The Great Hunt: Episode 11

“You know, you’re more than welcome to go in at any time,” Kevin said impatiently. The wolf, Jen, froze in the warm rain as she looked inside the grocery store. It had no NPC’s, and all the actual citizens of Alenkas either already had enough food or didn’t want to go out in the rain.

She had had no idea that Kevin was right behind her. “S-Sorry Kevin…” she said quietly. Kevin grabbed her hand before she could walk off to let him in.

“Jen? What’re you doing out here in the rain?” Kevin said, carefully making sure not to say the fact that they were both still out in the rain. It pounded down around them, making sure to get their fur as wet as possible. Jen was an arctic wolf, and had matched almost perfectly with the clean interior of the grocery store, especially as she wasn’t wearing clothes to give her a clear silhouette.

“Oh, uh…well, I was looking to see if they had any things that might stop the Heats, like birth control or something,” Jen said after a moment. “I checked here last week but they didn’t. My Heats are getting worse for some reason.”

“Worse? How so?” Kevin asked. He had heard that there were a few citizens who’s Heats were, instead of becoming easier to handle, were getting harder to handle. But in general he thought those were the ones in the Alenkas outskirts, not the ones close to home. He knew Jen, knew that she’d probably fight it as much as she could. Considering what happened the last time the two wolfesses had ganged up on him.

“Well, it started when I was searching district nine with Mia. George came around, and well…I got fucked. Well, fucked. But I kept demanding more, and both Mia and George realized that something was wrong,” Jen explained.

“I remember hearing that. But that was like…almost a month ago. You’re saying it hasn’t gotten any better?” Kevin asked.

Jen shook her head. “When I get a Heat, all I want to do is be fucked, any which way, by anything. Ivan’s working on something to help, basically an auto-fucker, but it doesn’t seem to want to work yet.”

“Yeah I could see that being a problem. Here, come on, I’ll help you look,” Kevin said, dragging the arctic wolf inside. Their feet splattered against the white tiles of the floor, leaving water everywhere they stepped. It rained down from their fur, making a nice little puddle whenever they stood for too long.

The store was a simple one; vegetables in front, meat in back, and everywhere else frozen goods or bread. Kevin was always glad that they had a truthfully large selection, although they didn’t have much in the way of medicine, he had noticed.

It was a small kiosk, up near the front. Kevin studied it from every angle, making sure to keep his eyes on it rather than the extremely attractive naked wolf in front of him. If he could keep his eyes searching for the important stuff, rather than the luscious, full breasts and the tantalizing lips of her pussy…fuck.

And now he had a hard-on. Hopefully his pants, easy to get on and off sweatpants would at least somewhat hide that fact, but he’d chosen a horse in character creation for a reason. Besides the fact that he adored the animals, and absolutely loved them.

“I don’t see it Kevin. Sorry…maybe we can search a different…” Jen started, before her eyes naturally saw the massive tent in his pants. She blinked a little bit. “I see. Did seeing my body give you a hard-on?” she teased. She bent over a small table that had some fruit pies, lifting up her tail to give a few of her ass and pussy. “Did you want to fuck me now?”

Kevin glared at her. “I’m a guy. In Alenkas. Yes,” he said simply. He then walked past her and gave her a sharp smack on her ass, causing her to yelp and jump a foot in the air. She laughed loudly, and followed the horse as he walked out.

The small sojourn from the rain had done little to ease the water off their fur. “There’s another store just down the street from here, we can check there,” Jen said, her face going back into serious mode. Kevin nodded, and despite the large erection he had, followed her.

Most of the stores in Alenkas were designed the same way, something that both Kevin and Jen were grateful for. “So, what do you expect Emma’s doing? Fucking some random guys?” she asked. Kevin sighed.

“Probably. She was supposed to stay in the apartment today, as Lucas and Aiden were coming over for her report of district forty five. Well, knowing Emma, I have no doubt what actually happened,” the horse responded. Truth be told, the idea of Emma getting fucked in her pussy and ass by the other two canines was extremely hot to him, and one of these days he was going to have to stay and watch.

“Ah. Clear, like all the others?”

“Clear, like all the others. Sometimes I wonder if Simon knows what he’s doing…more than Emma does anyway. All she seems to want is sex nowadays, and while I’m not complaining it does seem a bit…” Kevin said quietly.

“I think Emma has fully embraced the fact that we’re here for a while, and she can have as much as she wants and never get pregnant, or hurt,” Jen said. “Hell, I think all the girls have. I’ve been trying to organize a girls’ night out for a while, but only Emma and Sam are interested. Know any others?”

“That would want a girls’ night? Maybe Kathryn, but good luck,” Kevin said. They walked past the medicine display, a small thing that was barely worth the term display. Mostly it held things like bandages, in case something get truly broken. “Can we even get hurt here? I mean, what’s the purpose of all this crap?”

