Influx: Episode 21

“Come on, we have time for a quickie at least. Come on Aiden, you know you want to,” Lucas growled sexily. His hands were already on the side of the building, his tail swinging from side to side, waiting for his husband to push it out of the way. He heard the small murmur of Aiden being unsure behind him, and moved his hips slightly, showing off his well-sculpted ass.

“I’m not sure we have the time, Lucas,” Aiden responded behind him. Lucas gave a soft unsatisfied whimper, then perked up marvelously as he felt Aiden’s cock behind him, slowly pushing away his tail to enter his ass. “But…fuck it, I’m gonna go anyways,” Aiden said, taking each moment slowly.

Lucas groaned with a large smile gracing his face. Aiden’s cock always opened him so deliciously wide, sometimes it was hard for him to think exactly why, but damn he was happy for it. He had prepared himself earlier, as he was used to nowadays due to being in Alenkas for so long, but finally being filled…it felt amazing.

“You’re so hot inside…are you alright?” Aiden said behind him, slowly grabbing his hips as he thrust his cock in and out of his partner’s ass. Lucas groaned as he felt Aiden hit that perfect spot inside that caused him to tense up slightly.

“Fuck yes, please, Aiden…” Lucas grumbled. The cock was stirring him up so amazingly. Somehow Aiden always knew exactly which spots to hit that would drive him crazy. He’d always been able to do it too, even before Alenkas.

Aiden sped up, hitting that spot more and more, and Lucas could do nothing but moan and tighten himself around his love. Lucas’ eyes tightened as he tried to hold off his orgasm; some days he was always going to cum so fast and had no idea why. “Cum for me, you know you want to,” Aiden whispered into his ears. “I’m close too,” he continued.

As Aiden told him his own moment of weakness, Lucas finally let himself pour over that edge. He groaned and moaned at the same time as pleasure filled his person. Aiden’s own soft moan made his own extend, and he felt the small kicks in Aiden’s cock as his ass was filled with cum.

He pushed himself back out, and let Aiden relax against his back. “Was that worth almost getting caught?” Aiden asked kindly. Lucas shot him a soft glare, before nodding slowly. “Ok, yeah I have to admit that I needed that too,” Aiden admitted.

“See? Besides, Alex isn’t supposed to show up for another couple of minutes. Plenty of time to untie,” Lucas said. Aiden groaned with a smile. Sometimes Lucas tried to hold things over him just a bit too long.

“Hey guys…oh. Really?” they heard Alex say as he entered the alleyway. He didn’t turn away -he’d seen them naked plenty of times, and plenty of times tied together exactly like this- but instead he just shot them a strange look. “Yeah, we can start whenever you guys are ready,” he finished.

“We’re ready anytime. So what’s been going on? We know only a little bit, but then you wanted us to try and find Jen, and now we’re just confused as to exactly how much hell has been brought up recently?” Lucas asked. Aiden gave him a light smack on the ass, getting a soft smile in return.

“Well, you already know Mia’s missing. There’s been another girl confirmed kidnapped, a calico cat by the name of Abigail. She’s an Influxxer-” Alex started.

“Shouldn’t she just log out?” Aiden asked.

“We asked that. Apparently it’s because the Influxxers have to actually say the words ‘log out’. If they can’t get the words out, they can’t do it. Which means that this guy actually had a plan on how to capture people. We have a feeling we know what’s going on, but that’s…part of the issue.”

“Dammit. I thought we would’ve proved we’re better than that…” Aiden said, shooting a look off to the side. Lucas tried to rub his love’s back, to offer some kind of comfort, but he was still tied to Aiden’s front. Instead the most he could do was grab Aiden’s hand.

“Any case, Simon’s pretty much said to go ahead and start another great hunt. Similar to what we did for the IDM. NuVO’s silent on it, which means we aren’t going to get any help from the outside world on this,” Alex continued.

“The IDM can’t help us?” Lucas asked. They’d gone through so much for the damned thing, would it be too much to ask that it return the damn favor a bit?

“Nah, it doesn’t record coordinates. It simply tells us where the login and logout coordinates are. And it doesn’t tell us anything about each other, obviously. Simon’s trying to get NuVO to let us have access to that info, but they’re trying to argue that it invalidates human rights.”

“That’s just stupid,” Lucas and Aiden pronounced at the same time. Alex nodded, agreeing with them. He could understand NuVO’s reasoning, but not when people’s lives were at stake, or their bodies. The FBI, whenever they were part of a kidnapping case, moved mountains to try and find people. Why couldn’t the Alenkans do the same?

