The Great Hunt: Episode 23

Midnight. Emma waited impatiently for the clock to hit the top. That’s when the agreed time was that the bell would be rung, and their plan to escape Alenkas, or at least ease their time in it, would happen. She watched through the windows often, staring at the clock as if daring it to move faster. Or at all, really.

Kevin was laughing lowly at the wolf’s impatience. He was all fucked out at the moment, and while he was tired there was adrenaline surging through his body right now. Mostly because of a single comment that one of the two runners had said the instant they had walked in, “They found it.”

The Internal Debugging Module. The thing that all of Alenkas had been searching for, for well over eight months. Almost nine months at this point. Nine months of sex, and fucking Emma, Lyla, Jen…almost anyone and everyone. He wouldn’t be too sad to see the Heats go though, he was actually rather annoyed at the fact that they kept popping up. He would be trying to do something constructive, then have to drop everything and fuck Emma’s pussy -he actually loved screwing her, and he knew she loved screwing him too- and then try to remember what he was doing beforehand.

It had gotten to the point where he almost went with Lyla’s route and wrote everything down. He didn’t though, he hadn’t gone that far yet. Maybe in another two or three months, he would have. He was however, sick and tired of this god damn Alenkas test.

And they were only a few months in. Out of thirty six months, they were only nine in. They had been promised a lot in Alenkas, and almost all of it fell through. It was basically living daily life, except for the interruptions of the Heats, with no actual entertainment or other people. And he couldn’t even call home if he wanted.

Emma’s ears perked up. “I hear it. Do you?” she asked quickly. Kevin looked up, and tried to listen hard. Off in the distance, he could hear it. The Bell Tower. Slowly ringing and building up steam. He smirked and nodded. “Finally!” she yelled.

She was out the door far faster than he was.

Lucas and Aiden had come up with the plan to meet everyone. Once the Bell Tower rung, head to the bridge that separated the rest of Alenkas from the warehouse district, on the other side of the river. The stars were brilliant that night, and Emma could see a full moon rising. ‘What a nice night…time to get this thing done and over with!’ she thought.

She hopped over some fences, taking shortcuts that were never meant to be taken, as she some flips when she could. She was a good free-runner, and despite Lucas and Aiden trying to learn they were still far away from what she could do. Streets and buildings raced by her, the wolf not paying more attention than to look and make sure they were out of the way.

Her legs burned, but she didn’t care. Finally. They had done the seemingly impossible…all that was the left was a final step.

She stopped on the other side of the river bank with a bunch of other animals from Alenkas. Simon she could see, the fluffy tail that showed where the squirrel was. The albino cat of Sam, the orange tabby Cal, the arctic fox Lucas, and the husky Aiden. Off in the distance she could see a red fox and another grey wolf, much like herself, coming closer. Lyla and Alex.

“I haven’t missed the party yet, have I?” she said quietly. Lucas and Aiden shot her a quick smile, before shaking their heads. She could hear others also starting to make it; the clop of Kevin’s hooves, and maybe Ivan’s as well. The large careful steps of something large, like a bear. Must be George, and probably carrying Mia as well.

“Right, we’ll wait another two minutes before we start,” Simon announced quietly. He was keeping his voice low and his head down, but keeping his eyes peeled on the largest of the warehouses. ‘That must be the one,’ Emma thought. She could see shapes moving nearby, but had no idea if others from Alenkas were nearby.

The two minute wait seemed just long enough. Kevin and Ivan had come at the same time, the two massive horses towering over everyone. Lyla and Alex quickly mingled with the rest of everyone, waiting for the final announcement, and George, Mia, and Jen also appeared, the latter two carried by the large black bear.

“Right, someone should stay here in case more people show up,” Simon said quietly. Mia raised her hand, and listened sharply. He nodded, before focusing on everyone. “Right, our plan is that we don’t have one. This is the last place in Alenkas, and it’s guarded by the various NPC’s that have disappeared throughout the last several months. That’s why we think it’s here, and we’ve searched everywhere else.”

He took a deep breath, “We need someone to cause a distraction for the NPC’s. Then, Sam or Cal, or anyone good at climbing can get up to the top and open up the skylight. Once they go in, they’ll make their way to the bottom, letting everyone else in. From there, we search and we search quickly. Get this done. We have only a few hours before they catch on to us.”

Before anyone could volunteer, he continued, “There are two ways we can do a distraction. We can fight them, knock them out. We don’t know how strong they are, or what they’re capable of. But the other way…” he shivered lightly.

“I’ll fuck ’em,” Emma said quietly. Her voice carried through the silence well. As Simon stared at her in amazement, she explained, “I have the highest sex drive, and the highest pain tolerance. I don’t mind if they start getting rough. The NPC’s are distracted by thoughts of sex, as some of us know from the first few days. I’ll distract them, and if necessary fuck ’em.”

“Are you sure?” Simon asked, surprisingly kindly. She raised her eyebrow at him. “We don’t know how long it’s going to take us, so you may have to distract them for…quite some time,” he said. Emma smirked. He probably wanted to say a few hours.

