The Great Hunt: Episode 2

Sam breathed a heavy sigh. She wasn’t lost, so to speak, in that she didn’t know where she was going, but that was alright. That’s what happens when they’re trying to find something and have no idea where it is.

‘I hate this goddamn IDM,’ she thought. It’d be nice to have, maybe Simon or herself could figure out a way to stop the Heats, but on the other hand why was it necessary to have hidden so well during the alpha test that even the head programmer, the one in charge of almost everything in it, had no idea where it was!?

Not to mention she had just seen Lyla having sex with Alex in the open road, both of them moaning and panting like she was in Heat. Sam knew she wasn’t though, and wondered if the Heats had changed Lyla. There was no Heat for her at the moment, which was about the only way she could tell.

Was she still turned on by seeing the fox and wolf fuck, in the middle of the road, not caring who saw them? By seeing Alex’s cock, long and hard as it was, pounding the shit out of Lyla’s ass? Sam wasn’t a voyeur, but she did watch long enough to make sure that yes, Alex was fucking Lyla’s ass.

But yes, she was terribly turned on, and she felt horrible for it. She was someone who was raised in the belief that sex should be static, in the bedroom, between two lovers. She was fine with what other people did in their own rooms, she didn’t care about that. Hell, she knew that Lucas and Aiden were banging each other. But seeing in so out in the open…it made her worry that Alenkas was slowly changing everyone.

She had left the coupling behind and had broken into another house, empty of NPC’s again. It was a small one, but it had a lot of closets and she had no doubt that the locations team would probably put the IDM in one just to laugh at them from outside.

With her pussy dripping in her shorts the entire time, she took her time to check every corner, every cupboard, every single possible closet. It was a big machine, she knew, but she also had no doubt that they probably scaled it down.

“Hello?” a voice called out. She was in the kitchen, going through the blank room. “Is burglar in here?” it called out again. Sam froze, her chest tightening and, oh god she’d hate herself for this in a moment, her pussy started tingling again.

“N-No!” she called out weakly. She could hear the owner of the voice march into the house, each step getting louder and louder. It came up the stairs, each foot hitting with heavy thud, and Sam unfroze, working her way through each of the cabinets faster than before.

Somehow adrenaline was shooting through her body, knowing that whoever this was, had either seen her break into the house, or was going to do something, and god damn her libido, now was not really the time for it to make its attentions wanted!

“Oh. It’s you, Sam. I was thinking burglar was here for some reason,” a huge voice asked as he walked in. Sam turned to see the huge bear, with his shirt open, a shining X plastered all over his chest fur. He had simple pants on, rather stretchy, she noticed.

“Oh it’s just you George…you almost gave me a heart attack!” she said with a huge smile of relief. George was quite possibly one of the nicest people she had met in Alenkas, right up there with Simon and Calvin.

George laughed, his voice reaffirming her belief that it was all in her mind. “I didn’t think IDM could be in house like this. Too small, I’ve been led to believe,” he said quietly. He sat down in one of the chairs, and it creaked ominously beneath his weight.

“I’m not sure. Simon thinks it has to be about as big as this room, but most of these places are empty, so it really could be anywhere. I check everything anyways, just in case it’s been scaled down,” Sam said. Her pussy pulsed again. ‘God dammit! I didn’t think just seeing Lyla and Alex fuck would turn me on this much! It’s been an hour!’ she thought furiously to herself.

“I see. I might have to re-arrange my own checking schedule then. Are you alright, Sam? You look…tense,” he asked. Sam cursed to herself. He must’ve noticed that she was idly rubbing herself.

“I uh…I saw Lyla and Alex on my way here. They were um…” Sam started.

“Fucking like bunnies? No offense to Mia,” George interjected. Sam stared at him before chuckling lightly and nodding her head.

“Fucking like rabbits, yeah. In her ass, too. I don’t think there was Heat, because otherwise I would have been too far out of it too, but I wasn’t…” Sam said quietly. George nodded, and laid a hand on her shoulder.

