The Great Hunt: Episode 24

“Come on, we have to hurry. We can’t let Emma suffer for long,” Sam declared the instant Emma had given the signal for them to go. Simon nodded, and he quickly separated everyone out into pairs.

“Are you ok with this, letting Emma go off and do that?” she asked Kevin. She was paired up with him for running towards the back, away from view from the obvious gangbang. The horse shook his head.

“No, but I know better than to try and convince her otherwise. She was going to do that anyways, she always did go on about missing the opportunity for a gangbang like that,” he chuckled mirthlessly. Sam sighed. Of course Emma would go on about that kind of thing.

Simon made the signal for them to go, and Sam was surprised to see that Kevin was so damned fast. She thought she was pretty fast, but Kevin was far faster, and had passed her quickly. Ivan, the only other horse in Alenkas, had also almost passed her, despite being a group behind her.

She didn’t hesitate as soon as she saw the back of the warehouse. Cal was already about halfway to the top, the orange tabby just barely being able to be made out in the moonlight. She didn’t slow down, and quickly grabbed onto the metal and pushed herself up it. Cal would beat her up, but she didn’t dare slow down just for that reason. Emma was sacrificing herself, all of herself, for the sake of this one area.

They had to find it. They must.

She climbed to the peak to see Cal messing with the skylight. “It’s locked,” he said, pointing to a thick keyhole that kept the thing shut. “I’m trying to get through the glass, but see if anyone down there knows how to pick locks,” he ordered. Sam took only a quick look at it, before nodding and diving back down.

She didn’t bother carefully going back down. She slowed herself just enough to avoid getting hurt, although her legs disagreed as soon she landed. “Anyone know how to pick locks, there’s a doozy of one up there. Cal’s trying to break through the glass,” she asked the converged group. There was a single loading dock door right next to them, and no single door. She made a note in her mind of that; they’d be opening the loading dock, and that’d cause a lot of noise.

“I can, although Emma’s better at it than I am,” Jen said quietly. Sam looked the arctic wolf up and down, gauging her own strength to how much the wolf weighed. She could pick her up, but could she climb three stories of a warehouse with her on her back?

“Right. Climb on then, do what you can to push yourself up when we’re on the wall. We’re not going to drop, even if it seems like we are,” Sam answered. She dropped to her knees, and felt uncomfortable as the wolf went on top of her. She did a few tiny jumps once she got up, testing the new weight. It’d be doable, but difficult.

It was by the far the hardest climb of her life. The warehouse walls were smooth, except for the marks made by Cal and Sam’s earlier climb, and the albino cat used those to the best of her ability. Oftentimes she’d get into a rhythm, only to be left finding a flat handhold instead of the one she had made earlier because Jen pushed up with her legs.

Minutes passed like an eternity, and both Sam and Jen could hear the sounds of fucking coming from the front. It wasn’t just normal fucking; it was the sound of a girl being used in any manner. Sam steeled herself, and went faster.

Finally she got to the top, where Cal was still trying to get the glass to break. “It’s not going to work, it’s like three inches thick. Please tell me you know how to pick locks,” he said after a long moment seeing the white wolf on the white cat’s back.

“Yeah, I do. Give me a space,” she declared as she quickly went to work. Both Cal and Sam took a moment to breathe deeply, and watched the front from the top. It was eery, seeing the grey wolf they knew was Emma being surrounded by other NPC’s, more people than had ever been in Alenkas at once.

Sam didn’t want to hurry Jen, and said nothing, but Cal had no such reservation. “Can you do it?” he asked hurriedly.

“I can if you give me a moment!” she answered back. She continued fiddling with the lock, occasionally cursing. Sam watched as more and more NPC’s fucked Emma. It was almost hypnotic how they’d move at the same pace, and keep the girl screaming for more.

Her thoughts were interrupted by a click as Jen whispered out, “Yes! Got it! Help me get this up,” she asked. Both Cal and Sam were there in a flash, grabbing the edge and pulling up. It creaked ominously, but after a few moments locked in place.

