The Great Hunt: Episode 21

“Calm…he’s not going to push you down. Just breathe, Lyla,” Emma whispered into the fox’s ear.

“God but…he’s so damn big…fuck…” Lyla whispered back. Her legs were threatening to go out on her now, but she forced control into them nonetheless. Her pussy was stuffed full of Kevin’s cock, almost all the way to her cervix. Emma could take the horse’s cock like a pro, and when Lyla had asked, only mostly sarcastically, how that was possible, the wolf had just given her a look and said, “I’ll teach you!”

Which led to now, Lyla attempting to ride the biggest cock of her life. She couldn’t do what she always liked to do, which was ride from the top of the cock down to the bottom, get balls deep, and then lift herself back up. She had to control exactly how much she dipped down, because otherwise she froze in pain.

Let no one say that taking a dick that size was easy. Kevin did nothing, except slowly grip the fox’s inner thighs, ready to take control in case Lyla lost it. She had been attempting to ride him for a good ten minutes now, and despite Emma’s coaching, he could tell that she was no closer to getting him as deep inside her as Emma could.

But he didn’t say anything. Lyla’s pussy was fluttering marvelously atop his cock, and every once in a while he had to stop his groan. He definitely always had to stop his hips from thrusting up, knowing that she simply couldn’t go all the way at the moment. Her pussy gripped his cock like a vice, full of a warm wet heat.

Finally Lyla collapsed, letting out a small shriek as she fell into Emma’s arms. Her body went further down on Kevin’s cock, and she felt it resting against her inside hole. It was fortunate that Kevin wasn’t thrusting forward; if he had there was a very real possibility that he’d penetrate through. “God damn…it hurts so much…” the fox said quietly.

“It’s ok Lyla, just breathe. Focus on me, not on his prick,” Emma tried to coach. Kevin sighed, knowing that she wasn’t trying to insult him, but she was succeeding rather marvelously. Lyla chuckled softly, and with each breath Kevin felt her pussy clench atop him.

“Just start moving, Lyla. Your pussy will wetten up, and we can try again in a bit,” Kevin suggested. Emma was about to round and turn on him, before Lyla actually did start moving. She moaned and groaned with every movement, feeling the hot rod poke and prod her insides, the flared tip forcing her walls even wider. Kevin smiled softly as he carefully guided her.

“You just wanted to start fucking her,” Emma accused with a grin. She went down onto her knees and started to lick the parts of his cock that wasn’t inside the vixen, and she moaned as Kevin slapped her ass loudly.

“Guilty as charged,” Kevin answered with a grin. He spanked Emma again, and made sure to keep one hand on Lyla’s thigh to make sure she wasn’t going too deep. The vixen winced every time she went down, and started to instinctively make sure she didn’t go down that far, but she felt her pussy start to flood with her juices.

Emma laid there, licking and worshiping Kevin’s cock as Lyla bounced atop him. Kevin moaned with every long lick of her tongue, and sometimes she’d come back up to either kiss Lyla or to lick her pussy, both of which enticed Kevin to keep going. Lyla was barely paying attention to the wolf, except when she licked her pussy or kissed her. It wasn’t that Lyla was perfectly straight, but kissing a girl definitely still felt weird.

A few minutes passed of Lyla bouncing on top before Emma got up too. “Right, you ready to try again? It’s going to be like ripping off a bandaid,” she said quietly. Lyla didn’t freeze, but started to bounce even faster. Her boobs bounced around as she rode the giant cock.

“Yes, oh gods, yes!” Lyla cried out. Emma nodded to Kevin, who sighed. He could tell it was a bad idea, but when an idea got stuck in either of the two girls’ heads, who was he was to say different? He’d help out though, maybe he could make it painless for her.

“Right then. Three, two-” Emma said, coincing with Lyla’s bounces, before suddenly pushing her down. Kevin thrust up and pulled Lyla down, and the fox was caught by surprise shrieked as she felt that hard, hot cock inside of her push her hole aside. She rested for a moment, feeling fuller than she had ever felt before, even the few times that she had fucked Kevin before.

Her knees were on each side of Kevin’s legs as she straddled him perfectly. She was frozen, her mind overloaded with the pain, pleasure, and overall pressure. Her hips met his for the first time ever, and she wasn’t sure if she should move or not.

“Lyla? You didn’t pass out, did you?” Emma asked. Lyla slowly shook her head, her body shivering from having a giant pole shoved inside. “That’s about how easy it is. How do you feel?”

“I don’t know.”

“How can you not know?” Emma asked. Kevin said nothing, merely leaning back as he enjoyed the deep penetration. Her entire pussy and her whole body was working along the tip of his cock, pleasuring every bit of it. With every breath, he felt her vicelike pussy tighten even further, and it all felt so incredible.

It felt very similar to the first time he had fucked Emma like this. Whether that was because Emma was just used to it so it was much easier, or what, Kevin didn’t know, but he waited patiently for Lyla to start moving. He had gone passed his previous behavior.

Slowly, Lyla put her hands on Kevin’s chest. She moved extremely slowly, worried that each movement would set her off again, as she pushed herself up. She winced heavily as she felt the flared tip of Kevin’s cock on the wrong side. “I think…I don’t think I can do what Emma can do,” she said quietly.

“I know. I’m not going to force you to,” Kevin answered, thrusting upwards. Lyla moaned loudly as she felt his cock move deep inside, practically hitting the back of her womb. She rose again, much quicker, and did the same thing. Emma stood by with a smile on her face.

She reached down and grabbed Lyla’s boobs, starting to twist and turn her nipples. She wasn’t gentle, but she had to do something to make sure that the sensation went through the fog covered by Lyla’s mind right now due to the cock in her womb. “Just relax, Lyla. You went through it one way, you can do it a second,” she said.

