2018 Special: How to deal with thunder

“You know, I never expected Alenkas to have weather like this?” Emma said loudly, thunder going off directly into the wolfess’ ears. She whimpered and quickly curled up into a ball.

Kevin laughed, the horse’s booming voice drowning out the thunder easily. “It’s not that difficult to understand. I mean, the weather team basically took out all the normal storms, the rains, etc of the east coast of the US. Just got rid of hurricanes.”

“And in return we still have thunderstorms. Wonderful,” Emma complained, whimpering as another flash of lightning thundered across the two of them. The wolf’s ears were far more sensitive than they were as a human, and when the thunder and lightning roared across them, it seemed to accompany a full sound stereo.

“It’s just some lightning and thunder. It’ll go away after the night, like most of the storms do around here,” Kevin tried to reason. Emma growled, the low sound drowned out by another bout of lightning.

“Yes, I know it’ll go away, but it’s the fact that it fucking HURTS!” Emma yelled with a tone of panic and hopelessness. Kevin stared at her for a bit, the same smirk of self-confidence and arrogance painted it as he almost always had.

“There’s a lot of things that hurt. I thought you were into pain, truth be told,” Kevin muttered. Emma curled up into a ball, cutting off her planned sarcastic remark, as another lightning flash echoed across the two of them. “Seriously, there are ways to ignore the thunder and lightning.”

“Like what.” Emma growled out. Their apartment was fairly high up in the air, on the third floor, and while it was dirty beyond all thoughts -there were cum stains abound, mostly with a combination of her and Kevin’s juices- it was still what they called home.

“Distract yourself from it, or head down to the basement. I know there’s one here. The basement will hinder the lightning although you won’t be notified of when to expect it,” Kevin reasoned. Emma stared at him a bit, wondering how and when he figured out that kind of thing.

“Why are you telling me this, and why do you know this?” Emma asked.

Kevin sighed, his hand running through his short brownish hair that doubled as a mane. “You know I grew up in the country right? Not quite a ranch, but something close to it. I used to be afraid of lightning and thunder too, because it usually meant something awful was happening outside, or fires were going to be starting, you know, the various things that we need to worry about in the fields. I learned the best way to deal with that fear.”

“By hiding in the basement?” Emma asked. Another lightning flashed them, the thunder roaring near them, and she whimpered slightly. Kevin shrugged.

“Not entirely. I found that masturbating helped, something to concentrate on other than worry about it. I think it’s just the sound that’s bugging you, not the thoughts of what the lightning is doing out there. At which point, yeah distractions would work or just hiding in the basement. Which one?” Kevin asked.

Emma shot him a look. “Distraction works? Then I think you know my answer,” Emma said, getting up off the cum-covered couch, and turning around to present her pussy and ass. Her tail swung by slightly, covering her privates and revealing them slowly again.

Kevin raised an eyebrow. His cock was almost permanently hard when Emma was in this kind of mood. He grinned a second later, not bothering to be nice as he stepped up behind the wolf. He grabbed her tail easily, pulling it out of the way roughly as he lined himself up.

With a small thrust, he pushed the tip of his cock into her wet pussy. And he knew she was wet -it was almost a constant fact these days that probably wouldn’t go away anytime soon- and he sighed as he felt her warmth surround his flared tip. Emma sighed with relief, a small smile gracing her face for the first time since the storm started.

He didn’t push in far at first, gently moving in and out just stir up Emma’s passion. She knew that he could very easily thrust in and truly take her…but he didn’t for some reason, instead stirring up something inside of her, forcing her to want to beg for it. “What are you waiting for…!?” Emma begged. She tried to squeeze down on him, trying to force him in further inside.

“This,” Kevin answered quietly as another roar of thunder echoed around them. As Emma froze at the suddenness she gave a loud low moan as Kevin thrust in as far deep inside as he could right away. His thrusts gained far more distance, pushing a good half of his cock into and out of Emma’s slavering cunt.

Emma’s eyes closed, trying to ignore the loud roar of the thunder around her by ignoring the flash of the lightning. Kevin timed his thrusts to the lightning, pausing every time he saw a flash, thrusting in as far as he could to the sound of the thunder.

Kevin tried to keep going for several minutes with that rhythm. The lightning was random, but he was moving quick enough that it didn’t matter how long it took for the thunder to arrive because he’d always had enough time to pause and thrust in completely.

Finally after getting almost impatient, Kevin stilled himself as deep as he could go without hurting Emma. He knew she enjoyed it though, and it was one of her absolute favorite things. Emma smiled to herself, knowing what it was that was waiting for her; a sense of extreme fullness, something that she had only experienced with Kevin.

He waited for another flash, and carefully pushed himself to the very edge of her vagina, the deepest part that he could reach. He pulled back just a bit, trying to reach the wolf’s entrance to that one part inside of her. As soon as the lightning hit his ears, he thrust in, opening past Emma’s cervix, hilting his entire cock into the wolf.

Emma froze up, her head paused in an open pleasured scream. Kevin moaned slightly, feeling the complete fluttering of her body over his entire cock rather enticing. He let her relax for a moment, before thrusting out and back in, never exiting that deeper part of her body.

With the new development, Emma couldn’t help but squeeze down on him, her orgasm approaching significantly faster now. She moaned with every thrust, and when Kevin put his hands on her hips, forcing her body to move to his thrusts, effectively using her as a living sex doll, she almost ran out of breath.

After several more minutes, Kevin’s endurance not all that surprising to Emma, she started panting, her body starting to involuntarily squeeze all over his cock, starting to shudder as some of her muscles went out of her control. “Fuck…fuck me. So close…” she panted out barely.

Kevin smirked from behind her, holding her steady as he fucked her womb. He gave a few more thrusts in the same rhythm, allowing Emma to just barely go near that peak, before he exited her pussy completely. She gasped in wanted pain and pleasure, suddenly her body depleted of all stimulation. “What the fuck!?” she yelled, looking behind her in anger.

She paused as she felt Kevin’s cock at her ass. “Ohh-” she said quickly, her words turning into a scream of pleasure as Kevin shoved in, hilting himself into her ass. The sudden change of penetration triggered something in Emma’s body, squeezing down her entire body onto the invading cock.

“Fuck, gonna cum!” Kevin whispered into her ear. She moaned, barely allowing the air to escape her throat. She was tired, and he knew it, and as he groaned, forcing a massive amount of cum deep into her ass, she didn’t bother trying to force herself to move. She was truly just impaled on his cock, her entire body tired and wanting nothing but rest.

She didn’t bother moving when Kevin gently slid from her ass. “You didn’t even notice the last few thunders, did you?” Kevin said, smirking playfully. Emma groaned, a small gurgle of cum dripping out of her gaping ass. Kevin got the message perfectly, ‘Fuck you.’