Influx: Episode 15

Kara logged back in with a grin. She had that inner glow of a woman well-fucked, and it wasn’t just because of the lesbian threesome that she had partaken in just a few short hours ago. But rather because her husband had seen the video and decided to show her just how much he appreciated her breaking out of some of her other boundaries.

It wasn’t that she was a prude, but rather once she had gotten out of college, she had simply…focused to the point where her sexuality had been completely inhibited. She enjoyed sex, sure, but it wasn’t an end-goal for her. It was just kind of the middle for her, something to enjoy doing while waiting to get pregnant.

Alenkas had opened up something for her, something that made her want to open up more to other people, truly dig out her boundaries. James -her husband- definitely appreciated it, and wanted her to explore more of what made herself tick. He would join her but unfortunately the headsets for Alenkas were slightly rare now that Alenkas had actually been opened, and neither of them could really afford them -Kara’s had gotten hers for free from an old work friend- so he’d have to wait.

That said, he definitely enjoyed watching her go through the system, even second-hand as it was. Which meant that Kara would definitely have to try new things, and really learn more about herself, not just sexually but as a person. Or maybe they were one and the same, she didn’t really know.

As both Abigail and Emily seemed to have left, something which didn’t exactly shock Kara as she’d been gone for several hours by the time she came back, instead she went back to wandering aimlessly around. She still wanted to find Simon, maybe see if the Alenkan tester was the same one that she had been thinking of.

She remembered Simon, and all of them well. They were a team of five, and had built Alenkas from the ground up. She, Simon, and Revan had built the core engine, made it patchless, and let it run when they showed up to NuVO one day. Kason and Trevor had pitched it, with Revan explaining the more technical aspects and leaving the more basic capabilities to Simon and Kara…the two with the ability to dumb it down a bit.

He was young, glassy-eyed and fresh out of school. Hell, they all were when they met together. They met at a bar, each for their own individual reasons, and they all explicitly desired the exact same thing. The desire for a second chance, for something to truly be able to be called their own.

She hadn’t explained why she wanted one. Neither had anyone else, but they never needed to. Over the next year or two, she worked down in the code with the other two programmers, the last two needed for everything else, from marketing to building up interest in their project.

They had made an amazing team.

Then NuVO ruined it. Completely and utterly. And Kara would never forgive them for that.

But she had to admit, she left it in pretty good hands. Especially if the system runs so well as to have thousands of people online at once, with zero slowdown, using a full neurolink simulator. They had barely gotten sight done in their original tech demo. And yet here they were, effectively being able to recreate life.

The only things missing were the dullness of real colors from a grey sky and the ability to get pregnant. Other than that, the Alenkas teams had managed to hit almost every single want that the original five had wished for. It was truly an incredible sight to Kara.

She found herself wandering through the farther parts of Alenkas. The farther south she went from the beginning, the less she saw of other people. She saw some people, like a giant bear with an X on his chest in scar form, wandering around looking for something, or someone. She thought she should shout at get his attention, but wasn’t sure what to say. ‘I thought you were looking for something, so I thought I’d help.’ she thought. Bullshit, no one would accept that excuse.

He’d probably see it as a come-on.

He wasn’t naked though, something that made Kara more alert of own lack of clothes, but he was as close as he could be. Loose sweatpants…she decided to just leave him be. If he asked for help, she’d give it, but she wouldn’t ask him.

And that’s when she ran straight into the other fox.

She bumped into her, sending both of them toppling to the ground. Kara immediately looked at the red fox, currently growling at the spilled groceries. “Shit, I’m so sorry!” Kara said quietly as she ran over to try and help the fox out. She was a red fox, naked, but seemed to have a better grip on how to move in Alenkas than almost anyone else Kara had seen.

“No worries, I just need to watch where I’m going next time,” the red fox said simply. She stood up and made sure that her grip on the three bags was still good.

“Here, I’ll make it up to you. Hand me some bags, I’ll carry them for you,” Kara insisted. The red fox stared at her, her blue eyes staring into Kara’s own. Finally, after a long moment, the red fox shrugged and handed her two of the bags.

They were surprisingly heavy, but Kara refused to complain as she trudged along behind the red fox in silence. If there was ever a time for openness, it’d be now, Kara thought. “I’m Kara. You?”

“Lyla. Sorry for…” the red fox said as she waved around something that was obviously on her mind. “I’m just distracted. Once we get in, you want anything to drink?” she asked, trying hard to be kind. Kara could tell, so with a smile she gratefully accepted.

“What’re you distracted about? Anything I could help with?” Kara asked. Lyla tossed it out in her head, before measuring the german shepherd up with her eyes. Kara got the feeling that Lyla wasn’t just checking her out, but checking her trust with someone she didn’t know at all.

“No, it’s not really anything you can do something about. Thanks though,” Lyla said, grabbing the bgs that Kara couldn’t. The pair traveled in silence, and Kara got the feeling that though she wanted to say something, Lyla was taking her time to come up with something. “What’re you doing in Alenkas?” she asked suddenly.

“Oh. I’m looking for someone.”

“Aren’t we all?” Lyla asked wryly. “If you’re looking for them, though,why are you looking in Alenkas?”

“I think they might’ve been one of the testers that…”

“Died,” Lyla interrupted. Kara nodded sadly. “I think most of us have gotten over it, but for a long time we didn’t. It’s not something you need to dance around nowadays.” Kara shot her a curious glance.

