The Great Hunt: Episode 3

Kevin wasn’t sure what to think anymore. Back in character creation, he had chosen a Horse because he had often been told he was as ‘stubborn as a mule’. He knew firsthand how stubborn mules could be, and often worked with them when he was younger.

Although, now he wasn’t sure if he had made the right decision. Not to choose a horse, he would never regret that particular decision, but rather if joining the Alenkas testing group had been the right one.

He wasn’t a nice guy. He knew that. But Emma had been working with him to try and curb some of his more hurtful tendencies, work through them, and generally do what Alenkas had originally been designed to do; be a second chance for those that had none.

But all the talk about everything, possible malicious attacks by those above them in NuVO, the constant Heats and having to satisfy cravings that he knew weren’t his own…all of them could wear down a guy. Or girls.

Emma, he knew, was enjoying the newfound freedom. She had a whole city to parkour in, and no one would tell her no because it wasn’t technically anyone’s. Except maybe Simon, but Kevin had no doubt the squirrel didn’t care, or would consider it a good thing, as Emma could go places that no one else could.

She was also enjoying the newfound sexual freedom. Just within the last couple of weeks, he had fucked her almost endlessly, and he knew that when he wasn’t doing it someone else was. She was one of the first to take advantage of the inner voice in their heads, telling them to forego clothes entirely and become entirely nudist.

Although whether or not Kevin enjoyed the same…that even he didn’t know. The system was working, as far as he could tell, and he wasn’t a stupid guy. Which meant the only thing he could use to distract himself were physical things, which didn’t keep his mind in the game.

He had taken to using weights to try and get something more out of Alenkas than just sitting there thinking. Unfortunately, he was usually a sedentary person, and having nothing to do that involved sitting in a chair was throwing him off massively.

He was a decent cook, but again, in a virtual world like Alenkas no one actually needed to sit and eat anything. Their bodies told them they did, so they did, but Kevin wasn’t entirely sure they actually needed to. Taste was something that was still off to him, and until he, or someone else, found some ways of mimicking real world spices and herbs, or growing it, all of his usual fare would have found itself bland and…unreal.

So because of this lack of things to do that actually interested him, he was essentially just working with random people that he barely knew, in some cases, or knew too well, in some others, to try and find the internal debugging module. He had already checked most of his own usual places, and wasn’t surprised to have not found anything.

Today he was running through what seemed like a small shopping mall with Mia, a white rabbit who Emma has said more than once is ‘sweeter than she appears’. Complete with eye wink. Kevin had to stop himself from rolling his eyes; he got it, thanks Emma.

Although having so much sex all the time did do wonders for his libido. He wasn’t on edge nearly as much, and he felt he could focus more on the things that mattered to him over the things that didn’t. It didn’t help that Mia was a very pretty face, or that she had flicked her tail at him far more than once.

“Don’t you usually work with George?” Kevin asked suddenly. They had only thoroughly explored around ten shops, and it was only two in the afternoon. He’d have a few more hours of decent searching before he felt he should have called it a day. The last Heat was more than five hours ago; it’d probably hit here pretty soon.

“Usually. He said he wanted to go check something out,” Mia answered just as quickly. Kevin nodded; Mia had seemingly come out of nowhere to attach herself to him. He wasn’t surprised, it seemed to happen more and more as Alenkas went on.

“Why didn’t you go with him?”

“I don’t like breaking into places that aren’t mine,” she said. He gave her a quick glare, and she merely smiled and shrugged. Kevin sighed internally. There were all going to turn into hypocrites sooner or later. Or Mia wasn’t telling him everything, which he knew was also very possible. “And don’t you usually work with Emma? Where’s she?”

“She wanted to head to the park and check around there. Or meet someone else. Neither would surprise me.”

“You sound disgusted. You prefer the monogamous lifestyle, I’m guessing?” Mia asked.

Kevin rolled his eyes. “Nah, it’s more along the lines of I think Alenkas has gotten to her. And her only escape is sex,” Kevin said. He winced as he didn’t believe what he said himself. Of course he preferred the monogamous lifestyle, he was raised basically on a ranch before moving to the city.

