The Great Hunt: Episode 6

Calvin was not having a good time. Well, no one else in Alenkas was either, but here he was, stuck in the ‘Tree’ while Simon and Sam went around either trying to find the IDM or getting updates as to its current location. Or, more descriptively, not getting updates to its current location because no one knew where it was.

He didn’t mind the desk job. Hell, he did it for years at NuVO. He was no Simon though, who was capable of sitting behind a desk for years with only moving his hands and somehow would be perfectly fine at the end of it. Cal had to move, he had to stretch, he had to do something besides take a look at a god-forsaken map!

That’s what he was staring at. On a table in front of him, with the edges taped down so that way it didn’t curl up on itself -which it did the first time they laid it out- was a full map of Alenkas. Sam had traced over the entire thing on another piece of paper, allowing them to cover the entire thing if they needed to with marks and markers.

The actual map was behind him, spread out across a wall. He had done some quick calculations while Simon was out one day, using the Tree as the base of it. There was no key on the map, which means they had no way of saying how large Alenkas actually was. But Cal had figured out the size of the Tree – four hundred feet across, and three hundred feet deep. He didn’t need to care about height, but if he had to guess he’d estimate at least thirty five or forty feet; there were three floors.

It appeared as a rectangle on the map as well, and using a ruler, Cal had calculated his own key. And it just frustrated him even more. Alenkas was huge. It was almost as large as Los Angeles or New York City, with only thirty individuals spread out amongst the entire thing. And they had to check almost every square inch of the place, and that wasn’t counting the far side of the river, which was almost double the amount of space of Alenkas proper.

And that wasn’t at all counting the space where the IDM could be, hidden in any number of buildings or even buried underground -he hadn’t told Simon that possibility yet, although he was hoping he was wrong-, there was just no way to tell.

He sighed loudly into the silent library. The cat was pissed, and he knew that if anyone would see him they’d look at him differently all the time. He took a deep breath, and steadied himself. He was Calvin, not Cal. He could change. He could be confident without being an asshole.

On a whim he looked through some of the aisles of the books, and picked out one at random. He just wanted to be away from the map, and exactly knowing how much room there was left of Alenkas to search. It’d take them months, if not years.

“Huh. Moby Dick. Didn’t think they put in actual real books in here,” he said aloud, flipping through it. He had read Moby Dick, ages ago. He figured he would be able to identify if the book was the one that it said it was. He looked through the first few pages, and with disbelief looked through the middle, and the back. All blank.

Frustrated, he threw the useless book into the shelf. He grabbed another book, he didn’t care which, and flipped through it. Also blank. Barely the title was on there. He grabbed a few others and quickly checked them, throwing them behind him when they turned out to be blank too.

He knew that Simon had told him as much, something about a book’s texture almost impossible to put into the pages. “For once, I wish this was closer to reality,” he muttered under his breath.

He sat down on the ground with a huff. He fell back onto his back, spreading out his arms and legs, as if he lacked the energy to get up. ‘Dammit, what does Simon or Sam do all day when they’re the ones stuck here?’ he thought.

Acting as if all the energy had been sucked out of him, he slowly got up and moved over to where their files were. Neither of them had specifically said not to check their stuff out, but it was an unwritten rule, and it was one that Cal didn’t really have much regard for to begin with.

He went through Sam’s first, and was surprised by not seeing a diary, which he expected, but rather drawings. Surprisingly good ones too, all of various things throughout Alenkas. Each one had a title on the bottom, and even though they were only pencil sketches, she even managed to get the shading right on many of them.

Most of them were from her perspective, as there were none of her in there. She either didn’t know how to draw herself, or didn’t know what she looked like. Both of them were reasonable, and there were even a few of himself in here. He blinked as most of them were with a smirk on his face, or a large grin, or the one time that Simon had been pissed at him because he tripped him on accident.

Of course, Simon didn’t know that. There were a few dozen of the others too; mostly Simon, but there were some of Lyla, Alex, George…the list went on. “Well that explains what she does…” Cal said aloud. He knew that Sam probably would get mad if she found out he went through her files, and casually he put them back in the same order he found them in.

Simon’s files were just that; small documents that he had written up. There were a few more maps of Alenkas, including one with dozens of circles saying ‘possibility is high’. Casually he put them back.

Sam drew while Simon contemplated. Somehow, that fit the both of them all too well. Well then…what could he do? What should he do? He was in a library of blank books…but what if he filled them in?

Suddenly getting an idea, he grabbed a blank book and simply started writing down ideas. Could he do this though, could he really fill a library with a crapton of books? Probbaly not on his own…but he could make a small section for himself.

He growled as he felt the Heat creep up on him. ‘Of all the times for it, of course it’d choose now,’ he thought. Without a thought he shucked off his shirt and trousers, and put his feet up against one of the chairs. He leaned back as much as he could without losing balance, something which originally took him a lot longer than it probably should have, as he felt his cock slowly get erect.

‘And that’s Alenkas for you. A great hypocrisy…this place was supposed to give us a chance to reform, to be reborn. Instead, we’re stuck having sex. Normally I wouldn’t be against it, but it’s almost reached the point where I’m not even sure this can be considered sexy anymore,’ Cal thought.

‘There’s always a point,’ he thought. He slowly moved his hand up and down, not rubbing vigorously or hard, but rather slow and detailed. The small bumps on his cock didn’t hinder him, and he moaned softly as he let the pleasure fill his brain.

He wasn’t thinking about anything in particular, and in the real world he probably wouldn’t have even thought twice about masturbating. But here in Alenkas, with the Heats, his erection wouldn’t go down no matter what, and if he didn’t take it seriously there was a chance it would overwhelm his mind.

His tail flicked back and forth, and occasionally his ear twitched as he continued to masturbate. Pre-cum filled his hand, and without stopping or slowing his rhythm he continued, lathering it over his cock.

He paced himself, keeping up the same rhythm. He could feel himself getting close to that edge, and knew he wouldn’t be much longer. Leaning back more, he started to go faster, eager to get that edge off, to be pushed past that brink that would lead to his orgasm.

He gasped as his orgasm hit suddenly. His hips pushed themselves through the air as he came, showering his stomach with his cum. With every moment, another spurt of his cum as he relaxed his body. His hand and stomach were coated. He sat there for a moment, breathing heavily.

Energy eventually came back to him, and with a slight groan pushed himself up to wash himself off. Cum stuck in his fur, giving him a bedraggled appearance that mirrored how he felt. His stomach took far longer than his hand; that he simply lapped up with a practiced ease.

Finally, after a good ten minutes of trying to wash off, he sat back down, the Heat abated and appeased for now. He grabbed a pencil, and started writing on a blank book. “This is the story of Alenkas. What it was meant to be, how it was made, and what it truly is,” he wrote.