Influx: Episode 11

Lucas grinned as he felt the hard cock at his asshole. He kept his hands where they were, stretching himself wide for Aiden’s cock to enter him, and fill him up. He felt Aiden thrust, and he moaned as he felt the intense pressure that came with a hard cock entering him.

Aiden went slow, as he always did for the first penetration of the day. Lucas told him, many times, that he didn’t need to, but Aiden did just the same. Slow thrust, and slow pull-out, all of it designed to drive Lucas crazy with need and lust. Already the arctic fox could feel his legs starting to shake from the sheer want.

“Aiden, please…” he moaned loudly. He heard the chuckle behind him and gasped as Aiden finally started thrusting faster, his cock entering and exiting his asshole with a rapid speed. Lucas groaned as he felt the cock stir him up inside, driving him closer and closer to that rapidly closing edge. God his stamina had come down ever since he entered Alenkas.

He could his climax coming, closer and closer, the more that Aiden thrust his cock deep inside his ass. “Fuck, Aiden…” he moaned out, his eyes closed as he tried to keep from cumming so soon. Aiden chuckled from behind him, and started going faster, hurrying him and rushing him towards that edge. “Screw you!” Lucas moaned out.

Pleasure signals fired up through his entire spine, before he climaxed hard. His cock shook and shot ropes of cum, painting the bedsheets with the white liquid as his ass clenched hard on the invading rod. Aiden laughed lightly, keeping up his pace even though Lucas’ uncontrolled tightening.

Every time it seemed that Lucas’ orgasm died down, Aiden forced another one out, each one sending pleasure straight through Lucas’ core and cock. With each one more cum shot out, showing the end results of their intercourse. Lucas groaned as another orgasm shot through him, one after another as Aiden continued his thrusting.

Finally, after what seemed like forever to Lucas, Aiden thrust himself in balls-deep, forcing his knot all the way in he came deep inside. Lucas moaned out in sighed pleasure as he finally relaxed, falling on top of the wet bed. “Wow. I think that was…what, six?” Aiden asked lightly.

“A lot. I lost count after the second one,” Lucas answered breathily. He felt Aiden lie on top of him, and he sighed in the safety of his husband. “You have no idea how much I’ve been missing this…” he said.

“I think I can tell. Usually you last a bit longer than that,” Aiden responded with a grin. Lucas chuckled darkly. “Come now, you know I like it when you cum,” the husky on top of him said.

“I know, it just feels like I have no stamina, you know?” Lucas said.

“We just need to do it more often, that’s all,” Aiden said with a grin. Lucas laughed, finally pushing himself and feeling Aiden’s cock jump inside. It took a few minutes for them to wiggle out of each other, before finally Aiden’s cock popped out with a loud sound.

They lied on the bed, simply holding each other, before Aiden stated, “We should take a shower.”

“We should. Let’s?” Lucas asked. Aiden grinned and nodded.

They were two of the lucky ones in the original Alenkas testers. They’d already been through so much together beforehand, that Alenkas to them was just another challenge. When they got evicted out of the apartments, they wasted no time essentially sitting in another house. Due to Alenkas not having even so much as a monetary system yet -despite having had one when it was just the thirty of them, somehow having it being taken out before being turned online- they got it without pretty much doing anything.

They knew that Lyla and a few others managed a similar thing, to simply squat in a house until it became theirs by default. They still had to worry about food and such, but most of the thirty, exception being some, had gathered up all their finances into a single thing in order to pay for everyone’s food and other supplies.

It worked surprisingly well, what with Simon, Sam, Lucas, Lyla, and even surprisingly Emma pitch in for everyone’s budget. There was a certain amount dedicated each week to every set of partners, and Sam controlled all that, because she could be trusted the most out of everyone, the five had felt -Sam hadn’t, she had voted Lyla-.

They had just gotten out of the shower when they heard a knock. “Come on in, door’s unlocked!” Aiden shouted. He got a glare from Lucas. “What?” he asked, “I didn’t know how long the tie was going to last and it’s not like they haven’t walked in on us before!”

“It’s the principal of the thing,” Lucas said with a grin. Aiden sighed as Alex walked in, the grey wolf holding a small bag. “Ooh, foodstuffs!” Lucas saw.

“Yeah, got your weekly rations here. I kind of wish NuVO would hurry up and put in something at least…these weekly things are getting smaller and smaller,” Alex said. Lucas ignored his ranting as he tore off his towel and looked through the bag, his cock hanging out proudly.

