Influx: Episode 3

“Oh my god Mom, I’m fine!” Emily yelled through the closed door. She slammed her backpack onto a chair, and sunk to the floor with her back to the door, holding it closed. She was most assuredly NOT fine. The tears went down her cheeks as she looked at her phone. The message from her boyfri…ex-boyfriend, stung out at her. It’s needle-sharp tones were going to haunt her.

“I just want to make sure. Is everything ok with you and Ryan?” Emily heard her mother’s voice behind the door. The ‘caring’ tone in her voice echoed through her head. Why did her mom have to care so much? Didn’t she know that Emily was going through a massive break-up!? Why couldn’t she read her mind!? “Honey? Use your words, I can’t read your mind. Why don’t you come out here and tell me what’s going on?” Dammit, how did she DO that?

“We’re fine! Just going through a hard time, that’s all!” Emily called back out. She heard a sigh from the other side of the door, and a muttered, ‘Ok. I’m here if you need to talk about it. I’ll be downstairs.’ And she heard the steps as her mom walked away.

Emily sighed, banging the back of her head against the door. Why did Ryan have to do this now, of all times? She had just turned eighteen, and -against her parents wise advice- given him her virginity. It had been one of the best moments of her life. Then, two weeks later, had turned around and had broken up with her, saying that ‘it wasn’t working out’.

She wanted to yell, to shout, to cry, to hate, but she couldn’t. Maybe she had pushed too hard, and he hadn’t been ready? It was possible, but that meant that she had fucked up something bad, and now she was…she looked down at her arms. “Damaged goods…” she cried out, the tears coming freely.

She sat on the floor for a good amount of time. She didn’t know. She knew that her mom had called her out for dinner a while ago. She wasn’t hungry. It was Saturday the next day, so she didn’t have to worry about school at least.

Finally, after several hours, she managed to pick herself up from the floor, and managed to meander her way over to her bed. She fell face-first, her body limpless onto the sheets. She didn’t even look at the time.

She pulled herself up, and spotted the clock…and her VR headset. She ignored the time -she didn’t have to wake up at any time. And what better way was there to escape than to be someone else?- and pulled it on. She didn’t feel like actually getting up and moving through, as most games did. Wasn’t there that new one that came out, just a few days ago?

She scrolled through her games list, and spotted the one that had been greyed out for a good long time. It was pure white now, ready to be used. She frowned, but clicked on it anyways. She entered her login information easily, and waited with wide eyes as she read on the screen, ‘brain-signal interface started’. Her vision blacked out.

She found herself in a blue chamber, seemingly endless in its depths. Simple mirrors hung from the sides, showing different possibilities. ‘Avatar creation…’ she thought with mirth. She could be anybody. She could be a guy if she wanted to. She looked around for that option, but didn’t seem to find it.

“Fine. I see what you’re doing, game,” she said as she looked into one of the mirrors. An anthropomorphic grey fox looked at back at her. Greyish red hair topped its head, running down to her shoulders, much the same length as her real life hair. She screamed as water seemed to run over her, but she wasn’t wet.

Although she did have paws now. And a tail. “Oh my god. I have a tail,” she said, stretching her back to look at it. She squeed and hugged it tight against her naked body. She could feel each hair on it, and on her body. “Right, I’m sold,” she said. The mirrors suddenly flipped around, but Emily didn’t pay attention to that part.

Instead she continued holding her arms tight against her new body. A few minutes later her vision whited out, and she found herself in the city of Alenkas. Mountains contoured the northern part, after a tall clock tower. Buildings of every color imaginable stretched to the sides, and there was quite a crowd built up in the area.

Emily looked around for signs of what to do now that she was here. Usually in games like this, they’d offer some type of quest to get a person to at least move, but here it seemed like there was nothing going on.

She saw the crowd and pushed her way in, only to be taken aback by what she saw. A grey wolf female was against a tree, pounding her pussy back towards the latest guy, a tiger, that was plowing her deeply. The wolf’s moans lit up Emily’s own libido, and memories of her time in real life came rushing back.

“Oh…that’s what there’s to do here,” she muttered with wide eyes. She saw the tiger hold the wolf’s hips tight against his as he came inside her. A few seconds later he pulled out, triggering a moan from the wolf, as she shook her tail and ass.