Like a few hours would be different than usual for her. Ha.

“Trust me, I’m sure. So that’s our plan? All of it?” she asked.

“That’s all of our plan. Alright, Emma will cause a distraction, Sam and Cal will both head to the top and let the rest of us in. Alright Emma…your show now,” Simon said, motioning her forward. She grinned at him, enjoying the way his eyes roved over her naked body.

She walked forward proudly, swaying her hips from side to side as she moved. She splayed her arms proudly, as if telling everyone that she was giving herself freely. She smirked as the NPC’s eyes all turned red, and looked at her directly. They didn’t notice anyone else, even as they snuck around in pairs of two or threes.

At first they seemed to stare at her, before finally they moved predatorily closer. Alarm bells were ringing loudly in Emma’s brain. ‘Maybe this was a bad idea…’ she thought, before she steeled herself. She could hear the whisper’s go beyond, telling everyone to come out and help them.

Males, females…they all stared at her in wanton lust. Emma looked briefly over them. They seemed much larger than they had back at the beginning, and they looked anything but friendly this time. ‘If there was a time for a Heat, it’d be now,’ she thought, but no Heat was coming.

She could, if she turned around, run away. She didn’t have to do this. Mia was right there, who was rapidly signaling her as if she was asking for help. The white rabbit would join in an instant if she asked. But there was some part of Emma’s mind that wanted, for the first time in her life, do something for herself.

“Alright everyone…” she said quietly. Her pussy started flowing, and she knew that without a doubt this would be the most intense fuck she had ever gotten. “I’m right here,” she damned herself.

Like piranhas to a fresh carcass, they descended on her. She didn’t cry out as she was roughly bent over, a cock thrusting itself into her pussy with no warning. She was expecting it, same with the cock in her mouth. Her hands were taken control of, and made to slowly jerk two off at once. One of them crawled on top of her, and brutally thrust into her ass at once.

It hurt, she had to admit. It hurt…but at the same time there was a feeling there, deep inside, that made her pussy wetter. That got her engine revved up even more. Alenkas was wearing on her, she knew -Simon had explained to her alone one day what was happening, and she had known then that if nothing changed she’d be the first to go insane- but right now, here and now, she was kept in the present.

She didn’t need to think about the future. Here, she only needed to think about the now. And as the cocks in her body fucked her mercilessly, she grinned internally. She’d had threesomes, she’d had exactly one foursome in her life…but this was something different. God damn this felt amazing.

She couldn’t even tell which cocks were in her pussy and ass anymore. They switched often, leaving Emma to wonder not how often she had cocks inside her, but how long she didn’t. She had to admit it was probably only seconds over minutes. The NPC’s weren’t being kind, they weren’t being gentle, and it hurt.

All three things Emma loved. And as she almost came for the first time, she felt the cock in her mouth explode, forcing her to swallow every bit of cum that shot out of it. There was a giant load there, and it shot in her mouth, not her throat. The cocks in her pussy and ass came a second later, the one in her ass with a knot.

Once they were done filling her, they pulled out and she got stuffed once more. She could feel the cum leaking out of her holes, around the cocks, and flowing onto her legs and onto the ground. The ones in her hand came a second after even that, and poured the massive amount of semen onto both sides of her face and body.

She was pulled upright, her legs being pulled apart as a massive bear took her pussy. A horse NPC took her throat, getting as much of its length down it as she could take. And both of her hands were quickly used once more, and she felt a different sensation as her feet were grabbed, made to also pleasure more of them.

It wasn’t just the males too. One of her hands felt wet, and when she did a quick glance a female ocelot was fucking herself on her hand. She made sure to rub the ocelot’s clit, trying to get her off faster.

Emma wasn’t sure how long the second one lasted, compared to the first. She had no idea any sense of time anymore, only the sense of cocks and pussies as she was fucked in every way from sunday. Her body was covered with cum in record time, filled to the brim both inside and out, and one when she managed to get her toes onto the ground, it was wet and slippery with the amount of spilled cum.

The worst part of it was that she hadn’t cum yet. She had gotten close, but they changed too much. It’s like they could see inside her mind, waiting for her to get to the brink, before they changed, keeping her on the edge. She tried fucking her way back, eager to get to that edge, but wasn’t allowed by the multitude of hands holding her steady.

‘Come on, everyone…they’re going to keep me on the edge like this as long as they can. Hurry up!’ she thought as a pair of wolves took both her front and back hole at the same time. Behind them, she could barely see another pair of horses. She’d be at this for a long time…

The beginning of the end. Fun fact: I wrote this one, and the next three, all in one day. I called them ‘the Final Four’ seeing as how they wrapped up both the Great Hunt and New Beginnings, and set up the next arc. Also when I was writing this I was initially wary about how to include it, as I felt there were several almost non-con moments (something that I absolutely refuse to write) so this is a bit of a jump episode for me. Let me know what you think!