The Great Hunt: Episode 22

Lucas surrounded the map. He and Aiden were in the Tree, having been summoned by Sam only about fifteen minutes ago. Simon’s first words as soon as they walked in shocked them to the core. “We found it,” he had said. The arctic fox had almost given up hope, but hearing those words, and seeing the seriousness on Simon’s face…it told him that he shouldn’t have given up.

Simon and Cal then detailed the issue, and the problems that would have been arising. “It’s nearly three stories tall, and we can’t see inside. So we can’t guarantee it, but on the other hand everywhere in Alenkas is searched and there is nothing left. So it has to be here, amongst everything in there,” Simon said.

“How do we know that they haven’t moved it again?” Aiden asked, his voice pointed. He didn’t want to have this massive plan that would just blow up in their faces if they proved wrong. He didn’t want to get anyone’s hopes up that had fully given up. They had made it nearly nine months without a single person even trying to commit suicide, and he wouldn’t be the one to push them off the peak.

“We don’t. But on the other hand, I did the math for the outside world. It’s about seven thirty out there on a Saturday night. I can guarantee you that there is not one person that’d show up right now, especially because during development I was the only one there that late on that night,” Simon answered. Aiden slowly nodded. There was a lot of guesswork, a lot more than he felt comfortable with, but it could work.

It had to work.

“Besides Aiden, even if it wasn’t there, we still have to pull up some hope for everyone. This is our light in the tunnel. We can reinvigorate everyone, all at once,” Lucas added. Aiden sighed before smiling gently at the fox. He had a point, and Aiden knew it.

“It could also make things worse for everyone. You can’t ignore the possible consequences,” Aiden said. Lucas smiled.

“I’m not ignoring them! I just think the possibilities outweigh the consequences. Come on…take a chance!” Lucas responded. Aiden sighed, and looked directly into his partner’s eyes. Those were the same words that Lucas had said to him nearly six years ago…when they first started dating. And again, four years ago, when Lucas had proposed to him…and when he had accepted.

“Fine. We’ll look it over before we launch the plan. What’s our deadline, Simon?” Aiden said suddenly.

To his credit, the squirrel seemed to perfectly understand Aiden’s thinking. “We have, at most, a day or two. We have to move fast.” The husky nodded, factoring that into his plans. “Here’s what Cal and I have so far,” Simon started.

“Wait, shouldn’t Lyla be here for this?” Lucas asked suddenly. Cal nodded from his chair.

“Yeah, we sent Sam after her, but she is moving around a lot. After we get a plan together, we’ll send you two after her, if you want,” the orange tabby said. Lucas froze for a moment, before nodding to accept it. Aiden also responded positive. “The plan?” Cal asked Simon after a moment, making sure that both Lucas and Aiden knew what they were going to do afterwards.

“Right. So if this at all like the other warehouses, there’s a window at the top. We can send Sam or Cal up to the top, I say Sam because she’s a faster climber, and then she can go on through. There’s a problem though; all the NPC’s that have disappeared from Alenkas are showing up as guards around the warehouse,” Simon explained.

“Hence the whole, ‘we can’t guarantee it but it’s pretty much guranteed’ thing. They wouldn’t guard it if it was worthless,” Aiden said after a moment. Simon nodded.

“Exactly. But there’s still more. That’s the biggest one, and seeing as how we don’t have much time, I want to enlist everyone to handle it,” Simon continued.

Lucas nodded. “I understand. You don’t know how long it takes for them to move it, so you want to send everyone you can to try and find it all at once,” he said. Simon nodded. “That’s a good plan.”

“It’s a plan. Not a good one, but it’s a plan,” Simon responded.

Aiden thought for a moment. “What if things go wrong? What if people get hurt? We don’t have medical facilities, asides from Mia. And what are you going to do about the guards?”