“I know we feel pain, but I don’t think we get hurt,” Jen said. Her breathing hitched, and she felt her pussy moisten in want and need. “Fuck, Heat,” was all she managed out before she launched herself at Kevin’s still erect cock.

His sweatpants barely lasted a second before the arctic wolf had engulfed his cock with her mouth. Kevin moaned, kicking away his pants as he watched the wolf bury her throat onto his large dick.

She sucked him furiously, moving her entire head back and forth, trying to get more and more of his meat down her throat. “Jen, you alright?” Kevin asked. Jen’s blue eyes glared into his with a wild ferocity that he had never seen from the girl. She stood up, wiping some leftover spit onto her breasts.

She turned around and before the horse could say anything, impaled her pussy upon his cock. “Oh fuck, Jen!” Kevin managed. She had barely managed halfway, but already her pussy felt incredibly tight, wet, and hot. Her legs could barely hold herself up as she fucked herself on the horse’s cock.

Her eyes shone with wildness as she grabbed his hands and forced them upon her hips. Her legs were working overtime, trying to get more the large cock into her tight hole. “Jen, are you ok?” Kevin asked, standing there as the wolf fucked herself using him as a living dildo.

“Fuck!” was all she yelled as she tried to get more of his cock inside her. Kevin was surprised by her fervor, if she kept going like this she might end up hurting herself. He sighed, and held her hips as he thrust in.

She moaned loudly, finally getting what she wanted, his cock going even deeper inside. Her juices spilled out onto and around it, moaning with want and need. Her breasts hung down, and Kevin tentatively reached down to massage and hold them as he continued to thrust back and forth.

He was hitting the back of her pussy, he knew. He was trying not to do it hard, trying to give her pleasure, not pain. Not everyone could take him like Emma could. She tensed on him surprisingly quickly, and moaned loudly as she came. Instead of going off like he expected her too, instead she tried to fuck back even faster and more vigorously.

“You’re still affected by the Heat!?” Kevin said, pounding her pussy hard. He was making sure not to go all the way, not to push his entire cock inside her. She nodded wildly, and groaned loudly as he felt more of her juices pulse out of her pussy.

She finally seemed to stop fucking him back, and instead just breathed hard. “Jen? Are you alright?” Kevin asked lightly. She shook her head, and Kevin was grateful that at least she could understand him and do basic actions now. This was actually kind of terrifying for the poor horse. Hot as hell, but terrifying.

She pulled herself off, her pussy making a loud wet sound as it only mostly closed after his cock left. Kevin waited, wanting to know if she’d push herself back onto him, or if she’d do something else.

The answer was something else. She lowered herself just a bit, and slowly pushed her asshole onto his cock. Kevin stilled her, even as she groaned with want. “You sure?” he asked. She nodded vigorously, and he let her go only to moan as she forced her ass to open up, swallowing his cock’s flared tip. “Fuck…” he moaned.

Jen didn’t even seem to blink at the intrusion, except for moaning as she started to then fuck her ass onto him. She pushed herself back, and managed to get farther in her ass than in her pussy. She moaned loudly as she did. Kevin stared at her, until she grabbed his hands, pushing them onto her boobs, curling her hands around them. She thrust herself back, and buried his cock deeper.

Taking that as his cue, Kevin slowly thrust in, burying himself as deep as he felt he could go. Emma preferred her pussy to her ass, and thus he didn’t have much experience with the backdoor. But shouldn’t this have hurt her? He didn’t want to, but his cock was gigantic, and her ass…well, wasn’t. She seemed to be fine though, judging by the way it slid in and out with ease.

Finally he hit what seemed like a wall, with most of his cock buried deep. He stilled, only to realize that Jen wouldn’t accept that, and so started to thrust in and out. Jen moaned loudly with every thrust. “Deeper! Get it all!” she yelled.

Gritting his teeth from the tightness, Kevin buried his cock all the way inside her. She moaned and groaned, echoing in the empty space, as her ass tightened on him, and he felt her juices pulse out of her pussy. The sudden tightening, felt all over his cock, suddenly pushed him over that edge too, and he shouted as he came.

“Holy fuck…I’m not gonna be able to sit down for a week. But god damn, I am doing that again at some point,” Jen said, minutes later. They were still breathing hard, Kevin’s cock still buried inside her cummed in ass. Every once in a while Jen would feel a pulse, and know that it was running down her legs. Her ass simply had no room left, and there was no where else it could go except out.

And damn, she forgot how much Kevin came. “Well. That’s one way to treat my Heat,” she said.

Kevin chuckled darkly, “And I know what you mean. You were a wild animal.” Jen muttered her acknowledgement, and pushed herself up…and back onto the hard cock still inside. She grinned back at him.

“Come on. You have free reign on my ass…use it,” she said. Kevin’s eyes brightened, and Jen knew that she was going to be in for a fun time.