“Alright, I’m still here and ready to go. Who else wants me?” she said with a grin. Another two guys stepped up, another dog and a zebra. “Oh ho, two at once. I can handle that. One in the back, one in the front-” she said before she was picked up by the zebra, his long cock placed at her backdoor. “Ooh, I like thi-Oh!” she moaned as the zebra plunged inside. The dog joined in a second later, fucking the wolf’s pussy, and whoever it was was definitely enjoying themselves.

“God damn, is she at it again?” she heard a voice say from behind her. She turned to look, and spotted what looked like a mountain lion anthro, his shirts and pants sticking out in the crowd of nude people.

“Does she do this often then?” Emily asked, her body starting to turn on from seeing the live-action porn. And it was, quite legitimately, porn. There was no emotion; just plain raw fucking.

“Emma? Yeah, all the time, from what I hear. But she gets a pass in general from all the locals, apparently the system hurt her badly some time ago,” the cougar said. He extended his hand, claws in, “I’m Will-” he paused a moment, “Alexander, excuse me.”

“I’m Emily. Nice to meet you Will,” Emily grinned at him. He shot her a look, which she proudly ignored. “So how can the system hurt someone? Wasn’t it tested for that?” she asked.

Alexander, or Will, shrugged. “I’m not too sure. I’d have to talk with Simon, the guy that led the development team, on that. He’s in here too somewhere. I know it was tested though, she was a tester.”

“Is that why she’s so open to flaunting her body?” Emily said. She stopped for a moment, before realizing that there was a male in front of her, and she was giving him quite a show. Her hands crossed in front of her. She shot a small glare at the mountain lion.

He laughed. “Don’t worry Emily, I wasn’t looking. I’ve seen more than my fair share of skin around here. NuVO hasn’t added currency yet, so no one can actually and buy things except for the original thirty testers.”

“Then how come you have clothes,” Emily said, slowly relaxing. There was something that was open about this guy, despite him blatantly lying about his name earlier. He reminded her of Ryan, the good aspects at least. The thoughts of Ryan put her in a bad mood, so she pushed him out of her head.

“I was one of the lucky ones that managed to get a few of the Alenkas Thirty to show me around,” he answered. Emily nodded. She shot him a questioning look. “You don’t pay attention to the news, do you?” he asked.

She shook her head slowly. “I know I should, but all the news is so damn depressing. All the news around here is just so damn sad all the time,”

“I see. I don’t blame you, personally. It goes like this: There were thirty testers that were going to be testing Alenkas. But as they were put into their life-support pods, as they were going to be in here for a continuous ninety days, something went wrong, and one by one they drowned. There was a big social media blow up,” Will said.

“Oh yeah I remember hearing about that. Ryan -my boyfriend- was super sad about that. Said that the game would probably be canceled…wait, this is that game!?” Emily said.

“Calm down. Yeah it is, but like I said, something went wrong. The thirty testers though made their way to Alenkas just fine. They basically live here full time now, and NuVO supports them by giving them a per diem as the devs sort out all the crap,” Will said quietly.

Emily tried to breath. Well, if Will wasn’t all that afraid, then why should she? No one else was panicking either, which means they either didn’t know, as she hadn’t, or didn’t care. Probably the second one.

She stared at Will’s face, and slowly the mountain lion’s visage melted away in her vision to that of her ex-boyfriend. They shared similar qualities, except Will was a lot nicer. She had an idea shoot through her head, and she gave a sly grin. “Come on, why don’t you and I…” she said after a moment. Will’s head tilted sideways, as she grabbed his arms and brought him in close for a kiss.

It was odd, kissing an anthropomorphic animal. She was a fox, a canine, and he was a mountain lion, a feline. He was taller than her, bigger than her…and yet their faces melted together oddly easily. She felt him push against her, both in suddenness and in want, as he returned her kiss. They broke apart a second later, and her brown eyes stared into his, “go somewhere a bit more private?” she asked.

Oh her parents would hate her if they found out. Fortunately for her, Will was some random internet guy. They’d never hear of it. Will shot her a look, as if questioning if she really wanted to do this, before she motioned over to Emma, still fucking the dog and zebra. “If she can do it, why can’t we?”