“A lot of people’s escapes is sex. And why wouldn’t it? Sex feels good, why wouldn’t people have it to escape every day?”

“Sex isn’t an escape. And it shouldn’t be used as such.”

Mia ‘hmm’ed. She took down a few jeans and made them into a small pile, before jumping on top of them and spreading her legs. She took off her dress; a neat brown one this time. She moaned loudly, far too loudly to be normal, as she stroked her pussy.

“Sex IS an escape, Kevin. Don’t you want me, right now? I can see your cock hardening from here,” she said, pointing to the slowly distending piece of meat protruding from Kevin’s middle. The horse glared at her.

“Alenkas is affecting me too, you know. Fine then, you want it? How badly do you want it?” he asked. He smirked as he dropped his pants, letting his impressive member out into the open air. He liked this part the best; when people were extremely surprised by him.

Mia took an interested glance at him, as if gauging his reaction to her non-reaction. “So that’s the thing that Emma says can reach everything,” she said quietly. She ogled him shamelessly, and Kevin could start to the feel the Heat at the back of his head.

He took only a moment to line himself up, his flared tip pushing the bunny’s vaginal lips open, before he slowly pushed himself in. He enjoyed hearing her gasp as he thrust back out, only to push himself further in. She was tight, and with the Heat at the back of his head, and thus her own, more than wet enough.

For a few moments he was satisfied with just that, slowly thrusting in and out of Mia’s pussy. He wasn’t going very deep, just enough to get a few inches of his base into her. Mia on the other hand was moaning her heart out, her hands roughly grasping at her breasts.

“Come on, Emma said you really fuck her. Show me what that’s like, show me!” Mia said, her eyes glaring daggers as the horse towering above her. Kevin heard the challenge as it was, and decided to stop going easy. As he pulled out once more, he thrust back in, far deeper than he had before.

Mia let out a loud groan, or moan, Kevin wasn’t sure if he could tell which. She definitely enjoyed it though, he could tell that much. “Fuck yeah, just like that,” she said quietly. Kevin still had more than half his cock outside of her, but the fact she had taken most of half of him already was impressive, considering he was a good three or four feet taller than her.

He continued stuffing her exactly the way she had said she wanted him to, with her shamelessly moaning her pleasure out loud to the world. He grabbed her legs and opened her wider, allowing him to go just that bit deeper, and instantly her moaning got louder. He was already nearing the deepest bit that he could go without hurting her, and he remembered the last time he had tried to go that deep into someone.

He felt a small churning at the back of his mind, and he knew that he only had a few minutes left. He wasn’t too concerned, by the way that Mia was writhing underneath him she was definitely enjoying herself. “Where?” he asked, his voice unsure.

“Inside! Can’t get pregnant in Alenkas!” Mia yelled back. Kevin was thankful of that small fact, as otherwise he had no doubt that just about everyone in Alenkas would have kids coming at some point. It was similar to that whole ‘How can you tell there was a power outage in New York? Check the hospitals nine months later’ thing.

He felt her tighten up on him, which was just enough to push him over the edge. He stilled deep inside her, and felt his balls empty directly into her. His cock pulsed numerous times, and he could almost feel her start to fill up with the sheer amount as it started to leak outside of her pussy lips. He breathed deeply, and taking note that he was still emptying inside of her.

Mia, too, was breathing deeply. “Holy shit, now I know why Emma says what she does. Tell me, Kevin…still think sex shouldn’t be used as an escape?” she asked quietly.

He raised his eyebrows at her, but it took a moment for him to answer, “Yeah, I do still think that. One round isn’t going to change anything. You’re not some miracle psychiatrist.”

Mia laughed, her pussy fluttering all over him, continuing to drip out his load onto his still-hardened cock. “Well then, fuck me again. I’ll get you to think something differently at some point.”

Kevin rolled his eyes, but gradually began to fuck his cock into and out of the rabbit beneath him again. She continued to moan shamelessly as her legs were held limply in his hands.

Alenkas was definitely affecting his ability to enjoy the small things.