“Lyla is stressed. Let her relieve it her way, yes? Alex is good for her,” George said. Sam grinned. Someone else saw that Lyla and Alex were perfect for each other. There were actually quite a few of the duos that had been good for each other. Emma and Kevin were another duo that simply made the other better in their time so far. And they’ve only been here a few weeks!

George gave her an odd look. “The fact that she was taking it in the ass is not the reason for your concern though, is it?” he asked. Sam shook her head.

“No, it was my reaction. I worry that Alenkas is changing all of us. We’ve all become a lot more…sexual, I guess. I know back in the outside world most of us had never even thought about becoming nudist, or having sex on the streets…and yet now it’s common.” Her pussy throbbed again.

“That is normal reaction. You have put so much stock into being forced into acts from Heat, you have forgotten normal libido. I have forgotten it before here too. It is not shameful, Samantha, it is normal,” George said. The use of her real name caused her to look up, the words slowly penetrating into her mind.

“My libido was never like this though. I’d never thought about…that.”

“Ask Mia sometime. She will tell you all you need to know about libido’s. And more. Much more,” he gave a fake shudder. Sam laughed, all the stress in her body coming to a head. He smiled at the cat, “feel better?” he asked.

Sam laughed again. “Much. Thanks George,” she said. “If this is all me, then I should embrace it, yeah?” she said aloud. George said nothing, able to tell that it wasn’t directed at him. She took a quick spin, and stripped out of her shirt like it was nothing. Her pussy throbbed again, but this time she didn’t try to stamp it out.

She finished the spin, letting her breasts hang free as she tossed her shirt somewhere. George simply looked at her with a raised eyebrow. She massaged her breasts, rubbing them together. They weren’t too big, but they’d do for what she had in mind. “Thanks for the help George. How about I relieve you of some stress?” she said.

“I do not think that is a good idea, Sam,” George said hesitantly. She gave a small look at him as she raced over and dropped his pants. He gave a merely annoyed glance as his hardon almost hit Sam’s face.

“Sometimes, a normal libido is something that needs to be stoked. This isn’t a Heat, George, this is just me thanking you for the advice,” Sam said. She grabbed his cock in one hand a gave a few weak pumps. She was surprised by its size in her hand, her fingers unable to curl up entirely around the thing. She gave a quick reassuring grin towards George as she licked the tip a bit.

“There are other way to say ‘Thank you, George.’ But I’m not going to stop you,” he said. He leaned back into the chair, giving it a slightly worried glance as it creaked underneath him.

“I know. But it’s not as if I can pay you, or help you with anything. So I’m doing this instead. Besides, it’s a new experience for both of us. Unless you’ve had a boobjob before,” Sam said. George blinked and shook his head. Sam grinned, and hefted her breasts up to the top of his prick.

Her breasts were just barely large enough to fit his cock in between them. She had seen pictures of other women doing this before, but had never done it herself. Hell, most of the crap she had done in Alenkas she had never done before. She still never had sex except oral, and wasn’t planning on pushing that anytime soon.

She gave the top of George’s cock a nice lick to get it semi-wet, before she moved her entire body down, dragging her breasts over the bear’s penis. He gave a light moan, enjoying her attentions but it wasn’t something that he had ever had before. Sam wasn’t sure what she thought of it.

It was like having a heated pole in between her boobs, full of hard flesh and blood. Which felt actually pretty good to her, but it also didn’t feel like a whole much. She moved back up to the tip, and again gave it a quick kiss.

She continued in this vein, continuing to pump her entire body up and down, using her breasts to surround George’s cock, with every time she went down she took him into her mouth, at least a little bit. She didn’t know how long she continued this, but it had to be at least several minutes, before George stopped her.

“Thank you, Sam, that felt amazing. But I told someone I’d meet them at two, and it’s one thirty now,” George said. Sam fell back and sat on her feet, her legs curled up under her. She gave a soft smile as George vanished, his thundering footsteps following him.

She felt that he hadn’t cum, but knew that she had no idea what she was doing. Oh well, next time she talked with George she’d get him to enjoy himself a bit more. She found her shirt, tossed in the corner, and smiled at the fact her pussy had finally stopped demanding her attention.