The Great Hunt: Episode 18

Jen was panting softly. She could feel the sweat roll down her arms and body as she attempted to keep up with the self-proclaimed ‘Runners’. “Holy shit you two, slow down…” she muttered after a moment.

Lucas and Aiden didn’t look back, but did slow down a bit. Lucas called back, “You mean you haven’t been exercising the same way we have for the last seven or eight months?” he teased. Jen couldn’t really fault him, that was the way the arctic fox was. The husky, Aiden, didn’t say anything, but Jen could feel the smugness radiating off of him.

“Not like this, no,” she answered. She tried to call for them to stop, and thankfully they seemed to realize that she was really out of it. She caught up a moment later, breathing hard and with her hands on her knees. “Didn’t think I was that out of shape…” the wolf whispered to herself. The other males’ ears swiveled towards her, but didn’t say anything.

“You’re not out of shape, it’s just that we’re in good shape. That’s all,” Aiden answered anyways. “Besides, we’ve been doing this for months, we can go all day,” he continued. Jen could fully believe that, seeing as how she was so tired she could barely go on, meanwhile Lucas and Aiden barely looked winded.

“How do you guys manage to do it for so long?” Jen managed to get out. She wasn’t even sure how long they’ve gone so far, but it had to be at least about thirty minutes. Hell, she’d never even been in this portion of Alenkas, and she thought she’d explored ninety percent of it at least!

“You learn shortcuts, and do this for long enough you get better at it. Emma’s better at free-running than us, but we have better endurance,” Lucas explained. Jen looked at him questioningly. “Oh, the shortcuts? Well, this alleyway right here-” the fox pointed to a nearby small alley, “-goes straight to red road. You ever been near here before?” he asked.

Jen shook her head. “Ah. Well, here…” he trailed off, reaching into his pockets and grabbing his map. He unraveled it, taking another moment or two, before he showed it. He pointed to a spot that Jen only just barely saw. “We’re here, right now. We’re heading right here,” he pointed to a spot four squares away, “because that way we can hand it off to George and Mia again, and they can go after everyone that we can’t.”

“So you two know where pretty much everyone is? At like almost all times?” she asked.

“Not quite. We know where they’re most likely to be. See, here?” Lucas asked, pointing to another spot on the map. “This is where we can find most people in Alenkas. Living in these two buildings. Those’re the apartments that NuVO gave us. Most of us live there, a few of us don’t, and it’s the few of us that make us run all over the place.”

“Like Simon and Sam?”

“More than just them, but yeah. The Tree’s here, and the Tower’s here. Alright, I think that’s enough of a break. Need any water or anything?” Lucas asked, holding out his canteen. Jen blinked for a moment before downing it. Lucas chuckled softly, and Aiden let out a small smirk.

“Come on, it’s only another mile until we get to George and Mia’s place,” Lucas said. He and Aiden started jogging again, and reluctantly Jen joined in. She was still extremely tired, but somehow she managed to keep up.

The two lived in another apartment complex, one that was only inhabited by them and four others, according to Lucas. He couldn’t remember their names off the top of his head, he said he’d have to check their list for that info.

Although it was with surprising alacrity that Aiden knocked politely on a certain door, the two canines gunning for that door in particular. George, a giant bear with a scar making an X on his chest, opened the door ajar, then when he saw who it was he opened it the rest of the way.

“Lucas, Aiden, Jen! How nice to see you. Please, come in. You want drink of water?” he said politely. He gave them all a wave in, but only Jen went in. She looked at the two in surprise, wondering if they were going to come in too.

“Hey George. Nah, we gotta get going, another Runner thing. Jen, you want to stay here?” Lucas asked. The wolf tossed it around in her mind a bit before nodding. It wasn’t that she didn’t like the two, but there was no way she could do more running than what she had done already. He nodded. “Alright. So Simon and Lyla are finally collaborating again. They say not to mention anything about the IDM on the reports you’re scheduled to send in, and get that message out to everyone,” Lucas explained.

“Finally. It only took them months. I haven’t been mentioning that since the beginning!”

“I know. Anycase, message delivered. We’re gonna hit everyone we usually do, so be sure to spread that message around. See you later, George, Mia, Jen!” Lucas said, waving away as the two canines took off. George smiled and closed the door.

“Think she’ll be alright?” Lucas asked as they walked outside. He had to raise his hand up to stop the glare from the sun, hitting that particular spot that the buildings couldn’t block but was right in his eyes.

“She should be. George is a good guy. So, race to Dave’s?” Aiden asked. Lucas smirked, and the game was on.