She gripped the vixen’s arms, and started to pull up. Kevin signaled for her to stop, but as she continued anyways, even as the vixen’s legs dropped out, wanting to be dropped back down, he sighed. And just stood up.

He gripped Lyla’s arms, and gave her a quick apology as he wiggled her body off of his cock. He was glad there wasn’t any blood, not that there had been any in Alenkas at all, just about ever, but he simply held Lyla as the vixen curled up in pain. He gave a look towards Emma. “Not everyone can do what you do,” he repeated.

Emma glared at him. “She wanted to see how it was possible. There you go, now she knows it’s possible.” Kevin gave her an unamused look. She took a breath, as if to argue some more, before Lyla cut them both off.

“Shut up, both of you. Kevin, fuck my ass. You should be just fine back there,” she said quietly. She forced herself up, rolling out of Kevin’s arms, and moved her tail out of the way. Every movement said she was in pain, but still she fought on. Kevin shrugged, and Emma shrugged with him.

Lyla’s ass was tight, but not nearly as tight as the end of her pussy. Kevin’s cock was more than wet enough solely from the juices from Lyla’s pussy, and pushed in easily. He stopped at about a decent depth, with about half of it in, before Lyla held herself up tall…and then shoved herself backwards.

She groaned as she sank all the way down. “Fuck…it still hurts a bit…” Lyla whispered. Her pussy wasn’t sending her any signals, something deeper was, sending her pain signals that she had no idea how to counter. But on the other hand, having the hard cock in her ass definitely felt good, and her ass was stretched so wide she was surprised he fit as easily as he did.

She shrieked in pleasure as Kevin gripped her hips and started to move slowly. Emma grinned from her place on her knees in front of the two, licking Lyla’s pussy and clit. “I hope that helped,” she said cheekily. She was muffled as Lyla pushed her head back towards her pussy, holding it there while she rode Emma’s face.

Kevin had started to rock back and forth, and it was a mere ‘fuck me!’ from Lyla that got him to start going faster. He switched his rhythm every once in a while, going slow to fast and teasing the vixen whenever he got a chance. Lyla moaned her heart out, with the tongue on her pussy and the cock in her ass.

Fifteen minutes later, Lyla finally came, her arms tired from holding Emma’s face so close to her, essentially using Emma to hold herself up while Kevin reamed her ass. Her juices flowed quickly out from her pussy, covering her inner thighs and legs. She breathed heavily as she let Emma go, who was also breathing hard. Kevin’s cock was still hard in her ass.

“You haven’t cum yet, have you?” Lyla asked. Kevin shook his head. “Right…” she whispered, only to slam herself back against his hips, driving his cock deeper into her ass again. “Fuck my ass!” She rested her head against a table, moaning wholeheartedly as Kevin reamed her ass out.

“I hope you don’t think you’re getting out of this either,” Emma said, hopping onto the table and reversing what Lyla did earlier. She grabbed the vixen’s ears and pulled her closer to her own pussy, moaning as Lyla started licking her. She groaned especially when Lyla’s own moans echoed into her pussy.

“Ready?” Kevin said from behind. His hands gripped her hips, and he only heard a muffled ‘fuck me!’ as her tail went every which way. ‘Obviously. Ask a stupid question…’ Kevin thought as he pushed every bit of himself into her ass as he could, and started to go as fast as he could, losing all semblance of a rhythm. Now he was just using her ass to get off.

And getting off he was. Her ass danced amazingly around him, pushing him closer to that edge, that peak that he was so close. He felt it come up from his balls, knowing that it was going to be a big one. “I’m cumming!” he said, a mere five minutes after starting to pound her ass for everything she had.

Emma screamed as she too came at the same time. Juices flooded out from her pussy as cum started to flood Lyla’s ass. She felt each pulse from Kevin’s cock as he came, shooting more and more cum inside her bowels. She lay against the table, grinning widely as she occasionally licked up the juices that came from Emma’s pussy, feeling her ass get more and more cummed in.

She could feel Kevin’s heartbeat through his cock. “Careful when you pull out, it’ll flood,” Lyla warned. She could feel Kevin shrug.

“It’s not like this place hasn’t seen it’s fair share of cum,” Kevin said, pulling out slowly. He could feel the flood of cum that was being plugged up by his cock, and didn’t care as he fully withdrew. Lyla moaned as she felt her gaping ass slowly close, not able to stop the dribble of cum that managed to get out. “Damn, you managed to keep most of it in,” Kevin said, looking down and moving her tail around.

“She did?” Emma asked, jumping off the table. She moved around to Lyla, who was moving slowly, trying to keep all of Kevin’s cum inside her. The wolf could see the small trails of white that showed the stuff that had escaped. “Let’s try to change that!” she cheered.

Lyla’s eyes widened, “Wait, what?” she uttered, before she moaned strangely. She felt Emma’s tongue at her pussy, slowly moving up to her ass. With her shattered concentration, her ass opened wide and the flood of cum showered Emma’s tongue and face.

Kevin chuckled. “Now that’s pretty hot,” he said quietly. They were interrupted by a knock on the door. “Come on, it’s unlocked,” the horse called. Lyla was standing there, her ass, tail, and legs covered with cum as Emma ate out her ass.

Lucas walked in, evidently having drawn the short straw. The arctic fox didn’t even look at the two naked women, with one of them on her knees licking around Lyla’s tailhole. “Simon thinks he found it. He found the IDM. Only catch is…now we have to go grab it.”

Yeah, this is a callback to episode 11 I think of New Beginnings. Sure have come a long way haven’t they?