Sam looked her in the eyes, “You stay here and communicate with Simon. Tell him that we’re in, and we’re heading for the loading dock door in the back,” she said seriously. The white wolf nodded, and went to relay the info, as both Cal and Sam dropped down.

It was dark inside, and both cats were surprised by how long they dropped. Sam grunted her teeth as she felt her legs try to stab her. Cal tried to roll with it, and bumped noisily into Sam’s back. They could hear machinery running, the sounds of cogs turning. There were no lights. “Let’s wait until cat-vision turns on,” Cal suggested.

Sam nodded, before realizing that he couldn’t see her. “Right,” she said instead. A few moments passed before they actually could start seeing vague shapes. “Oh holy shit…” Sam said a second later.

They had fallen onto a metal pathway, almost like scaffolding. Beams and pathways weaved everywhere, each just as see-through as everything else. Giant cogs turned to an invisible rhythm, circular saws and twirling screws dotted the first floor. The entire warehouse was gigantic…far bigger than it could ever seem on the outside.

“Holy crap, it’s a TARDIS,” Cal responded. Sam shot him a look. He glared back, “A TARDIS? You know, Dr. Who? Bigger on the inside? I don’t even watch the show and I know that,” he answered.

“Come on, we need to find the pathway to the door,” Sam said, ignoring everything he just referenced. He shot her a glare, before he rolled his eyes, and taking off in a random direction. He went down a set of stairs…only to appear above her.

“That’s not normal…” he said after a second.

“I think this is non-euclidean geometry!” Sam called back. “Where it seems things isn’t where they actually are!”

“I couldn’t have guessed!” he yelled back…this time from below her. “I went straight ahead and found my way here. Come on, there has to be a pathway to the ground floor!” as he went straight forward…and ended up coming back the way he came. He turned around for a moment, “Aww come on!”

Sam sat in thought for a moment. “Think, Sam…think. What’s the secret to this…there has to be a secret…he’s always going around walls and going elsewhere…but what if we skip it?” she asked herself after a moment. “I got it!” she called out. She climbed the side of the railing, and knowing that this was going to hurt, jumped to the side of the closest giant cog.

She rode it down part-way, and jumped to another one, finally ending up on the ground floor, just out of view of the door. She wasn’t worried though, as it was in the open, and she was still in the same area.

Cal dropped down a second later, having done the same thing as she did. “Right, check the door for a lever or something, some other way to open this!” Cal declared. Sam nodded, and checked every side she could find closely. She found nothing that seemed like a button, or really anything at all.

Not even a few minutes passed before Sam thought it was impossible. ‘Dammit, and Emma’s still getting brutally fucked out there…dammit, Sam, think!’ she thought to herself. “What if we open it ourselves? If we get it open an inch or two, we can have the others lift it up! These things are always light enough to be able to do that, just in case the electricity goes out!” Sam said quickly.

“Right. Hold on, help me get this up!” Cal said, reaching down to the bottom and grabbing the bottom-most ring. He heaved with all of his strength, but it didn’t seem to do anything. Sam joined in a second later, and the two managed to get it up a couple of inches, but not enough to fully lift it.

“Help us lift this, we can’t find the button!” Sam yelled from the inside. Two sets of strong hands latched onto the bottom, and seemingly effortlessly lifted it up. “You have no idea how happy I am to see you right now,” Sam said as both Kevin and George, the giant horse and bear, held the door open with ease.

“Holy shit what the hell is this…” Lyla asked as she walked in, followed by everybody else.

“It’s bigger on the inside, and there’s a bunch of random non-euclidean geometry everywhere. That hallway leads to the fourth floor, and those stairs that go down? They head to the third floor,” Sam announced.

“Right then…everyone, find the IDM,” Simon declared a second later.

We’re nearing the end here, only two episodes left. Will they find it…or will something worse happen? Or will something worse happen after they find it? Who knows? Also, random Dr. Who reference. Because I had to.