Fuck it. If she was ‘damaged goods’ then she was going to do whatever the damn hell she wanted.

Will still looked shock as she dragged him off to a small alleyway. It was slightly rocky, but plenty covered, and had a small wooden crate off to the side that looked like it had seen better days. She hopped on top, spreading her legs quickly.

“I imagine it’s much the same as in real life…” Emily said quietly. Will looked at her oddly, before shrugging off his shirt and slowly taking off his pants.

“You’ve never had sex in here, have you? Touched yourself, anything?” he asked. Emily shook her head. He nodded slowly. “Have you ever had sex, before, ever?” he asked with wry smile. She gave him a look that just said, ‘are you stupid?’ before he laughed quietly. She wondered what he meant by that statement, but by then he went down onto his knees and her world exploded into heaven.

She felt his tongue, slightly cat-like and sandpaper-like yet still wet enough for ease of use, lick the side of her pussy lips. She let out a loud moan, not expecting him to do that. He continued slowly, dragging his tongue around her pussy, but never actually touching her clit or any other region that was demanding his touch.

She leaned back, her arms gripping the crate as she tried to keep her legs wide. His tongue felt so amazing near her pussy, that it was all she could do to just grab him and slam him in there. She felt herself start to get wet, and at first she worried that she had wet herself.

Her first, and only time with Ryan, had been a rather quick experience. He used a condom and lube, and the lights were off. She had felt slightly uncomfortable, but damn if it didn’t feel at least slightly good for her too.

When Will had stood up, and slowly pushed his cock in to her pussy while she was still breathing deep, she had to revise her opinion. It didn’t just feel good, it felt fucking fantastic. She yipped loudly as Will sank in slowly.

“This may be uncomfortable, but I’ll go slow,” Will said quietly. Emily nodded, a grin plastered on her face as he pulled out. The small bumps rippled inside her pussy, and sent pleasure soaring through her spine. She let out a loud moan, and again as he thrust inside, his cock covered in her pussy juices.

He kept up the slow pace for a good few minutes. “Go faster, now!” Emily said, her eyes closed as she focused on the pure sensation going through her. Will grinned, and started thrusting faster, sending more and more of those pleasure signals straight through her body.

She felt his hands grab onto her boobs, and start massaging them lightly, pinching the nipples when he could. Combined with the cock in her pussy, larger than anything else she had ever felt there, she felt fucking amazing.

“I’m going to cum! Where!?” Will said after a few minutes of the increased pace. The words barely percolated through to Emily’s brain, and it took a few moments later to realize that yes, she was having actual sex, which meant she could actually get pregnant. But it was a virtual world, so maybe she couldn’t? Fuck it, she didn’t care.

“Just keep going!” she begged. She felt herself nearing a point that she had no idea about. It felt like she was too tense, and yet she couldn’t do anything but tense up, a coil that when sprung would make her explode. Her pussy got wetter and wetter with every thrust.

“Cumming!” Will said quickly, fucking himself as deep as he could inside her. The feeling of the bumps in her pussy, the feeling of him cumming inside her, made that coil explode. She yowled as she felt her mind go out. She felt only pleasure as it echoed inside her body, her limbs made useless.

She felt her pussy tighten up, and she almost felt like she was urinating, but she knew she wasn’t. Her peak continued for a good thirty seconds, sending out wave and wave of pussy juice, and finally at the end she breathed heavily.

“I uh…didn’t think you were a squirter,” Will said quietly, his cock still lodged deep inside her. It occasionally did small movements, sending more cum inside her.

“I’m a what?” she asked, barely able to understand. She pushed herself up, keeping her legs where they were, and Will’s cock inside her. Then she saw the mess she had made. Wetness made it’s way around Will’s genitals, making it obvious that he had just fucked someone well-done, but it seemed to trail off of his fur too. “Oh shit, I’m so sorry…” she said, mortified. Her first time with Ryan had never done THAT.

Will laughed, “Don’t worry about it. It was hot as hell. I’m William.”

“I’m still sorry…Will,” she said after a moment, smirking at him. He sighed, and Emily knew that whatever happened she was going to have to do that a lot more. That felt amazing.

And so we have yet another character introduction. Influx has a lot of those…