Tails of Alenkas: Episode 25

Jen had been hearing rumors. Bad rumors, about the history of Alenkas, and everything in it. The kind of the rumors that made her rethink about her decision to volunteer to be a tester, and how she was one of the few that ended up getting in it.

There were always the jokes and thoughts. Everyone had heard of the ‘permanently stuck in a killing video game’ archetype, but NuVO and everyone there had assured them that it was impossible, unless something went catastrophically wrong, but the chances of that were close to zero.

But there were the niggling thoughts that entered her mind late at night, when things were quiet and she could almost feel the system updating. What if something had gone wrong? What if something had gone right, but left them all out to dry? What would they do?

Just the feeling of the meeting, in only a few hours, was enough to bring far too much stress to her. She had gotten her report back, the same way she had sent it -via mail, actually. Supposedly NuVO didn’t actually have full access to most of Alenkas, and e-mail was, in this world, literal mail.- and it had the same stuff that she had been anticipating.

‘That’s a bug. We’ll take care of it. Thanks Jen!’ it had read. She had included various notes about the weather, something that she deemed hilarious in retrospect because how many people talk about the weather in their letters? Granted, she had an actual reason to, but it’s not like she was dying for conversation.

But the words should have helped her. They should have reassured her, that everything was on the up and up and it was simply a bug in the system was causing the whole Heat. And yet, the idea couldn’t get out of her head. What if Lyla was right? What if everything in here was a facade, to bring them either embarrassment or worse, kill them?

The thoughts wouldn’t leave her. They kept coming, regardless of how she twisted and turned. She wasn’t in Heat, thank god, but even as late at night as it was, the arctic wolf just couldn’t get to sleep. Her thoughts kept bombarding her, keeping her awake and stressed out.

It was around two in the morning as she finally decided to just say screw it. She could have masturbated, but she had a feeling that with the whole Heat going on, she’d have that taken care of sooner than she had wished. Right now, she didn’t want anything sexually oriented.

She wanted her world back.

It had barely been a week and a half. Of course, homesickness was kicking in, and the fact she wasn’t allowed to email anyone out in the real world definitely made things worse. She’d get used to it at some point, but honestly, right now, she wanted to go home.

She took a deep breath. Everyone had gone through this, or was going through this. She had heard Emma earlier, talk about her own experiences with her homesickness, and how she got it out of her head. Admittedly, she did it through massive bouts of sex and a cock bigger than her arm, but still.

She locked her door idly, barely stopping to put on clothes first. She didn’t know where she was going, just that it was away from her bed, away from the next day. Maybe the chill in the air would help her clear her mind.

The stars were brilliant, tiny dots of light scattered throughout the night sky. The moon was high, lighting up the streets of Alenkas with its glow. The streetlights were on, but they didn’t really affect the overall light as much as Jen thought they would. There was definitely a chill, and it bit at her fur and skin with a tiny amount of wind.

The concrete was freezing, and Jen cursed her thought for forgetting to put on shoes. Not that it really mattered in Alenkas, but her night time outing once again forced herself to remind her her feet needed protection too.

Very few actual lights were on, with only a few in the apartment building -one looked like where Simon’s room was, not that she knew exactly where it was but had heard it was right around there in passing. She had never actually met the squirrel- and a few elsewhere. One, she saw, was in a small restaurant off to the side.

She wasn’t hungry, but knew she should probably get something to eat anyways. Or at least see what kind of dingy place was serving food at two in the morning.

The doors were locked, but the lights were on. She could barely make out a couple of shapes in the back, and she took a moment to knock on the door. They froze, before Emma stuck her head out from the back. She grinned wildly at seeing her, and quickly ran to open the door.

Jen almost wanted to run at seeing the naked grey wolf. Not because of where she was, but why was she doing this, out here, at two in the morning? Dammit, she was trying to forget this shit, not make it worse. “Hey Jen! It’s ok Kev, it’s just Jen!” Emma yelled, unlocking the door and pulling the other wolf through.

“Emma, what? What’re you doing here?” Jen asked, giving up her idea to run as Emma pulled her through. Once an idea got into that girls’ head, she wasn’t about to give it up for anything. And apparently Kevin, one of the biggest horses that Jen had ever seen, was also back here?

Fuck. That’s probably what they were doing too.

“Well, Kevin got hungry a bit earlier, so we decided to go out and see if we couldn’t find something! We found this place, then he got a bit horny, and then you knocked!” Emma said quickly. A loud deep laugh echoed throughout the restaurant, it’s empty booths giving an eerie feeling to the place.

“Don’t believe her for a second,” Kevin said, as he walked out of the back. He was, as Emma was, naked too, his large horse cock jutting proudly into the air. “She was the one that got hungry, and she was the one that got horny too,” he said.

“Oh shush you. You were the one that got an erection first!”

Kevin’s eyebrow shot up, “I’d hope I was the one to get an erection first, otherwise I’d question a lot of things. Emma, you still have something you need to finish first.” He motioned to his large cock, and the grey wolf laughed before getting on her knees and starting to give the horse a blowjob.

In front of her. In an abandoned restaurant. At two in the morning.

“Seriously? Why here of all places?” Jen asked. She turned in a huff, not wanting to watch Kevin grab Emma by the head and push her deeper onto his cock.