“Distraction. Whether that’s by someone beating them up or by…well, other factors,” he said, blushing. Lucas and Aiden glanced at each other and let loose a quiet chuckle. It seemed that after nine months, Simon still hadn’t gotten used to the constant sex. Hell, even Cal had gotten used to it, now wearing the same as many of the other guys; sweatpants and going shirtless. Lucas and Aiden wore almost identical clothing.

“Right. So our plan is a lack of one,” Aiden said after a moment. Simon glared at him a bit, but relented, finally sighing and agreeing with him. “So our plan is this; we’ll get Dave to ring the bell in the North Tower, that’ll be the sign to everyone that the plan is go. We’ll have everyone meet at the warehouse, shortly outside.

“From there we’ll have a distraction, in the form of either Kevin, George, or as you said of a more sexual kind. This being Alenkas, we’ll see who volunteers. From there, we’ll have Sam climb the outside, and open the window on the roof. She’ll go in, let us in, and then we have to check everything. If things go wrong, we’ll have to improvise, because that’s a good as plan as we got,” Aiden planned out.

Simon gave him a look. “That’s…the exact same as my plan.”

Aiden grinned. “I know, I just wanted to say I can take credit for it too.” Lucas laughed loudly, his voice echoing in the silence of the Tree. Even Cal let loose a quiet chuckle as Simon looked annoyed for a moment. “But, we’ll have to do it, because it’s the best plan we have so far. Any other bits we don’t know?” Aiden asked.

“No, we’ve told you everything we know. Although I like the part about the bell, that’ll work,” Simon answered. Aiden nodded.

Lucas groaned suddenly, and it took a moment for the other three to realize why as they started feeling it too. A small niggling thought in the back of their heads, worming it’s way to the front of their heads. Almost in unison, they could feel the effects of the Heat starting.

They were used to the effects of the Heats by now, but this one seemed different somehow. Instead of the usual ‘get to the certain point of horniness and stop’ it just kept rising. “Something’s different…oh fuck…” Lucas whispered. His cock hardened near instantly, and it took all of his self-control to not bend over right away.

“It’s worse this time for some reason,” Aiden answered. He didn’t bother controlling himself, and quickly reached over to grab Lucas’ head into a searing kiss. His hands quickly contoured themselves to the fox’s body, and with a practiced ease dropped his pants.

“Not sure why either,” Simon responded as Cal grabbed him, pulling him into his arms. Cal did the same as Aiden, before stopping to undo his own pants. He bent over a second later, his ass and tail wide open, his invitation clear. “But…I…” Simon started.

“Don’t worry about it. If you’re concerned, follow what they’re doing…” Cal said, looking over at the fox and husky. Lucas was bent over just as Cal was, and Aiden was slowly poking his cock into the fox’s ass.

“Virgin?” Aiden asked, somehow still maintaining some semblance of control. Simon wasn’t sure how he did it, as right now everything in his body told him to slam his cock into Cal’s ass and take him hard. He knew better than that, but it was still something that the back of his mind wanted badly. He nodded slowly towards the husky. “Right. Aim your cock for his hole, go slow and listen to your partner,” Aiden said.

Simon carefully aimed himself for Cal’s ass, aided by the cat’s tail and hands, holding his ass wide. “You don’t need to be careful, fuck I want you so badly…” Cal said quietly. The squirrel tried to copy what Aiden was doing, poking the tip of his cock into Lucas’ ass. He moaned as the tip almost slipped right in, enveloping his head almost too quickly. “I lubed up this morning. You don’t need to go gentle, Simon!” Cal said again.

“I…I don’t…” Simon said again. Every particle of his being was telling him to thrust inside, take Cal as hard as he could. But there was a deeper thought than even the Heat, penetrating through his thoughts; a white cat who he could tell anything, and could tell anything to him…

“Right. Never mind then,” Cal said, pushing Simon away, and quickly diving his head onto the squirrel’s cock. The Heat was just as bad for him as it was for Simon, but at the same time he could somehow still focus at least a bit.

