The Great Hunt: Episode 5

“Did you hear about that new bar that Simon and Emma found yesterday?” Jennifer asked. The wolf was walking alongside Mia, a white rabbit who essentially specialized as Alenkas’ current and so far only actual ‘therapist’.

“I heard. What’s it called, ‘The Watering Hole’? I know there’s another three or four bars somewhere in Alenkas. I know one is over near Simon’s library, but I’ve never been there,” Mia answered wistfully. While she was never one to go out and get drunk out in the real world, here it might be a thing to take the edge off of things in the back of their mind.

“Too bad drinks don’t actually exist here yet. Simon says something about alcohol disrupting the brain-machine interface,” Jen said. “You know I actually put that in my report this morning?”

“You put it in your report? What did you say, ‘Bug: no alcohol in Alenkas. Fix immediately.'” Mia quoted. Jen laughed, the sound echoing across the seemingly abandoned streets.

“No, I simply asked if they were working on it, as with all the crap going on it might not be a bad thing, you know? All the Heats…which by the way, I asked for an update on,” Jen said.

Mia nodded. “Makes sense. I did too, and I have a feeling most of the others did too. Hopefully we get actual answers this time besides ‘Known bug.’,” she said. She took a look around at the grey buildings, slowly getting more and more dilapidated as they went further from the center of Alenkas. “Any of these look like possibilities?” she asked.

Jen looked around. There were a few dozen shops, all with their windows covered up and the signs saying ‘closed’. Apartments were above them, empty and shallow, with all the lights off. A few paints were slowly being stripped off, and it looked like there was even some graffiti on a few of them.

“Can’t say any of them look like likely candidates,” Jen answered. She sighed, “which means that we have to check them all. So, you take the left street, and I’ll take the right street?” she said. Mia sighed, but nodded.

The two took off, Mia finding the doors either already unlocked or with an easy access open window. She tried a few doors first to test, and worked her way down the block, testing each door first. The ones that were locked she made a note of in her head to find a way into last. Or maybe Jen would be done by then.

She went back to the first door, a store that looked as if it sold random knick-knacks. It had no sign, and was seemingly unmarked, even on the windows. There was little light, and Mia had to find a way to turn on the lights as she wandered around the shelves. There wasn’t too much, but what she did find was amusing; small little carvings, stuffed animals…the list went on. Even in the back she found nothing worthwhile, not even extra stock, just an almost blank or empty room.

Jen wasn’t having any luck either. The first door she tried was locked, and after a moment to make sure she was truly alone -Mia was already testing the third door on her block- she knelt down and picked the lock with a hair pin. It was a skill she had picked up over the years in the real world, not because she wanted to break into anything, but because she kept losing her keys, and learned how to lockpick in order to still get into places she needed to.

At least when she was a kid. She no longer lost her keys, hadn’t for over six years, but she continued training the skill when she was bored. Before she got a job at NuVO, she honestly was thinking about going into the locksmithing business.

She smiled as she heard the ‘click’ she needed to, and she was in. The place was seemingly abandoned, as most other places were in Alenkas, as she cautiously stepped in. It was part of the strip mall, and was some restaurant or some other factory. There was a little product on the shelves, mostly some kind of candy, and there was a large table area for where guests would sit.

Annoyed, she checked the kitchen and a few of the other areas, before she walked towards the second shop, some kind of cheese factory or something. “Something wrong, Jen?” a voice asked from behind her.

“Holy hell!” she yelled, jumping and turning around quickly. George, the voice that was behind her and scared her to high heaven, laughed loudly. Mia’s face looked out the shop she was in, the third on her block, before she rolled her eyes and ducked back in. “Don’t do that!” Jen yelled.

“Do what? Sneak up behind you? But it is fun!” George laughed. The bear was tall, at least half again as tall as Jen was, and she was a good height even for Alenkas. His jacket was open, showing the scarred X on his chest, a scar that Jen was mostly sure was only for show that he put on himself back during character creation.

“But…argh. Fine. What’re you doing here?” Jen finally asked. George continued laughing a bit before he died down. Jen waited patiently, albeit giving an annoyed glare to the bear.

“I was searching for IDM, and then I spotted you. I thought, why not give her a scare?” George said. He grinned at her, even as she sharpened her glare even more. If looks could kill, George would very much be set on fire right now.

“Huh uh. And why me, versus, say, Mia over there?” she pointed at the block of buildings the rabbit was in. George said nothing, but merely shrugged as he gave a quick look over to them. He gave a smirk over to Jen, and looked back towards Mia’s block. “No. I refuse,” she said. George grinned, and raised his eyebrows at her. “Still no,” she continued. George shrugged, and meandered over to the block. “Fine, I’ll help…” Jen said. George grinned.

Mia breathed heavily as she leaned against a stove. It was off, and although she had checked it wouldn’t turn on. She felt her pussy moisten, and knew that another Heat had come. She would probably have to find Jen at this rate, maybe they could find someone?

She walked into the empty street to hear moans coming from one of the alleyways. Intrigued, she took a look and wasn’t too surprised to see Jen on her knees, giving a blowjob to a giant bear that she knew was George. The Heats had gotten to them too, and wasn’t surprised at all at the interruption.

Walking over to the duo, Mia twisted her hard nipples, sending a shock of pleasure down her spine as her pussy moistened even more. She practically skipped out of her dress, and joined the duo in their nakedness. Keeping herself relatively silent, she got down on her knees too and watched the arctic wolf go at it, taking most of the bear’s cock in her mouth fairly easily.