Lyla led her throughout the southern part of Alenkas, getting closer to the river’s edge, before suddenly turning and heading down a small side street. Houses lay scattered around, seemingly placed via random copy paste. Even in the straight streets, there always seemed to be an angle.

She walked right up to one particular one, a small one story with a small-ish yard. The mailbox had its flag up, and with a groan Lyla checked it. She grabbed a few envelopes out, before pushing the flag down. She groaned more as she looked at them. “Bad news? I didn’t even know they had mail here,” Kara said.

“Not bad news, just spam. It’s email,” Lyla said, passing over an envelope so the german shepherd could see it. She could see the address was simply “LBannon@nuvo” with the return address being a hilarious “premiumrewards@spam”. “Didn’t think I was literal, did you?” she asked when Kara broke down laughing.

With a pained grin, they worked their way up to the house, which seemed tiny in comparison to how large Alenkas as a whole was. The inside was neat, with an entranceway leading to an open room with a kitchen on one side, surrounded by counter space, with couches and chairs on the other side. Deeper in Kara could see the bedroom. “Alex must be out…” Lyla said. “Just put the bags on the counter, I’ll handle them later. Thanks again for your help.”

“No problem. It’s my fault for bumping into you, and I wanted to make it up to you,” Kara said as she put the bags up. She was surprised to suddenly get a hug from the taciturn fox.

“I know another way you can help me, if you want to,” Lyla said suggestively into her ear. Kara’s blood rushed down to her pussy, wettening it instantly as she grasped the red fox’s meaning. Her mind shot originally to push her away, to say no, but then her husband’s reminder that she should open up, be willing to explore in a world of second chances. Most people never got two.

“Oh?” Kara asked pushing her ass back into the fox’s grasp. She threw her head back and licked at Lyla’s ear. “And how can I be of assistance?” she asked.

Lyla groaned happily, one of the fox’s hands running down to measure and tease Kara’s pussy lips. “Remember how I said you don’t need to dance around our deaths? This is how…by reminding us that we’re still alive,” she said, slowly running her fingers around Kara’s pussy. Her other hand went up and played with her breasts, teasing and pulling at the nipples lightly.

Kara moaned lightly as she fell into Lyla’s touch. She thought that Abigail had been good, but damn Lyla was blowing her out of the water so far. She submitted fully to the red fox, who moaned happily into the german shepherd’s ear as she did so, and tensed constantly as she was teased and played with.

For what seemed like minutes Lyla teased Kara, her hands running so close to the dog’s clit but never quite getting there. “Please…” Kara said. She wondered when she had gotten so worked up that she had quite literally resorted to begging to get Lyla to do more.

“Please what? Touch you more?” Lyla asked into her ear as her hands once again went closer to that little nub. Kara moaned and agreed before finally Lyla just brushed past it, sending Kara moaning loudly into the open air as her hips tried to get more of a touch.

After the small brush, Lyla seemed far more open to letting her get closer to that peak, rubbing Kara’s clit with far more vigor than before, sending the dog into spasms of tenseness that just screamed for her release. Kara finally pushed her feet up onto the counter, opening up her legs as wide as she could as Lyla attacked her clit.

She tensed wonderfully, feeling her peak come at a pace that would shock most people, her mind filling with pleasure as she came hard on Lyla’s hands. The fox never stopped rubbing her clit and pussy, finally slowing down once she felt that Kara had stopped cumming. The dog breathed heavily, relaxing after several long moments.

“Now-” Lyla said, only to be pushed back as Kara tackled her to a couch. “It’s my turn,” the dog grinned, kissing and biting on Lyla’s neck. The fox moaned into the air as she felt Kara’s hands do similar to her own pussy and breasts, starting their wonderful torture that would send her to a peak beyond words.

Lyla breathed heavily and hard as she endured Kara’s hands. The german shepherd was amazing with her hands, and the fox’s moans let her know this as best she could. “Fuck…” the fox groaned out as her Kara ignored her clit and instead slowly fingered her, her hands hooking inside to try and find the one spot that would send Lyla over easily.

She found it easily enough when Lyla suddenly moaned, practically screaming her pleasure to the air as her legs widened even more. Focusing on that spot, she was surprised by how wet she was, as Lyla moaned and barely was able to hold herself up.

After what seemed like forever to the two, Lyla finally came loudly, her pussy clenching tight upon Kara’s hands, flushing them with her juice. Kara could see Lyla’s muscles tense up, and slowly relax as she came down from her high.

Kara slowly withdrew her hand from the fox’s pussy, and was amazed to see it wasn’t just flushed with her pussy juice, but with cum as well, a small yellowish tinge showing how long ago she’d last been fucked. “Sorry…that’s probably Alex’s…” Lyla moaned softly with a grin. “That felt amazing…”

“I’m not worried…” Kara said, making sure that Lyla was looking at her as she dipped her fingers into her mouth, tasting the cum and pussy juice mixture. With it still on her tongue -bitter but sweet. An odd taste for sure, but definitely not a bad one- she dove into a kiss with her, pushing what was left into the fox’s mouth. Lyla moaned into it, and broke apart several moments later panting.

They stared into each other in silence for a long moment. “Who was it that you’re searching for? Maybe I can help you find them,” Lyla asked.

Kara glanced at her with a happy smile on her face, “Simon. His name was Simon, a pro-”

“Oh he’s here alright. I know exactly who you’re talking about. Come on…I’ll show you where he is.”