The Great Hunt: Episode 25

Lyla’s first thought was ‘holy shit, what the hell was this.’ Her second thought then became something a bit more normal, as she began to rationalize it. Months ago, Simon and her had talked a bit, about what Alenkas was and what it was intended to be.

It was always intended to be a virtual city. A world within the world, Simon had said. And she had to admit, it truly was a miracle. A giant virtual city, with feelings and touch and everything that people would think wouldn’t actually be able to ever happen, actually happening. The thought that they had actually done it still made Lyla gitty, despite the fact that she was now trapped in there ala so many video game cliches.

But this…this one takes the cake. There was one person on the team who thought that instead of a virtual city with free-roam, if they had the capabilities to make as something as amazing as this…why not make a game? An actual game out of this? Or sell the engine technology, or something, to someone that would actually do it!

Simon never told her that person’s name, but it was a common complaint on almost all of the original Alenkas teams. Most of them knew it was simply wishful thinking, but then Lyla sees this and wonders if it wasn’t just always jest. If someone actually went into the system and made an impossibility.

Oh sure, she could probably figure out how they did it. Create several textures that link together perfectly, and then add in warps that didn’t feel like anything somewhere along the lines, boom. Done. It wasn’t that hard for her to figure out, and Simon had already done it. And Lyla had no doubt that if given some time, so could Sam. She was probably just freaking out because of the idea of what Emma was putting up with outside.

It’d been barely fifteen minutes since they started the operation. Lyla winced as she thought of it so callously, when put in the ideas of Emma’s sacrifice. She was probably still out there, even fifteen minutes later…Lyla steeled herself. She had a job to do.

And it was long since time to actually do it.

The inside of the warehouse definitely did seem to be bigger on the inside. Cogs and various bits of machinery were all around, slowly turning and being extremely loud. Most of the Alenkans that had come with them were currently searching. Only Emma, Jen, Kevin, George, and Mia had stayed back.

Mia was waiting at the back to make sure Emma would be ok, as well as to tell any others that showed up where to go immediately. Jen was on the roof, probably still trying to find a way down that didn’t resolve itself in her being hurt. Kevin and George were at the door, holding it up with an ease that belied their feelings.

Lyla shook her head out to clear it. There were too many thoughts going through her head. Doors and windows everywhere on the outside walls, surrounding the entire giant machine room. The fox headed up some stairs only to appear on the fourth floor. She had only gone up a few steps…

She started to make a mental map, making sure to keep exactly where all the warps were. They didn’t have much time that she was comfortable using. She hopped down to the third floor pathway, and took a look at the giant spiderwebs that seem to emanate from everywhere in the warehouse.

She ran, finding as many of the exits as she could, before she started tackling the various offices on the sides. There were doors everywhere, and each one wasn’t necessarily the same one that they found. In even just a few minutes it was starting to wear quickly on her nerves, and based on the casually stressed dialogue from the others, it was starting to wear on them too.

She could see Simon still on the ground floor, making sure to check each door one by one, and trying to rush but still trying to be thorough. The doors didn’t necessarily lead to an office, and the one time that she did find an office she thought she had found it.

Instead she found a mostly blank room with a small desk, and dust everywhere. She checked the drawers anyway, but threw the chair when she got pissed off again. At least an hour had passed by now, and they still hadn’t come any closer!

The following hours felt much the same. Some of them were on the verge of declaring it a waste of time. Two hours passed by quickly, and Lyla had quickly stopped thinking about Emma. She was still out there, buying them time…

She met Alex again, on one of the pathways that managed to converge. They didn’t say much, just stared at each other. “Third floor,” Lyla responded without being asked anything. Alex sighed.

“Ground floor,” he said. Lyla hung her head. “Relax Lyla, we’re so close. We can do this, it can’t be too hard. We just need to think,” he tried to be optimistic.

“It’s not that. I think we will find it…but will we find it in time? What if they move it again? At the last second? I have no doubt that there are dozens of alarms ringing right now in the real world, if they honestly didn’t want us to find this. And then you have Emma outside…”

“Don’t think about her. She volunteered, she knew that we had no idea what we were going to find. Come on, there’s gotta be…oh come on not now…” Alex said after a long moment. Lyla looked up at him, feeling the same thing. ‘Had it really been four hours…?’ she thought. She had done the math earlier; another Heat would strike at all of those that were awake at four in the morning.

Well, everyone was awake. They had been searching for this damn thing, in this damned place, for over three and a half hours. And no one had found anything. And there was a Heat coming. Lyla sighed, and smiled sadly at the wolf above her.

The one person she thought she would never meet, in any lifetime. “Ready for one last dance?” she asked. She only got another smiling sigh from the wolf as he nodded. He felt it too, he felt it before her. She got into position, her hands on the wall, her legs spread to reveal her naked sex, and her tail raised.