Seeing an opportunity for her to help, she reached up and gripped George’s hanging balls lightly, running her hand over them lovingly. The bear let out a light moan, seemingly not surprised by the extra stimulation. Mia wouldn’t doubt it; he was far more perceptive than he let on.

Jen pushed her mouth off George’s dick, finally being made aware of Mia’s presence. The rabbit smiled at her before the wolfess lunged at her, mashing her mouth against hers in a desperate kiss. Her hands quickly pushed open Mia’s legs, and starting to rub near her pussy lips. Mia moaned into Jen’s mouth, trying to spread her legs wider while reaching into Jen’s own pussy.

“It’s much easier if you stand upright, yes?” George asked, seemingly either unaffected by the Heat or, more likely, being able to force himself to stay as he usually was. Jen looked at him, her eyes wide and her tongue hanging out as she was panting, before she dived down, knocking both herself and Mia to the ground. “Never mind then,” he said quietly.

Mia gripped Jen’s shoulders, moaning loudly as the wolf’s hands kept rubbing at her pussy and clit. Her legs were splayed wide, but she slowly tried to ignore the tantalizing touch as she pushed Jen up. The wolf looked ragged, and Mia could smell her fragrance in the air.

“George, pick her up!” Mia moaned. Jen groaned with impatientness and wild eyes as the bear easily heaved her up. The rabbit groaned at the loss, but slowly worked her way back up to standing. Jen was quickly mashing her hips against George’s arm, trying to get any stimulation she could. “Damn, she’s in deep…” Mia said. George nodded, holding still as Jen continued to grind her pussy against him.

“Please, fuck me!” Jen cried out, her eyes wild with lust. George looked at the wolf he carried, wondering why the Heat was so bad for her this time around. He looked at the rabbit, and though he felt the Heat too it seemed worse for the white wolf somehow. Mia shrugged, and merely motioned for him to do as she asked.

George man-handled Jen, pushing her back to the wall. Immediately her hands went to his chest and arms, holding herself up as she splayed her legs lewdly and mashed her crotch to the bear’s erect cock. It didn’t take long at all, barely a moment or two, during which Jen moaned with wanton lust, before he lined himself in and sunk in to the hilt.

He let out a loud moan as he sunk in fully. She was wetter than anyone he had felt before, and her pussy accepted him easily. She threw her head back against the wall and let out a loud moan, almost a scream. Her hips took only a moment before she started to thrust against him, trying to drive him even deeper. George pulled out for a moment before slamming back in, causing the same reaction.

Mia rubbed her own pussy absentmindedly as she watched her two friends go at it. She sat down on the ground, opening her legs to the show. She could hear the ‘schlick’ of her friend’s cock as it dove into her other friends extremely wet pussy. She didn’t want to sit this one out, but damn it was a hot show to watch.

She blinked. A hot show to watch…what if she wasn’t the only watcher?

Jen’s arms ran down George’s chest, before moving to her own breasts and gripping them roughly. George’s hands had a good grip on her ass, slowly massaging it as he thrust into her. Her entire body was a furnace of pleasure, it’s fire shooting from her spine originating from her pussy and the glorious cock it was encapsulating.

George wasn’t too sure how he knew that Jen was close. Perhaps it was the way her pussy clenched tight around him every time he drove in, or it was the cadence of her moans as she gripped her boobs. She was close, and he was fairly close too. The sight of Mia, just barely in the corner of his eye, fingering herself roughly was about to set him off too.

“Fuck me, now! I’m about to cum!” Jen yelled into the air. George didn’t have the time to pat himself on the back for guessing well, as he thrust harder into the wolf beneath him. She let out a loud scream, her pussy tightening on him almost to the point of pleasurable pain, as her hands and feet splayed loosely.

George continued to drive in through her orgasm, and finally she almost couldn’t let out any more sounds, because she was moaning so much she hardly could breathe in. He finally felt his own orgasm on the horizon, and knew that it was about to arrive.

He heard Mia’s loud moaning off on the side, and watched as she had her own orgasm from her own fingers and watching them get off. George felt his cock tighten as he exploded into Jen, ropes and ropes of cum filling the wolf almost instantly.

“Fuck, keep going!” Jen demanded, feeling the hot seed being pounded into her. George stilled, letting his orgasm wash over him and into her. Her breathing was still harried and discordish, and her pussy was still soaked. She groaned with loss as George slowly pulled out. “Fuck…god dammit…please…” she moaned. It was almost impossible for her words to be recognized, so out of breath she was.

“Keep holding her up,” Mia said, her own breathing hard. George shrugged, and held on to her ass, keeping her lifted into the air. Mia ducked Jen’s legs, putting her tail and ass right next to the bear’s wet and cummy cock. She gripped George’s cock, letting him falter a bit in surprise as she pushed him into her ass, letting her lubed up asshole take him in his entirety.

Her tongue immediately dove into Jen’s cummy pussy, who tightened up and moaned marvelously as Mia motioned through her lips, gathering any of the cum of both of her friends that she could. She moaned lightly as George finally started moving into her ass, and she grinned internally as she felt pleasure on the rise.

It was an odd feeling, to be fucked in the ass. It stretched her out, it felt good, but it also felt like she had to shit really badly. But Mia knew it was one of George’s secrets, one of the things that would never fail to turn him on in the real world. And that she was now part of the show, with her ass getting fucked, her boobs hanging loosely into the air and her face diving into the pussy of her friend, the one that had just gotten cummed inside…that was all hot. And she had no problem with any of it.

As they continued fucking, Jen demanding more and more orgasms out of the duo, Mia realized that maybe there was more to Alenkas, more to what was going on, than meet the eye. Then she felt George cum in her ass, and the thoughts were quickly forgotten.