Influx: Episode 6

Ethan walked out into the bright lights of Alenkas, his hooves clomping down hard onto the soft concrete. He, much like in real life, towered over everyone there that he saw. Also much like everyone else, the horse was naked.

The beginning area had what looked like hundreds of people gathered around. Some were talking aimlessly, some -though watching made him blush- were off fucking in the corner trying to at least be somewhat quiet about it, and even others were off bothering what looked like the only person wearing decent clothes. Or clothes at all, for that matter.

He walked over to the guy, what looked like a wolf. “Need any help?” Ethan asked in his deep baritone, his voice drowning out all of the others. The multitude of people surrounding the wolf looked at the giant horse, with muscles rippling almost threateningly, and backed away quickly.

“I didn’t, but thanks. I’ve been pretty getting pretty good at dealing with people!” the wolf laughed. “I’m Alex, you?” the wolf said, holding out one of his hands.

Ethan smirked, before shaking his hand. “It kind of looked like you did. I’m surprised you’re not scared,” Ethan said after a moment. He knew exactly how frightening his visage was; hell, he designed it that way. He was a massive clydesdale, and he was at least twice the size of everyone else.

“Nah, I’ve met several horses here already, and Ivan’s about your size. Need any help with anything?” Alex asked.

“Just wondering where you got the clothes. I’m not exactly a fan of waving what I have around,” Ethan said. Alex looked at it, measuring it in his mind’s eye. It was gigantic, as almost all of them were, but he’d grown immune due to spending so much time in Alenkas already.

“I got them down there, just past that street. Unfortunately there’s no money around except for what the testers had. I think NuVO’s still getting that system put in,” Alex answered. Ethan frowned. “I know, it sucks. I think they’re planning some microtransaction bullshit.”

“Why? It’s not like this system’s going to be permanent.”

“Don’t I know it. The ones I really feel bad for are the ones stuck here permanently. What’ll happen to them then?” Alex asked.

“Wait, there’s people stuck here?” Ethan asked. He hadn’t heard anything about that, and that was something that he think he would have heard about. He did pay attention to the news, a lot better than most of his friends. Something like that would’ve been put on the news, right?

“Yeah, there’s thirty of us. The beta testers, there was an accident at NuVO about…oh god with the time dilation it’s weird to think it’s only been a month or two. It’s been like ten months to us.”

Wait, maybe he did hear about that? It was on the news for a few days, it wasn’t that a big deal on the articles he read it was brought up a couple of times, usually as proof that corporations didn’t have the best safety standards. “Right, I heard about the accident. But…I didn’t hear anything about you being stuck in there.”

“I guess that they didn’t report that. I’ll have to check with Simon what they actually reported,” Alex shrugged.

They were interrupted by another voice calling out, “Alex! Switch up!” Alex sighed.

“Switch?” Ethan asked.

“Oh you’ll like this new one, I guarantee you. Especially if she goes and fucks you immediately, which is probably the- hi Emma!” he changed immediately, going from an annoyed to look to a wide grin with practiced ease. The new person was a female wolf, just as naked as the rest of them.

“Hi Alex. Well hi, who are you?” she asked, tilting her head. Ethan could almost see her nipples harden up, and he had to admit that seeing a naked woman walk up to him was starting to have an effect on him.

“I’m Ethan. You are?” he said.

Emma smiled at him. “I’m Emma…” she said lustily, reaching down with one of her hands. She shook herself out of it a second later, as Alex had already left and waved his way out. “Damn, that’s harder than I thought it’d be.”

“What’s hard?” Ethan asked.

“Not jumping your bones the second I see you. See, I don’t know how much Alex told you but for a long time every few hours or so our lust would artificially rise, and so my body just got used to constantly having sex. Simon stopped it the second that he could, although that doesn’t stop that I keep mentally and physically preparing for it every moment I have,” Emma explained. She turned to his cock, “Although I bet you wouldn’t mind using that new tool of yours…”

“How can you tell I’m new?”