“Let us then,” Lucas said, aiming for his cock right at the end of Cal’s ass. The orange tabby moaned loudly as he was filled slowly by the fox. The dog at the end stilled, a heavy heat settling over his cock. Once he was at the end, Lucas turned his head. “Go for it, take us!” he said, pulling back out…and onto Aiden’s cock.

The three quickly settled into a heavy rhythm. Aiden was thrust in, and then Lucas would follow, fucking Cal’s ass. As Aiden pulled out, so too would Lucas. Which each thrust, Cal moaned and groaned over Simon’s cock in his mouth, causing the squirrel to also moan.

“Shit…never been sandwiched before…” Lucas moaned as he both fucked and got fucked. Aiden’s cock spread his ass amazingly, and Cal’s ass over his cock was far tighter than he thought it’d be. Aiden chuckled softly directly into Lucas’ ear, making the fox thrust both forward and back even harder.

“Every time you go in, you squeeze so tight back here…” Aiden whispered into his fox’s ear. Lucas moaned loudly as he tried to get more sensation, despite already being on overload. Cal groaned from his place in front, both of his hands using Simon to hold himself up.

“Come on, foxy, you can go faster!” Cal muttered as he went back to sucking on Simon’s cock. The feeling of a cock in his ass and a cock in his mouth went beyond belief, and he was grateful that Lucas and Aiden decided to help both Simon and Cal with this particular Heat. There was no way that they’d be able to end this one without fucking each other otherwise.

“You heard him, faster!” Aiden said, starting to pound Lucas’ ass harder and faster. The fox stopped, simply enjoying the sensations on his cock and in his ass. “Don’t stop!” the husky said. The words slowly penetrated into Lucas’ ears, before he started to really go at Cal’s ass, pounding the poor cat for all he was worth. Cal yowled, enjoying every thrust of Lucas’ cock hitting deep inside.

It was, unsurprisingly, Lucas that came first several minutes later. “Fuck, cumming!” he said, ignoring all sense of rhythm as he fucked Cal’s ass. A good half-minute later, he stilled himself as he buried in deep. Aiden was just a moment later, burying himself knot-deep inside Lucas’ ass. Cal groaned as finally the sensation of being knotted and cummed inside set himself off, streams of cum shooting out of his cat cock onto Simon’s body, coating the squirrel’s pants and legs.

Simon was just another minute later, as Cal never stopped sucking him off, and the cat got another helping of cream from the squirrel.

The four stopped to breath for a heavy moment. “Fuck…I think that was the most intense I’ve ever cum…” Lucas said quietly. Aiden nodded in agreement, merely hugging his love tight.

“Same here actually…you know, are you two married in the outside world?” Cal asked.

“Yeah, to each other,” Lucas answered breathlessly. “We weren’t allowed to bring the rings in.”

“Oh. How are you guys so ok with fucking other people then? You two didn’t hesitate,” Cal asked. Strength was slowly coming back to his arms and legs, although the knot in his ass said he wasn’t going to go anywhere anytime soon.

“It’s Alenkas. We both said, on the second or third night that we would be ok with it, as long as we stick together no matter what. It’s been nine months…that still hasn’t changed,” Lucas said.

“Nor will it. I’m betting five on thirty,” Aiden said breathlessly. His legs were jello, and all he wanted to do was rest at the moment. But damn, that was one of the most intense orgasms he had ever had inside Alenkas. The only one up there he could honestly say was close was the one where he, Alex, and Lucas had gangbanged Lyla so many months ago.

“Say what?” Simon said, coming back to the realm of understanding language. Lucas chuckled.

“He’s saying five bucks on thirty minutes to deflate. I’m saying five on fifteen. You two want in on this?” Lucas asked. Cal and Simon looked at each other, before shrugging and offering their own bets. Lucas ended up being right.

If this seems like it comes out of left field, it kind of does. I remember I wanted a married pair in the original set of characters, but by then I realized I didn’t have two characters that were ‘traditional’ so to speak. So it became Lucas and Aiden, as they’d been together most of the time, but they were still ok with polyamory due to Alenkas. Yay retcons.