fucking her, and she loved every second of it. She felt herself get closer to that edge so suddenly, and she threw her head back onto Alex’s shoulder, moaning her pleasure to the world as her pussy and ass clenched and tightened marvelously on the two dicks inside her.

“Gonna cum soon!” Alex whispered into her ear. She wasn’t in any position to do anything but moan, let alone tell him where she actually wanted him to cum -inside- but knew that without any answer he’d probably do it anyways. Lyla had him trained pretty well that he should almost always cum inside.

Suddenly he lost all rhythm, fucking her ass as hard as he could, his wide and girthy cock stretching her wide as he tried to fuck his knot into her. He could feel Kevin’s cock through Emma’s body, just on the other side of a thin wall that was all that separated Emma’s pussy from her ass. The horse was continuing the same rhythm as before, plunging his entire cock balls-deep into her pussy and womb.

“Yes!” Emma shouted as Alex lost any semblance of control he had, and was more focused on simply cumming now. His knot slipped in, but he didn’t stop fucking her, pulling it out a second later before plunging his knot back in. She came again, more and more of her pussy juice running out onto Kevin’s cock.

Kevin groaned as he felt Alex shove his knot inside, and with the extra stimulation he was about to ready to blow too. He grunted, shoving his cock as deep as he could, before he, too, came hard. Massive amounts of cum shot from his member, coating and painting Emma’s insides white. Large amounts dribbled out a few seconds later, dripping onto Kevin’s and Alex’s legs.

The three stood in tandem, all breathing hard after their exertion. “Right, I think I might be able to concentrate again,” Emma said, her breath heady and hardy with a hint of smugness somewhere in there.

“Did Simon leave the Heats on for you or something?” Alex asked callously. He positioned himself onto the crate, letting Emma’s ass flutter around him, liters of spunk dripping from Emma’s pussy as Kevin pulled out completely. His cock was almost painted white, it looked like.

“God I hope not. I think it’s just the residual effects of the Heats and genetic incapability combination,” Emma whispered, pushing her head back onto Alex’s shoulder. “Never mind, I’m going to take a quick rest,” she said. Alex and Kevin looked at each other before shrugging. They’d continue their search later. Another few hours wouldn’t hurt much more than the time they’ve already lost.