Streets blurred as they ran. The two of them had ran the streets for months, knowing every possible shortcut and having races like this all the time. The two danced around other people in the way, oftentimes without bothering to slow down or explain themselves.

The clock tower was their final target, it’s giant tower one of the tallest buildings in Alenkas, and the only place where a single person lived. Most people in Alenkas lived in two’s, at least nowadays, but Dave was always the strange one. It had a bell, near the top, that most of them were sure could be heard from every corner of the virtual city.

The two canines stopped right before the door, having practically reached it at the same time. “Ha, pretty sure that’s a win for me,” Lucas said. Aiden glared lightheartedly.

“I have no idea what you’re talking about, I got here first,” the husky responded. Lucas smirked before he turned to knock politely on the door. There were no windows on the first floor, or even the second or third.

“I don’t give a shi- oh it’s you two. Whatcha want,” Dave’s voice called nasally from above. Lucas didn’t even bother looking up, and simply motioned to Aiden. The husky was one of the only people that could talk clearly with the Jay.

Aiden looked up to see the Stellar’s Jay, a bird with a mostly blue body except for the head. A large black feathered neck with a black fringe at the top. The husky wasn’t sure where or how Dave had managed to become a Jay, but he had, somehow. He was, honestly, the only bird that either of them had seen in Alenkas. Before they had met, both Lucas and Aiden were sure that only mammals were in Alenkas.

“Dave, I know you probably know this already but don’t mention anything about the IDM in your next report to NuVO, ok?” Aiden asked kindly.

“IDM? I don’t give a shit about that worthless crap. Never have mentioned it before, and I aint’ gonna start now,” the bird responded. Aiden nodded, and did a slight bow. The bird’s head retreated back into the tower, and that was the closest thing that they had ever gotten to being polite from the bird.

“Well. He was nice today,” Lucas said, keeping his head straight ahead as the two walked away. Aiden chuckled, before laughing loudly.

“He was, wasn’t he? Come on, let’s head back home. We’ll get the message out later, we still have a week before the next report is due,” Aiden answered. Lucas smiled, and with a quick nod of the head towards an alleyway, the duo were off.

“You alright Lucas?” Aiden asked as they walked in. The arctic fox smiled, and quickly dove down to his knees, pulling down Aiden’s pants all in one go. The husky blinked, wondering where this came from.

“Yeah, I’m fine. I just don’t like dealing with Dave. This is my thanks for handling that,” Lucas said, licking his lover’s cock lovingly. Aiden moaned lightly as Lucas slowly licked around it, stroking it with his tongue to get it hard. He smiled as it slowly responded to his tongue.

He always did like giving Aiden a blowjob. It was one of the things that really helped get him off, knowing that he was the reason for the husky’s moaning and groaning. He continued to tease it a bit, ignoring the slight thrusts that Aiden’s hips made. He could hear the slight tensing of Aiden’s balls, and finally looked up as he took the entire thing into his mouth at once.

He grinned as he heard Aiden moan loudly. The cock was hard and hot in his mouth, and if he got it just barely deep enough he could feel his lover’s heartbeat through it. He wrapped his tongue around the tip, and continued his worship of Aiden’s dick.

Lucas ignored the feeling on his knees in favor of the feeling in his mouth. He relaxed the back of his throat, and pushed Aiden even deeper into his mouth, going almost all the way into his throat now. He continued to lick all around, focusing mostly on the small bit of skin that would turn into the knot. He could feel it start to enlarge with blood, and Lucas knew that Aiden probably wouldn’t last too long.

Occasionally he would withdraw entirely, and go back to teasing Aiden. Each time he did this he got an almost pained groan from the husky above him, and a grin out of himself. “Oh gods…please…” he heard the husky whimper.

Grinning, he finally went to town again, getting it buried as deep in his throat as it could go, and reached up with one of his hands to grip and massage his lover’s balls gently. The knot was almost fully expanded now, and it took all of Lucas’ skill in keeping the cock in his throat. He felt Aiden’s hands grip his ears, and Lucas knew he was about to blow.

He definitely wasn’t wrong. Aiden thrust above him, getting it deeper into his throat as Lucas felt the rhythmic pulsing, knowing that Aiden was cumming down his throat. He stayed in place, letting the husky empty everything he had into him.

A few minutes later, Lucas wiped his mouth as he stood up again. “So yeah, thanks for that,” he said quietly. Aiden chuckled softly again, pulling up his pants, shaking his head at his love’s antics.