Aiden pulled himself out from Lucas’ ass, now that his knot had gone down a bit. Lucas turned and gave a quick kiss, before pulling on his pants. Aiden did the same. “Right. We know already that they aren’t in the warehouses, because we checked there first after the last time,” Alex said. The other two canines nodded.

“We’ll check around the slums then, district…forty six I want to say?” Lucas said. Alex tossed it in his head, before he shrugged and pulled out his map. He nodded, and Lucas grinned. “Come on Aiden, let’s go find some people,” he pronounced swiftly. The husky tossed an amused look his way, but the two quickly took off a second later.

The city of Alenkas passed by them quickly. They were the two fastest people in Alenkas, but that was due to no superpower, but rather because they ran. A lot. They were the two with the most knowledge of Alenkas, and they knew almost every shortcut and secret in the city. A normal trip to the slums, the northwestern most side of Alenkas, from where they started, would take most people about half an hour.

They did it in ten minutes.

Fences were jumped, and when a crowd of Influxxers got in their way, they didn’t stop, but merely climbed onto a roof using a random ladder that seemed to have been placed in their way. The buildings of Alenkas on the same street were close enough to easily jump, but it was across the streets where they needed to go.

They took lives seriously, and would stop at nothing to get to their goal. They got to the slums easy enough, a more broken-down-esque area of Alenkas that wasn’t the most upkept area. It was designed to look like that though, otherwise the Alenkans probably would’ve made it better.

Windows were boarded up, and signs were often falling down onto one hinge. The wooden sidings were starting to crack and peel, and grass -not the usual kind in the regular areas of Alenkas, but the kind that would grow so tall as to get everywhere it wasn’t supposed to- peeked up through the boards.

“Think anybody’s checked through here? Certainly looks like a place people like them would go,” Lucas said, looking around. Their feet hit silently against the concrete, a bit rougher than the usual kind in the more upkept parts of Alenkas.

Normally they wouldn’t have even thought about going to the ‘slums’ of Alenkas. No one really ever did, but they were there. The reason they were made, according to Simon who had wondered that very thing originally, was ‘because every city has a poor district’. He disagreed, but was overruled by the people above him. He didn’t think too much of it though, as he got overruled quite a bit.

“Probably not. Come on, the district we’re checking is just a few minutes away,” Aiden said. Lucas nodded, and the two were off again. They were heading to the northern most area of the slums, the closest to the north tower, mostly because that was one of the most out of the way areas of Alenkas. The only way to get to it was through the slums; to get to it from the normal areas a person would have to parkour or jump their way over fences and rooftops.

Lucas and Aiden preferred to not even have to try to bring that much attention on themselves. So they took the -only somewhat- longer path and went through the slums instead. “You know, it’s too bad that we don’t have something like a police force or something,” Lucas joked.

“Well, how would they be able to do it and actually matter? The real world doesn’t care what goes on in here. I mean, thirty people dead and mysteriously they’re alive in here? Yeah, like anybody’d buy that,” Aiden said.

“What we need is someone on the outside that can fight for us, too. I’m surprised NuVO didn’t have a moderation team or something set up to try and prevent all this.”

“I think they did, but Simon opened it up early. He didn’t exactly give them much time to prepare,” Aiden chuckled. Lucas laughed openly. It’d been a while since they thought about it, but that was the case; Simon had just opened the floodgates, with Sam a couple of weeks before. There was a reason they called it the Influx.

“How do we want to check the districts then? Same plan as last time? Split up and find the most likely places?” Lucas asked, bringing them back on topic. Aiden tossed the suggestion around in his head.

“Could work. I’d prefer if we stuck together, after considering what happened last time someone went off on their own,” Aiden said. Lucas nodded, accepting that. After all, the last time someone went off on their own -Alex- they sent almost all of the Alenkans to try and find him, and it turned out he didn’t need any help at all.

“Too bad the character team couldn’t do anything to help,” Lucas complained sullenly.

“They weren’t expecting anything like this. They figured that they’d be able to pluck them out if someone complained or if the police did something. Naturally, no one knows what’s going on asides from us, and NuVO’s blocking everything, saying that they’re ‘working on a fix’,” Aiden agreed.

“Is it bad that I kind of miss the Heats now? At least with the Heats it was everyone versus the system, and we were all trying to beat it to the end. Now we’re against other people, pitting their brains and the system versus us. We barely won when it was just us against the system, and now we have to take into account people with that? People that can be just as smart as we are, and have the balls to do things that would make normal people churn their insides?” Lucas ranted.

“No, I don’t think so. But either way, we have a job to do. We’re called the best runners in Alenkas, let’s prove that title,” Aiden confronted. Lucas nodded, and the two took off into the slums, intent on finding the two missing persons. Through thick and thin, they’d do everything they could.