“It is annoying. Any word from Simon on when that’s going to be put in?” Aiden asked as he quickly picked up Lucas’ discarded towel and ‘thwapped’ the fox in the ass with a small towel flick. The arctic fox glared at him before grabbing the towel.

“Nah, all I got is ‘soon’,” Alex sighed. He grabbed a small cup and helped himself to some water, before walking over and sitting in one of the chairs. “I don’t know how you two managed this whole ‘running’ thing for so long, I’m dead beat.”

Lucas chuckled, “You get used to it. Maybe try getting fucked in the ass for a while, that might help you out,” he grinned at the wolf.

The gray wolf glared back. “Har har, no thanks. My ass for me and me alone,” he said with a light chuckle.

“It’s not that big a deal, you know. In all seriousness, just keep it up, it’ll get easier,” Aiden said. Alex shot him a look. “I know, it seems weird but it does feel good to us, you know?”

“I know, and I’m not judging. Hell, I just caught Lyla being fucked in the ass by a mountain lion of all things. Guy was big too, about my size. I’ve always wondered what she finds in getting screwed back there…although I will admit it is hot,” Alex said.

“Really?” Lucas asked, bringing a cup to Aiden and himself as they both sat on the couch. They had taken it from their apartment right after being evicted, as one final ‘fuck you’ to the next owners of the place. They felt that taking it was better than leaving it for them, considering how much they fucked on it. “A mountain lion? Don’t they have those barbed cocks? Wouldn’t that hurt?”

“Ask Lyla or Emma I suppose.”

The trio nodded in amusement as they drank. “I wish that Simon would hurry up and figure out how to get alcohol in here, I know they did it once before,” Alex said after a long moment. The other two smiled and nodded.

“Yeah, I heard about that test. They were basically being paid to get drunk in Alenkas for a week straight, although they had to test the hangover part too. Wait, can we even get drunk anymore?” Lucas asked.

“We should. I mean, data shells or not we still have everything from our lives, and it’s just variables and data here. Should be able to,” Alex explained. “I mean, I wasn’t the one in charge of that kind of thing but I know the guy that was.”

“God damn Trevor Hill…” Aiden said after a moment. The other two nodded, and gave a small cheers for that. “The least he could have done is give us some more to do in here besides do this all day.”

“I heard that Emma was thinking about starting up a brothel as soon as they put in the economy, get paid to have sex, and you know, it is Emma,” Alex said after a moment. The other two smiled.

“Makes sense, but she’d have to have quite a team under her to get all demographics. I mean…Alenkas caters to all sorts of types. Cal’s gay, you have us that don’t care, you have straights like yourself…that’s not even getting into the female side of the portion,” Lucas wondered aloud.

“If anyone can do it, Emma could. She certainly knows enough people. Or I wonder if they’d start up a porn company or something, put the videos on the internet. Although from what I’ve been hearing most people prefer the free stuff,” Alex said.

“You would know, wouldn’t you?” Aiden teased lightly.

“I have no idea what you’re talking about,” Alex responded, his face blushing. He was a young guy for a new company when he had been selected for testing Alenkas. Of course he’d watched porn, most guys did at some point in their lives. Not all, though.

“Right. Forgive us for not believing you. Say, do you know if George or Kevin are coming today?” Lucas asked. Alex shook his head.

“Nah, I have no idea. I know it’s Simon’s turn to be the dictator, which means that it’s Sam’s turn at the IDM. God this whole Influx thing is such a mess without the basics.”

“Well, it was turned on suddenly. I mean, although it was feature-complete now… it seems rather feature-incomplete,” Lucas said.

“Doesn’t mean much. Maybe they noticed some real bugs during our test. They’d have to do something about those if they were big deals, yeah?” Alex answered. The other two nodded lightly. They weren’t programmers, so they wouldn’t know the exact things that happened on that timeline.

“Oh yeah, did you get the name of that mountain lion guy that you caught fucking Lyla’s ass? Maybe she’d be up for some quality time with the four of us, yeah?” Lucas chuckled.

Alex thought about it, “Uh, maybe. William, I think it was? I don’t know, I’d have to ask.” He yawned, his maw opening surprisingly wide. He sighed a moment later, “you guys mind if I just go to sleep?” he asked. Without waiting for a response he closed his eyes and relaxed.

Lucas grinned and silently went to go and gather the cups. “What’re you thinking?” Aiden asked him quietly. “I know you’re thinking of something.”

“You’re right. The Influx…something tells me that NuVO’s planning on something using it.”

“They’d best hurry. People’s interest wane if they don’t get new things.”

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