“It’s not hard. You’re walking around wobbly, as if you don’t quite know how to hold yourself. You’re holding yourself like you would a human, and you’re trying for that. Let it flow. Your body and sense of balance knows what to do better than you think.”

Ethan hadn’t even realized he was holding himself oddly. Most of the people here seemed to be doing the same, and it was common sight to see people fall every once in a while. He tried relaxing a bit, but didn’t see any noticeable difference.

“You’re trying too hard. Here, relax,” Emma said, getting down on her knees and stroking his cock lovingly. “Alright, I’m not going to try fighting it. My bodies too used to seeing horse cocks go in me rather than wait on the outside,” she joked.

Ethan felt her hands stroke him, and he felt it start to get hard. He breathed deeply as he felt her hands get a better grip, and he felt her tongue on his slit. “Oh holy crow, look at this! She’s gonna take a horse cock!” someone called from the side.

“Ignore them. Just don’t ignore me,” Emma mumbled, her tongue licking the flared tip up and down. She gave a soft smirk to the clydesdale, before she took the tip into her mouth. Her hands weren’t resting, softly stroking the rest of him. Ethan moved his hand up to her shoulder, and she felt a soft pressure there as if telling her to not go too deep.

She ignored him, as she did most people, and promptly forced a good half of the giant cock down her throat. “Holy crap, she’s doing it!” the same voice called out again. More and more people started to come by to watch the small wolf take the giant thing.

Emma gave some small squeezes near the base of his cock, forcing Ethan’s attention back onto her. There was no way that she could fit the entire thing in her throat, and she seemed to know that, although her throat felt incredible around him.

A good thirty seconds or so later, she took her head off with a small ‘pop’ sound. “That didn’t seem to relax you. Here, I know what will,” she said, turning around and moving her tail up. She shook her ass around, showing her fully engorged pussy lips and tight ass.

“There’s no way she could take all that-” “No way, I heard about this chick man, she can do anything-” “I bet she can’t take that!”

Emma frowned. “Hey, keep it down over there in the peanut gallery!” she called out. She moved her pussy to his massive erect cock, and with a simple sigh pushed herself onto it. Ethan sighed loudly as he felt her warm and tight heat surround him. She was extremely wet, almost as if she knew her own body better than any guy ever could. “Hold my hands,” she said, pushing herself up to standing.

Blinking, Ethan held her arms so they were behind her, essentially hanging from her arms and the giant cock in her pussy. She hadn’t started moving yet, but honestly Ethan didn’t think she needed to. Holy crap, he was fucking his first girl in Alenkas! And it had happened in the first twenty minutes of being here, and it felt fucking incredible!

Then Emma started moving, and Ethan stopped thinking. He ignored the multitude of people hanging around, cheering him on as he started to thrust his cock forward. Emma moaned with each thrust, her legs barely able to keep her up as she hung forward, her boobs reaching towards the ground.

He could feel that there was a second hole, deep inside, that he didn’t want to put pressure on, but at the same time her pussy felt so damned good that he didn’t want to stop. He just wanted to keep going; to fuck Emma into oblivion. “Oh god don’t stop that feels so good,” Emma muttered as she continued bouncing on the giant cock.

“Hi Emma, sorry I’m…oh,” another voice called out. Ethan snapped out of the reverie brought on by Emma’s pussy to see another horse come up, this one wearing actual pants -brown sweats- with what looked like a simple work shirt. The new horse looked down at their joined bodies, before he relaxed a moment.

“She didn’t tell me she had a boyfriend already!” Ethan said, trying to pull himself out. It tortured him to do so, as Emma groaned in disappointment. The new horse laughed, before wandering over and shoving Emma back on. She moaned in enjoyment as she was filled once more.

“Nah, not so much. Just two people that went through heaven and hell. We made a deal, months ago, that we wouldn’t care. Come on, fuck her harder. Get your entire cock in her,” the new horse said.

