Influx: Episode 4

Sam sighed as she moved the books without motivation. The Tree had seen a lot more visitors lately, and was now starting to get some actual books in now that Alenkas was connected. Not many, only about one per day, but it seemed that NuVO was at least interested in making a library an actual library.

Of course, all of them had arrived via the third floor, the floor that she, Simon, and Cal had essentially taken over for their internal debugging module. Which meant that she, Cal, or Simon had to take out the ones that had arrived, and put them somewhere on the first floor.

The stairs to the third floor had actually been roped off so that the influx of new people wouldn’t be able to just go up and use the IDM, and if that wasn’t enough Simon and Cal had figured out how to put an actual steel door, taken from one of the warehouses, and give it a decent lock.

Granted, Jen would still be able to get in, but they figured that anyone that really wanted their attention could just knock on the door. Which was, unfortunately, extremely common. It was good that all three of them lived there full-time, because otherwise Alenkas would have had a lot more trouble.

In the time since they had turned Alenkas on to the internet, only about three days, there had been both successes and failures. The failures weren’t exactly things that they could do much about, as they were mostly on NuVO’s side, while the successes…also weren’t much they could do about.

They could welcome people into Alenkas, and act as tour guides -presumably as NuVO had intended to do originally, to have the testers act as moderator’s- but they, too, were limited in the amount of things they could do. That was really about it.

Sam had answered more questions about Alenkas than she had ever even potentially thought of. From the common ‘where do you get clothes’ to the provocative ‘how often have you gotten laid in here’ to the amazing ‘want to fuck?’. It was, to the albino cat, tiring as hell. Especially when some people wouldn’t take the damn hint.

She wasn’t Emma, dammit.

Speaking of the wolf, the new players had been…welcomed to Alenkas in her normal way the last shift she had been on. Sam yelled in frustration for a moment. Now everyone new would think that all of the testers would put out in an instant. Emma was getting better about it though, and slowly gaining her usual self back. Simon had managed to fix up her data shell quickly enough that the damage wasn’t permanent.

All the new players didn’t have to worry, as the system automatically disconnected if they fell asleep, so they always have to spend at least some time back in the outside world. Which was good for them.

What was bad for them was that there was no such thing as currency yet. The only ones that could pay for things, anything, were the original testers. She had been ‘mugged’ more often in the last three days than she had in the rest of her life combined. Granted, it was more of an accident when she claws that lion in the balls…not that he knew that.

The others had complained of similar problems. They had no problem with sharing their money, the problem was that there was a very limited amount to go around. NuVO hadn’t yet said anything, although she was hoping for at least something soon.

“You alright Sam? I heard you scream,” she heard Simon say from behind her. She looked up with dulled eyes, which quickly lit up as she took in the squirrel’s visage. She had been worried that some of the Alenkans would get a hero complex for him, but it turned out surprisingly fine.

“Yeah, I’m fine. Just tired,” she replied. “Didn’t sleep well last night,” she continued. Simon nodded. She knew that he could understand that type of reasoning. “Stressed out and such…how’re things on your end?” she asked.

“About as well as they could be. They still refuse to give over my development tools,” Simon explained. Sam sighed as she sat down on one of the chairs. A few seconds later she felt Simon’s hands on her shoulders, slowly massaging them, and making her putty in his hands.

Sam pushed her shoulders back into his hands, giving out a loud sigh of relief. For several minutes she just relaxed, melting into the squirrel’s hands. “Thanks. I needed that…” she said quietly. She turned and grabbed Simon’s arms before he could say anything, and pushed him down for a quick kiss.

Her other hand wasn’t idle, and slowly worked his pants off, revealing his cock to the world. She grinned at Simon’s relatively shocked face before she grabbed it lightly and started stroking it. “Here?” he asked quietly.

“Here. Everywhere,” Sam responded, taking his cock into her mouth, guiding it to full hardness. She wrapped her tongue around it, sucking on it as she moved her head back and forth on it. It didn’t take long for Simon to achieve his full erection, although Sam did continue for a while longer just to make absolute certainty.

She hopped onto a desk after getting up and wiggling out of her shorts, spreading her legs lewdly and letting the squirrel get a good look at her wet pussy. Her tanktop was taken off a second later, her breasts revealed to the world. “Come on…we have a moment. We can take our time,” she said quietly.

Simon still didn’t look convinced, but it took only a few dozen moments for him to come closer and thrust his cock into Sam’s pussy. He sighed as he felt her warmth cover him, and she sighed in happiness as she felt him spread her insides. She wrapped her arms and legs around the squirrel, burying him deeper into her body.

His thrusts were quick and small, the only type that Sam’s limbs, wrapped so tightly around him as they were, would allow. She moaned into his ear with every one, feeling the physical pleasure surge through her body.

It wasn’t just the physical pleasure she wanted though. The knowledge that it was Simon, in all his curiosity, in all his awkwardness, doing this with her…that sent her more towards the edge than anything else. And she clenched down tight onto him, forcing him to go closer to that edge as well. He groaned as she did so.

“Cum for me…cum inside…” she whispered into his ear. She held him closer as he somehow managed to go even faster, fucking her pussy amazingly. His cock was hitting her clit at the perfect angle, making her own peak rise up quicker than she had imagined. “Cum with me!” she groaned out, feeling her body start to rise up.

She tensed up, feeling her pussy tighten deep onto the cock buried inside her. Her breath started and stopped as she felt her body surge. Simon was in the same condition, his cock as deep as he could get it, and she felt it kick a bit as he came inside her. Each spurt set her off again, and she tightened her body around him.

The two breathed deeply for several moments. “Feel better?” he asked with a grin.

“Much. But you know…we haven’t yet made love everywhere in the Tree.”

“We have as much time as we need,” Simon said teasingly. “Come on, we should probably talk with Cal a bit. He said something about figuring a way to help everyone at once.”

Sam sighed, feeling her well-creamed pussy pulse out some of her lover’s cum. “Alright, let’s go talk with the other cat…” she muttered, pulling on her tank top and shorts. She felt Simon’s cum leak out a bit, but mostly trapped inside her or in her shorts.

Neither bothered to knock as they opened the steel bars, letting it’s squeak do it for them. The orange tabby was sitting in the IDM chair, the computer now taking the look of a single monitor and keyboard. He was naked and his cock was out, slowly masturbating.

“You guys need to be quieter when you’re fucking,” Cal said simply. Simon rolled his eyes while Sam shot him a look.

“Why? I thought you would have wanted to join us,” Sam snickered. Cal stared at her, and Simon did too. He wondered if this was a normal part of their interactions that he had simply never noticed before.

“Nah, I’m gay not bi. Although it might be hot to do a sandwich…” Cal muttered. Simon blushed.

“I thought that was what I was talking about,” Sam responded with a thoughtful look on her face. “Any case, Simon said something about helping everyone?” she asked.

“Oh, yeah. I was looking at the logs and there’s a few…uh…off entries? I don’t know, they have to be at least 18 to get a NuVO account right? Sexual content and such?” Cal asked.

Simon blinked. “Theoretically, yeah. The brain signal interface is dangerous for young kids. That’s why NuVO made that rule.”

“Because I think I found a kid in here,” Cal said. Immediately both Simon and Sam jumped up to take a look. It took only seconds when they saw the log messages.

“Right. We have a kid to find,” Simon said. Sam and Cal nodded, and all three raced out the door, barely stopping to lock up.