“Because it was unlocked? Why, you wanted something to eat? There’s plenty right here-” Kevin said, pointing to his balls, dangling lightly in between his legs. He winced as Emma obviously did something, “Ow, dammit Emma. Fine…if you wanted something to eat, then I can make something in a bit.”

“I think you’re lubed up enough. Now fuck me, big boy!” Emma said, giving another lick on his cock as she got up. She held herself on the counter, her legs obviously spread on the other side. Jen wasn’t paying too much attention, but her attention was soon gained as Emma moaned lewdly and loudly.

She took a quick view across the counter, and sure enough, she could see a good half of Kevin’s cock sinking into Emma’s obviously wet pussy. The wolfess was holding herself up using her arms, with her legs spread, almost to the point of being able to wrap them around Kevin. Her breasts were dragging on the counter, and it was all Jen could do to not pluck at them.

Their bodies moved with practiced ease. Each movement left a solid ‘schlick’ sound as Kevin pushed his cock into and out of the wolf beneath him. Jen felt her pussy get a little wet, and knew that it wasn’t because of a Heat this time, but simply because watching her friend get her pussy pounded hard was damn hot to her.

And she was definitely getting her pussy pounded. “Yes! Keep going!” Emma cried as she closed her eyes in rapture. Jen could only watch as Kevin kept pushing his cock in harder seemingly with every thrust. “Oh god, you’re so deep…fuck me, dammit,” Emma said quietly when she managed to regain her breath.

“Seriously? In front of Jen?” Kevin asked. His tone belied his disbelief at the wolfess underneath him. This was obviously something that the two did quite often, as Emma merely cried out a simple ‘yessss!’.

Jen stopped looking away and now watched with rapt attention as Kevin continued pounding Emma. He stopped for a moment, and seemed to line himself up. Carefully, and with more care than she thought he could ever have, he pushed himself in even deeper. His cock sunk in, inch by inch, as Emma moaned and thrashed in pleasure underneath him.

Finally, after what seemed like hours but took only minutes, Jen saw that Kevin had managed to fit his entire cock inside Emma. “Holy…I didn’t think her pussy was that deep…” Jen muttered with amazement.

Emma moaned as Kevin started to move. “It isn’t! Aw fuck yeah! He’s fucking my womb too!” Emma screamed. Jen blinked, wondering how and why Emma wasn’t screaming in pain. She looked at Kevin in amazement, but the horse had his eyes closed, simply enjoying the feelings running along his cock.

Idly Jen stared at the large cock fucking her friend. She moved around the counter silently, thankful that the pads on her feet silenced most of her sound. She crouched down in between the horse and the counter, and simply stared at the piece of meat stirring up Emma’s pussy.

In the back of her mind, Jen noticed that the Heat HAD come on this time. Still, she wasn’t sure if this deep fuck was something normal that Emma and Kevin did, or if this was an unusual thing. She stuck out her tongue and took a deep lick on Kevin’s cock, finishing up at Emma’s clit.

“Holy fuck!” Emma screamed, her body thrashing in pleasure, and very obviously cumming. Even Kevin was taken aback by it, and the clenching on his cock almost made him lose it right then and there. Kevin stopped for a moment, letting Emma regain her breath. “Jen? Was that you?” she asked after a long moment.

“Yeah,” Jen said, diving back into the depths of Emma’s pussy with her tongue. Kevin chuckled as Emma moaned loudly, and continued to move his cock deep into and out of the grey wolf. More juice flowed from Emma’s pussy like a waterfall, and Jen was surprised at the sweet taste. She made sure to focus on her clit once in a while, making Emma moan and scream.

It was far too soon for Jen’s liking – only a good two orgasms from Emma’s side- that Kevin muttered he was about to cum soon. As soon as the words penetrated through Emma’s head, something that took a good few seconds, she pushed him off of her, his cock pulling out with what seemed like half of the liquid in Emma’s body. “Coat us!” Emma begged, slurping on Kevin’s cock was practiced ease.

Jen followed a second later, her tongue wrapping around as much of the horsecock as she could. There was plenty room for the both of them, and they both took a hand to fondle the horse’s balls, cupping and pulling them lightly, just enough for extra stimulation.

Kevin moaned, and Jen felt his cock start to pulse. Emma quickly pulled Jen to the front, where they sat on their knees, their faces right next to the cock. Jen had heard that Kevin, being a horse, could cum a lot, but had never seen it.

She certainly felt it now, as cum showered onto her and Emma’s face, their maws and noses being painted white by the voluminous cum being shot from Kevin’s cock. Emma and Jen both had their hands on it, slowly stroking more and more out of him as he slowly covered their body and faces with his cum.

After a minute or two of Kevin cumming all over them, the deluge eventually slowed down. Small droplets came from the tip, that both Jen and Emma were more than happy to lick up. Kevin’s cock stayed semi-hard as he looked at the two girls worshiping his dick, covered in his cum as they were. “The Heat’s going on right now isn’t it?” he asked gently.

Emma nodded, and Jen felt herself get pulled up to the counter, where her legs were spread lewdly. Cum covered her breasts and face, but still she eagerly watched as Kevin placed his cock next to her opening. The flared tip was gigantic, and she moaned in ecstatic agony as she felt it open her up, and gasped as she felt it get thrust inside after a moment.

Jen wouldn’t have any trouble of finding any other place to go at two in the morning anymore.