“Oh fuck Kevin, he’s so big…he’s just like you…” Emma moaned. The cheers went up again as Ethan froze a bit, before just wondering when this became a dream. Although most of his dreams never actually did take place as a horse, fucking a wolf in front of a giant crowd of people…

“She can take it. I’m Kevin,” the horse said. He smirked at the wolf near him, and gripped her shoulders hard. “You want him to go deep?” he asked. Emma nodded viciously, shoving her body back harder.

Ethan’s cock was starting to hit that small hole more and more now, as both Emma’s thrusts and his own combined. Did that mean she wanted him to go there? To get her even there? As he continued hitting the spot, it seemed to open up. Kevin smirked, and abruptly shoved her back. Ethan’s cock went straight through, and finally her hips hit his as his cock fit in deep.

She moaned loudly, her legs almost giving out on her. The cheer went up suddenly, along with a bunch of groans. “I can’t believe it-” “She actually took it!” “Did she cum from that?”

Ethan froze as he struggled to hold himself back from cumming immediately. He felt her pussy, her whole pussy, flutter atop him, squeezing him rhythmically as there was something even deeper in. Was he fucking her womb now!?

Kevin smirked. “Here, want to see something strange? Spin her around,” he said. Ethan blinked, before doing as he said, spinning Emma around as she was still connected to him. It felt strange to feel her pussy spin on top of him, but twice he had to still himself and concentrate. Finally her arms were wrapped around his shoulders as she seemed partially out of it.

Kevin wriggled his way out of his pants, his own cock the same size as Ethan’s, maybe a bit smaller. “You want to DP her?” Kevin asked with a smirk. Ethan looked shock at this, as his cock was already buried as deep as she could possibly go…and this horse wanted to fuck her in the ass!?

“Holy shit!” “Ok, that’s fucking hot.” “Wonder if she can take two…” “I doubt I could even take one.” “Want to try?”

She moaned as she felt Kevin’s cock at her ass. “I should’ve tried this sooner. Come on you two…fuck me good,” she said, her eyes still saying she was out of it. She moved her hips and moaned as the cock in her womb jumped around.

“That’s the plan, Emma,” Kevin said as he thrust in suddenly. Ethan moaned too as he felt the other horse’s cock through the girl between them. All the way from tip to base, Emma was stuffed full.

Ethan immediately felt something change when they started moving. She became even wetter, and let out moans far more often. He thought he felt her squeezing down on him, but it became hard to tell as tight as she was already. She ran out of breath so often that Ethan didn’t know if she was having a heart attack or what.

“She’s cumming, a lot. Don’t slow down, don’t let her come down from it,” Kevin explained, his cock disappearing into her ass. Emma moaned her heart out, and there were a lot of the cheerleaders whipping out their own cocks and starting to jack off. There were a few girls too, getting fucked in the same manner that Emma had been earlier.

For far longer than Ethan thought he had in him, which was only two or three minutes, before he felt his balls start to get ready to cum. “I’m about to cum…where do you want it!?” he asked.

“Same place as ever!” Emma moaned out. Ethan blinked. What did that mean?

“Inside!” Kevin explained. “I’m not too far off either,” he continued. Their thrusts sped up, as Emma’s feet flew up as she was taken in both holes. Ethan felt himself start to get closer, and was so close that he stopped caring. He started fucking her faster and harder, forcing his cock all the way inside with each thrust. He felt through Emma that Kevin was doing much the same.

He let out a loud moan as he started to fill her, her womb filling immediately with the amount of his cum. He could feel Kevin also cumming in her bowels, filling her ass quickly before it started to leak out even through the seal their cocks had on her.

Cum dripped down both of their legs, coming from the wolf between them. She rested her back on Kevin’s front. “You have no idea how good that felt. I’d put that up right there with the last few days of the Heats,” Emma seemingly ranted, her mind still out of it, her chest rising and falling with the heavy breaths.

“I’m Ethan,” Ethan finally introduced himself to the other horse. Kevin smirked.

“I’m Kevin. Now then…ready to fuck her again?” he asked, thrusting his cock into her ass more. She moaned as she felt more cum drip out.