“You really like that position, don’t you?” Alex asked as positioned himself. She could feel his cock, the hot, hard rod that it was, next to her entrance. She moaned as he thrust gently, his tip just barely parting her pussy lips.

She nodded. “Well, I figure if you’re a canine, I’m a canine…why not?” she thought aloud. Alex chuckled from behind as he quickly thrust the rest of the way inside her. She moaned loudly as she was filled, his hard cock spreading her pussy wide. He waited a moment to make sure she got used to him, and then slowly started pulling back.

“You don’t need to go gentle, you know that right?” Lyla said as she pushed herself against his cock. She wanted more of it, wanted it to be deeper inside her. Alex chuckled a bit, before speeding up just a bit. The fox moaned as she was fucked gently. “Come on…”she said with an ease that belied how often they’d had each other.

“Alright, but remember…” he started. Lyla finished the statement, “I asked for this. I know. Come on!” she yelled, thrusting herself back onto his cock. She smiled and groaned as she felt his hands head to her hips, and she braced herself on the wall.

She was glad she did, because he was setting a roaring pace. With every thrust, Lyla moaned loudly, echoing into the void around them. She wasn’t sure exactly how fast he was going, but she knew that it felt fucking amazing, and she wanted nothing more than for Alex to continue, hoping beyond hope that he wouldn’t stop anytime soon.

He didn’t.

She lost track of time as she was fucked hard against the wall. It had to be several minutes, if not more of that pace, before she felt herself start to head towards that edge, that peak that she wanted so badly. “Oh god, I’m almost there, please!” she whined. She heard Alex smirk and then get even faster. She already knew he was fairly close too.

She felt herself tense, her pussy squeezing down hard on the cock inside her, as she came. Pleasure surged through her brain, originating from the hot dick currently fucking her pussy damn good, before she felt Alex dive deep, his knot keeping them tied as he came inside her.

She felt his seed being shot inside her, and breathed heavily as she let a lazy smile dot her face. She had no idea what everyone else had done for that Heat, but she was, at the least, more than sated enough. She idly wondered if Emma had been helped by the Heat or not, before she realized that while she was standing there, basking in the glorious afterglow of a good fuck…she was still buying them time. “Oh fuck, Emma!”

“Lyla, relax. If she’s gone this long then a simple Heat won’t be enough to change much. Come on, let’s focus on the IDM,” Alex said. Lyla sighed, knowing that the wolf was right. She nodded, struggling to move herself as she tried to shuffle herself off the giant knot still tying her pussy to Alex’s cock. With every movement, more pleasure shot through her spine.

It took a couple of minutes, but finally she managed it, sighing gracefully against the wall as cum leaked out. She’d be trailing cum practically everywhere now, but she had a feeling that no one would truthfully really care. There just had been a Heat.

“Wait, can anyone get to that door up there? Has anyone checked it?” she heard Lucas’ saying from the fourth floor. She looked up as soon as she and Alex ran out, and at the very top was another door. A fifth floor. No one said anything as it became clear what was going to happen next.

“Right. Sam, meet me at the top,” Lyla heard Simon say. She watched as he somehow managed to climb up a cog without getting hurt, before getting to the second floor. The squirrel had been on the ground floor, and just as quickly whisked his way up another machine, deftly dodging all things that could hurt him as he made his way up to the third floor.

Sam saw what he was doing, and quickly made her own way up there, jumping via the various moving machines that if they messed up a single bit they’d either be crushed -which probably could kill people, even in Alenkas- to reach the floors. Neither of them bothered going the other pathways.

Soon, after several death-defying leaps that Lyla was only mostly sure weren’t physically possible, the two of them were on the fourth floor. “How’d you guys do that?” Lucas asked under his breath.

“Well, we saw Emma was teaching you, so we kinda…taught ourselves,” Sam responded. The arctic fox blinked, before he shrugged. “Or at least me. What about you Simon?”

“I’m a squirrel.”

“Fair enough.”

Simon leaped on top of Sam’s shoulders, and grabbed the railing from the bottom. He pulled himself up, getting a good grip as Sam grabbed onto his legs, pulling themselves up to the fifth floor at the same time. They were close to the roof, Lyla saw, and the last door was right in front of them.

They didn’t bother trying the door knob, the two of them simply busted down the door, and all the Alenkans were left with baited breath. Had they found it? Was their mission a success? Or was this all for naught, and now they had…almost nothing left.

“Guys…hurry up! I think Emma’s tired out, some of the NPC’s are starting to come back. Come on, we don’t have much more time!” Kevin shouted from the gate. Lyla sighed, just wondering what else was going to happen now.

She was interrupted by a cheer. From the fifth floor. There were no words, merely excited yelling. Sam ran out, “We fucking did it!” she yelled out. “We found the Module!”

So very near to the end now. Only one episode left, but it’s a doozy.